Doomsday Bubble Blanket!


Pretty typical, though had a few days on the road. Smoothies, leftover lasagna-ladas, a vendor dinner at a restaurant in Virginia Beach that has a dish I adore.

Busy dish, but yummy!
Taco salad
R and I split this. I had the burger and she ate the fries! Pretty good homemade vegan burger at an Irish restaurant in Baltimore
Brown rice, steamed veggies, and my fav acorn squash Alfredo sauce


Still following the LIIFT4 schedule and running when I can. Friday was golf (though to be fair, it really wasn’t strenuous – more of a party). And the weekend was walking around Baltimore, but nothing crazy.


It was a busy, but good week. Spent some time with my guy at a local brewery/cidery that recently opened. Vendor dinner on Wednesday. Work, and then our IT sponsored charity golf event on Friday.

Saturday my youngest and I and my guy and his kids went up to Baltimore for the rest of the weekend. My very good friend M is a Navy Captain, and his strike group was organizing Fleet Week. On Saturday we went on tours of 5 ships, and it was awesome having M educating us. They were all older ships – like the Constellation (Civil war era), etc. It was very overcast, so the airshow was difficult to see.

So lighthouse ships are interesting. They do the same job as lighthouses, but it turns out they’re not particularly well built and seaworthy, and they often get damaged!

Quite cramped on the old sub, but interesting to see how people lived on board

A replica of where the officers and CPO’s hung out. The pic is mainly of the cribbage board – which I have taught and played with my guy and his youngest.
This old Coast Guard ship was WW2 era, and they had a dog on board who’s journey was chronicled as well

M explaining something to R!

So kind odd, but I imagine it’ll be really pricy.

Just like I mentioned with my friend D and the air show a couple weeks ago, it’s so amazing to see M in his military element. We know him as this very kind, gentle, hard working, brilliant, and generous man. To see him this weekend, was to see a new side of him. Quite honestly, the most fun may have been the sheer look of terror/awe on every individual in uniform when they saw him. The snap to attention and salutes. Turns out my friend is quite a big deal 🙂

Saturday night we stayed with friends. Bon fires, drinks, and catching up. Very awesome.

Sunday was back to the Inner Harbor to meet back up with M and other friends that came up from DC. We had private tours of active ships, including one named for my hometown, the USS Milwaukee! Again, amazing to see the reverence in which M was treated. The whistles and call to attention for each ship that a captain was boarding.

We got a tour of a Canadian ship as well, and it was fun to have M explain the mechanics better than the Canadian sailor could. To be fair, the gentleman touring with us is an Engineer, and probably didn’t know as much about some of the operations of the ship as M (a 27 year veteran) could. There was also a medical emergency while we were on board, so the crew was naturally distracted. It was still fun.

This is from the Canadian ship

This is a USNS ship – The City of Bismarck. And it was REALLY cool!

So this last pic is of the City of Bismarck. It’s a spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport ship that supports military and humanitarian efforts. Run by Merchant Marines (hence the USNS and not USS), they can deploy around the world really, really quickly. The ship is gorgeous – just commissioned a year ago, it has some cool capabilities. One of them is to haul tons of equipment (tanks, etc). In talking about their firefighting capabilities, on the major deck where equipment is, they have a crazy technology where in the event of a fire, they hit a button, and the place fills with these bubbles – in less than 2 minutes – that can put out any fire. BUT – it’s highly dangerous for people to be in it. Like death will ensue. So we started calling it the doomsday bubble blanket. A last resort option to save the ship from sinking in the event of a disaster on this deck.

At the end of the tours, 12 of us went to lunch before we said our farewells and headed home. All told, pretty amazing weekend filled with so many people I love!

On another note, my new term started up, so my days of boredom have come to an end, and ten tons of school work have kicked in!


Interestingly, I’ve gone out a few times, but they were paid by vendors. And the weekend counts as “travel”, though with staying with friends vs a hotel, we definitely saved on housing the 5 of us!

All shopping was either replacement or groceries. And while my guy and I went out a couple times, they total spend is still low and within my allotment.

Going to be a rough month in some ways though. My birthday is in a couple weeks, and the event planned will not be cheap, but it’s the whole family, so it’s worth it.

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