A Slave to the Data


This morning started with a green smoothie. Spinach, banana, blueberries, cilantro, and Vega vanilla protein powder. While the Ripple is okay – I picked it up because I really like it’s nutritional profile – it’s not the tastiest protein out there. The couple extra calories on Vega is worth it.

A couple hours later it was another breakfast salad! This one had Morning Star vegan chicken strips in it since I didn’t have any pressed tofu. It’s good and super easy. Way easier than Beyond Meat’s version. Lighter too, which I tend to prefer.

My afternoon was a lunch date that included edamame and a totally yummy mandarin salad. It was huge though – only ate about 1/3 of it.

The goofball decided to stick his finger in the picture.

But dinner friends. Dinner was an adventure! During Amazon Prime days last summer I got a wicked sale on a KitchenAid attachment that turned veggies into strips of pasta! It looked freakishly complicated, so I just never used it. But tonight I was motivated, so I busted it out. It actually wasn’t complicated at all, and now I’m annoyed with myself I haven’t been doing this for the past 8 months that I’ve had it!

Crissie’s Vegan Lasagna


  • 1 zucchini – peeled and made into sheets of pasta (you can use thin rounds in that’s what you have available)
  • Any other veggies you have and want to use. I tossed in thinly sliced red onion and kale
  • 1 jar your fav marinara or batch of one homemade
  • 1 pkg of Beyond Meat Beefy Crumbles (or meatless crumbles of choice)
  • 1/2 cup cooked quinoa


  • Cook the Beyond Meat per package instructions.
  • Stir in the marinara and quinoa
  • Layer, starting with veggies, top with marinara mixture, repeat until it’s all gone!
  • Bake covered for 30 min in a 400 degree oven

It was really good and made 4 servings.


So I did go for that run last night. Wasn’t the greatest, but I managed.

Decided on another run today. This one was awesome and is the type of run that reminds me why I like it to begin with. I don’t know I’ll be back on running like I have in the past, but it’s definitely in the rotation – especially now that it’s getting nicer.

Okay, so people who know me, know I like data. Which is funny because I hate math, but I digress. Data tells a story. And if you don’t have the data, it didn’t happen.

SO – imagine my horror when I realized at 10am that I hadn’t inputted my passcode on my Apple Watch and had not gotten credit for anything I did from 530am until 10! So my hours standing will be off. My total calories burned for the day. I keep trying to think it’s no big deal. But I’m seriously a slave to the data and get all flummoxed when I don’t have it!


Well it’s only been a day 😉

Last night’s web development class was really interesting. The focus was on defining the user profile, or persona while designing the app. It seems so common sense, but the way it was laid out was really awesome. We focused on the elevator pitch, user experience, app features, and context. Hard to believe that next week we start coding! Yikes – I haven’t coded in a long, long time…

MAD = Mobile App Design

Now, I don’t know that I’ll ever be good enough to really build commercial apps, but since I am involved in the whole start up world, I want to have at least a position of knowledge when working with app developers – so I know what’s realistic, etc.

My youngest wants to build an app related to her robotics scouting component, so I think that’ll be my class project!

Today ended up being a bit different than planned. The course I was supposed to teach got moved to the fall term. He realized he gave me zero time – even though I was mostly ready and could wing it, I did appreciate it.

That meant a work from home day, which was productive. At one point I hear Kuma zooming around. As she is wont to do. I don’t really pay much attention since I’m at my desk. I decided to look up – and she her tearing through the downstairs with some toilet paper in her mouth. I’ve been picking up bits all day….

Otherwise it was meetings, lunch, and kitchen fun.

And….bike shopping!

My eldest is excited by the nicer weather and mentioned a week or so ago about wanting to bike more. Thing is, her bike was stolen back in college and has really just been borrowing everyone else’s. And while her bday isn’t until May, I asked her if she would like a new bike (she did!), so we grabbed Kuma and went bike shopping! We’re fortunate to have a great local bike shop literally blocks from our house.

Meet Evangeline….(the bike)

The day has ended with a walk for the little bear and a nice evening with my kids.

I realize I’ve become my father in this regard…but I admit I miss him and his ridiculously long stories
Another beautiful day = sunshine fluffs!

Thankful for Everything Except the Ankle Injury


Let’s get the non-Thanksgiving pics out of the way first!

On Wednesday, I had ramen and my very first bubble tea with my guy! Mine was coconut milk with Oreos.

Wednesday night was one of my fav chili recipes – Chili Con “Carne”. It’s from one of my older cookbooks – Vegan Lunch Box from 2008. I don’t dust it off very often, but I can’t seem to part with it either when I do my book donation purges every few years. This particular recipe is practically worth the price of admission, so I keep it around.

Today I had lunch with my guy and his youngest – a BAS (no Romaine, thank you!). Dinner was leftovers.

So what did we do for Thanksgiving? Other than have a really nice evening, there was ten tons of food too.

Breakfast was toast with sunflower seed butter. And a mimosa!

Will prep now – this was an Omni gathering. I only cooked vegan eats, though my guy made 3 dishes (1 vegan, 2 not) and my son’s girlfriend brought 3 dishes (2 vegan, 1 not).

On Wednesday I baked ten tons of cookies. Choc chip that actually weren’t that good (won’t use that recipe again) and my normal oatmeal raisin cookies that do rock.

On Thursday, the marathon began! But first – snacks. No meals other than the “big feast”, so snacks are put out for everyone to munch on, and get put up about 2 hrs before meal time.

Son 2 made me realize I forgot the dessert hummus this year!

Started with a pumpkin pie (which we still haven’t eaten!). Then green bean casserole, butternut squash au “gratin”, 2 tofurkey’s (one in a crock pot, one baked), sweet corn bread, sweet carrots, two gravies (one that came with the tofurkey’s and a homemade mushroom one) and stuffing with wild rice.

My guy made the mashers (vegan) and also made corn pudding and brought smoked turkey.

My son’s girlfriend made two types of croissant dishes – the dessert one was vegan – and a big batch of sangria!

And because I’m really paranoid about dishes coming out at the same time, I employ the sticky note method! R mocked me for it a little, but hey – it worked. Everything came out at the same time!

There were 9 of us in all. Me and my three kids, my guy and his two, my son’s girlfriend, and his best friend – who’ve I called Son 2 for years. And we had MORE than enough food.

And by the end of the night, my heart and belly were very full! And how could it not be? I was surrounded by many of the people I love most in the world, so yeah – it was a perfect day.


So, inspired by the run that didn’t suck on Monday, I wanted to run on Wednesday too. BUT, it was too cold for me (31 degrees), so this happened…

And I typically hate dreadmills, but I really wanted to run, so here I found myself. I was 19 minutes in, and my right calf cramped so badly I actually had to stop. That sucked. But I hopped on a recumbent bike for 20 so I still got a workout in. The upright spin bike put too much pressure on my calf, but was fine on the recumbent. Guess that’s one benefit of going to the gym…

Yesterday before cooking I did a walk/run – only about 20 minutes because I didn’t want to press my luck. Was fine though.

Today I went for a hike! REI has their #OptOutside campaign again this year, and I do like the idea and there just so happened to be a meetup group going to First Landing State Park for a 3 mile trail hike that sounded perfect. So, I signed R and I up, and my guy had thought to go too – though that fell through. And frankly, at 7am, R didn’t want to go anymore either (freakishly cold, and she hadn’t had a great night’s sleep), so decided to go anyway! There were 6 of us (though 21 originally committed), and while it was wicked cold, after a half mile or so, was warmed up enough to really enjoy it. Everyone was chatty, so the time really flew.

After, I met up with my guy and his son for lunch, and then went home. I took off my shoes and sat by the fire before going over to my desk to get studying. My ankle started to feel a little sore, and after 20-30 minutes, was agonizing. Now, I did trip during my hike over a root – didn’t fall, but it was less than graceful. But I felt fine all the rest of the hike and after, so I can’t be sure that was it, but I have no other explanation.

So RICE it is! Rest – Ice – Compression – Elevate. It’s largely feeling better, just can’t rotate it without pain. For awhile there, it wasn’t weight bearing at all. Ugh – finally get my running mojo back and I get this. ARGH.


Can’t complain! (Other than the ankle drama).

Wednesday was some work and errand running. Including finishing grocery shopping. Behold – my list…

My accent chair arrived, and I’m fairly pleased. Kids love it. It’s not a long term chair, but definitely wanted something in the study other than the desk and the book shelves. It’s a place to read, etc. Need to pick up a side table, hopefully this weekend.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, and a really wonderful day. My oldest works night, and was working, but came home, slept until 2, and then got up to spend the day with everyone before going back to work. My guy came over fairly early (his boys started their day with the other side of the family and then came over by my place). We took a run to Starbucks to get java and see M, who had to work. We spent the rest of the afternoon cooking together, which was a lot of fun, while the kids all watched the Lego movie. Watching them watch it and laugh and sing was really fun. Good thing I have a HUGE sofa – all of them sprawled out on it.

Then it was dinner and everyone in food comas. Let’s just say that things were much more tame after the eating ended. Then it was cleaning and dishes for me while everyone just relaxed and slowly dispersed.

Kids in food comas

And today was up early, hike, lunch, and school work. One of the contractors came to assess my half bath, and I should have that estimate tomorrow. The guy my coworker hooked me up with was a no-reply and no-show, so that sucks. Still have two tho, so hopefully those will balance out.

All told, awesome couple days!

And Kuma!

They were both cold!

Kuma snuggling the cooler my guy brought over on thanksgiving…


Not a lot of updates on here. I picked up things needed for the big feast of family. Got A’s Christmas gift, and had lunch out twice.

Family Time!


Well, I didn't take pictures of everything the past few days, but have had some incredible meals!

Saturday my parents arrived fairly late afternoon/early evening, and after 3 days of road tripping it here, wanted to keep things simple. Soup, salad, and sammiches. I made two soups – one a spicy tortilla, and one a red thai curry. A big salad with all the trimmings (including my fav pressure cooker orange beets!), several dressings, and a variety of panini pressed sammiches – my favorite being a marinated and baked tofu, loaded with tons of veggies and a mustard/nutritional yeast/mayo combo sauce.

Sunday was M's choice because he's finally home from camp! He picked Italian, so it was an all-out Italian dinner.

my plate…pasta with a spicy vodka sauce, salad, and roasted tomatoes and onions!

Monday evening we went out to a place on the oceanfront. While everyone enjoyed their food, the service was horrible and it took nearly 2 hours total. And it was rainy, so we didn't really even enjoy the scenery. Oh well.

Last night was Moe's, and tonight we're going to cinema cafe for dinner and a movie.




I went for a run on Saturday morning before my folks got here, and another one Monday. Hoping to lace up and head out for one here shortly as well!

Today I took my young one out to the trails for a bike ride. Nothing major, just a leisurely 5 miler. It's a really hot day, and certainly didn't want to push it. I also wanted to do something fun with her, and she's quite the little athlete.

No yoga, but boy do I need it! D and I are sleeping on an air matress, and it's not exactly comfortable. I'm a little sore, but nothing a good yoga class won't fix!


Well, most of the updates are because my parents are here! It's been mostly low key, hanging out at home, catching up, and watching movies. The weather has been sketchy, so that hasn't helped. Last night we all watched Rear Window, and my kids (19, 17, 10) all loved it. It was quite cool. We've also watched Shadow Recruit and Transformers 3. What can I say, we're a movie family.

And after 6 weeks, the prodigal son is home! Dad, R, and I went to pick up M from his junior camp counselor job. I've really missed him, and am happy he's home. He seems pretty happy to be home (though also misses everyone from camp).


I’m Very Good at Irish Diplomacy


Most of my meals while up in DC area were salads from Wegman’s and snacks of fruits (I was working, after all), but I had a few other things too.  Obviously I felt the need to dedicate an entire blog post to one specific meal, so I won’t go into that one again here.

Of course I had to do Thai one day.  It’s my mission to try tofu green curry in as many places as physically possible!

spring rolls were amazingly fresh, though I did not like the dipping sauce.
spring rolls were amazingly fresh, though I did not like the dipping sauce.
thumbs up on their green curry!  Love it with tons of eggplant and bell peppers
thumbs up on their green curry! Love it with tons of eggplant and bell peppers

I did hit up a pizza joint one evening that had vegan pies, so I was in total heaven!

the place was called Brix, and the pizza was awesome (had it for breakfast several days too!)
the place was called Brix, and the pizza was awesome (had it for breakfast several days too!)

I went to make dinner last night, and found my house empty of my normal fresh foods.  I ended up making some Egyptian street food that got totally gobbled up!  Lentils, brown rice, and pasta in a spiced tomato sauce.  Good stuff!


My first breakfast since getting home though, has been my favorite!  A simple green smoothie, but I was so happy!  More than a week since my last one, and I think I was starting to feel cranky 🙂

coconut water, banana, mixed frozen fruit, kale, and a scoop of Garden of Life protein powder.  In bed, of course!
coconut water, banana, mixed frozen fruit, kale, and a scoop of Garden of Life protein powder. In bed, of course!


While up in Northern VA, went to a yoga class in Fairfax, and did a few classes on YogaGlo too.

My plan was to go on a group ride if I was up early enough (group meets at 730), but I wasn’t going to set an alarm.  I was not up in time!  I dressed in running clothes, but ended up missing it due to storms and the rest of my family (except the young one), being out and about, so I ended up doing a vigorous Ashtanga yoga class online (YogaGlo, of course) instead.


Well, I can honestly say it’s good to be home!  My week away was a good week (both professionally and I did get to have fun too!), but it’s always nice to come home.

The project went live well, so that’s always good.  I got to see LS, which was really nice, and have dinner with HT and her hubby one night too!  We went to this little town called Occoquan one night for dinner and some shopping.  It quite honestly reminds me of the little mountain towns in the Shenandoah – but happens to be about 15 minutes from downtown DC!  It was so neat to step into this quite little place in the midst of the big city.

saw this mug in a little Irish shop in Occoquan.  I didn't get it because we have a ridiculous over-supply of coffee mugs already, but I loved it.
saw this mug in a little Irish shop in Occoquan. I didn’t get it because we have a ridiculous over-supply of coffee mugs already, but I loved it.

I spent some time in the city visiting the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress.  I’m always in awe when I’m up there – I think it’s one of my very favorite cities ever; rich in history, beautiful, and never boring.

neat walkway near the judiciary center
neat walkway near the judiciary center
Capitol Building!  Wish they'd have let me into where the "work" gets done so I could give them all my advice ;)  No one ever asks me for my opinion!
Capitol Building! Wish they’d have let me into where the “work” gets done so I could give them all my advice 😉 No one ever asks me for my opinion!
the tunnel between the Capitol and the Jefferson building (one of the library of congress buildings - and by far the prettiest)
the tunnel between the Capitol and the Jefferson building (one of the library of congress buildings – and by far the prettiest)
China town.  This never gets old.
China town. This never gets old.
love all the signs in two languages
love all the signs in two languages
LOVE that they have such a successful bike share in DC.  Neat way to get around!
LOVE that they have such a successful bike share in DC. Neat way to get around!

On the way home yesterday, I picked up A from college!  She’s home for the summer – and already I’ve hardly seen her (she’s back to spending all her time in the bat cave…aka, her room).  Typical I suppose!

Ginny clearly didn't miss me, just my suitcase.  As an FYI, all 3 cats slept on it yesterday at some point.  Made unpacking challenging.
Ginny clearly didn’t miss me, just my suitcase. As an FYI, all 3 cats slept on it yesterday at some point. Made unpacking challenging.

I will say, it’s wonderful to be back in my bed.  I woke up at 630 to feed Sammie and let her out, then fell back asleep until 930!  That’s so unlike me, but I’m not complaining.  I normally sleep like crap.

M’s last performance (he’s in a play that opened last weekend) is tonight, and then it’ll be the cast party.  D is there taking pictures.

R pulled a muscle in her neck, so is pretty miserable.  It’ll be 2 weeks before she can swim, and that’s going to make her crazy.  She’s mostly lying still and watching Myth Busters.

So that’s as brief of a recap as I can manage for the events of the last week!

On a totally different note…and will be the subject of future posts…for a Mother’s Day gift, my entire family is going vegan!  I’m SOOOO excited.  I spent today ridding the house of all non-vegan things.  My fridge and pantry look so pretty 🙂

Stay tuned for more on that!


Squirrels, Snowmegeddon 2, and Wine Workouts


I haven't left home since picking up the kitties on Tuesday. Yep – snowmageddon part 2!!!! On his way home from work Tuesday, D asked me if we needed any essentials. Seriously – wine was all I could think of. All the other meals were just what I had already on hand!

Last night I made (more) vegan tacos with cilantro rice. Totally awesome, and for some reason, everything tastes better as a taco.

Recipe is below, and while you can totally get by in life without a rice cooker, I feel like my fuzzy logic machine is one of the stars of my kitchen. It makes rice, other grains, steamed meals, soups, cooks beans, even makes cake! I use it several days a week, and it way worth the extra few bucks ($60 or so). Here's a more recent model of the one I have – but I've had mine for 4 years, and it's more than made up for itself financially.

Cilantro Rice


*1 cup long grain white rice (if you use brown, adjust the liquid accordingly)

*1/2 onion, diced

*1 tbsp earth balance (or olive oil)

*1.5 cups water

*2 whole garlic cloves

*1/2 cup cilantro


*saute onion in Earth Balance in the rice cooker (or stove top on medium) until soft. About 5 minutes.

*add rice, water, garlic, and cilantro.

*in rice cooker – put on white rice setting. On stove top, bring to a boil, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes, until rice is cooked and water is absorbed.

*remove garlic cloves before serving.

Basic Pinto Bean Tacos


*1 can pinto beans

*1 can diced green chilies

*1 onion, diced

*4-5 garlic cloves, minced

*1 olive oil (if NOT using a non-stick pan…omit if using non-stick)

*1 tsp cumin

*1 tsp chili powder

*1 tsp oregano

*1/2 can diced tomatoes


*Saute onion and garlic over medium heat until soft.

*Add spices, and cook for 1-2 minutes

*Add beans and tomatoes. Cook until warm, and simmer until rice is done!

I served on tortillas with shredded cabbage, hot sauce, and avocado. Who said a vegan meal couldn't be quick, tasty, and cheap? Not this girl!

Dinner tonight was from Happy Herbivore Light and Lean. It's the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. Her books are still among my favorites for healthy and easy fare.


Well, I mentioned that I haven't left home for a few days, right? So strange. I don't do cabin fever well!

Anyway, I have been making the most of my captivity with indoor workouts. Tuesday evening, as the snow was falling, I realized I hadn't actually met my FitBit step goal for the day – despite my hour long treadmill workout! So, I decided…after some wine…that I could walk on my treadmill…barefoot…and hit that goal. Of course AC (who was stuck at work overnight to manage the whole snowmageddon thing) completely egged me on. So I did…and 7 minutes later, my FitBit went nuts telling me how awesome I was. And I was able to feel smug that I met my goal. I love my FitBit.

Yesterday I set up my bike trainer upstairs in the gym/spare room. I couldn't bear two dreadmill days in a row, but still needed something. I dusted it off (it had been in the garage, and after a spider crawled off of it and I appropriately screamed and scared the crap out of my son), and got ready to roll! I plugged headphones into my laptop, and watched an episode of Bones on Hulu. The 45 minutes consisted of a warm up, leg work (pedaling with just one leg for 60 seconds, then switch legs), some hill work, and a cool down. It was a killer workout.

Today was treadmill and yoga and balance ball ab work. I have some new music on my iPod finally, so I was feeling pretty energized! Yoga was a restorative class on YogaGlo to open my hips back up from the runs and cycling, and before the yoga, was an ab series on both a large and small balance ball.


Well, have I mentioned it snowed?? And that I haven't left my house since 3pm on Tuesday? And that I don't do well looking at the same rooms for days at a time??

Despite that, it's actually been a good week. I've gotten a ton done both at work and at home. Most of it in either workout clothes or pajamas. Actually – all of it in either workout clothes or jammies!

D went out and about and took some fun pics in the snow on Tuesday.

IMG_7599 (Small) IMG_7600 (Small) IMG_7601 (Small) IMG_7602 (Small) IMG_7603 (Small)

Kitties are doing great, if not a little slow moving. The pain meds make them goofy and even more lovey, if possible. Ginny still loves her puzzle box…just needed to move it where she could get to it without hurting herself!

But here's funny story….when it gets really cold or wet outside (and it's both right now), we'll occasionally get critters in the house. One poor flying squirrel realized today just how crazy our household could be today….

Around 10 am, one found its way behind my fridge. Ginny (who's still a little slow moving and slightly high) found her first. Tonks was out cold and Bumble apparently lost all of her hunting instincts in her old age. Anyway, M is upstairs (still sleeping), I just get off a conference call, and R starts yelling that there's a squirrel in the kitchen (not in a hysterical way – like her mama would do, mind you). Sammie – the nearly 12 year old Lab – helps Ginny corner the poor thing. Anyway, after 5 mintues of screaming, running, brooms, Tupperware, and towels, the poor thing was finally back outside, flying into the horizon. Sammie seemed proud, and Ginny seemed disappointed. I was hysterical (not the fun way – the crazy way), and R was laughing her head off. And M slept through the entire thing. My life….

Considering just shy of 2 inches kept us grounded for 3 days last week, imagine what 10 inches did this week! Kids have been off, and will be tomorrow too. I'm hoping to go into the office tomorrow, but that all depends on the cold and refreezing of the roads. My neighborhood hasn't been plowed, so I'm not so confident I'll be out of my confines tomorrow or not!

Without getting into too much of my liberal feminist detail, I did write my Congressman this week – twice – about HR7. Believe it or not, I was not combative, but really did try to get him to see the other side. I was quite proud actually. I know I won't change his mind – and I applaud people who stand up for what they believe it – and enjoy having a meaningful conversation with people to understand (and hopefully portray) my convictions – but I need to try since he is supposed to represent me in Washington.

Okay, on a totally fun note, D started watching Scandal (as I did recently) and now we're caught up with each other! We still have all of season 3 to catch up on together before it starts up again on Feb 27. I had to constantly text my sister (who watches the show) every episode I watched and was freaking out about one thing or another. I honestly think this is the most well written show I have come across in ages. The monologues/rants are completely epic. If you don't watch it, the first 2 seasons are on Netflix. Do it. You'll love me for it.

Speaking of TV….we've been cable-less for almost 5 months now. Totally don't miss it. Netflix is all we pay for, and Hulu on a computer is free. I don't miss out on any of my shows, and I've discovered new ones I never would have checked out before (hello, Line of Duty, Almost Human, House of Cards, and Goodwife)….I watch more TV now than I ever did before!

Now I realize I'm babbling, and I'm going to stop. A bit more work, some Scandal, then bed time!


Oh….Chelsea v West Ham game ended in 0-0 yesterday. Man City coming up this weekend! GO BLUES.



Pizza Partay!!


Well, dinner last night was drama to say the least! We went out to dinner at Dave and Buster's in Virginia Beach. As with most chain restaurants, all of their salads had meat on them. The Lawnmower looked good (except for the eggs, bacon, cheese, and chicken that is), but was otherwise loaded with the most veggies.

When I ordered, I asked if I could have the Lawnmower without the animal stuff and with a garden burger patty on it instead. You would have thought I was speaking a foreign language! After we ordered, the waiter came back and told me I would be charged for the veggie burger MEAL in order to make that substitution. D and I asked for the manager. I explained that paying $12.50 for the salad plus $8.00 for the veggie burger was a load of crap. I didn't want the burger meal – no fries, bun, etc – and since I wasn't eating all the meat that came with the salad, I shouldn't have to pay extra to essentially cost the restaurant less in ingredients! Again – I was speaking a foreign language. After 2 managers plus the district manager, they finally agreed.

Sadly, my meal came out with the salad full of egg, and a separate plate with a full veggie burger meal. Not at all what I ordered. It took them 20 minutes longer to get it right. Just so I don't feel too special, they screwed up D's order too. Ugh.

Today I ate all the berries in the fridge for breakfast. Raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries! Yum. Lunch was flax crackers with guacamole and cucumbers. Another winner.

Dinner though, was my favorite. I made raw pizza! The crust was from Practically Raw and consisted primarily of zucchini and spices. After it was mostly ready, I made homemade pesto and spread that on the pizza dough and topped with red onion, tomatoes, and mushrooms. I popped it back into the dehydrator to warm up and wilt the veggies a little. Totally amazing.

I made normal pizza for the family (old family recipe – I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you) and an apple pie.


We had a wonderfully warm November day today. It was in the 70's, so R and I took our bikes down to the Oceanfront and went on a long ride.

It was a wonderful ride, and the beach was hopping. Sand volleyball tournaments were going on, and at the same time – Christmas decorations were going up. Kind of a funny dichotomy.


I pretty much had the perfect weekend. Only thing better would be if A were home too!

So I already blogged yesterday about the ghost tour on Friday, which was awesome. Last night D, M, R and I went to Dave and Buster's to have dinner and play. Many hours later, we headed home. Today was the Oceanfront and then grocery trips followed by kitchen playtime.

D and M did yard work (probably the last of the season) and laundry while R and I were gone. It's going to be a busy week ahead, but I'm ready for it after a perfectly recharging weekend!