Monday Madness Not So Maddening


Apparently I had a bigger appetite than normal this morning! I'm guessing it has to do with not eating much for 4 days, so instead of my normal morning smoothie, I opted for leftover from dinner last night. It was a tempeh dish with quinoa pasta, vegan cheese sauce, corn, and peas. The recipe was from Appetite for Reduction. I don't cook from this one very often, but there's a few gems I've found in it for sure.

Lunch was a BAS! An entire head of romaine lettuce, a cup or so of shredded iceberg, onion, bell pepper, tomato, and beets. Very filling, but was nice to get some greens in.

Dinner was a family favorite! Happy Herbivore's sweet and sour tofu. All in all, an amazing vegan food day!


D and I both woke up a little sore today from yoga yesterday! It's that pleasant kind of sore though. D talked about it several times since class yesterday – even tweeting about them! I'm hoping this is a budding love of yoga for him.

So, if you're in the Hampton Roads area – check out The Yoga Nook! They just opened this past weekend, and I'm so excited they're in the yoga-desert (as in not really any options) of Chesapeake. I think we have a target rich environment here!

We met the two owners, who seem very nice, and I sincerely hope they do well (and get to a bigger schedule…like 6 am hint hint). That's entirely self serving on my part though – I desperately want a consistent practice, but my schedule is so crazy, that it's pretty impossible right now.

On to today's workout though. Yes, I ran! Without stomach cramps sending me running for the bathroom (TMI, sorry!). It was a steady 3 miler, and I felt great all day afterwards. Woo hoo!


Well for a Monday, it wasn't too terrible. I had meetings until 5:30pm, but none started at the dumb early hours. I'm trying to keep my schedule as light as possible this week since I'll be out in Florida all of next week. With go-lives coming up soon, I don't want to lose any of the forward momentum we have!

The kid's were off today for President's Day, so it's been a low-key day in general. I managed to get more done than I typically do on a weekday, and am excited that I'm not only able to take the time to blog, but I think I'll be going to bed at a reasonable hour too!

So woo hoo – hope you guys had a good Monday also.


Snowmageddon Take 2!


So cleanse #1 is over! I will say it was a resounding success in the sense of eating a whole foods diet. I certainly do that for the most part, but the cleanse itself focused on the lack of processed foods, so that was awesome. Photo collage awaits below! Soups, green smoothies, juices, stews, homemade soy/date milk, trail mix, and BAS’s. I made some quinoa bread (3 loaves, actually), and took D out for vegan taco fun too!

I’m currently doing a create-my-own type cleanse. Mostly recipes I enjoyed from the November Fresh Start Cleanse, but with my own green smoothie, juice, and whole food additions.


Well, it’s certainly been an active week! Snowmageddon 1 has forced me to slow down and be inside (not my typical week), so it’s been a good 1-3 workouts every day.

I’ve done several runs (every other day) on the treadmill at home (once I removed Tonks…who promptly came back)! I thought I was going to pull my hair out with boredom when LS told me how she gets past the dreadmill drama. Go in with a plan, focus on intervals, and it doesn’t suck so badly. That worked like a charm for me today, and 60 minutes later, my run was done!

I’ve also done several workout DVD’s and yoga. I did (since the snow melted) check out a new-to-me yoga studio in Virginia Beach on Sunday. It was a 90 minute Dharma Mittra class, and I had mixed feelings about it. For the sequence and class itself (it was a 90 min class), I loved it. I didn’t love all the hippie chanting in the beginning (though to be fair, to chant along was optional), and we spent an uncomfortably long time in shivasana (corpse pose) at the end – to the point where one guy snoring kept me from being able to relax and all I wanted to do was have it end. I would think a good yoga instructor would realize that. Alas, I liked it enough, but not worth the long drive to get there unless I was in that part of town for some other reason.

On the happy yoga news front, a new studio is opening up near me in a little over two weeks! I’m so excited….I hope it’s great so I can be a regular 🙂


Well, several days last week were completely shut down for our 1-2 inches of snow. School was closed for 2 days, power was lost, and life essentially stopped from Tuesday afternoon – Thursday night. Kids had make-up things on the weekend, so we ended up sticking around  (despite plans to go to a party out of town).

Friday evening I took R and M out to the movies to see Jack Ryan, and that night took D out for fun in the Chelsea district (which I love that we even have a part of town called the Chelsea district, since my fav sports team is Chelsea FC in the EPL! Vegan tacos (for me), then Birch Bar were the plans, and we had a total blast.

The days we weren’t snowed in were work, errands, and the like. AC’s birthday was this weekend, and we went out last night to celebrate!

Alas, snowmageddon take 2 is hitting as we speak. While last week was just under 2 inches, tonight they are predicting up to 12 for my area. Which is totally crazy. We’d be snowed in for months, except the weather forecast for Saturday is in the 60’s! Seriously, I can’t wait to go to Florida next month….

The little fuzz buckets got spayed today.  They did great, and are home resting (ish).  Sadly, Bumble’s maternal instincts have not kicked in, but the 90 lb dog’s has, and she’s watching over them like a little mother hen.

OH, and lastly…since no one likely cares much…but Chelsea won the other day! It was an FA cup game (oldest football/soccer tournament in the world), and we play West Ham United tomorrow. GO BLUES.

Snowmageddon 2014 Is Here!

Okay, how the heck does 8 days pass without a stinking post?! I mean – I know I’m busy. 18+ hr days at least 3 days a week, but seriously…you’d think I could find a few minutes….sorry everyone. I promise to work on being more consistent.


Well, I certainly can’t recall everything I ate in the past 8 days, but I do have at least a highlight or two.

Most days were smoothies and/or fruit for breakfast, salads for lunch, and more salads for dinner. Not too creative lately (blame the late days) – but by and large Nutritarian and cleanse worthy.

The most fun meal was a group tofu scramble at HF’s house on Sunday! I got to teach two wonderful ladies how to make it, and share the tofu love with a house full! HF put together a beautiful fruit plate and it was a yummy and healthy vegan brunch for everyone! And HF or her husband CF did all the prep work too, so it was nothing but fun for me!

I had Ethiopian food for the first time. I’ve wanted to try it for ages, but there aren’t any restaurants in my area. Alas – I’m sad to say I wasn’t a fan. My appetizer dish was a cold lentil dish on the traditional injera bread called Azifah Fitfit. It wasn’t bad – but it was very heavy on the mustard. And while I love (and I mean love) mustard, it overpowered every other flavor out there. For my main dish I chose Shiro Wat – billed as “Ethiopian comfort food”! I will say the red cabbage was awesome – but there was very little of it. The rest of the food on the plate was bland, and I found the injera bread to be very spongy. I hope this was just an off night (the restaurant itself was rated very highly), but I was disappointed. None of it sat well in my belly either, so I’m not so sure I’ll be hitting up another Ethiopian place any time soon.

Honestly, just found the “imported from downstairs” thing funny.

I have a FitBit!! D got me one for Christmas, but all the store were sold out. It finally arrived on Thursday. I love it – it tracks everything! My activity, steps, calories…even sleep. I have the FitBit Force, and if you have one, friend me at RunCrissieRun! Please note my assistant/photo bomber.

I’m just going to update my latest, which was a great run this afternoon. I was traveling from a work trip in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of VA, but made it home in time to still get a great run in near 60 degree weather.

It was today that I realized how pathetically out of date my iPod music is though. I must rectify that situation immediately!


Okay, busy. Not a complaint, but busy. Lots of work, dinner with AC one night, local beer (yay!), and then travels to other places in VA. I went to see A at school, saw HF for brunch, and then work peeps up in the mountains.

All told, busy, but awesome. OH, the best part?? My husband shaved that forsaken beard off finally! I’m not a fan of facial hair, and after months, he finally got rid of it. My cute hubby is back – and gone is the Duck Dynasty guy.

I did a tour of a VA winery – CrossKeys. Very neat. They do all small batch wines, and I was surprisingly impressed with their offerings. I did a tasting and a tour, and all told it was a wonderful side trip in my crazy weekend.

I left my mountain office/hotel much earlier than planned today. Major snow was forcasted, and there was significant fear that I’d get stranded. While it would be nice – I just have too much to do back in my neck of the woods. My area has snow too! No kidding – the news is calling it Snowmageddon! Several school districts closed early in preparation, and we’re not sure what tomorrow will bring. As a Midwesterner, it’s funny, but I’ve been here for 10 years now (as of a little over a week ago!), and I know that any snow just brings Hampton Roads to a screeching halt. I guess we’ll see if Snowmageddon ends up being newsworthy or not!

I leave you with pictures. Morning pictures, cat pictures (because with Tonks, if she fits, she sits!), and me visiting A!

A Beastly Monday (in a good way!)


Holy cow, where to start? The last few days have been full of green smoothies, lentil soup, creamy asparagus soup, fruit, curried chickpeas, and the best….VEGAN TACO NIGHT.

Saturday night was a girls night in of vegan tacos. I made tempeh tacos with pickled radishes and cabbage, and NS made Seitan Worshipper tacos (love the name). AC brought the drinks, and, sadly, KP was too sick to make it.

Anyway, here's photos. Despite days of meetings starting at 7am, my “fast food” was fruit and green smoothies. It was pretty awesome!


The temps warmed back up (hello 60 and 70 degree weather!), so running outside is a must! Today's run was just amazing. D took R to swim, and I headed out for a run before coming back to make a late dinner. I wandered through different neighborhoods and just took in my surroundings. I love runs like this one – makes me excited to go for another one!


So last week was very stressful. I had to take a project from the “holy s***, the sky is falling”, to “heck yeah, we got this”. By the end of the week, I was feeling pretty good! We have a ton of work to do, but we will. And it'll be awesome.

Saturday A moved back to school 😦 I'm proud of her, and I'm sure she's very excited to be back (in fact, I know she is), but I miss her. The month she was home was really awesome. She's changed a lot – grown up, and I like who she's growing into. She spent most of her time with us, but also volunteered several days a week at the cat shelter, hung out with her little brother and sister, and spent time with friends that are local.

While D and M took A back to college, I got to take R to a swim meet! It was a big one too – the Winter Invitational. So big, they swim at the big university pool (which is very exciting for the kids). It was a 6 hour day, and since R stays with her team the entire time – I brought work with me! I got a ton done, but still got to watch the meet and see her swim.

Her team won the entire meet (which was awesome), and R shaved nearly a second off of two of her races and swam one race for the first time (longer distance than normal). Sadly, her heat forfitted the relay because one person didn't show. It was a great meet though, and she's very proud of her times and her team's standing.

Saturday night had some crazy storms and tornado watches. Good thing it was a night in! We cooked, ate yummy tacos, planned trips to New Orleans, and just hung out. Good times!

I didn't wake up until 11 on Sunday morning. This seems to be a theme with me the past few weeks – no sleep during the week (too much spinning in my head), but at least one night on the weekend where I'm out for a long time. Hey, I'll take it. It's better than no days with no sleep!

D and I ran some errands and then went to a movie. He really, really wanted to see Her. I didn't, but didn't mind going with him to see it! It's about a hyper depressed guy who buys an intelligent operating system and falls in love with his computer. All the characters are depressed and mopey, and while I know its getting a ton of accolades and will win a boat load of awards – I didn't like it. It was very well acted – but not entertaining.

Today was an awesome day. I know – it's Monday, right? How are Monday's good? Seriously – felt like a beast today. Starting with a feisty 8am meeting, I felt on top of the world today. Despite my reputation as a good planner, it's the last minute pushes to get things done that excite me. I have this sense that I can solve any problem thrown at me. So hit me with it – I'll do my best 🙂

On a fun note – CAT PICTURES. Tonks will sit in anything she sees. She especially likes bowls – this is a first for a pressure cooker. She's also a climber – but was taken off guard when the drawer opened on her! Ginny will sleep on any pile of clothes she can. And Bumble is teaching the young ones how to drink running water!

And of course, a series of morning pictures! These were extra special since I was out of the house so early most days last week, that I didn't get to see them in the morning.


No, This Day Will Not Last Forever


Well the past two days have been cleanse friendly! To be honest, it really isn't tough to eat the Dr. Fuhrman Nutritarian way. Think fruits, veggies, beans, seeds. All of it you want – but no added oils and salt. It takes some effort, but no more than anyone who primarily eats at home.

I do realize that's one of my problems though! When life gets busy (which is 98% of the time), it's always been our habit to go out or order in. That means even though when I cook, I know I'm eating very well – I'm also getting less than good stuff (sodium, saturated fats, etc) by way of dining out too much. Don't get me wrong – nothing makes me happier than a going out for a good meal with family and friends – but with a bit of planning, I could seriously eat in more than I do!

My only issue is how very nut-heavy he is. For our family allergy reasons (new readers – my youngest is very allergic to all peanuts and treenuts, so we're a 100% nut free family). I usually just skip them or sub a seed if I can (sunflower, pumpkin, chia, etc), but sometimes it doesn't sound like it'll turn out right, so I skip it.

Breakfast yesterday was a killer Tuscan Tofu Scramble! It made a ton, and kept me full for a really long time. Lunch was a BAS with an orange/avocado dressing (didn't love the dressing, but it wasn't bad). Dinner was a “cheesy” kale soup that was also very, very good. Snacks were fruit mostly and some veggie bites.

Today was a green smoothie for breakfast, leftover soup for lunch, and a lentil stew for dinner. More fruit for snacks!

I've had no hunger issues, so thus far, eating Nutritarian is very easy and tasty, with lots and lots of options.


Yay, my lungs love me again!!! I went for my first real run in WAY too long last night after work. I was nervous going for a 50 minute run (1/2 marathon training plan) considering I hadn't been too active lately and while most of me didn't feel sick anymore, the lingering cough was keeping me sidelined longer.

Anyway, I bundled up (it was chilly last nights, with the “polarvortex” coming our way and temps dropping rapidly) and headed out the door.

It was such an awesome run. Not at my normal pace, but it still felt good – and validating that I could go for nearly an hour without wanting to curl up, cry, or cough myself silly. I was totally grinning when I walked in the house.


Both yesterday and today were very meeting heavy. With the holidays over and everyone back at the office, I think we're all playing catch up with each other! It's a bit stressful, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I thrived on all the chaos 🙂

On the homefront, D is sick now. His symptoms aren't like mine, M's, and A's were though. He mentioned most of his team at work had been sick recently too, so maybe they had a different plague than I brought home. I just hope that doesn't mean we'll go for a round of new sick fun!

Because D was so sick, I took R to school today! That meant leaving earlier than I normally do (I'm always a bit delayed by making everyone breakfast and lunch every morning), but I made D do that so I could be ready to go without having to wake up an hour earlier than normal. He got to crawl back into bed, so I didn't feel too bad about that. To be fair, he didn't complain at all either. It was also nice to spend that little extra time with R this morning too.

So the weather. IT'S COLD. I know I can't possibly relate (anymore!) to my family in WI and IL, and friends throughout the midwest and New England – but really. 16 degrees in VA is nuts. So much so, that many schools were delayed today and this funny message was written on the board in the breakroom at my office….

We even got an automated voicemail from our kids school district reminding them to dress warmly in real jackets with hats, scarves, and gloves. A co-worker of mine (who lives closer to the beach) sending one reminding not to have parents let their kids go out in shorts and flip flops! I know…beach life problems, but still. Funny.

Okay, Billy update. They haven't gone yet, but I suppose that would have been wishful thinking. Yesterday during the day wasn't bad at all – only had a few on my forearm and then later on my neck. At night I had some, but they didn't last long and weren't very intense. Today during the day also wasn't bad, but this evening has had two very uncomfortable patches of them. They passed eventually, but I was annoyed.

OH, I got a spice box shipment yesterday! I was out of a few essentials, so placed an online order with The Spice House in Milwaukee! They also pack it with a personal note written on the invoice thanking you for the order. I love that little personal touch!

And finally, I can't really go a week without posting a cat picture! Tonks is VERY much R's cat. She crawls all over her, licks her face, let's R carry her around, and really just adores her. This is a cute pick of how Tonks just melts onto R's legs when they're on the ground.

So tomorrow is another day in a busy week, but I can't complain really. I feel good, have a groovy family, and a job I love. So despite our arctic nonsense and Billy drama, life is good!


Overwhelming Cuteness Going On Here


Well, once again it's been four days, so you're going to get picture updates!

this was a quick morning where I had some smoothie at home and packed the rest for work
qunioa breakfast – another Happy Herbivore inspired meal. This was actually totally amazing.
one of my fav standby breakfasts. Ezekiel toast, sunbutter, and sliced bananas
this was exactly what I needed this morning when I was so exhausted I wanted to cry
a quick kale, slaw, and tofu lunch
a salad, lentils, brown & wild rice, & roasted sweet broccoli topped with nooch (nutritional yeast for that cheezy flavor) and siracha.


I went for two runs and did one yoga class in the past few days. The runs were both 4 miles in my neighborhood. The temps have been climbing the past few days, so my runs have been fairly late since I suck at getting up early!

Yoga was today. I did an online class from YogaGlo that was totally awesome. It was an hour class focusing on tension relief, especially in the back, neck, and shoulders. I have a tendency to carry my stress in my neck and shoulders, and since there are hundreds of classes on YogaGlo, I decided to pick a class with a specific goal in mind.

Speaking of yoga, I'm hoping to do a two weekend immersion in October here in my area. I very much want to deepen my yoga practice and be able to develop my own sequences at home, but don't have the time to go through teacher training right now. Until then, I picked up a magazine for some reading today, and will stick to classes at the Y and via YogaGlo.


Well, the biggest news in our home is the addition of two little fuzzbuckets. We had been talking about getting a new kitty for almost a year now. We finally got serious about it in the past few weeks, and found two rescue kitties that are about 7-8 weeks old.

We decided two would be better than one so they have each other to play with whenever we're not home. They are named for Harry Potter characters – Ginny and Tonks, and are the sweetest little girls! The entire house is overflowing with cuteness lately.

Sammie has mostly been curious and happy to have two new potential playmates. Bumble, on the other hand, is not amused in the slightest. When the two young ones get near her, she hisses and runs away. Hope that passes!