Kicking Insomnia’s Butt – the Right Way (this time)


It’s been pretty quiet on the food front and mostly smoothies, soups, and stir fries as usual!  Still up to my big batch cooking on Sunday’s.  Makes the rest of the week MUCH easier.

busted out the juicer for the first time in ages
threw quinoa, chickpeas, corn, and peas in the rice cooker. For meals, I would put them in a bowl and toss them with various sauces.
roasted corn in the air fryer! 20 min at 425. Totally perfect.
of course there HAD to be a green curry meal!
batch cook on Sunday of beans and rice – basically my lunch for a week!
roasted tomatoes and onions with basil from the garden!
Irish oats with cinnamon


Runs and hot yoga have been my go-to 5-6 days per week.  Trying to keep to one rest day.  Be warned – these are not “cute Crissie” pictures, but “ass kicking Crissie” ones 🙂


Life has been wonderfully full of AC since my last post!  But honestly, not a whole ton going on.  Work, workout, spend time with my kids, spend time with my friends.  Rinse and repeat.

Saturday I did have overnight guests though!  One of my closest friends moved out of state a few years ago, but her husband and kids (including my Godson) were back in the area.  They spent the night here on their way back out of state.  JC and I had a really nice time catching up, and the kids got to run around, play, and then pass out.

One of the most fun activities was taking my young one to a start-up pitch competition!  I knew she’d love it, and she did.  My budding entrepreneur 🙂  I’ve been getting more and more involved in our local start up community and have been loving every minute of it.

discussing the pitches we’re seeing!
2/3 of my cabbages! M met us out for dinner at Waterside after the pitch competition

The biggest thing is the my focused effort on my insomnia.  I haven’t really talked about it, but it’s been a big problem for 13 years now, and I haven’t handled it well or in the most healthy ways.  Journaling, meditation before bed, no electronics, no alcohol, lots of exercise.  It can take months, but as long as I keep a positive outlook, it’ll be okay.  Every time I tried to deal with this in the past, the anxiety of “knowing I can’t sleep” overwhelmed me and I gave up.  But not this time.  It’s not been fun, but it’s also not killing me, and working with cognitive behavior techniques, I’ve avoided the anxiety I’ve had about sleep so far.  So – apologies to those who know me if I’m a bit cranky for a few weeks.  It’s not you.  I’m just tired:)

Fluffballs have been fun and busy too!

cats coming together over “sink water”
laundry day – Ginny hanging out in the drawer
new bling for Kuma! With the divorce, I needed to change the contact info, so hellz yeah, UVA!!! #Wahoo

the one thing I needed from Home Depot was a light bulb. But..denied.

was doing some life planning Sunday and she wouldn’t let me get at my planner
kitty stalkers wanting me to get up Sunday when I didn’t want to
seriously!! I could tell someone was watching me.
my meditation buddies! One there when I start, one when I finish.

Life Moving Foward (kale and sweaty runs help!)


Simple eats for the week.  Leftover soup and kale salads I made on Sunday (lovely thing about kale – so hearty and holds up to dressings for days!).

Also had tofu/pineapple stir fry, smoothies, and salads.  Nothing overly taxing – I’m in a “I don’t feel like cooking” rut this week.

My best meal though, was made for me by my friend SC!  He came over, brought yummy wine and made this incredible cauliflower and potato Afghani dish (and left me TONS of leftovers, yay!!!)


Runs every day!  Some boxing too, and R and I have our first tennis lesson tomorrow at 7pm!  We are both totally excited.  I picked up some cheap starter equipment, and we’ve been goofing off in the driveway bouncing the balls on our rackets.

one of those runs that was just epically awesome. Felt great, went long, and sweated my butt off.
this was after a 2pm run yesterday. Which was just stupid to go out that time of day in heat & humidity like we have here.
decided to skip the potential heat stroke today and run at the gym. Hate feeling like a hamster on the dreadmill, but it’s better than my outdoor options.

While I’m a total noobs, R took some tennis at camp the past few years and was “instructing” me on some of the drills they did to learn control.  Basically bouncing the ball on the racket without letting it fall or get too high.  It was actually cute.


Been a good week.  Kuma had a vet appointment and, other than being a bit pudgy, received an excellent bill of health.

everyone at our vet loves Kuma. I walk in, and they take her for visits with all the staff. I pretty much don’t see her the whole time. It’s cute – she has a fan club.

R had a therapist appointment which also went well.  I got a new drivers license since the name change is done, and otherwise, it was a regular week of work and life.

Thursday was a hot one, so it was totally pool time after work.

happy and beautiful evening!

Friday I went out with an old friend to catch up and have a few drinks.  Great night.

waterfront happy hour!

Saturday was SC coming over, eating yummy food, catching up, and introducing him to Orphan Black (my favorite show thanks to my sister!).

Today was an easy day.  Laundry, cleaning, gym, and TV.  I watched What the Health documentary on Netflix (has been on my to do list for awhile now).  I enjoyed it.  I watch a lot of vegan documentaries so the science parts weren’t new, but I did like the detailed information on the corruption of the food industry and government and how they misinform the public on what’s “healthy”.

Will keep you posted on our tennis adventure tomorrow!!!


Celebrating Life, Birthday’s, and Friends


Certainly been a busy week!  As usual, smoothies, salads, and soup were the mainstays.  As were all things in the form of tacos!

kale salad with lemon tahini dressing
sweet potato & kale soup
potato taco!

tofu wings at Yard House
of course I had to have at least ONE tofu green curry!
BBQ tofu, mac no cheese, and sweet carrots

Seriously though – hosted a taco bar party on Friday, which is always the easiest for a crowd!  I’m pretty sure no one ended up hungry.

I can’t believe I forgot to take a pic of all the eats, but at least here’s mine.  I went with a taco salad, piled high with all the good stuff.


Runs and yoga ruled the week.  A few swims, and I started making calls for tennis lessons for me an R!  Hoping to start towards the end of next week.


This past week has been very reflective and both wonderful and sad at the same time.  My father passed away unexpectedly in October and for various reasons (my mom’s health and my busy MBA travels mainly), the memorial wasn’t scheduled until this past weekend.  Due to my crazy upside down life events, I couldn’t get to WI.  I do honestly believe that if anyone would understand the reasons why, it would be my father.

What I did was spend a lot of time with friends – most who came to town to celebrate the birthday of one of our Darden alum!  First was the taco party at my house on Friday.  Tons of kids in the pool and adults having drinks and catching up.  Saturday was spent first on the beach and boating/tubing, and then having a BBQ back at birthday boy’s house.  Sunday was very quiet as friends scattered back to home (DC and Charlottesville), and while they all went to brunch and to tour a Naval ship, R and I stayed home for her dose (and her post-dose belly ache relaxing).  Rest of the day was grocery shopping and meal prep.

boat fun
classmates at the taco party!
beach girls
Darden classmates at the BBQ bday party!
“morning after” Sunday with A and W on the back deck
boat hair, don’t care
R and AM tubing! Wish I got one of R on her own – M was whipping her all over the place, but she hung on! Until she didn’t and got stung by 2 jellyfish 😦

kids and cornhole! R and my friend’s son W were two peas in a pod all weekend

Of course needing to end with random pics, it’s overall been a good week.  A lot of thinking about my Dad, missing family, and celebrating with friends.

R had her peanut OIT updose on Friday! Went well, though she always uses a damp towl to wipe her lips. This was just her being goofy.
coat hook at the allergist that R called the “drunk octopus”
morning java Sunday morning with my brand new NPR cup from W and his family! (he works there, which is wicked cool)

“someone tell me it’s not time to get up yet”


King Neptune is My Drinking Buddy


I had today off, so sleeping in until 8am meant coffee and then brunch – which was just last night’s dinner reheated.  Beans, rice, and lettuce.  Good stuff!

java buddies

I had hummus and veggies for lunch, and haven’t actually had dinner yet.  Since it’s 7pm, I probably won’t.  Don’t judge.  I’m working on the food thing slowly.  In my defense, I ordered an appetizer, but it was awful so I didn’t eat it.


Had a nice run today and more pool cleaning.  That’s becoming my arm workout!


So today I was off because we were supposed to have a big team meeting at a food and wine fest.  It got canceled due to weather, which is a bummer because it actually didn’t rain, was in the 70’s, and would have been totally perfect for such an event!  Alas, it didn’t happen, and since my calendar was blocked, decided to still take the day.

So, I did housework, hung with R as she binge watched Arrow with Kuma, made weekend plans to have a bunch of friends stay with me, ran, and took a shower.  Then off to run errands.

A big part of that was losing a chunk of my life at the Social Security Administration.  My court order name change came through (not the divorce itself – that takes a bloody year in VA – but I did petition for a name change now).  Anyway, I ended up not having the right certified document, so there’s 2+ hours I won’t get back.  That meant I couldn’t go to the DMV, so I gave up, went to the Oceanfront, read for a bit, hung out with King Neptune and then a co-worker for some happy hour.

And now – home, cleaning, blogging, and relaxing before heading back to work tomorrow!

Later gators!



Oh wow, a whole 3 months have gone by.  I promise, it’s me, not you.  A lot has been going on in my world the past few months, and I am summing them up with D&D.  No, not Dungeons and Dragons.  And no, not a misspelling of my bra’s cup size.

It’s sort of a bad news/good news thing, so I’ll start with the bad so it can end on a high note.

D #1 = Divorce.  Yup, who knew? I hope you understand that I don’t want to get into details because writing them isn’t fun and I’m pretty sure reading them isn’t either.  But, it’s a part of my life and will be shaping a lot for me as a single mom. He left the state to be with his new love and I don’t have family in the area, but I DO have a lot of friends and a great network of support I can lean on if I need to.  So, I imagine this is the best for both of us now.  Make no mistake – I don’t hate him.  I’m disappointed, but all I want is for everyone I know to be happy, and if this is what it takes, then so be it.

Enough of that, right?!  On to the good news!

D #1 = Darden!  That’s right – after a freakishly challenging MBA program, I graduated last month!  That, my friends, has been the biggest reason for my long absence – between work and school, I barely had time to breath, much less cook consistently and blog.

But, while I’m filling up my newfound free time in some creative ways, it’s also nice to now I’ll have the time to focus on getting my blog rolling once again.

I admit that in April and much of May, I didn’t eat too much.  Not a good thing – and not healthy – just couldn’t.  Thankfully, as life is developing a routine, my appetite is slowly coming back.  Lot’s of good things like smoothies, salads, stir fries, and wine 😉

I also spent many early morning’s in April and May (like 3am morning) going on what I lovingly referred to as “rage runs”.  Mainly because it sounded fun, but it really was how I chose to work through some emotions during that time.  I’m now back to working out at normal hours, which for me is usually sometime after work.

You pretty much already have my major life updates.  Lot’s going on at work, and I’m also getting involved in my local start-up entrepreneurial community, which is really exciting.

Otherwise, just keeping busy and working with my kids and my friends on developing our “new normal”.

So that’s it for now.  I’m going to work on a blog face lift in the coming weeks (it is a season of change in my life, after all!), so stay tuned there.

Until then, some pics of the past week or so, and we’ll chat soon.  Promise 🙂

found a way to bring the two cats together in a close proximity. SINK WATER
lovely gift from a very lovely friend
Bark and Brews! R and I took Kuma to the Botanical Gardens. Pups welcome all Sunday’s in summer!
nap time in the pool for R
R and her cat Ginny 🙂
my cat – napping in my spot on the back deck
Ginny looking busted in the bath tub
the new morning picture!

still my fav pace for java in the morning
Kuma snuggles
my gorgeous girl

Happy, Healthy, and Sad, all at the same time….


Hey kids!  I’m excited that I’m consistently every two weeks of blogging at this point 🙂  I swear – I graduate in spring, and blogging will be more regular!  Excited about the next evolution I have in mind.  Stay tuned!  You’ll learn more about that in June!!!

For now, my eats have been largely homemade and quick.  Yes, I do bulk cooking on Sunday’s, but I also have learned the value of quick eats when time gets away from you.  So baked spuds with some beans and cabbage is as good for me as anything else!

Here are quick shots of smoothies, salads, baked spuds, and various other whole food fun!


Okay, I’ve got to admit that I’m fully into Beach Body right now.  Yes, I like my runs, but seriously.  Kickboxing.  No equipment needed, but I get to beat the crap out of whatever my mind dreams up.  And I’m pretty imaginative 🙂

They have a program called Core de Force which is basically MMA, and I really dig it.


Hmm.  2 weeks of updates, huh?  So – biggest news is I’ve actually been home!  🙂

As far as I can tell, that’ll be the case until mid-May (ish).  Then again, I always say that, and I’m usually full of you-know-what.  But, for what it’s worth, I don’t plan to travel anywhere until May 19th when I head into graduation weekend!

I’ve been home about 3 weeks, and it’s been awesome.   All my time has been spent at work, studying, or hanging out with my family.  We’ve done some movie marathons and have had overall good times.

My oldest (who seriously is almost 22) had the flu last week.  I’ve never seen someone so sick (and that’s saying a lot because I work in healthcare).  After 2 trips to the ER and a confirmed influenza diagnosis, she actually let us take her home to take care of her.

not quite fun in the ER! D and A waiting to be seen…

Not to intentionally rain on any parade, but…

A friend of my family passed away Sunday evening.  Her name was D, and she fought a valiant fight against breast cancer for 10 years.  Beautiful, fun, sweet, and incredibly kind, my whole family will miss her.  She kept her husband (and our friend) D grounded, and as much as we will miss her, all our energy is for him right now. She is at peace and an amazing spirit, and the rest of us will go on because if we didn’t, she’d find a way to come kick our butts!

So with that, I’m going to leave you with pics of my family (furry, and other), and all I can wish is you tell the people who mean the most to you that you love them.  Because – no matter our differences, I love you all.



so – the fun thing of regular morning pictures is having YEARS of them! On top, 5 yrs ago. Bottom, this week 🙂

These were the morning pictures.  Of course…there is more 🙂

I was trying to study and Kuma would have NOTHING to do with that…

seriously. How can you not love them?

she likes it when I workout – especially push-ups
long walk in the rain!
me and Bumble chilling out!
no amount of blankets is enough for Kuma bear
Friday was Kuma’s birthday!!! Birthday Bear!

Ginny not caring that I’m trying to study…while sleeping on my breakfast!
taking mama to work…
fireplace puppy

And whatever else was in my feed!

made me giggle
went to the Chrysler Art Museum on Sunday and saw this. As a big fan of the movie El Dorado, I was excited to know the movie scene was based on something from history (no matter how horrible).
one of the exhibits – and looking at Alexander Platz…I was there in September. I saw 3 exhibits that were in places I’ve physically been (Paris, Berlin, and China), and it mean so much more to me than I thought it would