Candles & Cats Don’t Mix


I start every morning with a cup of black coffee. And despite many people's claims that to truly get healthy one must kick the habit…not going to happen. One cup of coffee isn't going to suck my body into acidic hell. So it stays. And that will make me and everyone around me (especially in the morning!) very happy!

That said….

Breakfast yesterday was a green smoothie, lunch was a quick spicy tofu soup, I had a post-run snack of a baked potato with refried pinto beans and hot sauce, and dinner was a soup and salad.

my standard recipe of onion, garlic, tomatoes, and sriracha. This version was also cabbage and asparagus.

Breakfast today was a green juice (used up the last of my kale and cucumber!), morning snack was a green smoothie (and used the last of the pineapple), lunch was spicy hummus and gluten-free seed crackers (not pleased with this choice…truth be told…but found myself hungry after yoga, really sweaty, and no easy meal in site), a PM snack of Allegro hot chocolate in unsweetened coconut milk, and dinner was a butternut squash and black bean soup served over quinoa.

I've been loving making juices almost every day the past two weeks. I hope to get these in at least 3 days per week once I go back to work. It's also a great way to use up produce that's not going to last much longer!
threw in a scoop of Vega Vanilla Smoothie powder for some extra staying power
holy crap, this was good. Whole family loved it. D and M each had two servings.


Yesterday – shortly after writing my “come clean” post – I went for a run. I am on W2D2 (week 2, day 2) of the 10K app, and the run was just under 2.5 miles. I will be honest – it's a bit frustrating. The app includes walk breaks – and the goal is to build up the endurance – and I really just want to blow through them sometimes, especially when I'm feeling strong, but I also know that overduing it is dumb.

Today I went to a hot yoga class, and I have a new favorite instructor! I took his class earlier in the week, and he's just awesome. Great instruction, walks through the class to be sure everyone is in the right alignment, and has a great and playful energy. I have a feeling I'll be specifically seeking out his classes in the future.


The past two days have been blissfully simple. Today was my last day off, and this time away from work has been quite lovely. We're gearing up for a busy year, so I'm glad to come into it after a week and a half off!

D is feeling great and is allowed to have fiber again. No raw broccoli or anything, but he's back to his green smoothies, is putting weight back on, and looks awesome. Kids have mostly been big lumps and enjoying their vacations too!

In this morning's meditation session, Ginny joined me…like she always does. This time, she decided to check out my candle a little too closely and ended up with a singed whisker! She was fine, but the room smelled awful, so I cut my meditation short (only 4 minutes in!).

I have a confession to make. I totally love the Biggest Loser. While I disagree with some of what they do (losing 15 lbs in a week…no matter how big you are…can't possibly be good for the long term), I do still find the show fun and inspiring. I can relate to people who want to change their lives, regain their health, and need help doing it. Thing is, I haven't watched it much the past few years and completely forgot about it. Until this week. And in between reading, cleaning, relaxing, and hanging out with my family….I've been binge watching the heck out of Season 16 on Hulu.

my Biggest Loser companion…though she clearly fails to see the value of the show!



I know it's only been two days, but here's how I stand with it:

  • 100% gluten free
  • worked out both days
  • no wine
  • the crackers today – while GF, were still a processed food. I was really disappointed in that. I haven't bulk cooked, and when I got home from yoga, the kids were in the kitchen making lunches for themselves (tofurky sammiches!), and so I didn't have the room to make something. Truth is…I could have picked something better. Even a banana to get me through a half hour until I could reclaim the kitchen.
  • meditated yesterday for 8 minutes and today for 4. Yesterday's was bad…mind kept wandering…but that's part of the process. Today was great until the smell…
  • my goal is to be around 1200 calories per day. Nailed it today….was under yesterday (which is NOT good). I think it was partially because I slept in yesterday and also went to bed fairly early last night, so there really weren't enough hours in the day. And while I've been tracking my calories for years…there's a shift when I'm not drinking any!



Back to the Beginning

Is it me, or does it feel like most people around you balk at the idea of New Year’s Resolutions like it’s some type of punch line from a bad joke?  Promises you make to yourself that you never end up keeping?

Well, I’m not in that camp.  I like opportunities for reflection and renewal, and for me, that started around Christmas.  I’ve made myself acknowledge what I’ve loved about me in 2014, and what I haven’t.  And I’ve worked through ideas and plans to increase what I love in 2015 and less of what I don’t.

Before I get into WHAT I hope to accomplish, I do want to tell you a story.  Back in November of 2009 I started this blog.  It was a private blog at first where I was documenting my new found desire to be a runner (hence the title).  I had run a few 5K’s, 8K’s, and even a couple of 1/2 marathons.  Then on New Year’s Eve, my husband asked me (after several drinks) – when was I going to run a full?  I declared that in the new year of 2010, I would do it!  I immediately went online to find a fall marathon – picked Chicago – and promptly emailed my family in WI to tell them I was coming, I was running, and they better be there to cheer me on.

And I don’t remember sending it.

So, I started getting replies saying Woo Hoo and all that, and I realized “holy crap…now I actually need to run the darn thing!”.

So, I made my blog public and used it as a mechanism to stay accountable to my goal of running the 2010 Chicago Marathon.  And you know what – I crossed that finish line.  Throughout the years, my blog has evolved to be part fitness, part diary, and a lot about food.

And as I’m kicking off 2015, I’ve decided that I need help being held accountable for things.  And as this year is beginning, I’m also taking RunCrissieRun back to it’s beginnings – as a way for me to say out loud and proud what I want to do in 2015.  Because the truth is – I need the help.  Your help.  I’ve kept so many of my past goals a secret, so failing is much easier.  I want 2015 to be the year that I end the BS, know what I mean?

The blog will still have much of what it’s always had, but I will be adding a summary of how I’m tracking with my goals.  Because the thought of writing “screwed up another week” is just not something I think I can stomach.

Okay, so I’m going to fall into that punchline category now.  I was to be healthier.  I want to lose weight.  I want to be an athlete. And I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.  There.  I said it.  Out loud!

I have developed some very bad habits in 2014 (and earlier, truth be told).  Having a glass or two of wine after work every single day has become a habit.  A bad habit.  My processed food intake has increased dramatically (Wheat Thins and hummus for dinner, anyone?), and my physical fitness has dropped significantly.  I go too long between meals and eat way more than I should or need to.  I’ve used a ton of excuses that have perpetuated all of these (busy schedule at work, lots of travel, full time mom, little personal time, RA and injuries/pain)….and I’m sure the list could go on and on.  But you know what?  Lots of people are busy.  Lot’s of people have issues.  It’s just a bunch of excuses right?

So, there ya go.  Laid out in all it’s pathetic glory.  And it’s okay.  It feels good to come clean.  It’s where I go from here that matters the most.

2015 Goals

  • get to a healthy weight.  I’m guesstimating that’s about 40 lbs
  • eliminate processed foods and stick to whole foods and whole grains
  • truly go gluten-free.  I know gluten aggravates my RA and digestive system.  I went GF for 3 months after my initial RA diagnosis and felt great.  But bread and pasta are easy, and I was way into easy.  This one – will be hard.
  • eat regularly.  No skipping meals, no binge eating to make up for it later.
  • eat out less
  • no more exercise excuses.  Do what I love and do it a lot.  I’m sort of starting from scratch on running (my running fitness got to about 2-3 miles at a stretch, and no better).  Ramping up with a 10K app, and will be using that to get me running regularly again.  That will get me to the Shamrock in March, and then I can keep on going!
  • meal plan, shop, and prep.  Every week.  Think ahead when I know I’m traveling (and I have a few trips this year already on the books) – be prepared to eat healthy on the road.
  • blog consistently.  I totally fell off the radar for weeks at a time last year.  this blog keeps me sane, and I like being sane 🙂
  • enjoy a glass of wine once in a while – special occasions, a nice dinner on the weekend, catching up with a girlfriend, etc.  But not every day.  That’s a bad habit that has got to go!
  • meditate daily.  I’ve started and stopped this, but feel great when I do it.  And I know the benefits are huge!
  • reach out when I need help.  Help with sticking to my goals, help around the house, help managing my busy life.
  • slow down when I can.  I can’t always – life really is busy – but I bring some of that down on myself.

I think that’s quite enough!  There are a lot of little goals that will go into these (like redesigning the blog!), but overall, this is what I want in 2015 that I have failed at in 2014.  I want to be clear – 2014 was a great year in a LOT of ways.  But I let my own health and fitness slip a lot in order to gain other things, and that can’t be okay.  Balance is key.  And I know I can find it.

I’ll be updating things in the following locations is you want to expand our dialogue:

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I’ll use the hashtag #healthy2015 too!

So follow along if you want, smack me if I screw up, share your own stories and let me encourage you too!  Let’s make 2015 a kick ass year.


Much love,