Watch Out World…I Have IDEAS!!!!

Have you ever been part of something that made you feel like you were dreaming? If not – I feel sympathy for you. Because I have – and I can’t imagine ever letting go of this feeling. I’ve rarely in life felt more inspired and motivated than I have in the past few days. And watch out…I have so many ideas and plans floating around in my noggin that you’re all going to freak out. Only because I’m freaking out…but in a good and energetic way.

I’m going to try to NOT write a novel (heard that MANY times over the weekend at Vida Vegan Con….people veg out and will stop reading if it’s too long).

The fundraising gala last night for Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. SO much fun. I sat at a table with a bunch of wonderful people. I met an idol of mine – Susan from Fat Free Vegan. She was the first ever vegan recipe site I followed back in 1999 when it was a list of recipes that both she had created and other’s had contributed. She’s also the one responsible for me using only initials when talking about other people in my blog. It’s not my place to use names, and if someone googled one of my children, they won’t see my plethora of posts and stories about them. Though that would almost be funny for their dating life. Alas – I never use a name other than my own. And she’s the reason why.

Susan, Sally, and I at the gala. A great table with amazing conversations. (oh, and I

And I danced! Oh lord, I love to dance. We had a circle of fun going, and I notice I’m the only one who wasn’t smart enough to put my glass of wine down. I remedied that shortly.

picture courtesy of Choosing Raw

Fast forward to this morning (trust me…you want me to fast forward). I woke, I packed, and I headed to the conference for the last day. Breakfast was the same spread as yesterday, but no less amazing.

Lunch was again at Homegrown Smokers. Holy crap…the brilliance behind putting mac and cheese in a wrap. With roasted mushrooms and other amazing things. I ate about 2/3 of it before I couldn’t eat anymore. I had the cornbread side and at least ate a bite so I could say I had it. I want them to move to my area so I can eat them all the time.

before I started eating it...
after I bit in. Can you just LOOK at that?!?! It tastes as amazing as it looks. I

I went to awesome sessions today, but my favorite was on specialty diets. It was a panel of 4 amazing women. Raw, Gluten Free, Fat Free/Low, and Baking/Whole Foods. They were awesome, and I posed the question for any advice they may have for people who can’t eat nuts (and if you read me, you know….we’re a nut free family due to R’s allergies). The entire room was amazingly supportive, and I had the chance to educate some on what it’s like to live with or be someone with a severe nut allergy. And guess what…a new blog idea formed. Stay tuned!

The farewell at the end of the day was bittersweet. I had long time heros give the closing farewell address. They were great, and the room gave a standing ovation to the amazing ladies who managed to organize this amazing event. We made them cry, and it was adorable.

I will admit here (sorry Dad)….I did decide to stop at Skelton Key vegan tattoo shop and get a new tattoo! Before I show it, I have to admit that I didn’t know that several shades of black contain animal products, and this shop doesn’t use that. So….here it is. It’s on the right side of my belly/side (mostly belly). I forgot how a new tat feels like sunburn. Ugh…in my waistband area…and it’s going to be intermittently sore and itchy for a while now. Oh well…totally worth it.

So in closing…I have two new blog ideas, joined some Meet Up groups in my area to get the ball rolling on being involved in my community, got a new tat, ate a ton of amazing food, met some ridiculously awesome people, and in general had one of the most amazing weekends of my life, still wrote a novel (sorry), and LIFE IS GOOD.