Would You Like a New House With That Flu?


So my goal in the next week and a half is to buy no groceries if at all possible and eat what I have in the house.  I have a tendency to over-shop and then forget I have six bags of lentils, eight bags of rice, etc.  You get the point.  So it should be no problem whipping up some awesome healthy eats without spending a dime on groceries.

Why, do you ask, am I doing this?  Two reasons.  I have too much food lying around – more than my family will ever eat if I don’t stop grocery shopping.

Also – I don’t want to move it all to the new house.  Oh wait, what did I say there?  WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE.  More on that below 😉

So my eats this week have been oatmeal for breakfast (out of the old fashioned oats, and this week I’ll tackle the Irish oats!  Saving the best for last!).  Smoothies of course.  Lentils soups (I wasn’t kidding when I said I had 6 bags).

blueberry and banana oats.
blueberry and banana oats
lentil soup for days!  Been nice though because I can put almost anything in it, and it's been so cold, that soup is perfect.
lentil soup for days! Been nice though because I can put almost anything in it, and it’s been so cold, that soup is perfect.


Since my last real post, I’ve gone on a few runs and did yoga at home.

However, I’ve been doing a lot of moving – packing boxes, loading them into my minivan, and taking them to the new house or the storage unit and unloading them from the van.  So in essence…I’m doing weight lifting!  I can feel it in my arms to be sure 🙂


D and I closed on a new house this past Monday.  I am a highly superstitious person, and don’t like to talk about some things until it’s a “done deal”, which is why I haven’t posted about it before now.  D and I actually decided last spring that we wanted to buy a new house.  We’ve decided to stay in VA for at least another 7-10 years (so R can finish school) before we even think of leaving, so we decided now was a good time to buy that dream home with a pool.


We wanted to wait until after summer to start looking because we had too much going on (I was in go-live hell, my parent’s came to visit, lots of work travel), so we looked a bit online, but started working with a relator in late September.  And we found our dream home in late October, made an offer, and there ya go.  We all agreed (sellers and us) to put off closing until after the holidays were over, but now it’s done, and it’s our house!  Oh, and it’s only a mile and a half from where we live now.  Same school district, which was important.

vegan foodie packing....
vegan foodie packing….
left the room for a minute to get the packing tape and found Ginny up here.  She's been having way too much fun in this...
left the room for a minute to get the packing tape and found Ginny up here. She’s been having way too much fun in this…
new house = new dishes!  HF helped me pick out the perfect ones.  Here's the first batch running through my new dishwasher!
new house = new dishes! HF helped me pick out the perfect ones. Here’s the first batch running through my new dishwasher!


The only thing that isn’t perfect about the house is the wallpaper.  Kitchen, dining room, eat-in kitchen, and all 3 bathrooms are wall paper.  We have a contractor starting on Monday to get rid of it all and paint most of the house.  Then, it’ll be really perfect.  Death to wallpaper!  Oh, we’ll have before and after pics to share because I don’t think anyone will believe me about how crazy it is until it’s gone….

I’m also having a custom wall mountable wine rack made out of a wine barrel!  So excited.  Spice snobbery can be proudly displayed on my kitchen wall!  And it’s an up cycled Napa valley wine barrel.  See.  Dream home 🙂

Anyway, the hope is we’ll start living in the home around the very end of this month.  So I do apologize for the lack of posts this week, it’s been a bit hectic around here!

In other news, I’ve been sick and so has the young one, so that’s put some damper on the week.  We both appear to be on the upswing though, so that’s good news.

Monday's morning picture where R still felt good (though I was home sick).
Monday’s morning picture where R still felt good (though I was home sick).
Wednesday's morning picture where R and I were pathetically snuggled in bed as D was getting ready for work.
Wednesday’s morning picture where R and I were pathetically snuggled in bed as D was getting ready for work.
Wednesday afternoon, R decided to work on her Python coding.  Proud IT mama right here!
Wednesday afternoon, R decided to work on her Python coding. Proud IT mama right here!
just because she's ridiculously cute
just because she’s ridiculously cute
they're starting to finally get along!  Sleep on the same bed - just not too close.  Even playing somewhat together.  They've graduated to frenemies.  Only took a year and a half...
they’re starting to finally get along! Sleep on the same bed – just not too close. Even playing somewhat together. They’ve graduated to frenemies. Only took a year and a half…
poor sicko hasn't slept well most this week.  Face mask kept the sun out of her eyes so she could nap.  Worked wonders.  And this is today's morning picture :(
poor sicko hasn’t slept well most this week. Face mask kept the sun out of her eyes so she could nap. Worked wonders. And this is today’s morning picture 😦

So thanks for your patience, and more to come.  Also, if you haven’t already, please enter my giveaway – you have nothing to lose and perhaps a new smoothie book to gain!  Here’s the link, and thanks for playing 😉


A Chance To Drink Your Greens…For Free!

I am so excited to host my first giveaway of the year!

If you’re a regular RunCrissieRun reader, you know how much I love my green smoothies, so I’m really excited to review and host a giveaway for The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet! by Tracy Russell.

So here’s a breakdown of the book, because it’s not just recipes, ya know.

The first part of the book is broken into an intro and an entire chapters about why you should want green smoothies in your life!  For many of us veteran green smoothie drinkers out there, the why may seem obvious, but if you’re new to the idea or have a family member you’d like to convert to the goodness of green drinks, then this is a good chapter for that!

There’s a whole chapter on how to make the perfect green smoothie also.  From tools (not everyone has a $500 blender) to proportions of liquid/fruit/greens/fun flavors and even a section of fixing a smoothie mishap, and freezing them.

The best part is the ingredients chapter – it really leads you to “build your own smoothie with confidence”.  And finally, the recipes!  This section is broken into chapters as well, based on what you want to get out of your smoothie – for example, post or pre-workout drinks, immune-boosting, weight loss or detox (a quick note, this is NOT a diet book and the author does not promote that green smoothies are the panacea of weight loss…but are a healthy addition to your diet, which generally means weight loss if you’re drinking smoothies as an addition to healthy lifestyle choices).

I have had the pleasure of making many of the recipes in this book, and certainly have a favorite to share!

InstagramCapture_109266c0-c916-48f6-b83c-f5a9ba53ff16 6tag_141214-091724 WP_20141216_07_08_50_Pro WP_20150101_10_40_51_Pro InstagramCapture_e19f8125-c726-43fc-aa8f-d98b664228be

Banana Pineapple Green Smoothie
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple
  • 2 cups baby spinach
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract (or the seeds of 1/2 a vanilla bean)
  • 4 ounces coconut water

Seriously, I’m not giving you directions 😉

Another thing I like about this book is that the nutrition information is listed with each smoothie, so if you’re tracking (like I am on MyFitnessPal), it makes life MUCH easier.

Okay, now for the fun part!  I mean, other than actually making the above awesome recipe…..

Please comment below if you’d like a chance to win a copy of this book.  The drawing will take place on January 30th!



A Week of Bulk Eats Makes Life Easy


For the most part, all of my meals this week have been the one’s I prepared last weekend.  There were two exceptions.  D, R, and I went out for dinner on Tuesday evening because we were out and about, and would have gotten too late if we ate at home.  The second was when I spent the night at HF’s house, and we went for Thai.  Otherwise, it was all bulk cooking eats!

simple breakfast to take to work.  1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 sliced banana, and 1/2 cup blueberries
simple breakfast to take to work. 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 sliced banana, and 1/2 cup blueberries
put it all into a bowl, add hot water from the break room coffee pot, microwave for an extra minutes, and eat!
put it all into a bowl, add hot water from the break room coffee pot, microwave for an extra minutes, and eat!
Spinach and Artichoke Soup
Spinach and Artichoke Soup
Stuffed Bell Pepper
Stuffed Bell Pepper
baked potato with refried beans and salsa
baked potato with refried beans and salsa
rice noodles with broccoli, cabbage, kale, and teriyaki
rice noodles with broccoli, cabbage, kale, and teriyaki
baked potato with butternut squash and black bean chili
baked potato with butternut squash and black bean chili
creamy garlic pasta w/brown rice noodles
creamy garlic pasta w/brown rice noodles

I have to say, that bulk cooking really made everything easy on the eats front this week.  I still would make meals for the family, but since my food just needed to be warmed up, I wasn’t skipping or missing meals.  The down side is when I feel like getting creative in the kitchen, I would think, “but no, I already have my meal planned”, and sometimes that made me a little sad.


This week was more runs than yoga.  R’s swim team practice started up again, so I would take her and then hit the treadmill while she was in the pool.  I did that three days this week plus an outdoor run today!


This was a really good week.  The kids all went back to school.  R and M started school on Monday, and Friday afternoon I drove A back to university as her classes start tomorrow.  She’s going through that moment we all do where she’s questioning if she’s in the right major, etc., and it’s been a tough few weeks for her.  I think she’s excited to have a new semester ahead of her though.

Work was pretty low key still this week.  I was covering for my boss while she was on vacation in Mexico, so that was some fun change to my day.

M left Friday morning for a trip to a university in Northern Virginia for a state theater competition.  He’ll be home sometime late tonight.  He said it was a blast and they got a trophy.

I visited Friday night with my friend HF.  We went shopping (she helped me pick out new dishes!), had dinner, and just hung out.  Her little boy is so cute, and on Saturday morning, I crawled back into bed so he could pretend to wake me up by tickling me.

the mall we went to is an outdoor mall.  Which is crazy in the winter!  This was the water fountain.
the mall we went to is an outdoor mall. Which is crazy in the winter! This was the water fountain.

Last night was AC’s yearly post-holiday party, and D, R, and I went to that.  Also a lot of fun and nice Saturday evening.

bedtime selfie!
bedtime selfie!

Today I’ve been cleaning, organizing, and getting ahead on some work coming this week.  D is in the Outer Banks taking pictures, A is away at school, and M is on his way home, so it’s mostly be me and R hanging out.  A nice and peaceful end to the week.

a week's worth of morning pictures, including R apparently falling asleep on the way to school!
a week’s worth of morning pictures, including R apparently falling asleep on the way to school!
Bumble keeping warm between fuzzy blankets.
Bumble keeping warm between fuzzy blankets.


  • felt I did great on the consistency of my workouts, even though they were pretty much all runs (with the exception of some home yoga).
  • didn’t manage fully gluten free, as I had gluten when I went out to dinner on Wednesday.
  • meal planning – nailed it, thank you!
  • wine – enjoyed some wine at dinner with HF and at the party last night.  This is in line with my plan.  Also had one glass at dinner Tuesday, which I didn’t need, but was likely habit.  I’ll have to keep a better eye on going out.
  • meditation – haven’t figured out the best way to work that into my work days now that vacation is over.  I only got in one day, and that was today.  Though at 10 minutes, it’s my longest one yet.
  • blog regularly – not so good.  I was hoping to get in 2-3 this week, and didn’t.  Will keep trying though!


Food, Yoga, Runs, and Getting Lost


I’m a bulk cooking machine!  If you’ve read any of my posts before, you know I’m a big fan of The Happy Herbivore. I also occasionally subscribe to her meal plans – which are super simple, low fat, and tasty.  So…I decided with going back to work tomorrow that I’d let someone else take the planning out of it for me, and opted for her individual plan for this week (I’ve done the family plans in the past…which are also super simple).

See 7 days of lunches and dinners in all their bulk cooking glory!  No excuses for healthy eats, right?

took me HOURS, but here it is.  7 days of lunches and dinners in all their bulk cooking glory.  More specifics to come as I actually eat these!!!
took me HOURS, but here it is. 7 days of lunches and dinners in all their bulk cooking glory. More specifics to come as I actually eat these!!!

But alas, what did I have this weekend?

Saturday morning started out with black coffee and blueberry/cinnamon oatmeal.  I was up way earlier than everyone else and didn’t want my Vitamix to wake them (it’s awesome, but loud!).

My favorite thing to do is cook the blueberries with the oats.  I love it that they're about to burst open...
My favorite thing to do is cook the blueberries with the oats. I love it that they’re about to burst open…

I had a late morning meal of a baked potato topped with leftover butternut squash/black bean chili.  Oh…My…Gosh.  New favorite thing.


Lunch was a very late affair (about 3 pm) with LC for Thai.  Tom Kha and Tofu Green Curry for me.  But this time, I stopped when I was full and didn’t eat it just because it was there and yummy.  Thai is the only food I have that issue with – mainly because it’s my favorite, but I can never have it with my family (nut allergy daughter and a husband who hate it), so I can’t bring leftovers home.  And I still live in that head space where food shouldn’t be wasted.

Tom Kha is a coconut milk soup with tofu and veggies, and is the most amazing soup I've ever eaten.  Some day, I'll learn to make it.
Tom Kha is a coconut milk soup with tofu and veggies, and is the most amazing soup I’ve ever eaten. Some day, I’ll learn to make it.

Since I had lunch so very late, I wasn’t up for a real dinner.  I had some air popped popcorn while watching TV, and then went to bed.

I slept in today, so didn’t really have a normal breakfast.  I had some coffee and then after my run, had a repeat of yesterday’s late morning meal (baked spud and chili).


During lunch I found myself out and about again.  Thai again (this time just me and a book).  However, I looked up the healthiest meal options, and decided to try something different.  I had Pad Thai Jay, which is GF rice noodles with tofu and veggies.  I had my version sans egg and peanuts to keep it vegan and nut free.


Dinner was some brown rice penne, tons of veggies, and a salad.


I went to a 2 hour Yin yoga workshop with LC yesterday.  She’s not only a great friend, but also a yoga instructor, and the workshop we went to was at her studio.

I will be honest – I had mixed feelings about it.  Yin yoga is about restoration, stillness, and balance.  And I don’t sit still well.  This workshop also had a writing element to it, and that’s totally new to me, and wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it.

So first of all, the studio is cute and inviting.  I’d been there before, so that was good.  The instructor was also cute and inviting.  And smart, compassionate, and very, very approachable.  She definitely made me feel at ease.

I struggled with some of the poses for a few reasons.   I’m not used to holding a single pose for 3-5 minutes or more.  That requires a stillness I don’t have, and that was probably my biggest challenge.  As a result, I didn’t really relax much and found myself struggling to not move.  I also still struggle to hold my mind still for more than a few minutes at a time.  In my regular yoga classes I move frequently enough (less than a minute), so my mind can’t wander.  My meditation practice is helping with this, but I’m so not there yet.  As a result, my mind looped through my to-do lists and other things when I should have been quiet internally.  Also, with my RA I had a hard time holding some poses for a length of time.  A pose would feel good for a short period of time, but then start to hurt – especially my knees.  And because I’m a competitive nut job, I tried to hold out as long as I could, but would end up hurting instead of feeling relaxed.

Keep in mind that there was nothing wrong with the instruction or the class.  It just highlighted to me how much I still need to slow down!

The writing part I was apprehensive about, but ended up being my favorite part.  We did all free writing exercises, so you wrote whatever came to mind.  The first one was basically writing everything you hate about yourself.  Yeah.  That’s easy.  The second part was writing everything you love about yourself.  Yeah.  Not as easy.  The third part was to write about everything that stood in your way of achieving who you wanted to be.  The final part was to write an intention for 2015 – that included accepting things you didn’t like from page 1, encouraging things you liked from page 2, developing mechanisms to move past page 3, and to develop something new.

And then…she made up rip out the first 3 pages and shred them.  That…was hard….but also liberating.  It was hard letting go of all the negative stuff (I’m a major procrastinator, my Irish temper flares too much, etc), but also really cool.

So that’s hard to top, but I went for a run today not long after I woke up.  I had java, then hit the pavement.  W2D3 in the bag.


Well this is it.  As soon as I head to bed, my vacation will officially be over.  You know what, it’s okay.  This time off did exactly what it was supposed to….slowed me down and made me relax.

Yesterday was mostly about spending time with LC.  While I woke early, D had slept like hell (again….6 days running), so I let him sleep until I left for yoga around noon.  As it happens, Prednisone causes insomnia, and he’s been a victim! Stupid Crohn’s.

Last night, R spent the night at a friend’s house, and D took M and A to the movies, so I read a yoga magazine, watched Hulu and Netflix, did my weekly meal planning, ate popcorn, and went to sleep!


Today was a ridiculously warm day.  75 for much of it (which was great for my run!).  R and her friend N went for a bike ride after their sleep-over.  And they got separated.  And R got lost.  When she finally got home (she didn’t take her phone apparently), she was in hysterics.  I felt so bad for her.

The rest of today was about shopping and prepping for the week.  The kids are ready, and I am too.  So now, it’s off to bed!


  •  third blog post in 4 days.  That makes me very happy!
  • gluten-free = 100%
  • wine – indulged this evening.  It’s the weekend, and I’m okay with that.  One glass while bulk cooking and listening to an audio-book is just fine for me.  The challenge will be on the work days!
  • workouts.  Yes – while I don’t consider yesterday’s yoga workshop a “workout”, it was great, and today’s run (in 75 degree weather no less!) was totally awesome.
  • meditation – yesterday I did my meditation in class…not at home.  This morning, I did it right after I brushed my teeth and before coffee.  No cat’s accompanied me this time.  Ginny is clearly afraid of the mat and candle!
  • I meal planned, shopped, and bulk cooked my evening away!


Candles & Cats Don’t Mix


I start every morning with a cup of black coffee. And despite many people's claims that to truly get healthy one must kick the habit…not going to happen. One cup of coffee isn't going to suck my body into acidic hell. So it stays. And that will make me and everyone around me (especially in the morning!) very happy!

That said….

Breakfast yesterday was a green smoothie, lunch was a quick spicy tofu soup, I had a post-run snack of a baked potato with refried pinto beans and hot sauce, and dinner was a soup and salad.

my standard recipe of onion, garlic, tomatoes, and sriracha. This version was also cabbage and asparagus.

Breakfast today was a green juice (used up the last of my kale and cucumber!), morning snack was a green smoothie (and used the last of the pineapple), lunch was spicy hummus and gluten-free seed crackers (not pleased with this choice…truth be told…but found myself hungry after yoga, really sweaty, and no easy meal in site), a PM snack of Allegro hot chocolate in unsweetened coconut milk, and dinner was a butternut squash and black bean soup served over quinoa.

I've been loving making juices almost every day the past two weeks. I hope to get these in at least 3 days per week once I go back to work. It's also a great way to use up produce that's not going to last much longer!
threw in a scoop of Vega Vanilla Smoothie powder for some extra staying power
holy crap, this was good. Whole family loved it. D and M each had two servings.


Yesterday – shortly after writing my “come clean” post – I went for a run. I am on W2D2 (week 2, day 2) of the 10K app, and the run was just under 2.5 miles. I will be honest – it's a bit frustrating. The app includes walk breaks – and the goal is to build up the endurance – and I really just want to blow through them sometimes, especially when I'm feeling strong, but I also know that overduing it is dumb.

Today I went to a hot yoga class, and I have a new favorite instructor! I took his class earlier in the week, and he's just awesome. Great instruction, walks through the class to be sure everyone is in the right alignment, and has a great and playful energy. I have a feeling I'll be specifically seeking out his classes in the future.


The past two days have been blissfully simple. Today was my last day off, and this time away from work has been quite lovely. We're gearing up for a busy year, so I'm glad to come into it after a week and a half off!

D is feeling great and is allowed to have fiber again. No raw broccoli or anything, but he's back to his green smoothies, is putting weight back on, and looks awesome. Kids have mostly been big lumps and enjoying their vacations too!

In this morning's meditation session, Ginny joined me…like she always does. This time, she decided to check out my candle a little too closely and ended up with a singed whisker! She was fine, but the room smelled awful, so I cut my meditation short (only 4 minutes in!).

I have a confession to make. I totally love the Biggest Loser. While I disagree with some of what they do (losing 15 lbs in a week…no matter how big you are…can't possibly be good for the long term), I do still find the show fun and inspiring. I can relate to people who want to change their lives, regain their health, and need help doing it. Thing is, I haven't watched it much the past few years and completely forgot about it. Until this week. And in between reading, cleaning, relaxing, and hanging out with my family….I've been binge watching the heck out of Season 16 on Hulu.

my Biggest Loser companion…though she clearly fails to see the value of the show!



I know it's only been two days, but here's how I stand with it:

  • 100% gluten free
  • worked out both days
  • no wine
  • the crackers today – while GF, were still a processed food. I was really disappointed in that. I haven't bulk cooked, and when I got home from yoga, the kids were in the kitchen making lunches for themselves (tofurky sammiches!), and so I didn't have the room to make something. Truth is…I could have picked something better. Even a banana to get me through a half hour until I could reclaim the kitchen.
  • meditated yesterday for 8 minutes and today for 4. Yesterday's was bad…mind kept wandering…but that's part of the process. Today was great until the smell…
  • my goal is to be around 1200 calories per day. Nailed it today….was under yesterday (which is NOT good). I think it was partially because I slept in yesterday and also went to bed fairly early last night, so there really weren't enough hours in the day. And while I've been tracking my calories for years…there's a shift when I'm not drinking any!



Back to the Beginning

Is it me, or does it feel like most people around you balk at the idea of New Year’s Resolutions like it’s some type of punch line from a bad joke?  Promises you make to yourself that you never end up keeping?

Well, I’m not in that camp.  I like opportunities for reflection and renewal, and for me, that started around Christmas.  I’ve made myself acknowledge what I’ve loved about me in 2014, and what I haven’t.  And I’ve worked through ideas and plans to increase what I love in 2015 and less of what I don’t.

Before I get into WHAT I hope to accomplish, I do want to tell you a story.  Back in November of 2009 I started this blog.  It was a private blog at first where I was documenting my new found desire to be a runner (hence the title).  I had run a few 5K’s, 8K’s, and even a couple of 1/2 marathons.  Then on New Year’s Eve, my husband asked me (after several drinks) – when was I going to run a full?  I declared that in the new year of 2010, I would do it!  I immediately went online to find a fall marathon – picked Chicago – and promptly emailed my family in WI to tell them I was coming, I was running, and they better be there to cheer me on.

And I don’t remember sending it.

So, I started getting replies saying Woo Hoo and all that, and I realized “holy crap…now I actually need to run the darn thing!”.

So, I made my blog public and used it as a mechanism to stay accountable to my goal of running the 2010 Chicago Marathon.  And you know what – I crossed that finish line.  Throughout the years, my blog has evolved to be part fitness, part diary, and a lot about food.

And as I’m kicking off 2015, I’ve decided that I need help being held accountable for things.  And as this year is beginning, I’m also taking RunCrissieRun back to it’s beginnings – as a way for me to say out loud and proud what I want to do in 2015.  Because the truth is – I need the help.  Your help.  I’ve kept so many of my past goals a secret, so failing is much easier.  I want 2015 to be the year that I end the BS, know what I mean?

The blog will still have much of what it’s always had, but I will be adding a summary of how I’m tracking with my goals.  Because the thought of writing “screwed up another week” is just not something I think I can stomach.

Okay, so I’m going to fall into that punchline category now.  I was to be healthier.  I want to lose weight.  I want to be an athlete. And I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.  There.  I said it.  Out loud!

I have developed some very bad habits in 2014 (and earlier, truth be told).  Having a glass or two of wine after work every single day has become a habit.  A bad habit.  My processed food intake has increased dramatically (Wheat Thins and hummus for dinner, anyone?), and my physical fitness has dropped significantly.  I go too long between meals and eat way more than I should or need to.  I’ve used a ton of excuses that have perpetuated all of these (busy schedule at work, lots of travel, full time mom, little personal time, RA and injuries/pain)….and I’m sure the list could go on and on.  But you know what?  Lots of people are busy.  Lot’s of people have issues.  It’s just a bunch of excuses right?

So, there ya go.  Laid out in all it’s pathetic glory.  And it’s okay.  It feels good to come clean.  It’s where I go from here that matters the most.

2015 Goals

  • get to a healthy weight.  I’m guesstimating that’s about 40 lbs
  • eliminate processed foods and stick to whole foods and whole grains
  • truly go gluten-free.  I know gluten aggravates my RA and digestive system.  I went GF for 3 months after my initial RA diagnosis and felt great.  But bread and pasta are easy, and I was way into easy.  This one – will be hard.
  • eat regularly.  No skipping meals, no binge eating to make up for it later.
  • eat out less
  • no more exercise excuses.  Do what I love and do it a lot.  I’m sort of starting from scratch on running (my running fitness got to about 2-3 miles at a stretch, and no better).  Ramping up with a 10K app, and will be using that to get me running regularly again.  That will get me to the Shamrock in March, and then I can keep on going!
  • meal plan, shop, and prep.  Every week.  Think ahead when I know I’m traveling (and I have a few trips this year already on the books) – be prepared to eat healthy on the road.
  • blog consistently.  I totally fell off the radar for weeks at a time last year.  this blog keeps me sane, and I like being sane 🙂
  • enjoy a glass of wine once in a while – special occasions, a nice dinner on the weekend, catching up with a girlfriend, etc.  But not every day.  That’s a bad habit that has got to go!
  • meditate daily.  I’ve started and stopped this, but feel great when I do it.  And I know the benefits are huge!
  • reach out when I need help.  Help with sticking to my goals, help around the house, help managing my busy life.
  • slow down when I can.  I can’t always – life really is busy – but I bring some of that down on myself.

I think that’s quite enough!  There are a lot of little goals that will go into these (like redesigning the blog!), but overall, this is what I want in 2015 that I have failed at in 2014.  I want to be clear – 2014 was a great year in a LOT of ways.  But I let my own health and fitness slip a lot in order to gain other things, and that can’t be okay.  Balance is key.  And I know I can find it.

I’ll be updating things in the following locations is you want to expand our dialogue:

  • Instagram RunCrissieRun
  • Twitter @RunCrissieRun
  • Facebook Page RunCrissieRun
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I’ll use the hashtag #healthy2015 too!

So follow along if you want, smack me if I screw up, share your own stories and let me encourage you too!  Let’s make 2015 a kick ass year.


Much love,