A Study to See if Sarcasm Increases Due to Lack of Sleep (may take several posts to determine)


Do you ever have those days where you get so little sleep that you either need to eat everything not nailed down in order to stay awake…or the thought of food is just unappetizing?  Today for me was the latter…

Breakfast was 2 cups of coffee, though there isn’t enough caffeine around to make me feel peppy today.  Thankfully I had a really busy day, so I was too busy being busy to notice I wanted to pass out and sleep.  Small favors I guess.

I did eat my leftover brown rice pasta/acorn squash alfredo dish at one point.  And a vanilla frosted cupcake because I’m proud of it and needed to eat one – not really because I was hungry.

I munched on a few wheat thins late in the afternoon and had a salad for dinner that I put together at the grocery when R and I went there after I picked her up.  I wasn’t hungry for that either, but figured I should eat it anyway!

I did roast my two eggplants so I could make some baba ganoush.  I’ve been wanting to make some homemade for sandwich spreads anyway, and these two were just on the edges of still being good to eat.

roasted eggplant!


Funny.  Breathing was fitness today.  I stayed awake.  I’m still awake.  Calorie burning machine, I’m telling ya.


Before bed last night, I managed to make everyone’s lunches (yeah me for preparing!).  R was in bed by 830 (a total miracle), and D and I went to bed by 9.  It was awesome – we were so excited to get a really good night’s sleep.  Today was not only the kids’ first day back to school, but D’s first day back after a week off laid flat with a bad back.

Too bad that it doesn’t matter how good my intentions are.  If my brain doesn’t want to shut off – it won’t shut off.  I was still lying wide awake at 230 am – and my alarm went off at 510.  Ick.

I made breakfast, made sure everyone was up on time, and starting putting the lunch fixings into respective bags.

D and I have a silly thing where I always put a note in his lunch (and he leaves me little notes too – like in my luggage!).  They’re usually silly, always lovey, and he’s kept every single one of them since I started doing this about 3-4 years ago.  I think it’s neat that he pulls them out once in a while to read them.  Anyway, I was writing his note this morning when R walked into the kitchen.  She says in a very knowing tone “you’re writing my note aren’t you.  Just admit it!”.  I smiled.  Of course I wasn’t writing her a lunch note…but I sure as hell was going to!

R's lunch note (after it was in her lunchbox with all her food)

Work was intensely busy, but again that’s probably a good thing.  Pulling off this project go-live tomorrow is still in question as of this evening (two big issues to still surpass).  Send good and positive thoughts my way.  This is the most “down to the wire” anything I’ve ever worked on has gotten.  Ugh.

After picking up R, it was a quick trip to the grocery, then home for a late conf call (regarding above mentioned project).  R kicked back to read, and I got busy filling out (in triplicate) the emergency contact forms for the kids.  And lab permission slips.  And student conduct policy acknowledgements.  Really – I’m happy to design the school system a software package to allow parents to enter this information ONE TIME EVER – for all children.  For free.   If it means not having to do this in TRIPLICATE every stinking year.

R lying back on the couch in the green room reading a Magic Treehouse book
my fav shirt - especially since it's a new school year. Want to be sure all her new teachers know clearly and think to ask her about her allergies!

Anyhow…while D made dinner (yes, you read that correctly…my husband made dinner), I went to pick A up and take her and M to Target to pick up the last of their school supplies (funny thing about high school…they don’t know what they need until after the first day).

The rest of the evening has been catching up with everyone about their day, having a bloody mary, reading some blogs, and hoping to get some sleep (though until this project is done – and my big one next week – it’s not going to be too likely).  A sure bet that at least my blog posts will be fun to read as they get increasingly sarcastic and incoherent 🙂

Today’s Wardrobe Malfunction: Swim Caps and Conditioner Don’t Mix


Breakfast this morning was two cups of coffee and a whole wheat bagel with Tofutti’s Better than Cream Cheese.  Always a good standby when I actually feel like eating breakfast foods in the morning – something I’ve gotten over in the past couple of years.

For lunch, I met up with D at The Cutting Edge cafe between meetings.  We realized our calendars were both good to allow us to eat together, and my only requirement was “nothing junky”.  This fit the bill nicely!  I had the medi veggie panini (no feta) on the sourdough bread (their wheatberry bread isn’t vegan), and the couscous side.  Both dishes were fabulous.  D had his favorite club sandwich with a side of fruit, which he said was just awesome.  They use a lot of local ingredients, and D commented on how amazing the cantaloupe was.  He’s a fan, but the one’s in the grocery just don’t retain that sweetness that a fresh picked one will.  He was thrilled.

D took my camera and took a picture of his "appetizer". These are just the meds he has to take at lunchtime to manage his Crohn's. Imagine this times 3, and that's what he deals with every day.

I noticed that my couscous had walnuts in it.  While not an issue for me, I’ve blogged many times about R’s severe nut allergies, and commented to D about how it would be nice if they put a disclaimer on their menu regarding nuts in dishes.  On our way out, D spoke to the co-owner to mention it may be of value.  Apparently a new menu will be printed soon (their offerings are nicely seasonal), and is going to look into putting something on the new menu.  I don’t think people realize how devastating a food allergy or sensitivity can be unless they’re personally affected by it.  I certainly didn’t until R was diagnosed when she was 4.

My mid afternoon/pre workout snack was a magical banana.  Guaranteed to power you for a good hour or two.

For dinner I made another BAS.  I think I’m going to start a BAS movement.  Maybe even a separate page on the blog (gasp) and my addiction to the Big Ass Salad continues to grow.  There are worse addictions, I’m sure.  Today’s was romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, onion, tomato, celery, and avocado.  I ate this just after my workout around 545pm, and while it wasn’t my intention for it to become my dinner (I really planned to make a cold avocado soup and maybe something with butternut squash), but I was so full after the salad, that it ended up being my dinner after all.  I suppose…I ate an entire head of lettuce.  That’s pretty filling!

today's BAS


I hit up the YMCA after work for a very long overdue swim workout.  I was giddy by the time I pulled into the parking lot.  At last!  A workout my body can handle without killing my back.  Woo hoo!

The workout I printed out was longer than I did.  I only swam 1000 yds, even though I felt like I could have easily doubled that (thank you banana).  I was worried about overdoing it though and putting myself (and my back) back to square one.  So…I swam 1000 yds and then hit the hot tub for 10 minutes followed by a little shavasana (corpse pose – charming name, I know, but you really just lie down in the most relaxing position there is) in the sauna for another 15.

I did have a wardrobe malfunction in the pool though.  I have long hair, and I always tie it into a loose bun before putting my swim cap on.  No biggie, right?  I also happen to have curly hair, and as such, I only use shampoo about once a week.  Otherwise, I just use conditioner daily.  As I was swimming, I noticed that my swim cap kept sliding off my head, and I’d have to slow down and try to push it back into place.  This, of course, made my goggles get moved around, and I’d get water in my eyes.  Finally half way through, my swim cap came off altogether.  I tried to put it back on, but it wouldn’t work.  It was slippery on the inside and wouldn’t “stick” to my melon.  I finally realized it was because in the shower today I only used conditioner, and then wore my hair up.  When it got wet under the cap, it got slippery and nothing was going to stick to it.  I ended up tying my hair back in a tighter bun, and went from there, with the cap lying on the edge of the pool.  Lesson for Crissie – rinse hair VERY well before putting on cap and swimming.


I finally slept a little better than normal last night.  Not stellar, but not awful either.  I fell asleep before D (as I should and prefer), but woke up an hour or two later from his snoring.  I popped in some ear plugs, pushed him onto his side, and went back to sleep more or less for the rest of the night.  I’m a terribly light sleeper, so even though he can’t control that he has allergies and will snore on his back (and it’s really NOT that loud…but it is enough), it still wakes me right up.  I’m also theorizing that the reduced activity has affected my quality of sleep.  Roll with me on this, because my increased swimming and yoga should cure me.  I hope.

I had some site visits this morning (touching base with my users), and then a workgroup meeting that went well as always.  We have a great workgroup with my VP and we always have a good time.  Certainly never boring and always open and informative…and funny.  My VP is a hoot and her stories generally have us laughing so hard, we forget we’re working.

After lunch was another meeting and then catching up on emails.  I’m now down to only THIRTEEN unread emails in my inbox!  That’s incredible considering I had almost 900 two weeks ago.

As much as work is going very well and I’m very happy…the thing I’m happiest about right now is the upcoming Vida Vegan Con bloggers conference in Portland, OR next week!!!  I leave next Wednesday…only 5 more days!!!  I’m spending a couple of days in Seattle before and after to visit with CM and his wife and re-visit the city I lived in over 12 years ago.  And miss terribly.

I get to go!!!! Sold out, first ever, vegan bloggers conference.

D made me a tote bag for the conference, and I just love it.  He’s so sweet and thoughtful, it kills me.

how perfect, right?

Speaking of D being absolutely amazing….(nice segue, right?)

He did something today that yet again warms my heart and makes me realize every day how incredible he is.  We had a tragedy locally last week.  A couple was in a car accident, the husband was killed, and the wife very critically injured.  She is too injured to attend her husband’s funeral tomorrow.  So what did my husband do?  He arranged with the funeral home to have the funeral streamed online so his wife could “attend” from her bed.  And then he hand delivered a laptop to the nurses with detailed instructions on how to open the page so this woman could say goodbye.  And then he left his cell number in case there’s a problem tomorrow so he could go there personally and make it work.  He’s such a good man.  And now my eyes are getting teary, so I’m going to stop gushing.

After dinner and watching the latest episode of Leverage, it was all about the conference next week.  They created a link that lets us subscribe to everyone’s blog, and currently there are 72 that I don’t already follow!  After reading about 20 posts, I stopped and took a picture of my screen.  I’ll be reading most of the night!

On a slightly funny note…I saw an article in Time magazine online today about the top 10 most promiscuous cities in the United States.  Aside from providing a list of where my children will NOT attend college…the top two happen to be where I’m traveling next week.  Portland and Seattle.  Cheeky monkeys.

I’ve also been batting around the idea for the past year (skip this Dad) of getting a new tattoo.  While I was training for the Chicago marathon, I thought about getting a tattoo to commemorate the achievement once I finished.  And then after the Tri, I thought about it again.  So is it a sign that a VEGAN tattoo parlor in Portland is offering a 15% discount to conference attendees?  I’m thinking it may be….stay tuned.

So I’m going to go back to reading my new blogging friends’ posts, since it’s a Friday night and I don’t have to get up TOO early tomorrow morning!