From Snow to Sun! (and maybe a little coke in between)


It’s weird, but my favorite breakfast lately has been tofu, sweet potato, and sauerkraut.  It sounds strange, but it’s really good.  I start my sweet potato in the pressure cooker before I hop in the shower (15 min on high pressure, natural release) and it’s perfect and ready when I want to eat it.

breakfast of champions
breakfast of champions

I’ve had a few other really tasty meals, but of course AT&T ate my pictures with a hard reset, so what I have to share is the ones I may have posted on Facebook or Instagram!  I had Thai a day or two (of course), and smoothies and this awesome stir fry (I woke up at 3am and couldn’t sleep the other night, so decided to make elaborate school and work lunches….).  No pic of that, but it was cubed tofu and garlic sautéed in coconut oil, and then added red bell pepper, red onion, water chestnuts, and pineapple – topped with some coconut aminos (think soy sauce…).

tofu and carrots with a brown and wild rice blend with a Bangkok blend of spices.
tofu and carrots with a brown and wild rice blend with a Bangkok blend of spices.
from a little place called Hurley' unexpected find of cauliflower hot "wings"
from a little place called Hurley’s….an unexpected find of cauliflower hot “wings”
YESSS....Tofu Green Curry!
YESSS….Tofu Green Curry!
From Whole Foods in Charlottesville...vegan tofu scramble wrap with potatoes
From Whole Foods in Charlottesville…vegan tofu scramble wrap with potatoes
leftover curry soup with some extra cauliflower
leftover curry soup with some extra cauliflower
thrown together (but fabulous) red Thai Curry coconut, tofu, and veggie soup
thrown together (but fabulous) red Thai Curry coconut, tofu, and veggie soup

I’m an currently in San Diego and just finished up these amazing lettuce wrap tacos stuffed with black beans, roasted peppers, and cedar-plank grilled tofu and served with a cilantro sauce.  And a glass of white wine.  Feeling VERY California at the moment!

lettuce wraps!
lettuce wraps!
a vegan-friendly Bloody Mary at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport!  It was only 10 am their time, but I had already been awake 7 hours, so it was totally OK.
a vegan-friendly Bloody Mary at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport! It was only 10 am their time, but I had already been awake 7 hours, so it was totally OK.


Still loving my new gym!  Movie theaters in a gym are genius!  I’ve done elliptical,  dreadmills, and some bike workouts while watching flicks, as well as a few classes.  I’m addicted to Body Pump and Body Combat.  Oh, and this crazy ab class called CXWORX.  Glad it’s only a half hour – don’t think I could manage more than that!


Travel, travel, travel!  It’s seriously been 2-3 weeks of constant movement, and most of it unplanned.  That has lead to quite a bit of chaos, but no worries – I thrive on chaos!  I was really aiming for 2015 to be the year of minimal travel, but that’s not happening!  I have many trips planned now through the end of May (Florida, Austin, Madison, and possibly Chicago).

I’m currently in San Diego for a conference that starts tomorrow (yes, working the weekend!  But hey….this is fun work).  A week ago I was in a snowy part of Virginia, and today I’m in the sunny harbor front of warm San Diego!

My oldest is in Atlanta at the moment.  Allow me to share with you a text thread we had yesterday….

A: “Hi!  I’m in the world of coke”

Me: “I hope to god you mean the soda….”

A: “Nope.  Since coming to Georgia I’ve joined the drug ring and have made good friends with the coke lord.  I won’t be coming back to Virginia.”

Me: “Well.  I have nothing to say to that.”

She’s almost 20, but dangerously close to being grounded 😉

M had a ring dance this past weekend, and D was playing in his new photo studio (in our garage) and took some pics of him.

my handsome boy!
my handsome boy!
I honestly can't explain this.  This is some wooden elephant that someone in D's family got from India a LONG time ago.  And of course we just moved so everything is in the garage, and I can picture D saying "hey, hold this elephant for a minute"....
I honestly can’t explain this. This is some wooden elephant that someone in D’s family got from India a LONG time ago. And of course we just moved so everything is in the garage, and I can picture D saying “hey, hold this elephant for a minute”….

And on the AT&T front, I’m still mad and doing what I can to fight the good fight.  I am getting the stupid used phone because I have no choice (it’s that or no phone).  I got a credit to my bill, but not enough to cover the $600 it would cost to buy a new one.  I did finally get a phone call from someone of import yesterday – only because they are in receipt of my BBB complaint (case # 27406174).  Wait until they’re forwarded my FCC complaint (ticket # 172216)!  Stay tuned to see if they actually do anything.

Until then, I’m going to share some random pics and am going to enjoy the sun here in California for a few days, some great conference activities, and try not to pine for my family, my home, and my bed!

love the 90's throwback!
love the 90’s throwback!
yeah, over this!  News flash...ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO SNOW WHERE I LIVE
yeah, over this! News flash…ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO SNOW WHERE I LIVE
today in San Diego.  MUCH better weather.
today in San Diego. MUCH better weather.



Bomb Threats, Good Food, Sweating, and the Supreme Court. Been a Wild Few Days!


D grilled dinner last night, and we had corn, broccoli, and Tofuky kielbasa with all the trimmings!  I skipped the broccoli (mainly because it’s one of R’s favorite things in the world and she ate mine!) but definitely enjoyed the rest.


This morning was a creamy green smoothie of coconut water, mango, avocado, hemp seeds, spinach, and frozen pineapple.

WP_20140630_08_19_03_Pro WP_20140630_08_20_52_Pro

Lunch was one of my simple faves – carrot and ginger soup!


And dinner was a toasty sammich on sprouted grain bread, Daiya chive and onion cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, avocados, cucumber, and red onion.



Stop the presses, I actually went for a run today.  I was feeling well enough to go for a short run – so only two miles – but darn if it didn’t feel awesome!  I have a new audio book to enjoy, it was nice and warm, and felt great to be out in the late sunshine.  I didn’t have quite the energy I normally do, but I really needed to lace up and sweat!


So I think I mentioned that D and I usually go to Busch Gardens every year on our anniversary – without kids – and spend the day.  This year we just couldn’t with our work schedules, so we planned for the weekend.  I still wasn’t feeling well enough for that yesterday, but that ended up being a good thing.  A bomb threat was called in, and they evacuated much of the park, and kept the England area closed for quite some time.  For once, I’m glad we didn’t go!

R started day camp today, and had a great time.  Therefore, the morning pics are back!!


On the whiny news front, I’m going to complain about the Supreme Court today.  I know the religiously minded conservatives think this is a win, and I even understand why.  And I get it, not just from a religious perspective, but from from the standpoint of a business owner not wanting to do something they morally disagree with.  However, I disagree overall because I feel it’s yet another attack on women’s rights (a frighteningly growing trend) and equality of healthcare.  I don’t know many religious people who don’t believe in birth control anymore, so maybe I just don’t get it after all.  I personally think it’s a cop out to try and not have to spend any money on employees.  All that aside, everyone should be scared.  We mock other countries – like Islamic nations – who’s religious law is the only law.  Where girls are married off young, honor killings are OK, and people can be executed for choosing a different faith.  Part of the foundation of our country is the freedom from that, but the more we let some people’s religious values govern the laws of the land, the slipperier the slope we will be on.  I find it inherently wrong for anyone’s religious views (doesn’t matter the religion) to play a role legally.  And once we allow things like this, it has the potential of opening Pandora’s box.  And that’s scary to me.

On the exciting news front (and a much lighter subject!), I’ve been given three books by publishers to review for the blog!  Two are something I’ve never come across before, and the other will be more along the lines of the traditional giveaway.  I’m really excited, and have been spending as much free time in the kitchen as possible to get research done!  Stay tuned!  Made something totally unique this evening and loved it.  I have high hopes!

So with that, I’m going to go do dishes and then drag my nearly recovered butt to bed.  Hope you all had a great Monday, and will have a wonderful week ahead!

And just because it made me giggle…



Squirrels, Snowmegeddon 2, and Wine Workouts


I haven't left home since picking up the kitties on Tuesday. Yep – snowmageddon part 2!!!! On his way home from work Tuesday, D asked me if we needed any essentials. Seriously – wine was all I could think of. All the other meals were just what I had already on hand!

Last night I made (more) vegan tacos with cilantro rice. Totally awesome, and for some reason, everything tastes better as a taco.

Recipe is below, and while you can totally get by in life without a rice cooker, I feel like my fuzzy logic machine is one of the stars of my kitchen. It makes rice, other grains, steamed meals, soups, cooks beans, even makes cake! I use it several days a week, and it way worth the extra few bucks ($60 or so). Here's a more recent model of the one I have – but I've had mine for 4 years, and it's more than made up for itself financially.

Cilantro Rice


*1 cup long grain white rice (if you use brown, adjust the liquid accordingly)

*1/2 onion, diced

*1 tbsp earth balance (or olive oil)

*1.5 cups water

*2 whole garlic cloves

*1/2 cup cilantro


*saute onion in Earth Balance in the rice cooker (or stove top on medium) until soft. About 5 minutes.

*add rice, water, garlic, and cilantro.

*in rice cooker – put on white rice setting. On stove top, bring to a boil, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes, until rice is cooked and water is absorbed.

*remove garlic cloves before serving.

Basic Pinto Bean Tacos


*1 can pinto beans

*1 can diced green chilies

*1 onion, diced

*4-5 garlic cloves, minced

*1 olive oil (if NOT using a non-stick pan…omit if using non-stick)

*1 tsp cumin

*1 tsp chili powder

*1 tsp oregano

*1/2 can diced tomatoes


*Saute onion and garlic over medium heat until soft.

*Add spices, and cook for 1-2 minutes

*Add beans and tomatoes. Cook until warm, and simmer until rice is done!

I served on tortillas with shredded cabbage, hot sauce, and avocado. Who said a vegan meal couldn't be quick, tasty, and cheap? Not this girl!

Dinner tonight was from Happy Herbivore Light and Lean. It's the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. Her books are still among my favorites for healthy and easy fare.


Well, I mentioned that I haven't left home for a few days, right? So strange. I don't do cabin fever well!

Anyway, I have been making the most of my captivity with indoor workouts. Tuesday evening, as the snow was falling, I realized I hadn't actually met my FitBit step goal for the day – despite my hour long treadmill workout! So, I decided…after some wine…that I could walk on my treadmill…barefoot…and hit that goal. Of course AC (who was stuck at work overnight to manage the whole snowmageddon thing) completely egged me on. So I did…and 7 minutes later, my FitBit went nuts telling me how awesome I was. And I was able to feel smug that I met my goal. I love my FitBit.

Yesterday I set up my bike trainer upstairs in the gym/spare room. I couldn't bear two dreadmill days in a row, but still needed something. I dusted it off (it had been in the garage, and after a spider crawled off of it and I appropriately screamed and scared the crap out of my son), and got ready to roll! I plugged headphones into my laptop, and watched an episode of Bones on Hulu. The 45 minutes consisted of a warm up, leg work (pedaling with just one leg for 60 seconds, then switch legs), some hill work, and a cool down. It was a killer workout.

Today was treadmill and yoga and balance ball ab work. I have some new music on my iPod finally, so I was feeling pretty energized! Yoga was a restorative class on YogaGlo to open my hips back up from the runs and cycling, and before the yoga, was an ab series on both a large and small balance ball.


Well, have I mentioned it snowed?? And that I haven't left my house since 3pm on Tuesday? And that I don't do well looking at the same rooms for days at a time??

Despite that, it's actually been a good week. I've gotten a ton done both at work and at home. Most of it in either workout clothes or pajamas. Actually – all of it in either workout clothes or jammies!

D went out and about and took some fun pics in the snow on Tuesday.

IMG_7599 (Small) IMG_7600 (Small) IMG_7601 (Small) IMG_7602 (Small) IMG_7603 (Small)

Kitties are doing great, if not a little slow moving. The pain meds make them goofy and even more lovey, if possible. Ginny still loves her puzzle box…just needed to move it where she could get to it without hurting herself!

But here's funny story….when it gets really cold or wet outside (and it's both right now), we'll occasionally get critters in the house. One poor flying squirrel realized today just how crazy our household could be today….

Around 10 am, one found its way behind my fridge. Ginny (who's still a little slow moving and slightly high) found her first. Tonks was out cold and Bumble apparently lost all of her hunting instincts in her old age. Anyway, M is upstairs (still sleeping), I just get off a conference call, and R starts yelling that there's a squirrel in the kitchen (not in a hysterical way – like her mama would do, mind you). Sammie – the nearly 12 year old Lab – helps Ginny corner the poor thing. Anyway, after 5 mintues of screaming, running, brooms, Tupperware, and towels, the poor thing was finally back outside, flying into the horizon. Sammie seemed proud, and Ginny seemed disappointed. I was hysterical (not the fun way – the crazy way), and R was laughing her head off. And M slept through the entire thing. My life….

Considering just shy of 2 inches kept us grounded for 3 days last week, imagine what 10 inches did this week! Kids have been off, and will be tomorrow too. I'm hoping to go into the office tomorrow, but that all depends on the cold and refreezing of the roads. My neighborhood hasn't been plowed, so I'm not so confident I'll be out of my confines tomorrow or not!

Without getting into too much of my liberal feminist detail, I did write my Congressman this week – twice – about HR7. Believe it or not, I was not combative, but really did try to get him to see the other side. I was quite proud actually. I know I won't change his mind – and I applaud people who stand up for what they believe it – and enjoy having a meaningful conversation with people to understand (and hopefully portray) my convictions – but I need to try since he is supposed to represent me in Washington.

Okay, on a totally fun note, D started watching Scandal (as I did recently) and now we're caught up with each other! We still have all of season 3 to catch up on together before it starts up again on Feb 27. I had to constantly text my sister (who watches the show) every episode I watched and was freaking out about one thing or another. I honestly think this is the most well written show I have come across in ages. The monologues/rants are completely epic. If you don't watch it, the first 2 seasons are on Netflix. Do it. You'll love me for it.

Speaking of TV….we've been cable-less for almost 5 months now. Totally don't miss it. Netflix is all we pay for, and Hulu on a computer is free. I don't miss out on any of my shows, and I've discovered new ones I never would have checked out before (hello, Line of Duty, Almost Human, House of Cards, and Goodwife)….I watch more TV now than I ever did before!

Now I realize I'm babbling, and I'm going to stop. A bit more work, some Scandal, then bed time!


Oh….Chelsea v West Ham game ended in 0-0 yesterday. Man City coming up this weekend! GO BLUES.



Cleanse with Crissie in 2014 (or aka…let’s kill Billy)


The best thing about the past 5 days is that I can actually taste food again! I'm not sick anymore (FINALLY), so food once again tastes good!

I made a marinated lentil salad during the holiday, and took it to work on Thursday as a lettuce wrap with a side of strawberries and cherry tomatoes. YUM.

I've also had less than stellar Pho, a bean and corn stew, and whole wheat penne with balsamic veggies.

I also made a totally killer Shamrock Shake-ish green smoothie! It's actually from the Dr. Fuhrman website, and it fully rocked. Coconut milk, spinach, mint, vanilla, banana….all yummy stuff.

Last night was tapas fun that culumnated in a ridiculously rich (too rich) coconut chocolate creme pie thingy.

But, if I need to stop teasing you all with my title, 2014 is going to be the year of the food cleanse. I will fully disclose here that my reasonings are actually not for vanity. They're to put an end to the hive nightmare of the past year (I hope). So…starting with tomorrow's post, the food sections of my blog will focus on the cleanse du jour.

For my first one of 2014, I'm going with Dr. Fuhrman! I've blogged about him before, and he's written a ton of really great books (Eat for Life, Eat for Health, The End of Diabetes, Super Immunity….the list goes on). Anyway, he advocates a vegan diet that is high in nutrient density, and between his books and his website, he has some prescriptive eating plans, of which I'm going to follow a 21-day version beginning tomorrow. I will track my progress as a whole, with the goal of concluding it hive-free. If I do – yay! I've found my “magic bullet”. If not….I will move onto another eating program with the goal of ending hive-free (or at the very least, hive-light!).


So I tried going for a run, and despite my feeling mostly human again, my lungs disagreed. I ended up doing a power-walk workout with some yoga after. Not bad, but I do hope this respiratory nonsense departs soon…..


Well, the first week of 2014 is pretty much in the bag! All in all, it was a very good week. I went back to work on Thursday (like most of the world), the younger kids went back to school (A is still on holiday until next week), and R's swim team even ramped back up again.

Yesterday AC and JC had their annual post-Holiday party, which is always a good time. D and I went, and HF was there! She's one of my travel buddies (Vegas and Seattle), and while she doesn't live in our area, actually traveled here primarily for the party! D finally got to meet her, which made me happy too.

Today AC, HF, and I met down at the Oceanfront for a long lunch. Afterwards, it was off to do my regular weekend grocery shopping and food prep.

Okay, so to explain Billy. My chronic hives have finally been given a name! Dermographism. LC mentioned that it's not a very good name and I need to call them something else. Billy is the first thing that came to mind, so now when I talk about my hives, I call them Billy. Strange, maybe, but it's less of a mouthful than dermographism!

In 2010, a great documentary was made called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It's about a guy named Joe from Australia who is overweight and has chronic urticaria (aka…Billy), and decides to go on a 60 day juice fast/cleanse in an attempt to rid himself of all the excess weight, hives, and the meds he has had to take to keep the hives under control (I admit…I've thus far mostly refused to do that). Anyway, that's where the concept of the year of cleanses has come in. I'm not willing to do such a long juice fast, but I am willing to do a series of whole foods based cleanses if it means killing Billy. If, by the end of the year, I haven't been successful, then I will do a juice fast (15 days or so) to see if that works. I hope it won't come to that, but I'm starting to get fairly desparate. Some days are ok (like today….not one errant wheal on my body), and some I want to cry as I lie in bed covered in ice packs trying to make them go away. It sucks that my Dr isn't sure why I have them, has no real way to treat them, and is telling me they may last the rest of my life. Like hell….I'll find a way to kick Billy out of my life one way or another!

All my babbling aside, most days are pretty good. Some are worse than others, and while I was sick, it was pretty bad. I'm assuming the compromised immune system was a beacon for Billy to come out and play, but being sick for over a week also left me with a lot of time to sit and think and read. Now I'm on a mission – hives aren't something I should just live with for no reason, and I imagine I can beat them with a good clean diet, just like I have other ailments. So stay tuned….this should be an interesting ride!!!


The New Math: Little Black Dress + Jammies = Tater Tots and Beer


The past few days have been a whirlwind, and since I can't quite remember everything, here are a couple highlights.

Thursday evening was out with AC. We shared a bucket of tater tots with siracha ketchup, and then I had a faux chicken sammich with pasta salad. The pasta salad didn't taste like anything, but the sammich was good. I ate about half because the tater tots were better. Not a healthy evening, I know.

Lunch on Friday left me scarred for life. After an all-staff meeting, one of my co-workers and I went to Gordon Biersch for lunch. I ordered the veggie tacos – no cheese/sour cream – and a side salad. I told the waitress I was vegan as I was ordering to (hopefully) ensure that my food was animal-product free. Two bites into my side salad, I realized it had bacon. I was SO pissed. The waitress looked at me like I was nuts (it killed my appetite, and no…I didn't want a new salad). Her response “oops”. Ugh. I understand that my being vegan is my choice and not driven by a medical necessity, etc, but still. The lack of understanding of why I was upset was disturbing. I don't eat meat for ethical reasons, and knowing I had some may may not be a big deal to others, but it was a very big deal to me.

I did write a letter on their Contact form from their website:

I dined for lunch in your Virginia Beach restaurant at approximately 1130 am on 10/25. I ordered the veggie tacos and a side salad, and explained to the waitress that I was vegan, so no cheese, etc.
The salad was delivered, and after two bites, I realized it had bacon in it. When she came back, she seemed baffled why this was upsetting to me and why I didn't want a replacement salad (I lost my appetite).
I will say the manager was wonderful – came to our table, apologized, and explained that he will speak with her.
I understand that my not eating meat is not an allergy and may not be taken as seriously by the restaurant, but as an ethical vegan, I was horrified.
Choosing a dietary lifestyle can be as important to a person as a medically necessary restriction. Please reinforce to all your leadership and staff how important it is to understand food differences and choices, and how to honor that appropriately.

Thank you.

Lesson learned.

The rest of the weekend was low key. Soups, salads, smoothies, and fruit.


I went to a hot vinyasa class on Thursday, which was awesome. I hadn't done a hot vin class in awhile, and the pace was perfect.

I had every intention of getting up Friday morning to run. I even put out my clothes so I'd be ready to go. It worked so well on Wednesday, I figured it was a sure thing!

Then at 5am my alarm went off, and it was only 37 degrees outside. I was not prepared for that! I had to be at work by 8, so I wouldn't have had enough time to dig out the super-cold running clothes, get my run in, and get ready for work (while getting kids ready for school). And then Friday night I got busy, and didn't do it either.

Today I went to a regular hot yoga class. It was also a really good class and was luckily taught by the same instructor as the class I took on Thursday. I will say, that I've never had a bad experience at this studio!


Thursday was work, and then workout. AC texted early in the morning to see if I'd be free after yoga, and I said sure – as long as we go somewhere I can chill in my jammies. The yoga studio is near where we were going out (a few blocks away), and there was no way I was going to simmer in my own drenched sweat while we had beer. I also wasn't going to go home to clean up, nor put real clothes back on after showering. So – the deal was I yoga, shower at the studio, and throw my jammies on.

I walk into the place, and here AC is in this totally cute black dress with boots looking all pretty – and I'm in fleece with soaking wet hair and a beet red face. It was pretty amusing, actually. She had a bucket of tater tots waiting when I got there, so it was all good.

Friday evening D and I were both wiped out. We went to a fall fair at R's school, and by the time we got home around 6 (which isn't late), all I could think about was getting out of the house or going to sleep. So….we went out for a bit. Just to a sports bar down the street (not many other options close to home), but it was really nice. We had fun and were home by 9.

Saturday we went up to A's school for an event and to see her new dorm room and meet her new roomie. It was a relatively short visit, but nice to see her! She's loving school – though needs to work a little harder at math, and less on socializing.

D, M, R and I hit up Busch Gardens for one last Howl-O-Scream hurrah! It was chilly and we were bundled, but it was awesome. D used his new beer sock I picked up in Seattle, and we wandered around the park and had a great time.

Today – laundry, yoga, cleaning, cooking, Whole Foods…the usual. I love Sunday's!

A few random cute weekend pics…


Time to gear up for a busy week ahead!


Another One to File Under “You Can’t Make Stuff Like This Up”


Today was a simple day on the food front. Nothing overly fancy, which ended up being a good thing because it was one heck of a rough day.

For breakfast I made a monster smoothie full of banana, orange, strawberry, kale, and some frozen watermelon (I've taken to freezing fruit just before it's about to turn and using it in smoothies). It was big, and cold, and filling, and awesome. I'm out of spinach and have been using kale in my smoothies. It definitely has longer staying power, though a stronger taste.

Lunch was the last of the garlicky beans served up on a bed of romaine lettuce.

For dinner I decided on soup. My uber spicy tofu soup, to be exact. Why would I do this? It's hot as hades outside and a BAS or raw soup sounds better, right? It's because it's so hot (and my AC broke), that I decided to take a page from super hot dessert and tropical climates. Eat spicy food – heat up on the inside and you'll cool off on the outside. I have no idea if it worked, but it was tasty.



Prior to AC drama, I did hit up a killer spin class today. I'd never had this instructor before, and she was awesome. I loved her teaching style, and she pushed us very hard. When the guy in front of me got off his bike, his shorts were dripping and leaving puddles on the floor. Gross, yes, but I don't think anyone left that studio dry.


Well, what can I say? Today sucked a bit.

First, I slept poorly. D is stuffy and has been snoring badly the past week or so. Not his fault, but I'm a crazy light sleeper, so he was waking me up every 20 minutes or so (he doesn't normally snore). It got so bad, that I curled up on the floor in the corner hoping the distance and the fan would drown it out.

Thankfully it was already scheduled as a work from home day, so I didn't have to worry about being overly presentable. D took R to daycamp, and I got busy working.


It was a work from home day for two reasons. The first is the movers were moving my office and I had no where to physically work. Most of us worked at home today who were being moved. The second was because I had my annual pest inspection scheduled for this afternoon (between 3-5pm). Just the normal stuff – checking for critters, termites, verifying the moisture barrier under the house was doing it's job. Stuff like that.

Anyway, A woke up not feeling well. Her boyfriend had been sick, and sure enough, she woke with a sore throat and general crappiness. Even though she's 18, I was glad to be home today so she wasn't home alone and sick.

Around noon or so, the AC unit started making this horrific noise. I actually recorded it to play for the maintenance guy (whenever he may show up). Also, the unit fan wasn't running, but the inside blower is fine. I have google-diagnosed it as a busted fan motor. Sadly, I need the expert to confirm and fix it….especially before the vegan meet up party I'm hosting this Saturday. And because it's hot, I'm spoiled, and I want air conditioning.

So, in our 90's+ heat with high humidity and rain in the forcast, our AC is off and busted.

Oh, and part of a tree fell in our back yard and is stuck in another tree. On the sunny side, it didn't hit the fence or anything.

And the pest inspector showed up two hours early, I had to miss a pretty important meeting, to find out the moisture barrier isn't exactly doing it's job. No critters or termites – but definite pooling of water under the house. Which needs to be fixed and also requires a preventative fungal treatment.

As of right now, I'm sitting outside because it's cooler than inside. And I'm seriously considering sleeping out here….if I can find a way to make the bugs go away.

Tomorrow is a new day, with new possibilities. Let's hope they're more favorable!

With that, good night. I really and truly have nothing more to say!