The Not Really a Detox Review


First, the detox story. I did 5 days of what amounted to 2 smoothies per day and one gigantic salad using the Your Super superfood mixes. All told, it went fine. I wasn’t hungry or anything. Here’s the thing though. Food should taste good, and while I certainly am a fan of super foods – not when they taste icky. And I couldn’t get past the taste of some of these, and I’m doubtful I’ll use them overly much. The package came with a few other flavors I may check out, but for now – I’ll just stick to my normal healthy eats! And honestly – for a detox, I felt no different. That is either because my normal eating is pretty clean anyway or maybe because it’s more solids than I’m used to in a detox/cleanse (usually mine have been green juice fasts). So was it a detox? In the end – not for me.

Eats post-detox included a tofu green curry lunch date with my friend MM, a simple Mac n peas, and a dinner out with my boyfriend consisting of an Impossible fajita bowl! I also did try Burger King’s Impossible Whopper! It was good, though sat heavier than I like so won’t be a regular thing, but nice to know there’s the option!


Runs, yoga, and kickboxing! I went for 3 runs this week, a yoga class with my young one, and kickboxing today. Feels great to not have anything injured anymore!


As predicted, it was a pretty awesome week. Also one that was incredibly social – much more so than normal.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty typical days – work, school stuff, dinner, etc. Wednesday and Friday I took off to do school stuff. While I am not behind any official schedule, I was behind on the pace I set for myself. I don’t deal well when things like that happen, so locking myself away for 2 days to focus was exactly what I needed. And it worked – I’m feeling so much better about everything.

Wednesday I went out for drinks with a coworker, which was nice. We had talked about it for months, and finally went out. Good times.

Thursday was supposed to be checking out a new brewery with a friend, but she’s under the weather and we’ll do it another day. Good though, because I was on a roll with school stuff that night.

Friday was out with my guy, first to our fav wine bar and then to get Tex Mex and his and hers margaritas! Strawberry jalapeño for me, cherry lime for him.

Saturday was yoga with R and then out with an old friend I haven’t seen a lot of. We went to a brewery near her house I had always wanted to check out (though I don’t like to drink much beer – too heavy). We then stopped at a place she’s a local and finished catching up.

Today has been school, laundry, the gym, and pretty soon, plan to start batch cooking for the week ahead. This week will be my last normal one for a bit – travels kick back up week after next. That’s okay though, I tend to like the chaos 🙂

You know, vs the BS being spouted about them causing mass murder…

My Cat Is An Addict and I’m an iPod Killer. Not Sure Which Is Worse.


Well being home in my own kitchen just makes me insanely happy (and it turns out, makes my family happy too!).  I picked up my CSA (last week’s was donated to a local food bank since we were heading out of town and wouldn’t have used it), went grocery shopping, and went nuts cooking.

M, for his first day home, got to make a special request for dinner.  Lasagna – which I knew he’d pick!  For me, I made a BAS (for my newer readers, that’s the Big A$$ Salad).  This one had tons of romaine, red onion, avocado, fresh CSA corn, and a lime/cumin/olive oil dressing.  D ate it too – M and R didn’t like it.

I went to visit A at her pre-college program, and we went out to a local hippy restaurant.  We split an appetizer and dessert!

our vegan corn cakes! Served with a tomato ceviche, grilled zucchini, and micro greens. By FAR my fav of all the dishes.
roasted quinoa dish with summer squash and eggplant. It wasn’t bad…but it was bland. Nothing special, but grateful for a vegan and gluten-free main dish offering.
vegan creme brulee made from coconut milk! It was super tasty. Too sweet and too rich for us to finish, but that doesn’t make it not tasty.

I finally jumped on the salad-in-a-mason-jar kick.  I’ve been seeing them on other’s blogs and most recently the Vitamix Facebook page.  I couldn’t handle the coolness factor anymore and made one.  Two actually – put one in D’s lunch on Monday.  He giggled.

the trick is to put the ingredients that won’t wilt on the bottom. Mine has radish, onion, corn, cucumbers, and thick tomato slices (in a homemade vinaigrette). Topped with romaine. When ready…shake and eat!

Monday was Indian, which is the usual for our Meatless Monday’s.  Potato and peas in a tomato cream sauce (cream provided by coconut milk), and a mixed veggie curry.  Served with cumin seed basmati rice, and for the rest of the family, garlic naan (none for me since I didn’t feel like making a gluten-free version).

D asked the kids if any of their friends cook ethnic food. They said no. Makes me sad for them…and happy that my kids get exposed to a world of food outside of traditional american fare….


Since getting home, all my workouts have been runs.  I’m itching to be able to get back to Crossfit though.  It’s been nearly 2 weeks, and I hate that.

Today’s run was a blessing and a curse.  It was really hot and 100% humidity.  But still…it was great.  I brought water with me, and was really getting into a killer part of the book I’m listening too (CIA spy thing).  So anyway…a few hours after I’m back and cleaned up, I pop my headphones in to listen to my book some more….and my iPod has a white screen.  Nothing.  Nada.  DEAD.  D does some research, and it turns out it’s a common problem when it’s overly sweat upon.  I had it clipped to my bra strap, and I got so sweaty in today’s run that I maimed and possibly killed my iPod.  It’s now draining the battery and sitting in a bag of rice hoping to be resurrected.  Wish me luck…this is my 3rd one….

I’m trying to find a local-ish half around Christmas time.  I think that would be a fun time to do a big run.  There’s a Disney one in January, but I don’t think I’ll be free to take the time off to enjoy it.  Planning to finally do another full next year too.


It’s been insanely busy.  Obviously vacation was a busy time, and it was a blast.

last day! D, R, and I before we left FL.
super sleepy girl. Passed out. Snuggled up. And still wearing her seatbelt 🙂

I’m very proud of M.  We picked him up from camp on Saturday, and during the awards ceremony, his cabin was given an honor award.  These young men took it upon themselves to take younger homesick kids under their wings – cheer them up, play with them, check up, and make them feel safe.  I love him for that.  And honestly…expect no less from a child of mine.

I’m also very proud of A.  She’s been away from home for a few weeks now, and even though having some homesickness as well, she’s really being independent.  She’s taking this program very seriously, and I cannot wait to see her and her creations on Friday.

I felt great going back to work yesterday since I was so caught up before I left.  On that front, I have great news!  The final funding hurdle was surpassed and my project is officially a go!  That means….much more travel in my future.  But that travel takes me back home, so that’s an extra cool benefit.

Also on the work front, I’ve been asked to help consult on a gig on the west coast.  If all goes through, I may be spending some time in the Bay area coming up too.  Anyone want to come with??

Last night when I was cooking, I had to spread out the spice bag to get to what I needed (seriously….Indian food cooking uses an impressive array of spices).  I left them so I could catalog some ideas, and while I was cooking, I noticed Bumble going crazy with some of the bags of spices.  Not like batting them around…but rolling around in them like she does around fresh catnip (Mom gave me a paper bag full once….Bum kept running full speed into it and rolling around and actually slept ON the bag).  We did an experiment and discovered that Bumble treats celery seed the same way.  It was absolutely the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time….

Cat Seeking Rehab From Celery Seed….

Okay, even though I try to keep my blog silly and funny and happy….it’s time for a bit of sobering comments.  Sorry.

I refrain from commenting on or posting anything political on Facebook.  I have a large number of family and friends who have very different opinions than I do, and I find that engaging in any of the discussions isn’t worth the damage it could to do those relationships I value so much.  It’s going to be hard because it’s an election year, but I don’t care.  These are people I either love or respect, and they are entitled to what they believe (even if I think it’s wrong).

But that said.  This is my blog and I can say whatever the hell I want.  And right now, I want to talk about guns.  And murder.  And Colorado.  I’ve read a number of posts about how it’s not our gun laws that are the problem.  And it’s a load of BS in my view.  Here are a few statistics I want to share about the number of gun-related deaths annually in different countries, and you draw your own conclusions….

Australia – 35

England AND Wales together – 39

Germany – 194

Canada – 200

USA – 9,484

Seriously.  What will we do in the US?  We will hold a vigil.  We will sing songs as we display the victims’ picture.  We will light candles.  And we won’t change a damned thing.  Shame.  On.  Us.