Program Review, Races, and Kitty Crack


I'm wrapping up week 2 on the Fresh Start Cleanse. Eating prescriptively is both a good and a bad thing for me I think. Having meals dictated in advance certainly takes the guess work out of what I'm going to have for each meal and snack, but it also takes out the creativity – which is one of my favorite parts of cooking. I love to “play”, and while I am experiencing some new recipes, it's just not the same.

Anyway, here' some pics of the week's eats.

cauliflower soup
baked oatmeal. I really enjoyed this one


This week was all runs and home yoga, but no hot yoga. I wanted to hit up some classes, but I just couldn't fit it in this week.

Tuesday's run was the first really cold one of the year. Temps dropped down to the 40's and maybe a little below, as there were snow flurries when I headed out! But out I went anyway. Bundled in a thermal shirt, T shirt, pull over, hat, gloves, pants, and blinky, I headed out into the cold. I warmed up after a quarter mile or so, and while it was a chilly run, it was still a good one. D was on his way home from work and the store when I went out, so he drove around until he saw me. He said he could see blinky from really far away, so that was awesome. He gave me a quick kiss – commented on how cold my face was and how maybe he should just take me home – but then went home to start dinner while I finished my run.

I did another neighborhood run, and one today at the park. Good times.

I've also signed up for my first big race in a long time. The Shamrock Half! I hope I'm not pushing it with my joints, but I'm feeling good and miss those longer races to train for. I'm also training with a group, so no excuses to lace up and hit the pavement!


This was a really good week in pretty much every aspect. I felt really productive at work, which is always better than that overwhelming “holy crap, my to do list is HOW long?!?” feeling like I typically have 🙂

Kids are doing great. R had a Dr's appt this week, and has the all clear to continue to kick butt as a competative athlete! M has auditions this week for a production of Tarzan and got a call back! His second round of auditions went well (he thinks), and is waiting for a call to see if he's got a part. Here's hoping!

R and I went on a Candlelight Ghost Tour in Williamsburg last night. Over two hours of walking the downtown area listening to stories and lore from the area. R was eating it up! She loved every second of it and now wants all the books about haunted Williamsburg.

So a bit about the cleanse I'm on. D and I have talked at length about it, and there are things I like and things I don't like. I like that it focuses on clean eating with whole foods and nothing processed or out of a box. I think that's the biggest thing people at large are missing in understanding. If you food came from a factory (boxed, bagged, chemicals, preservatives), it's not healthy. I don't care if it says “fat-free”, “no trans fats”, etc – it's not a health food. So in that sense, this program gives your body nurishing foods that, for the most part, taste great.

It also focuses on eliminating the things in your normal diet that may not be the best for you – and this is more of the detoxing part. No caffeine (which is acidic to the body), no gluten (I liked their analogy and explanation – gluten comes from a root word meaning glue – which is a great description of the sticky mess it creates in your digestive tract), no booze. Eliminating these things totally or mostly is not a bad thing.

What I don't like – I already eat this way a lot of the time, so what I got mostly out of is was a few new recipes. Though giving my body a break from gluten, wine, coffee, and processed foods (I won't lie – I love Tostitos and other foods that come from a bag/box too!) has been a good thing. Unintentionally, I've lost 9 lbs in just under 2 weeks. That's crazy!

One of the big pitches for this program was the support via the Facebook page. I'm not finding I relate to anyone on here, and the program creators are basically absent. So what I see are people making tons of changes to the program because they're afraid to try something (like the beet and fennel soup) or don't like a food, so I mainly see things posted like “is this cleanse friendly”. Perhaps I'm missing the intent of the cleanse – but if it has a mapped out meal plan, I don't believe there's an opt-out unless there's an allergy involved. So the “holding each other accountable” part of the FB page seems to not be very successful in my opinion. I also think most people on this cleanse don't come from a clean eating background, so I think it's great for them.

So here's my take. If you already eat mostly healthily, then I wouldn't spend the $60 on this program which is essentially a collection of healthy recipes in an ebook format only. If you don't currently eat healthy or eat a Standard American Diet (SAD), this could very well be worth it – a kick in the butt to clean up your plate and palate, detox with whole foods, break some food addictions, and clear up some lingering issues the SAD way of eating causes (weight gain, bloating, skin issues, body aches, joint pain, fatigue, etc). You can also get – for far less $$ – some great books that have prescriptive plans, such as the Crazy Sexy Diet (an amazing book about healing cancer with healthy foods), which also gives a 21 day program. So that's my 2 cents on the Fresh Start Cleanse. A decent program depending on what your goals are.

On a lighter note, non food related pictures 🙂

finally, a small fridge for my office! I pack some serious foods and snacks and never find room in the community fridge's in the break room.
canned Fancy Feast. Like crack for kitties


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