Meaty Bananas & Cranberry Juice that’s NOT for Vodka


Not a lot of kitchen inspiration this week. Leftovers, popcorn, soup, and a few outings in the last couple days.

The best meal was Thursday night though. It was an early birthday outing with my guy, where we went to a local winery we like and split a bottle of our fav easy drinking cab, and then went out for Italian. We had a marinated mushroom appetizer that I think was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever had.

Yummy zucchini ribbons and pasta with olive oil, garlic, and bread crumbs

On Friday (my actual birthday) we went out for Indian. Went to a different place than last weekend – one where we know it’s always good. And it was. I had to Goan Vegetable Curry.


No runs this week, but definitely yoga and weight lifting.


Overall, the past several days have been pretty amazing. Lots of school stuff, but that’s nothing new nor unwelcome.

Thursday I had a really important thing happening all day, and after, went to my guys house so we could jet to our romantic evening out. And it really was awesome.

While we were out, A sent me a text asking if we had any bananas, and if she could please have one. Thought it was an incredibly strange question since no one needs permission to eat food in my house (especially healthy food!). Turns out that, as part of her nursing school instruction, she needed to practice injections on the banana. Huh. Okay…

Well, then she asked if she could have the cranberry juice. And I assumed – since I came across all the vodka on the counter the day before – that she was going for a vodka cran before going to sleep…

Yesterday was my birthday, and I’m pretty sure it’s the best one yet! I took off work and spent the entire morning and then lunch with my guy. Then I went to see M at his Starbucks, and then it was off for spooky Howl O Scream fun! It was supposed to me, my girls (M couldn’t get anyone to take his shift 😒), my guy, and his youngest. Shortly after lunch though, my guy got really sick, so he stayed home. But, the rest of us went as planned and had a total blast.

Traffic sucked on the way, but the ride ended up being hilarious. A and I were telling crazy stories about patients we’ve encountered and everyone was cracking up. We then started talking about bananas and A asking me if she could have one of the bananas. I proceeded to tell the kids that I thought it was funny, and then she asked for cranberry juice, presumably to pair with vodka. A started laughing and said that no, the Cranberry juice was actually what she needed to inject INTO the banana in order to determine if she was doing a good job. And that it was important that the banana be really meaty. It probably didn’t help that she had only 2 hours of sleep in about 36, hadn’t eaten, and everything ended up being hilarious. There were many jokes about meaty bananas the rest of the night….

We walked around the park until full dark set in and we could start with the really spooky stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I had to tell really spooky characters that they weren’t allowed to kill be because it was my birthday. One particularly funny/spooky guy commented how cool it was that my birthday would also be my death day…

A posted this on FB. She’s so cute!
Creepy jester DJ spinning some jams

So my guy’s son had never been to Howl O Scream before, but for me and the girls, this is totally our jam. The more spook, the better! Nothing like getting scared out of your mind, chased with chainsaws, and just generally laughing and screaming so much your throat started to hurt. At least that’s MY idea of a fun night 🙂

So yeah. Half a day with my guy, half with my kids (except M), and dozens of messages from friends and family all over the world. Other than M and my guy not being able to come with us for spooky fun, overall the entire day was totally perfect.

Couple other pics

Bday present from my guy. Heart = Melted 😍
Woke this morning to this awesome gift from my sister!
Meet Beverly. She’s been hanging out with us all week. She’s very friendly, actually, and R is really digging her.
My car on the left, A’s on the right. Mama bear and baby bear!


So I will admit I spent a bit more this week than I’m proud of and I do need to refocus on my challenge. I bought a new coffee pot. I had a Ninja Coffee Bar and I noticed some green mold growing in the reservoir, despite cleaning it regularly. So I contacted Ninja, and after some back and forth, said they’d give me a discount on a new one. Well – I did some googling and saw quite a few people comment on the green mold, so I knew I didn’t want another one nor one with a reservoir quite like that. But, most of the time, only a single cup is consumed per day (unless M or A want some, and then it’s a pot), but I refuse to get a Kuerig. Despite the intense wastefulness of those K Cups, I find the coffee pretty crappy. So the hunt began for a coffee maker that can do a pot, or a single cup, and not be those K cup things. Thankfully, Cuisinart pulled through. Could I have just used my French press forevermore? Yes – and it wouldn’t have cost me anything. But – I spent the money and replaced my coffee pot.

My youngest did get me an Amazon gift card – mainly because she doesn’t like that I can’t buy myself books on my shopping ban. I’m pretty excited!

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