A Little TV/Movie Therapy Is a Good Thing


It’s been a pretty typical week on the eats front. Smoothies, curries, tofu, salads. My mainstays for the most part.

Tom Kha – my very fav Thai soup

Did have a night planning to grill, but the gas was out on my grill, and as I disconnected it to run up to swap it out at the hardware store, it started to rain. So – no grilling! But tofu, potatoes, and veggies cooked in the house were just as yummy!

The leftover tofu was awesome on a sammich with vegan mayo and topped with spicy brown mustard and slaw

One night was red beans and rice. Always a fav. Actually found Tofurkey Andouille sausage for it too!

I spent the weekend with my guy and his son. We had some out to eats…

Shaved Brussel sprout and arugula salad with spicy cashews and a maple vinaigrette.

Under the ten tons of sprouts is a mound of hummus and a few veggies stuffed in a pita.

…and dinner in last night. Kale and cabbage salad with tahini dressing (YUM), a blended veggie soup from the market (ICK), and Gardein Mandarin Chicken (way YUM).


Managed to get a couple of runs in and a little kickboxing. It was a chaotic week and I’m happy to get even those in. Was intending on a hike this weekend, but so many other things came up that it just never happened.


I’m not kidding when I say it’s been a chaotic week.

My ex-husband arrived on Sunday to spend two days in town visiting with the kids. For the most part it was okay. Tuesday morning he left with the young one to spend a couple weeks in CA where he now lives. Won’t lie – that was hard to let her go and I miss the hell out of her. We talk and text all the time, but I’m ready for her to come home.

The rest of the week was work, school work (outside whenever possible!), networking meetings with various regional leaders, getting admonished by my dermatologist (I don’t burn, don’t use sunscreen, and apparently “have enough freckles to last me a lifetime”….he’s not well pleased with me), and some much needed time with my guy.

Excited to be assigned this as one of the authors was my marketing professor in grad school!

This weekend was a lot of fun. We indoctrinated a new member of the cribbage club! My guys son – he played really well. I still won, but that was by no means a sure thing as I was in last for most of the game.

We watched a couple movies (Dogma and Good Will Hunting plus one or two earlier in the week and a couple fun shows – I haven’t watched this much TV/Movies in years!), went grocery shopping, went to the pub to cheer on Chelsea as they took on Newcastle, and hung out on the back porch and studied while my guy did laundry and his son studied too. It really was a pretty perfect weekend.

I came home, wrapped up my last big paper of the week, did wash and dishes, and hung out with the pups.

Oh, I finished the Year of Less that I mentioned in the last post. Also created a spreadsheet to track my progress with it. More to come next week when it officially kicks off!

Until next time, silly pics…

Vacation and Re-Entry to Normal Life


Okay, I’ve been blissfully on vacation for the past 8 days, so many meals were out with some simple ones in. Still had daily smoothies (have Vitamix, will travel), so things were always off to a healthy start regardless!

The first pic is a quick meal I made at home with roasted cherry tomatoes from our garden, fresh herbs from the garden, and some balsamic vinegar tossed with pasta.

On our trip there was plenty of pasta, vegan sausages, salads, veggies, edamame, tofu, and smoothies. Didn’t snap pics of everything, but none of us starved, that’s for sure.

Oh, and fun drinks too.


Well, lots of walking really. Didn’t pack workout clothes since I knew I wouldn’t use them.


Well, I’m not going to bore you all with details of my vacation. But…IT WAS AWESOME. Filled with people I love, so there’s no downside anyway! Spent a long time traveling, but it was all so worth it. Only one missing was A – because she has nursing school and couldn’t get away. I’m so incredibly proud of her and her priorities – but we certainly missed her.

One of the best parts was seeing this face after 15 months! N and his family from Nairobi are really amazing and I miss him all the time.

I certainly missed this little one. Just lookit that face! A and M’s girlfriend S took amazing care of Kuma while we were away.

We got back home this afternoon. Good timing as my ex-husband arrives overnight to spend 2 days visiting before taking our youngest to CA with him for a couple weeks. It’d be lying if I said I’m not going to miss the crap out of her 😦

And now it’s time to wallow in post-awesome-vacation-depression.

On another note, a friend of mine turned me on to this book called The Year of Less. I read half of it in a little over an hour! It’s basically about a woman who goes on a one-year shopping ban. My friend is starting a little challenge group that I’m going to do. More deets to come, but it’s really about being a more mindful consumer and focusing on purchasing what you need over satisfying whims. I’ve always loved to shop, but as a single mom with pretty much the same expenses I had as a dual income house, I could use some overhaul in how I approach my finances. The challenge will start Sept 1, so I’ll add a new category to the blog about it as I go.

AND – I have a new cookbook from a publisher to review (and give away) so stay tuned for that! Now that I’m back, I can cook my way through it to give you the low down on what’s what.

I know this is short and sweet (just like me!), but I’m exhausted and ready to curl up in bed and finish The Year of Less!

Death to Carpet!!


Damn, a week and a half flies by! Especially when you have about 5 days without a kitchen!

But oh no, there was no starving. There was lots and lots (and lots) of curry!

We also held our typical Taco Tuesday! My guy and his two sons came over, and it was all about the tacos and a movie! I used our garden tomatoes and jalapenos, cilantro, and a salsa spice blend from Penzy’s for some homemade onion-free salsa (my guy hates onions), and also whipped up Terry Hope Romero’s Green Aji Sauce – which is probably one of my favorite condiments ever.

Otherwise it was salads, pizza, subway, and Moe’s.


A couple runs, some yoga, and a whole hell of a lot of home improvement fun. I’m assuming ripping up flooring and staples for days counts. According to my Apple Watch it sure the hell did!


All about dem floors! I mean, other life related things happened (work, school, some community networking), but really….FLOORS.

So a bit of a background. I hate carpet. Always have. Having pretty horrific seasonal allergies and just the fact that it’s ugly, I’ve always preferred not having carpet (except maybe bedrooms).

My ex and I bought our house in Jan 2015, and the entire upstairs is carpet (one big one, as it happens), and the downstairs living room, formal dining room, and study all had carpet. Tan in one room, and blue (yes…pale blue) in the other two. I’ve always despised it. But – he liked carpet, and since we put a ton of money into ripping off hideous wallpaper and painting the house, it wasn’t a battle I was going to fight.

But then divorce happened, I kept the house, and I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. Step one was landscaping (I hated the rocks and now the rocks are buh bye). Now…FLOORS!

Phase 1 was this past long weekend where my guy and his youngest son, me and my youngest daughter did the lion’s share of the work. My good bud M came by for quite a few hours on Saturday to lend his much-needed expertise. Even A got on her hands and knees to rip up staples in the kitchen before going to sleep before working nights.

10-15 hour days, and we managed to get half the downstairs finished, and you know what – it was hell, it was hard, but it’s freaking beautiful! There was some pretty severe water damage by my back door, and that took a full day to repair. And the ripping up of the linoleum (kitchen, eat-in kitchen) took a ton of time. There were literally staples every 1/2-2 inches spaced out over it – which took a long time to rip up. I think whomever put these floors in when the house was built in 2008 were paid by the staple. Ugh.

On a less than fun note I did have a severe allergic reaction. Most likely the wood underlayment was primed with a latex-based primer before the linoleum was put down – and I’m freakishly allergic to latex. So…the sheets of hives all over my torso were just a blast, let me tell ya. It also took me 2 days to clean all that damned dust up. But you know what? Worth it!

And of course Kuma was our foreman and mascot, keeping us on track and motivated!

So behold…FLOORS!!!


Half the house now….

There was severe exhaustion….

Well, with Kuma, she’s always tired…but I did catch the wee one passed out on her bedroom floor one night. Poor kid hadn’t even made it to her bed!

And as inviting as the pool looked, there was just no time!

But – I couldn’t be happier with how it looks. There were a lot of curve balls with oddly shaped areas that needed to have the boards cut to, plus the water damage, so the thought is, other than the bathroom, the rest of the downstairs should be a bit better. That’s our theory anyway!

Phase 2 will commence later in the month. Heading out on vacation on Friday and then R is going to visit her dad in CA. Figure another 4 days of work and the whole project will be done and I can have a death to carpet dinner party!