Easing Out of Vacation Mode to Real Life


I have very little fresh produce in the house, and desperately need to go grocery shopping! That always happens when I travel. I envision a Whole Foods trip after work today!

I made pumpkin chili from Happy Herbivore and a salad for dinner last Tuesday night. The family ate it over veggie rotini noodles, which made it even more hearty. It's one of my favorite simple chili recipes. It's very flavorful, and it uses pumpkin! And that's just cool.

Yesterday for breakfast was a banana and oatmeal (which I accidentally put frozen mixed veggies into instead of blueberries…and when I realized my mistake, added the blueberries too. That, my friends, was a strange yet not unpleasant flavor combination).

Lunch and dinner was Thai food (dinner was lunch leftovers). I wasn't home, so it worked well.


Tuesday afternoon I hit up a hot yoga class. It was a mid-afternoon class (2-3pm), so it wasn't overly crowded. That's the nice thing of a weekday off!

It was also a wonderful class. I don't think I've had an instructor at that studio that I haven't really liked. It also felt great after a day spent traveling.

Yesterday morning I set my alarm early and got up to run. It was way outside my comfort zone (to be up and physically active that early), but I'm glad I did. I ran, got home, showered, got R ready for school, got ready for work, and went about my day!

It did remind me of my paper route when I was a kid. My Dad would get me up at 330am on Sunday delivery days to go get and sub the papers, and then he'd take me around as I delivered it. Then it was off to breakfast, then back to bed. As a result, doing my paper route that early felt more like a dream than anything else. My run was sort of like that. I remember doing it, but it sort of felt like I dreamed it instead.


Post vacation life has been pretty good. I took Tuesday off – I like to do that when I travel. I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning, went to yoga, and catching up on a few household and personal things. It also meant I got to take R to school 🙂

That means yesterday was my Monday at work! I got a lot of catching up done, but also had a lot of meetings. All told, it was a good day. It was a late one though, and I wasn't home until after 730 pm. Today will be another long day, but since it's really only a 3 day work week, that's fine with me!


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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

2 thoughts on “Easing Out of Vacation Mode to Real Life

  1. It’s always hard for me to ease back into reality post vacation. And I always want tons of fresh veggies and of course that requires a grocery store trip. Glad you got up and ran! It can suck getting out of that bed, but once it’s done, you usually feel pretty darn good.

    1. I did feel good – and am going to try again in the morning. Though our cold front came in, and it was only 37 when I woke up today. I’ll have to dig through to find my winter run gear. Love VA season transitions….80 one day, 50 the next…

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