Sneaky Pneumonia Sucks


Not a whole lot to report here. Yesterday I had a piece of toast with sunbutter before going to the gym.

Lunch was some leftover spicy tofu soup (this one with lots of riced cauliflower).

Dinner was at my guys house – I brought a big ass salad from Whole Foods. I took a picture, but it was blurry. Bummer too, because it was awesome. Lettuce, tabbouleh, tofu eggless salad, tons of veggies, and dolmades. Couldn’t finish it, but damn, it was good!

Haven’t eaten much today. Too sleepy. Think I had some crackers and a smoothie that I didn’t snap a pic of.


Went to the gym yesterday for another HIIT workout. This is me in my car after.

Nothing today – I’m pretty much a walking zombie. I did meditate though.


Been quite the weekend. Went to the gym yesterday and then to run some errands. Had a quiet night planned with my boyfriend, and went over there in the latter part of the afternoon. We watched two movies – Just Cause – and older flick with Sean Connery, and Takers – about 9-10 years old with Idris Elba. Both decent movies. Had dinner, and just a lazy evening. He’s feeling a bit under the weather, so we went to bed early.

A couple hours later my phone lights up – it’s the young one. She was not feeling well, so I went home. She had been sick earlier in the week – but so was her brother and he was fine after 2 days. I think we were masking her symptoms by rotating Motrin and Tylenol to keep her fever down (which was working very well). Ended up in the Emergency the rest of the night/morning where she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Honestly – I feel absolutely guilty for not realizing she was that sick. She was eating and reading, and clearly not feeling awesome, but no way I’d have guessed she had freaking pneumonia! But still, guilty mom time. Sneaky pneumonia…

Sweatshirt over her head to block the light so she could try to sleep. Never quite worked…

Good news is her older sister was working, so of course we went to her hospital and were well cared for. SO many people would come into our room, see the three of us (A, R, and I) interacting, and shake their heads about how we all act and look alike. The mops of curly hair certainly gave it away. It was funny, and apparently quite the topic of conversation after R and I left around 5am.

I was supposed to head to NY in the morning, but no way I’m doing that. So I’ll be working from home while she gets better.

Hanging out trying to stay awake today with Luna and some books. Brain was toast and couldn’t really focus on reading.

Got caught in some sudden rain while out on a walk

Has Anyone Seen My Lung?

Good grief, nearly 2 weeks! Surprise BS hasn’t admonished me lately….as an FYI, I was sick, so there wasn’t much to chat about!


Lots of smoothies – pretty much every day. Including the one I’m drinking now 🙂

Salads, Thai, Ramen, wraps, and risottos. Also had my kids plus my guy and his over for dinner last weekend. Zoodles, beyond beef crumbles, and marinara was amazing! Also made a huge batch of Jambalaya from the Forks Over Knives cookbook. One note about it – recipes are scaled to feed crowds – so for the first time, I actually couldn’t get through all the leftovers!

Leftover Jambalaya over lettuce w/ homemade soy yogurt

Fun drink! Called the Just Beet it Gimlet! Beet juice, gin, and lime!


The first week I was home I had a cold. Literally the morning after landing from Orlando. Since it was upper respiratory and sinus related, it pretty much ruled out any workouts.

This week though, I feel fine and hit up Regymen again. Thought I was going to die at one point (still had a mild cough and I may have left a lung at the gym). Also my bike in the garage while watching my iPad!

And as always, worked in yoga several days.


Well, the cold was a pain in the butt to be honest. I have no time to be sick! Fortunately with the neti pot and rest, it went away.

I had an IBM thing the first day I started feeling human again. I’d have worked from home if not for having to present. But it was a really great time and they hosted an event that evening with drinks and apps. Best thing about that day? As I was getting ready to start talking, I noticed a woman in the room that I knew. She was the first CIO I ever had back in Milwaukee! Literally the woman who plucked me out of working clinically in the hospital and gave me my first IT job. I mentioned it before I started my part of the discussion. My CMO (who I was there with), actually walked over to her to shake her hand and thank her for putting me on this career path. It was really humbling when she gave me a hug at the end, and we spent some time catching up at the evening festivities. Definitely a highlight of the past two weeks.

There was a weekend trip last weekend that was literally the best 24 hrs I can think of ever.

At the Portrait Gallery – sent this to my daughter the nursing student!

I took my son and his girlfriend to a wine tasting event this past Wednesday, which was nice, and my guy and I went out last night to one of our fav spots.

This weekend involves another whirlwind trip that I guess I should go get ready for!

So I was struggling warming up one evening and decided to take a bath. Of course I ended up with visitors….

Getting extra caffeine before speaking at the IBM thingy

Plus fluffs

Half Burnt Beats Fully Burnt


I was on the road for a week, so not many homemade eats since my last post! I didn’t get pics of everything, but breakfasts were mostly oatmeal and fruit and sometimes toast. I managed a smoothie one day and I thought I was in heaven.

I was at the airport a bit early, so it was fruit, breakfast potatoes, and a mimosa!

Sunday afternoon/evening I went to Epcot (you know I can’t pass that up when in Florida!). Other than drinks, I got what I always do at the Tangerine Cafe in Morocco – falafel, hummus, lentils, olives, couscous, and tabbouleh. It’s their veg platter and it’s yummy.

And the rest while out of town…

Gardein Wings!

Erin McKenna’s fully vegan bakery!

Wine, Popcorn, and Twizzlers at the Orlando Magic game!

Then there’s this past weekend after getting home! Still didn’t cook because my best friend came in for the weekend. Didn’t get a pic of Friday night’s dinner. Mine was a mushroom risotto

AC and I LOVE Thai, and that was her 1 request – no good Thai in NOLA I guess

More gardein wings!
Vegan Bloody Mary at The Bee and Biscuit!

Last night’s very basic noodle and veggie dish


Hahaha. Does hiking all over Orlando and the convention center count? If not…well…then nothing!

I will say I was WAY over my step count, and averaged 5 -7 miles of walking per day.

Glad to be home, and when this stupid cold passes, excited to get back to Regymen and yoga!


Well, I was in Orlando for the week for the HIMSS conference. Honestly, it was an excellent conference this year. I had 3 speaking engagements, tons of meetings, a lot of valuable sessions, plus our inaugural booth where we launched 3 products/services. To say it was busy is a major understatement.

Of course, there’s always a blend of a lot of work and quite a bit of play too. Vendors always want to treat you to fun evenings, and that certainly happened.

My quick recap –

Saturday was around the world in Epcot. Sunday was Universal City Walk and some mini golf.

Monday night was a women’s innovation dinner that was actually really great. Then met up with friends for drinks.

Tuesday was a show at a place called Mango’s. Lot’s of singing and dancing and it was a good time. My girlfriend KB lives in Orlando and she was my date! Hadn’t seen her in about 3 years, so it was a ton of fun.

Wednesday was light on the festivities. Went to happy hour to support a friend who is with a new company, but then left to head to Disney Springs and do some shopping and grab dinner. Needed a quiet night.

LOVED these – didn’t buy any – but loved them…

Thursday was the last night there, and we went to the Orlando Magic basketball game. That was a TON of fun and got to catch up with more friends I hadn’t seen in 2 years.

Friday’s flight wasn’t until 455pm, so there was plenty of time to relax at the pool. What I didn’t really pay attention to is the way the sun was falling on me. Only my right side. So – my right arm and leg got a bit of sunburn, while the rest of me didn’t! All is fine now – but I do have a few more freckles on that side of my body!

Friday I came home. My best friend AC arrived from New Orleans about 20 minutes before I landed. So I scooped her up and my guy met us for wine and dinner. My oldest had to work (she works nights), and was leaving right after work for DC and not returning until after AC had to go, so I was instructed by my daughter to bring her aunt AC to the hospital – with food 🙂

Saturday AC and I went to Thai for lunch, then I took her to BackBay Farmhouse brewery, where my guy met up with us for a few drinks and hanging out. Then it was back home and showered for the whole reason AC came this weekend – Kathleen Madigan comedy show. And it was HILARIOUS. After we stopped at Yard House for a drink and apps.

Sunday morning we were up early and to my fav brunch place – the Bee and Biscuit. Then it was off to the airport to drop her off, and me heading back home for a nap and then writing a paper.

Busy busy week! Unfortunately, I came down with a cold this weekend. Woke up Saturday with a sore throat and stuffy. Pushed through, but I think I just need some serious rest. And Sudafed 🙂

On a side note, I really really love sugar skulls. So while at Epcot I did pick up a new water bottle with them on it, and a thing for my desk. AC – who rides in the Mardi Gras parades – made me a purse with one on it – in purple – and it’s the absolute best!

Not as many fluff pics as normal…

So, it was a good week and a great weekend – but I’m happy to be home. Need a bit of recovery to feel 100%, but that’s okay too.

Boredom Be Gone!


I honestly have very little to say here! It’s been a week of fend for yourself kind of meals, including leftovers. That means soups, sammiches, beans and rice, and pasta dishes.

Had a 10am meeting in Norfolk, so stopped at Yorgos for one of my fav bfasts!

Gf shells, peas, chickpeas tossed in Earth Balance and pepper

I did make tempeh and cauliflower buffalo bites in the foodie tho, using the air crisp function! Served with the last of the vegan ranch I made last week.


A couple runs and some bedroom yoga.

Started getting sick on Friday, so the weekend was not an overly active one.


Vacation is over! Both work and school started back up, and I for one am not sad about that. No more boredom! I was getting very stir crazy. Went back to work last Wednesday, and classes started on Friday. Well, technically it was today, but the materials were available on Friday, so that meant I started then too.

I didn’t do a 530 wake up most days when I was on vacation. I was usually up by 6 most days, and 7-730 on the days I wasn’t feeling well. Figure sleep is more important for healing than anything.

Wednesday I went to Back Bay Farmhouse Brewery with my girlfriend LC. Was awesome to catch up, and the beers were pretty yummy. Much better than the ciders – only other time I was there was with my guy, and neither of us liked the ciders. Glad to know their beer is better. It’s a really cute place too. One of the beers I had was figs grown on their property that was then soaked in barley wine and then brewed into beer. Fun!

I was a little early, so was working until LC got there.

Friday night was supposed to be a fun night out with my guy and staying there. I tried, I really did. But I couldn’t be in denial anymore when I realized I actually felt like hell. Sore throat, body aches, ear ache, and fever. So – I went home and pouted.

Saturday one of my girlfriends was supposed to come over, but I had to cancel. Both me and R were sick.

Sunday I was actually feeling pretty well. Woke with a minor sore throat, but my appetite started coming back. So, it was off to Richmond with my boyfriend. One of my really awesome friends NS (from Nairobi) has gone vegan for 2019! Something I want to send him I can either order and pay insane shipping fees, or go to Richmond and buy it. Plus, we really love Richmond, so that was an easy choice.

We stopped first in Cary Town for spices and coffee, then to the store for NS’s surprise (he reads this, so I can’t tell you what it is….yet!). We then went to Buskey’s, which never ever is a bad idea. Had a totally amazing time (as always) and then went home. Stopped at Subway on the way, and I stayed at his place for the night. Good times.

FYI, Tart Cherry, Earl Grey Lemon Ginger, Blue Hedgehog, Heritage Blend, and (not shown but they had in the back so we got it anyway) jalapeño lime and grape expectations are all amazing.

On the Luna front, she’s assimilating quite nicely. She and Kuma actually get along great. They tend to sleep near each other and play often. Luna chases Kuma just as much as Kumabear chases Luna. It’s really fun and sweet and they’re both just so silly.

Ah yes. Can’t leave paper towels where kitties can get to them…
My bed. Kuma next to me, Luna on the pillow. At one point I woke and Luna had her paw on
On A’s bed as she studied

After R took a bath with a lavender bath bomb and lavender bubble bath….Luna apparently liked it so much (after the water evaporated) that she rolled around in it!

I LOVE my spice rack. Custom built from upcycled wine barrels. Excited that my boyfriend is making one too! Not from wine barrels, but I can’t wait to see it. It’ll be beautiful. And everyone who loves to cook should have a bitchin spice rack!

I was out of popcorn. Don’t judge.

My boyfriend bought R a camp chair she wanted. Let’s just say she’s not waiting until camping
season to use it…

At Starbucks doing some reading before classes started. And documenting in my Commonplace Book


Happy for the start of the year. Decided this week to cook from food I already had in the house. I always have a TON – beans, rice, veggies, and fruits are always in supply. I picked up a few fresh veggies and fruits, but otherwise have been making meals with what I have on hand.

I bought the gift for NS, a replacement spiralizer for me, and yesterday out in Richmond. Also some pet supplies for Luna.

Falling Down the Mountain

Queue Jane’s Addiction here! And yes, while the lyrics are “coming down he mountain”, my experience was more about falling…


Strangely enough, I don’t actually have that many pictures of my grub. I had a brief work trip and a long weekend ski trip, so there aren’t really any shots from that. But it’s been typical fare. Smoothies, salads, soups, oatmeal, curries, tacos, and pizza (okay, pizza isn’t that common for me, but it was a lunch out with JG at a local spot that has vegan cheese!)

I wish I had pics of the taco night. 14 of us in a rental house for the weekend, and taco night was the bomb! I made my awesome black beans and a big batch of rice. OPR made her tacos and everyone was happy with dinner that night!


Well, I was sick for a solid week, so that fully sucked. Nasty viral thingy where I just couldn’t get my fever down. It was so strange because I didn’t have any other real symptoms.

I would say skiing counted, but I’m pretty sure all I did was fall, so probably not!

Once I was back home, it was nearly my normal routine again. Runs & workouts in my home gym/garage. I was hoping to hit up some hot yoga, but thus far my week has been too chaotic to make any of the classes. It’s not looking like it’ll ease up until Sunday at this point.


Well, I was only in the office for 3 days before heading out on a long weekend trip. A bunch of us rented a house and went skiing. 14 in the end (was supposed to be 16, but stomach flu sidelined a couple!). It was still awesome. All I can say is thank goodness for helmets! Without them, I’m pretty sure my kids would be in the ICU advising the doctors that yes, I am an organ donor. Skiing is most definitely NOT my jam. Turns out stopping is pretty difficult! I suppose starting with lessons would’ve been a good plan. Alas…next time…

And it certainly wasn’t all skiing. There was plenty of drinking and hot tubbing and even hit up a comedy club (which was actually a total riot).

Got home Sunday evening and hung with the kids, did laundry, and did some studying. Thankfully I had nothing on that front since I did it all early so I wouldn’t have to worry about it on our trip. Sunday was really about organizing the week ahead.

The Sunday prior, R got to spend a day being mentored by a NASA engineer! He volunteers at the school robotics team, and has been working closely with R on her areas. He has a home workshop he invited her to – and me as well since no mother in their right mind is going to let their daughter spend a day in a workshop with a stranger. He was very understanding of that and had brought it up as well. So I sat at his table saw and studied with R and he first used some CAD software and than began machining some parts for the project. She looked like she was at Disney, she was so happy!

Other than that, it’s been a pretty good week so far, with one exception. Our beloved cat Bumble (who is 18) is in kidney failure, and working with the vet, there is no longer anything we can do for her. We will be saying goodbye to her tomorrow, and it’s heartbreaking.

So not to end on a sad note, here are some random pics. I’m sure I’ll have a ton of Bumble in my next post…

Misadventures of a Delhi Market Trip


I admit to not having many more food pics to share from India.  My second week there I got quite sick with “Delhi Belly”.  To be honest, it may be a very long time before I want to eat Indian food again!  More than a week later, and I’m still not 100%.  Since getting home it’s been super small meals – usually a smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch.  Haven’t been eating dinner.  Partly I think because my sleep is so off and I’m jet lagging hardcore.

there were a few days where I couldn't eat anything at all.  On the 4th day - I had some tomato/veg broth and plain rice.
there were a few days where I couldn’t eat anything at all. On the 4th day – I had some tomato/veg broth and plain rice.

I arrived home Sunday evening, and we were out of some of our basic groceries – and my creamy base for smoothies – bananas.  So on my way to work Monday morning, I picked up an acai green smoothie!


After stopping at the market on my way home Monday, I was able to whip up my own smoothie this morning!  Orange, banana, pineapple, strawberry, and spinach.


Lunch was a BAS (Big Ass Salad for newbies).  Taco style!  Romaine, iceberg, onion, cilantro, tofu, black beans, cucumber, and salsa.  Thank you Moe’s!!!



I went for a run before work this morning.  Actually – my sleep is all jacked up, so I was awake at 3:30am.  After spending 45 min trying to fall back asleep, I gave up and threw on my running clothes.  I put on a pot of java and took off.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after not running for a few weeks and not eating much, but it was honestly fantastic.  Not sure I can make this early morning thing a habit, but I dug it this morning.


Other than getting sick as crazy, the rest of the week was good.  We have great speakers and classes as always, but mostly it was just amazing to be with my classmates.  We don’t physically see each other except during these residencies, and I truly dig them all.

The last day, however, saw some Delhi misadventures that are funny to think about now.  It goes like this…

6 people set off to walk to a market.  Success!  Those same 6 break up into 2 Uber’s to find their way to an Old Delhi Spice Market.  This is where our heroes take an interesting turn….

BF and I were wondering if seeing dogs in clothes was a way to mark them as belonging to someone vs strays!
BF and I were wondering if seeing dogs in clothes was a way to mark them as belonging to someone vs strays!

20170114_072242614_ios 20170114_070506347_ios

In Uber 1 (my uber), driver turns the wrong way down an alley.  We’re blocked in (people and cows on all sides!) and some start banging on the car.  The driver gets out, and my anxiety level starts to notch up just a bit!  Eventually, he comes back, everyone rallies around to clear the way so our driver can back out of the alley.

We get close (ish) to the market (none of us in the car actually know where we are), and traffic is so crappy he kicks us out and tells us to walk.  We have a vague idea of direction (actually, BF seemed to have an innate sense of how to get there), and off we go.  We find it, and the “spice market” is actually blocks and blocks of small shops selling tubs/bins of spices, beans, and pastas.  Lot’s of street food vendors too, and it was fun to watch.

We actually manage to find our other 3 friends (thank goodness for WhatsApp and Google Maps!) and start walking together.  We got to stop and watch a shopkeeper toss bananas in the air just to be swooped up and eaten by the baboons!

We decide that it’s time to head back.  Based on craptastic traffic and our hotel checkout time – we needed to go.  Finding a way out (i.e. – cab, etc.) started to prove impossible.  So…NS (who speaks Hindi, thank goodness!) negotiates with a gentleman to carry the 6 of us in his electric scooter/cart thing.  We are quite the spectacle as we’re all piled in something made for 4, and start bouncing down the street.  About 6 blocks later – the front tire pops, and we’re on foot once more.

After a few blocks, NS negotiates with 2 tuk tuk (auto rickshaw) drivers to ferry us back to the hotel.  We’re back in groups of three, and I think our drivers believed they were in some kind of Nascar/Death Race/Bumper Car mash-up.   When not stuck in traffic, we’re literally flying down the roads.  Keep in mind that there are very few traffic lights or signs, and it’s a “first come gets the right of way” type of environment.  And lanes are optional.

Anyway…as we’re entering a round about, JC starts yelling at me “DON’T LOOK LEFT, DON’T LOOK LEFT, HOLY S&^$”.  Of course I’m sitting on the far left and anything coming at us (which was everything from busses, trucks, cars, rickshaws, and cows) would smash right into me.  Our little rickshaw would be toast!

As we were stuck in traffic, all manner of people walked up to ask for money.  One was a particularly tenacious and hilarious little girl who kept trying to reach into JC’s inner coat pocket.

We make it back to the hotel, and EA, JC, and I immediately burst into cheers and applause.  The driver seemed both surprised and pleased.  I guess he’s not usually celebrated for getting his passengers to their destination alive…

My flight left that night.  15 hours from Delhi to Jersey.  7 hour layover there.  Then home – just to be diverted during our decent due to a disabled plane on the ground blocking the runway.  We went to Richmond, refueled, then headed home.  Finally.

I was back to work immediately the next morning, and I admit that I’m struggling with jet lag for the first time.  I’m falling asleep between 5-8, and up around 3-4.  Then feel like a zombie (other than the whole brain eating thing) by 1.  Alas, it can’t last forever!

So, just a few other miscellaneous pictures before I try to stay awake another few hours before going to bed!

one of the days I couldn't get out of bed and sent D a "feel sorry for me" selfie
one of the days I couldn’t get out of bed and sent D a “feel sorry for me” selfie
watched several movies that day.  This popped up after every commercial.  It was spoken in a highly dramatic voice.
watched several movies that day. This popped up after every commercial. It was spoken in a highly dramatic voice.
last day of class!
last day of class!
hell no.  My cats love me.
hell no. My cats love me.

20170112_030338969_ios 20170113_025500299_ios

scarf shop in the hotel where more than a few of us picked up some beautiful scarves.
scarf shop in the hotel where more than a few of us picked up some beautiful scarves.
in the Delhi airport
in the Delhi airport
in the Jersey airport
in the Jersey airport
missed these two so much
missed these two so much