I Promise It’s Not a Drug Deal

Here I go again – it’s quarantine and it still took me 11 days to post! Argh – sorry about that!


Eats have been pretty standard on the quarantine front. Smoothies, salads, and stir fries!

Blurry pic, but yummy tofu and veggie red Thai coconut curry soup
Konjac noodles with Morningstar Farms fake chicken
Still love topping a BAS with my tofu-eggless salad
Cauliflower rice spiced with turmeric and cumin
An Indian tofu curry – using fresh cilantro from the herb garden!
A simple vinegar based (sugar free) slaw
Beyond Burger on slaw!

On Wednesday I had to drive up to Williamsburg for a quick work stop. On my way home, I stopped at Food For Thought – probably my favorite WB restaurant – to get a salad to go.

I ordered the Farmer’s Harvest Salad with no apples (allergic), no cheese (duh), and add the Gardein. And with balsamic.

I get there and am waiting in the parking lot and the owner comes out to tell me the pecans are coated in an egg wash (I said I was vegan when I made my order – they’re REALLY diligent about things like that and food allergies), and would I like plain ones. I say no thank you, just leave off the pecans.

He then comes back to tell me the balsamic actually has blue cheese and would I mind the raspberry. Nope, don’t mind at all!

THEN he comes back to tell me he feels badly that my salad will be boring, and would I mind if he tossed more veggie in it. NOPE. DON’T MIND AT ALL. And this is why I love this place!


Okay, not going to lie – I have been working out a TON. I think it helps stave off any quarantine boredom (and I’m fortunate to not have suffered any of that)

Lots of runs and a few spins too. TRX has a ton of classes, and I like the Super 20 spin that I’ve done a few times now. Yoga too.

Still swapping pics of our burn with someone who has a similar HR monitor. I won’t bore you with 11 days worth (really, 9 because I do take a day off now and then!). They average 450 calories burned per run. A little less for spin. I don’t bother for yoga.

Out for a ride with the wee one! It was HYPER windy, so we only got a couple miles in. I came home and did spin.
I went out for a run last night. And my running pants kept calling off. After almost a mile and a half of holding them up, I turned around and walked home. Then did a 20 min spin class!


I’m fortunate to be really busy while sheltering in place, and as a result, I’m also lucky to not be suffering being home. I am pretty used to working remotely, and it’s just been me and my kids for a few years now and we all get along, so I definitely can’t complain. There are people I miss, but I’m also keeping on contact with friends regularly and really using this time to focus on me, my health, my happiness, and thinking about my future. I hate the reason, but am grateful for the opportunity.

School has started up again and I’m really focused on that. It’s crunch time and the fewer the distractions, the better.

I went to my local farm again for drive through produce pick up! Love having this resource – supporting local – and getting fresh produce!

On Saturday, I went to a different farmer’s market. It’s the Old Beach market in Virginia Beach – you have to order in advance and then just drive through to get your goods. This is less of a farmers market though, and more of an artisan’s market. I really wanted some teas from a local spa, and so ordered in advance and picked it up. It was SO awesome. I got 4 teas, they put it in a fun little tote, and I got a hand written card!

I’m excited that the garden is really coming along. Except the cucumbers. My eldest and I have decided we’re cursed when it comes to cucumbers. So we’ll see – but I’m not hopeful. Pretty sure the rest is going to be brilliant though!

The bottom row is spinach and leaf lettuce from seeds

I try to meditate daily. I don’t always succeed at that – but I do try. The other day I was really feeling the need to – but Luna was in my chair. Okay, so I went on the floor, where I was kissed a bunch by Kuma until I finished to find her sleeping before me. It was literally the best part I think – so I’m glad that Luna stole my chair for a bit!

Twice this week I had to travel a bit for work – in the state. On Monday, I went to Charlottesville to drop of a part an engineer up there is going to help me reverse engineer.

On the way home, stopped in Richmond to meet two people I was put in touch with through the governors office to work on bringing PPE manufacturing not only back to the US, but into VA. They had some prototypes for me to get and take to our side to evaluate. After trying them on, of course (won’t share pics because there are patents involved, but it was interesting). Then on Wednesday afternoon, had to meet them again, only this time in Williamsburg because it was between us, to give them a design we prefer.

The engineer and I met in a grocery store parking lot. The other two textile people and I met at a country club driveway entrance. And then again at a Starbucks parking lot. It used to be parking lot meetings were for drug deals, so I’m not sure how I feel about this being a regular meeting spot I’m finding myself in!

Though while in WB, I brought Kuma and we went on a bit of a walk in the downtown area.

Last year my backyard table broke – finally got around to buying a new one. Got it through Wayfair, which was really reasonable. R enjoys building things, so she put that together for me. It’s perfect.

Perfect for my sugar-free whisky sour while grilling dinner!

But honestly – been really busy. If I’m not working, hanging with my kids, working out, or doing school stuff, I’m cooking or reading. I haven’t been reading enough, but that’s on my to do list.

Speaking of to do lists – I’m a pretty meticulous planner. Though I don’t like to be over scheduled – so that’s a little weird. But I use the Boss Planner in GoodNotes on my iPad. It’s perfect because there’s an empty page for each day where I do my bullet journaling. I haven’t used it at all since the first week of march, but I’m going to start again so I can work in more time to read 🙂

So, I’ll leave you with pictures and the best wishes to stay safe, sane, and at HOME.

These two are never too far apart from each other
Me doing school revisions ALL last weekend
The next 2 books on my list
My neighbor cutting his lawn

I Still Have Two!!


Saturday night I made enchilada bowls. Essentially, it’s all the yummy filling without the pain of rolling them up and baking them! Simple pinto bean, corn, chopped corn tortillas, a homemade enchilada sauce, and spiralized sweet potatoes. I didn’t take pics of the entire thing tho.

Sunday afternoon I had a protein bar.

Today I had some leftover coleslaw and some tofu stir fry. Dinner is cooking now, and its a sweet potato and chickpea red curry.


So excited about yesterday’s “workout”! I took my new hybrid bike on her maiden voyage! 10 miles at the Wildlife Refuge and False Cape State Park. It was insanely windy on the first half, but overall, loved it.

Loving this bag being made out of fishnets! It also unfolds on the sides to add saddle bags

It’s strange – I wore my HR monitor and it captured the 512 calories over the hour, but it doesn’t give me the graph the way it does when I run. That irks me.


Friday evening after dinner it was a walk out with Kuma and my goofy selfie

Sunday was my bike adventure, which was great. By the time I got home, I wasn’t feeling too well. Not sure why – but a bit nauseous and a bad headache, so I took a nap. Felt some better when I got up, but not fully.

I spent a little time sitting outside under our new cantilever umbrella and checking on the garden.

My Sunday night adventure was…..waxing my own eyebrows!

I am happy to report, it was actually pretty easy and I still have two of them!

Today was work and more work and waiting for Apple support to call me back (long story – they think I have 6 TB of data in my iCloud that I don’t, and they can’t figure out what’s wrong….).

My nap buddies!

Be Smart & Stay Home or Else You’re Just in the Peeing Section


Yesterday I made a tofu Dijon Alfredo over Konjac noodles with green beans. Was another OMAD meal, which seems to be my trend of late.

Today I picked up hummus lettuce wraps from one of my fav places when I was out and about. No shame – ate in in my car while listening to Andy Slavitt’s new podcast – In the Bubble – so no pictures, sorry!

This evening I did have some fun in the kitchen. I made my first ever seed bread. It’s flourless. I’ve been really diligent and committed to no sugar and gluten-free. I’m feeing better than I ever have, and so I’m digging into recipes I never would have. Won’t have any until tomorrow, but I’m interested in how it turned out!

Pumpkin, sunflower, and chia seeds. Psyllium husk and pea protein. Water and tahini.

I also finally shredded up the green and red cabbages I bought last week. Then decided to shred up some carrot and make a rice vinegar and sesame slaw for tomorrow.


Yesterday I went for a run after my last meeting. Or what I thought was my last meeting as I got a call when I was in my last mile. Thankfully D understood and I just called him when I got home!

No pic of me – it was crazy windy so felt more of a resistance workout than cardio at times! But, can’t complain what my HR monitor showed!

Today I did a spin class and resistance workout, all with TRX. So my gym is obviously closed. And I was honestly thinking of canceling my membership when all is said and done because I’ve been running and using my bike and perfectly happy with that. BUT – here’s what they’ve done…

Waived all membership dues while everything is closed. Offered for free, live streaming classes, all the Les Mills library of recorded and live classes, TRX free for a year, and virtual personal training! I was shocked. Sounds like a good business that is vested in keeping their members healthy over profits. I don’t think I’ll be canceling my membership after all….


Yesterday was honestly work and more work. Again though, can’t complain. It’s energizing and humbling work. Though I am pretty exhausted!

While I do need to work this weekend to catch up from the week, I decided today was not going to be that day. I had a bit of a rough night, but did sleep in until 830. After feeding the floofs and playing with Kuma, I headed out to get supplies.

I was going to go to Whole Foods, but was driving past Fresh Market (after picking up my brunch from Bay Local!) and saw their parking lot was virtually empty. While I have my mask to wear, I felt more comfortable shopping somewhere where there was virtually no one! I got everything I wanted and headed out.

Second stop was to Hickory Ridge Farms. They do a grab bag and you drive through to get it. For $24, I got 1 lemon, 2 cucumbers, 2 zucchini, 2 yellow squash, 2 oranges, 2 apples, 3 ears of corn, 1 pound snap beans, 1 big onion, 1 big tomato, 2 lbs red potatoes, and 2 bell peppers. I also bought a pound of strawberries.

You just drive up behind a huge line of cars (love to see the big lines) and get your grub. You can also get salsas, breads, and a few other things.

After I got home and put everything away, I cleaned and cut the strawberries, cleaned out the fridge, and cleaned the kitchen.

Then it was an hour and a half FaceTime call with my girlfriend H. We can honestly talk for hours. Was great to see her and her family – and all 3 of mine popped in to say hi.

Then it was my workout, shower, and kitchen fun! Now I’m off to bed, and tomorrow will largely be a work day.

Be smart and stay home. Otherwise – you’re in the peeing section

Garden Therapy + Pollen Hell


Well, I unintentionally fasted for 23 hours Sunday! I do find the longer I’m doing IF, the longer I can go without meals. This isn’t intentional – definitely not today – I just got busy and wasn’t hungry.

So – I only had one meal. It was really yummy though. Tofu, green beans, and Konjac noodles sautéed in coconut oil and topped with soy sauce in the last minute of cooking. Good stuff!

Other simple eats for the rest of the week. Mostly the same trend of OMAD (one meal a day). That’s a common IF thing, though again – it was unintentional. I made a big batch of Red curry tofu and veggie soup that I ate over a couple of days. I also made this awesome pressure cooker meal that had black beans and spices in the lower part, and then the rice cooked in a bowl inside at the same time. Came out great – kids loved it!


Quick break of tea and olives between planting and pressure cooking.

Morning coffee on a really nice day!


Well, I’ll be honest. I intended to run Sunday, I really did. But I ended up doing about 4 hours of yard/garden work – burned almost 900 calories doing it too!

Still thought about running, but it was almost 90, I was already a hot sweaty and mildly dehydrated mess, so decided no run. Not sorry, because it all looks amazing!

Monday and Tuesday I went running. Honestly, Wednesday and Thursday I did nothing. My new role has me working from 7am until at least 8pm, and I had no open blocks in the day to work one in. I need to find a new rhythm with my new hectic schedule!


It’s been a good week. Sleep started out being really horrible in the week, but the last two nights haven’t been too bad.

On Sunday I got up, made coffee, sat down to read the news…and my new boss called. Not used to a Sunday morning work call, but that’s okay. Lot’s going on and lots to do, so I worked for a couple hours.

Then it was garden time! I got some soil/compost mix, and my newly (mostly) recovered son spread it all in the 2 gardens. One is a smaller herb garden and one a big enclosed one. I planted basil, Thai basil, lavender, and mint in the top row of the herb garden. On the bottom row, I planted seeds for microgreens, leaf lettuce, and spinach. My sister assures me that I can’t screw up spinach….I’m holding her to that!


In the big garden, I planted 2 each of kale, red bell peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes, and Japanese eggplant, and one cherry tomato, cucumber, and zucchini.

I also briefly saw my girlfriend A – at a safe distance of course. She has friends sewing face masks, and brought me samples to take to my boss to see if they’re something we can use in our hospitals. And honestly, it was just really nice to see her for a few and chat.

After the garden stuff was done, I got out the pressure washer and got the entire back deck, enclosed porch and furniture, and siding done. Took me about an hour, but I’m SO happy. Not only is all the disgusting pollen gone – BUT ALL THE POLLEN IS GONE. And the winter dirt and leaves, etc.

Speaking of disgusting pollen – it’s finally undone me. It happens every spring, where I can’t wear contacts and glasses suck because they sit on my nose and make my sinuses hurt. Had a full blown allergy attack Sunday and Monday and all I wanted to do was pop out my eyeballs and scratch behind them. Ugh. But, it is temporary, and working from home, it’s not like I have to look cute! So me and my red itchy eyes will persevere in quarantine and not one will know (except you – you all know. But you won’t see!!!!)

The rest of the week has been a blur. My role is to run down unique ways to source supplies – like 3D printing, leveraging the community, etc. This week has been a crash course in supply chain logistics for sure – but I’m loving it. My faith in humanity is definitely being restored. Businesses who have to temporarily close are donating everything they can, sewing and quilting circles are making approved masks and isolation gowns. I’m proud of my company – we’re hiring people who are out of work to help specifically with the isolation gowns (made of unique materials – like big black trash bags). Seeing all the creativity to keep our staff and patient safe is making these 18+ hr days all worthwhile.

I actually left the house two days in a row (and will today too!). I drove an hour to pick up some 3D printed prototypes for face shields, N95 masks, nasopharyngeal swabs (critical shortage on that!). Yesterday I had to drop these things off, as well as the sewn masks A gave me, at the incident command center for approval or denial. Then late last night I got the isolation gowns – that I will take today.

Last night there was a Twitter thread to show your work from home office, so here’s mine!

Can You Be Stressed and Not Know It?


Not a lot of food pics, to be honest. I had smoothies yesterday and today. Both the same – 1 cup coconut milk (the carton drink, not the canned) in unsweetened vanilla, 1 scoop vanilla protein power (using up the last of my Everyday 365 powder from Whole Foods), 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp MCT oil, and ice. It’s literally one of the most delicious things ever.

I had a BAS again yesterday topped with a ton of tofu eggless salad. Super tasty and filling.

I know I mentioned previously that I started Intermittent Fasting back in mid-January. I have a condition called PCOS that causes insulin resistance. I had certainly heard of IF and even believed for a lot time that it was extreme and unhealthy. I have since changed my tune after doing a ton of reading and research (the academic kind, not the Facebook/YouTube kind). Truly, it has been remarkable for me. My goal is 18 hrs of fasting, but lately I’ve been at or over 20 hrs per day. I’ve noticed several benefits for me – certainly weight loss (20 lbs so far), but also truly understanding hunger signals, more diligence on WHAT I’m eating, and honestly – more energy.


Yesterday I went for a run after my last meeting of the day. It was sunny and in the 60’s.

Today I started with a 9mi hike at False Cape State Park and Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. I actually didn’t explore the park, as it is inaccessible by car (hike, tram, or boat only – and trams aren’t running and I have no boat – yet!). I did the 4 mile hike TO the park, and then turned around. I had done a mile at the refuge, and it was stunning. Also went on a side Dune trail on my way to the park. I brought headphones, but didn’t use them.

It was actually chilly and foggy when I set out. It was 65 at home when I left, but only 55 when I got there. I was very underdressed, though it warmed up a lot by the time I was done. I packed sunscreen when I should’ve had a jacket!

After I was home for maybe an hour (had my smoothie), decided I also wanted to run. By then, it was 82 (though my watch says 85), and off I went for 3 sweaty miles. I definitely needed more water!


So the only odd thing (other than quarantine) in the past few weeks is how poorly I’m sleeping. I find it odd because I don’t feel stressed out. I’m eating well, exercising, meditating, being productive, working, etc. So the poor sleep is really puzzling. My friend said that everyone deals with stress differently, and maybe he’s right. Maybe I’m stressed and don’t know it? Is that possible? Anyway – really hope this no-sleep silliness ends ASAP.

Yesterday was a typical day. Wake, coffee, Kuma, news, work. Then at some break in my day, workout, shower, and either work more, or do something else. Last night it was make dinner, practice French, and go to bed. Early, but that was no good.

Part of my practice!

Today has mainly been hiking and running. Then I showered and went on the pack deck. I meditated, did some reading, then decided to get this blog done before its time to make dinner!

Book, water, and olives for a snack!

The best news though – is M has been fever free for 24 hours and is out of quarantine! Still need to keep an eye because he’s having a bit of chest tightness.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, so I’m thinking some garden work and pressure washing the deck. Pollen is really bad (my allergies and related headaches have kicked in). Otherwise, I’ll wing it for the day!

My COVID Routine


Well, we’re out of cookies, and that’s a tragedy I will rectify this evening. I did make a loaf of bread already tho!

In the mean time I’ve had smoothies, several bowls of spicy tofu soup, a BAS (Big Ass Salad) for the newbies, and even made some chocolate chia pudding!

Honestly, the green beans were too long – but they were frozen, so I found myself eating them with my fingers
Super simple. Coconut milk, chia seeds, and cocoa powder. I sprinkled in some stevia too
Topped with my tofu eggless salad


Ran yesterday and today. It was raining yesterday and there was a lull in it, so I thought I’d risk it. Bad move, as I was 2mi from home when the rain restarted. Oops! That second 2 miles were faster than usual tho 😜

I’m a big fan of audiobooks when I run. I’m re-listening to one from many years ago – Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison.

Was a bummer because I had to wait to shower – got home in time for some meetings, so 2 hours later, I was cold and still kinda damp.

Today, however, was 60 and sunny and wonderful. Another 2 hrs before I could shower, but that’s okay. I do love the ability to run mid-day. I very much prefer it over mornings!

Today’s audiobook was Harry Potter on Overdrive courtesy of my library. I don’t normally listen to two fiction books at the same time, but I forgot I had reserved this, and it became available last night.


Well, I can honestly say I don’t mind the at-home life. I’m productive, largely stay busy, and get to spend time with my kids! Well, except M who is still in quarantine and I only see him when I refill his water, tea, or bring him eats. But, his fever when he woke this morning was under triple digits, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign!

Yesterday was really busy work-wise, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I’m lucky that most of what I do is pretty groovy. I was supposed to have a legislative affairs subcommittee meeting, but we had to cancel as the city hasn’t given us directions on virtual meetings. This is related to the Freedom of Information Act and the need to publicize when we have meetings so the public can attend. I contend we can still do that with virtual meetings – just publish the link. But ultimately the City has to decide, so until then, we wait.

Girls were being silly last night. R was on the spin bike, and A just walked up behind her and snatched her and carried her through the house and tossed her on the sofa. To demonstrate her dominance over her “little” sister who is actually taller than both A and me!

Today was less work meetings, which meant more time to get some stuff done! In particular a Proforma for a joint venture I’m working on.

I did get some great news at work today, and at least temporarily, I get to work with/for my literal favorite person. With all the COVID craziness, we are being approached by many vendors, companies, and communities offering to help us. I’m going to be filtering through everything and hopefully start matching opportunities with needs within our health system and community. Even my daughter’s robotics team is offering up their 3D printer to help us. I absolutely love how communities really come together when we need it.

So I have been working from home since March 6th, so I am wrapping up my 3rd week. The week of the 9th was only because I was supposed to be at a conference and I had no office based meetings.

I’m getting into a social distancing groove, and I cannot complain. I work, I workout, meditate, walk Kuma, read the news (a LOT – but always start with WSJ, CNN, and a local one now – that’s new – and then Google News, & Twitter), I usually watch one episode of a show (I’m just not capable of watching lots of TV at once unless I’m sick). I practice my French for at least 20 minutes, but sometimes longer. I cook, clean, and do laundry. Soon will be time to plant and the garden is almost ready for it. And I read, a combination of fiction and nonfiction. Right now, I’m re-reading the Lean Startup as it has practical ramifications for my work. My fiction book I just downloaded the other day (I have Kindle Unlimited which has a huge selection of “free” books you check out). Infernal Magic is the book, and I was reading that when I went to bed last night. I also text a lot with friends as we all check in on each other and keep each other sane.

I am fortunate to have a job that is conducive to working from home, and one that is not interrupted by the COVID requirements. I realize how very lucky I am and am trying to do things locally to help those that aren’t as lucky. I know it’s not enough, but donations to the Food Bank of SE Virginia, buying gift cards from some favorite places, and will likely start doing the curbside to-go for some fav spots so they stay in business and weather this as much as they are able. Curious – how are you doing??

I can’t believe she’s at all comfy