Gonna Get Squeaky Clean!


For the past year and a half, I've done a “changing of the seasons” cleanse of some sort between each quarter. Two have been all juice, and one has been all smoothie. Well, I learned about a 21-day cleanse from one of my favorite green smoothie sites, and decided I was just going to go for it!

A pre-holiday reset sounds like a great idea to me. It not only provides all the meals and smoothie recipes, but also an online support forum, which is a unique twist that I appreciate, as cleanses aren't always easy – especially the first few days.

There will be a longer review (and guest post or two!) at the end, so for now, you'll just have to suffer through pictures, but no recipes.

Basic cleanse ground rules: no booze, no java/caffeine, no processed foods, no junk. That being said, this is by no means a cleanse that will leave me hungry. Lots of whole foods with some fun twists, if today is any indication.

Breakfast was a green smoothie (naturally), though one I've never had before. In fact, it had an ingredient I never would have thought to put in a smoothie – cilantro! But I loved it.

Lunch was a carrot and ginger soup that I really liked. I had my homemade roasted pumpkin seeds as one snack, and a homemade coconut trail mix as another. Dinner was cauliflower steaks with roasted cherry tomatoes and a cilantro sauce.

I had two water infusions too that I had made overnight, and they were both amazing as well.

So far, so good. Day 1 is in the bag!


Monday is my normal rest day, so no updates on workouts!


I've been planning to do this cleanse for about a week now. So, while R and I were out of town on Sunday, D went to Whole Foods and did my grocery shopping for me! I'm sure he felt way out of his comfort zone, but that's okay. I appreciate that he did it.

I prepped the water infusions, trail mix, and soup before bed so I'd be ready for today.

Up at normal time, got ready for work, made lunches for everyone, whipped up my smoothie, and headed out the door.

Work was good – a productive day thankfully. Not back to back meetings for 8 hours, but enough time to feel like I got something done and don't have to work this evening! That's the one thing that can get annoying – spending so many hours of your day in meetings, that you have to work at home just to get any work done!

Speaking of working from home – that's what I'll be doing tomorrow! Kids are off school, so other than a couple meetings I have to call in for, I can get a ton done.

Tomorrow is election day here in VA for Governor (few other posts as well). It's a hotly contested race, so I'm sure I'll be glued to the news all day waiting to find out who wins.

And because it's cute…a pic of a little beast who couldn't find anything softer to sleep on….

Hope you've all had a great Monday!


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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

6 thoughts on “Gonna Get Squeaky Clean!

  1. When I saw your reference to this cleanse on Instagram, I looked into it. I am REALLY considering giving it a try. I’m very interested in hearing how this goes for you. The no booze part is hard LOL. But I am impressed with the food options.

    I have decided that this year I am using part of my year end bonus to get a Vitamix and a camera. Costco has a Vitamix 5200, so I am probably going for that. I did want to ask your recommendation on the camera. I want something that I can get lenses for. I want to keep it at or under $1000. Costco has some options. But I don’t know anything about cameras.

    1. oh neat! You’ll LOVE the Vitamix. It’s more than paid for itself in the 5 1/2 years I’ve had mine, and it’s the single most used appliance in my house. For the camera, I have a Cannon T3i and love it. I know there’s a new model than the one I have. You really can’t go wrong with a DSLR. Definitely switches lenses, and can be a point and shoot as much as manual. D borrowed someone’s Nikon (a really high priced camera) and said that it was heavier than the Cannon and the controls weren’t as intuitive, and were on the “wrong side”. That said, I have a friend who swears by his Nikon.

      For the cleanse, so far so good! I’ll have a comprehensive review at the end, but I’ve enjoyed all the food and smoothies so far. Let me know if you do it!

  2. AWESOME. That camera is on sale at Costco. G said that said that we should get it now and then I’ll pay it off on the Amex when I get the bonus next month. It comes with two lenses, a camera bag, a SD card, a HDMI cable, and a DVD. Thanks for the advice!!!

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