Trust Me – Life Changing Eggplant is a Thing

For someone that isn’t going anywhere, how the heck does a week go by without a post?!


It’s interesting, I have always been a smoothie for breakfast kind of girl. Occasionally I’ll have one in the afternoon or evening, but usually – mornings.

However, since I started drinking greens every morning, I’ve been making smoothies more my dinner than anything. Strange musings, but whatever – it works 🙂

So my routine of late has been Athletic Greens about 4 hours after I wake up (I take thyroid meds and some minerals will interfere with it), then an hour later I’m pretty hungry and have a regular meal. And dinners are either food – if I’m hungry enough – or a smoothie if I’m not.

Eats this week included more no-knead bread, salads topped with Beyond Burgers, grilled goodness like asparagus and eggplant (more on that in a sec, but it was honestly the BEST eggplant ever, smoothies, snacks, and tacos!

This dough sat nearly 2 days, so it had that sourdough taste to it – yum!
About to hit the grill

Speaking of grilling vegetables….

I was sent an eggplant recipe by someone who knows what I like very well, and I’m telling you – it did NOT disappoint. I made it as written and it is literally the most delicious thing. I am sharing this recipe with you because I love you and everyone deserves deliciousness in their lives. I kid you not – this is life changing eggplant.

Served with jerk tofu and some pan fried tomatoes
I’m going to say it. Don’t care if I lose my hippie badge. By and large, I dislike flax crackers! I think Mary’s Gone Crackers are the only one’s I like. The cream cheeze was pretty decent though – new to me brand
First of the season! And R always gets the “tube”
Mac no cheese
Tofu & potato tacos
My fav kale salad with the garden kale!

And of course we had a birthday last weekend, and that meant homemade cake! And not because of quarantine – we always do homemade cake. This is vegan vanilla! And A wanted hot pot and boba tea for dinner, and that was achieved!


Last Saturday was my rest day – honestly I was just too sore to workout. But otherwise, still doing my 6x per week workouts.

Rowing, running, and yoga this past week. No biking. Was originally planning on that for Saturday, but just didn’t happen. I am excited though that I’m finally getting a hitch for my car and a bike rack! As of today, everything is ordered, and hopefully by next weekend, will be good to go! I have a tiny car and I can shove my bike in the back if all the seats are down, but it’s a pain in the butt and of course that means biking alone. I like that, but I think my youngest would enjoy the state park rides as much as I do.

One of my rows was a fun Head of the Charles Race set in Boston with a bunch of Olympians. It was actually really, really cool.

As much as I love rowing, I’ve been struggling getting what I feel is a tough enough workout. So – I was given 2 workouts to challenge myself because another person has done them and has found them challenging – he knows I’m struggling with that, so I totally love that he gave me these.

The first one was relatively short – 25 minutes in all – but were sprints. While it still wasn’t overly intense – that may have been because it was just 22 minutes. And really – burning 275 calories in 22 minutes isn’t bad at all.

The sticky note on the left was the workout – I struggle with keeping my spm down while also bringing my split down, so honestly – I just rowed hard.

Yesterday I went for a run – and honestly, it was an awesome run. Even though I got rained on. I’ve upped my mileage and just really enjoyed it.

Today was back on the rower though – for a workout called Genoa. It’s basically almost an hour of ass kicking. BUT – for the first time since I got it, I really got a hell of a sweat and burn. Comparable to a run of the same duration. And it was fan-freaking-tastic! Again I struggle with syncing up SPM and split, so my SPM is always really high – well over 30-35. But I can’t complain because the workout was what I’ve been looking for.

While not as fun as the guided workouts – I am grateful my rower can go on manual too! I popped on headphones and listened to an audiobook while I rowed away.

I’m still doing yoga every morning as well. And I need it!

Kuma loves yoga time too….


Ah, life in quarantine. While routine, I am not finding it boring. I’m really busy and am not getting to all the things I wish I could.

Every morning starts the same. Get up, feed floofs, make coffee, take Kuma outside, then come in – 10 min of yoga, 10 of meditation, and then some brief targeted journaling (something I’ve gotten into the habit the past month or so via my yoga studio). Then it’s time to work!

Work has been keeping me very busy, as has school. If I get free time – which is rare – it’s time with the kids or reading or cleaning or something!

The weekend was really awesome. Plenty of time chilling and relaxing, and then working on my school stuff outside! Then, of course, celebrating A’s 25th birthday!

The birthday girl! (Top pic was me and her in 2012, rest are pretty recent)

The garden provided another MASSIVE kale bounty and enough spinach for a good sized salad.

I put a trellis up for the zucchini – the cage around it is just too small. I’m hoping it’ll help not crowd out the Japanese eggplant. This weekend – pending weather – will be all about weeding the two gardens!

I also have an insane cilantro plant. The past two times I tried, it never really took off – this year is quite successful. I’ve even given away a ton of it. The mint is also insane. Oddly, the basil is not as successful as usual and that is bothering me – big fan of basil and want enough to keep me swimming in pesto all summer!

Speaking of swimming – pool was opened on Wednesday! Still have some work to do on it, but as soon as it’s warm enough (crazy weather went from near 90 last week to a week in the 60’s), it’ll be good to go!

Otherwise – average week and silly floofs – who’s pics I will leave you with as usual!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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