Heat Domes Can Go Back to the Hell From Whence They Came


Been a really busy week, and I don’t have a ton of food pics. Sunbutter toast, tofu green curry (been weeks since I’ve had any!), and pasta.

Ikea veggie balls!

Made a simple red curry sauce and tossed with whole wheat pasta and peas

For what I don’t have pics of – also orange “chicken” leftovers, smoothies, salads, tofu spicy soup, and a Beyond Meat burger without a bun (wasn’t confident the buns were vegan, so skipped it).

Most of the week, it’s just been me an R. M is out visiting his Dad and going to Comic Con (how cool is thatt?!) and A is in school and working nights. I try to leave leftovers for her, but she also stress cooks bento boxes, so most of her meals were already made. So meals have been quick and easy.


I WENT FOR A RUN AND DIDN’T CRY. Starting to get really pissed about this whole back thing. This past week has been pretty bad, so I was avoiding all activity – even yoga. But I got stir crazy – I don’t sit still well, and I finally figured that maybe inactivity is making my back worse (it will make the RA worse), so I figured an easy pace and a short distance wouldn’t kill me. I mean, other than being in the whole “heat dome” (yes, that’s what the weather peeps are calling it) and temps reaching 115 with the heat index, I went out early enough that, while hot an soupy, was a normal kind of hot and soupy and not the deadly version hitting later in the day.

Taken yesterday, but this has been the status quo for DAYS….
Not cute – but you probably shouldn’t be when working out. And DANG I have a lot of freckles….


Not going to lie kids, this week has been a mixed bag, but a lot on the sucky side.

First the good news – I was off Monday because NS was still here! That meant a 4 day weekend. Also, work was really good this week. And R is going to do an intro to yoga course, which I think is great because she’s fairly stressed and I am a big believer in the power of yoga in general – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I’m hoping it has the same profound impact on her that it has had on me these past 20 years. Oh, and R and I went to see Spider-Man yesterday!

I didn’t break the bank on Prime days! Literally all I got were some fun colored mason jar lids, a new charging block for travel, and a skin care set from a new vegan line launched by Amazon. Just so happens I ran out of my moisturizer, so it was good timing to try something new. All told, spent about $50.

Bad news – some drama (and I HATE drama) that ended up sucking the time and energy out of several days. As such, I lost those days I would’ve spent on school stuff. Don’t regret it because family is always more important. But – ended up behind on school – which I really hate. Mostly self paced for research (aside from a quant/qual research course), so I’m behind the schedule I set for myself, but I still get twitchy when that happens. This led to several late nights and most of Saturday to just catch up. But that also means this coming week I need to double up on my research.

In the midst of the drama, did try to take time for fun. Including taking R out for froyo. Skinny Dip – a chain near us – always has vegan options too. Hello strawberry!

Clearly I was saying something funny….as usual… 🤣

Today was probably the best day of the week – got to spend it with my guy. Our lunch adventure was…not awesome…but not a total loss either. Went to a new spot that stepped into a wine bar that just closed (decent food there, but their people didn’t know wine, so not shocked it closed). I don’t think the new gig is long for this world either. Service sucked royally, drinks weren’t great, and our sides sucked. The mains were good though, so there’s hope. I hope it’s just newness issues needing to work themselves out, but it seems like a family run place where no one has actually worked in the food industry before. I wish them well, but with all the really good places in Virginia Beach, there’s no reason to go back…

I’m looking forward to this week. I always enjoy the fresh start feeling of a new week. While my back still twinges, running didn’t kill me, so that’s something to look forward to. Still won’t overdue it, but it’s better than nothing. I’m excited to really focus on my research, which I’ll have time to do. I have some good stuff cooking at work.

Tomorrow I have happy hour plans with a girlfriend. Tuesday is Taco Tuesday fun at my house with me, my guy, and ALL of our kids (it’s rare we get the full crew), Wednesday night I have class, Thursday no plans (aka – STUDY), and Friday is my night with my boyfriend. All told, life is pretty awesome.

Kuma had her check up. Needs to lose about 2 lbs (she’s down 2 from last year, woo!), but otherwise perfect in every way

My boyfriend gave this to A…who’s husband is Canadian….
He made some edits when he saw it! Though he did find it funny.

Too hot to do much than sleep. Oh wait…that’s their favorite pastime anyway, and we have AC…

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