Taste the Rainbow


Well, I ended up doing three days of smoothies. I had so much fun with it, I'm thinking of doing it again soon. Maybe late next week, but we'll see!

I love how colorful they look, and I can truly say I'm eating my rainbow every day! Again, it's been a mix of sweet and savory ones. Blueberry, strawberry, pear/kale, tomato bisque, and avocado cucumber.

Breakfast this morning was Ezekiel toast with sunbutter, banana, and agave. I guess I just wasn't feeling a smoothie for breakfast πŸ™‚


I had one really great run, and one really sucky run. I guess that means they balanced themselves out. Or is it that they canceled themselves out? Wow…I hope it's not the latter!

I've also done several yoga classes of varying styles. I'm sticking mostly with the Yin yogas (gentle, restorative, and relaxing). They make me feel so mellow and happy, I love them.


It's been busy the past few days, but that's really nothing new. Friday morning I had to leave by 6am to hit an early morning meeting. The meeting itself went well, as did the rest of the day. I had a minor heart attack at 230 when my budget database gave me errors as I was submitting them. Oh…and the deadline to have all my budgets submitted was 5pm. It took a bit, but hopefully it's all straight. I'd be kinda screwed if it wasn't!

D took a half day, and drove up to see A. He brought her some cupcakes I made, her bike, and some other miscellaneous stuff. He stayed in a hotel, and they spent a few hours together Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

M spent the night at a friends house, so after driving him there and hanging out with his friends' mom for a bit, R and I went and ran some errands, then came home. I also finally purged something I'd been meaning to for some time.

So I'm a vegan (shocker, I bet you didn't know that), and part of being vegan extends to your entire lifestyle – not just your diet. Yes, I don't eat animals, but I also don't wear leather or wool. I don't buy products I know have been tested on animals, and I don't by products that contain animal by products (like lotions with lanolin). What I hadn't yet done was to go through the things I had in my house that weren't vegan or cruelty-free products and dispose of them. I had make up and cleansers that I didn't realize when I purchased were against my ethics. So R and I spent some time with our list of “bad” companies, and purged the cabinets. It was at once freeing and sad – knowing I had contributed my hard earned money to companies that don't give a second thought to a beings quality of life. So there – I've done it and I feel great about it.

Last night I went to a show with AC. We saw a Weezer tribute band, and they were pretty good. The bassist though, looks JUST like Lou Diamond Phillips did back in his La Bamba days. It was spooky!

Today is family fun day. We're picking M and his friends up, then all hitting Busch Gardens for probably the last time until Halloween. It's a beautiful day, so I'm very much looking forward to it!



Beet Girl


Today has been a day of smoothies. Yep – all smoothies, all day. Two sweet, two savory, and all delicious. My Vitamix got one heck of a workout today!

I decided to do a day of smoothies to give my upset belly a rest. I noticed yesterday afternoon that my digestion is not exactly what it should be. Things are not “moving along” as they should, and I find myself not even feeling hungry because parts of me feel so full (TMI – sorry). This happens around “that time of the month” if I'm not diligent about my diet. Clearly, I may have snacked on one too many tortilla chips in the last week! Sunday night's dinner (the Latin Fiesta) was also very heavy, and I didn't recover well from it. Not to mention one of the empanadas had gluten – so to make a short story long, I wanted to give my belly and digestion a rest to catch up on the past few days!

The best way I know how to do that is to have juice or smoothies only. The thought is, the juicer or blender already chews your food for you, so you spend less energy digesting your meals. Since I just decided late last night to do this, a juice fast was out of the question. It requires so much more preparation than an hour before bed, but I'm always ready for smoothies.

If you can get past the fact that you're not chewing anything, you quickly realize that your not hungry. Smoothies provide plenty of calories and nutrients to meet your needs. It's definitely a psychological thing to get over the chewing thing. I know from personal experience on 3-5 day juice fasts that at several points you just want to munch! Fortunately, that didn't happen for me today.


I went for a 3 mile run at lunch today. I will be honest – my preferred time of day to run is smack dab in the middle of it. Would I like to be a morning runner someday? Absolutely. I just hate mornings, so that sort of works against me.

I usually run late at night, but that contributes to my difficulty sleeping because my body is all amped up and sleep is the last thing it wants to do.

So – mid day runs are my favorite. It also helps break up the monotony of the day, and when I can work it in (and a shower, of course – my co workers don't want to smell me!), that's my preferred time.

The problem is, I have very pale skin. And my face turns this horrendous beet red for HOURS after any cardio workout. So, not only do I need to plan my mid-day runs around my work schedule, I do try to do them when I either don't have any afternoon meetings or if I do – that they're conference calls. That way I can hide in my office until the glow subsides.


Things have been going well today. My oldest texts regularly about college life, and she's clearly enjoying it. Hope she thinks that when classes start up!

D is going up on Friday to spend the night (at a hotel for him, of course) and visit with her. He'll be bringing up her bike, some clothes, laundry soap, rolls of quarters, etc. And they're planning a photography day on Saturday too.

While he's gone, R, M, and I will be playing Ultimate Frisbee! I imagine it's going to be very comical, since I don't even really know what it is. My hiking meet-up group is doing it, and since it's all ages (and skill levels…that's important), I thought it would be an excellent way to try out a new activity. With kids!

D and I finally had massages today after work. Wow…totally what I needed. I was tell D that we had to become independently wealthy so we could start each morning with a professional massage. He decided that we will have a dedicated massage room, and that's how we will kick off every morning. Someday πŸ™‚


Mi Casa Es Yummy


Latin Fiesta at Mi Casa! Yes, a couple semesters of Spanish comes in handy!

Since it was such a yucky and rainy day yesterday, it seemed perfect to spend the afternoon in the kitchen. I ended up making empanadas two ways; one corn crust with squash and potato filling, and one wheat crust with black bean and rice filling. Both yummy! I also made some arepas (corn griddle cakes) and chili-lime grilled asparagus and served it with a small salad, brown rice, and plenty of hot sauce.

Today was the rest of the pot pie leftovers for breakfast, grilled tofu with cabbage for lunch, and a smoothie for dinner.


I seriously intended to run today. I swear I did. I even put on my running clothes!

And then I didn't. At the moments of the day I had free when I could run, it was raining. And while the treadmill is there, I just couldn't do it. I popped in a workout DVD instead and then did an hour of yoga. So I still got my exercise in, but I really am moping about not running. Maybe tomorrow!


It was a low key evening yesterday – we started watching a movie, but I was falling asleep, so we went to bed. So exciting, I know πŸ™‚

Speaking of sleep, I slept pretty well last night! That makes me incredibly happy, because I'm really trying to revamp my crappy sleep habits.

Today was up at 6 as usual, then work. I only had one meeting today (which I think is some kind of record), so I got to knock out a lot of budget fun.

This evening was swim team practice for R, then a trip to the grocery since I didn't go yesterday. No time for much else, other than trying to finish that movie from yesterday!

All told, not a bad Monday at all.


Yes, Pot Pie Can Be Sexy!


Friday was pretty cool on the food front. Avo and pickle toast for breakfast, leftover lemon-pepper tofu steaks and cuc salad for lunch, and for dinner…the best ever. Couples Tofu Pot Pie! It's only a couple's pie because D and I made it together, but still….it was incredible. Super simple too…so read on for a savory pie that will warm your belly and comfort you after a long day!

Couples Tofu Pot Pie (Can be Singles Tofu Pot Pie if no one will make it with you)


*2 pie crusts. Can be homemade – I wasn't feeling that adventurous. Most rolled up pie crusts in the freezer section are vegan.

*2 large potatoes, peeled and cubed into bite sized pieces

*1/2 block of pressed extra firm tofu, cut into bite sized pieces (I like making them the same size as the potatoes)

*16 ounce bag of frozen veggies of choice. I went with the Americana corn/peas/green beans combo

*1 quart veggie broth (I used homemade – but do what you need to here)

*3 tsp poultry seasoning

*2 tsp sea salt

*1 tbsp corn starch

*3 tbsp water


*Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

*Put potato cubes into a stock pot and cover with the veggie broth. Bring to a boil and then cook on med until potatoes are softened, but still a little crisp (about 10 minutes)

*Add tofu, veggies, salt, and seasoning. Bring to a boil.

*Mix the cornstarch in water, and add to the boiling stock pot. Cook on high until it starts to thicken, about 3-5 minutes.

*Roll out pie crust and place in a pie dish.

*Scoop filling until it hits the top. You will have extra filling – which is cool since it's yummy and that means leftovers.

*Top with other pie crust, crimp edges together, and cut some vents in the top.

*Bake for 35 minutes, until golden brown. Let cool a few minutes, and then eat!

leftover pot pie filling with a biscuit top!


Yoga has been the exercise of choice the past few days. Party due to convenience, and partly because it's just what I wanted to do.

Friday I did not work out. It was a hectic day at work, and D and I had plans for Friday evening, so a rest day it became!

Saturday was spent moving my daughter, so hopefully climbing 5 flights of stairs with her worldly possessions counted, at least a little bit. I really wanted to bike, but the rain just wouldn't let up.

I did do a 90 minute yoga class around 9 pm last night though. It was called Ayurveda Vata Yoga, and it's focus was restorative, joint health, and calming the mind. It was a wonderful class, and I got to use my new bolster! I really like this class specifically for the focus on joint health. I know many people with arthritis fall into the trap of being sedentary – and nothing could be worse. If we don't keep the joints lubricated with regular movement (gentle movement!), then the arthritis gets worse. It's a viscous cycle, because I know personally how fearful it can be to exercise – for fear that the pain will get worse. Truth is, the right kind of exercise makes the pain better, or even go away. Anyway, in this particular class, gentle and circular motions on all joints were performed, and it was not only relaxing, but also very releasing. Loved it.

R and I had plans to hike the Windsor Castle trails today, but all evening and then overnight and morning rains derailed that plan. By mid day I was feeling very tired and drained (didn't sleep well), so I opted for an energizing yoga practice. 60 minutes of an anusara class (never had done that style before), that focused on bringing energy back into an overtired body. Sun salutations, back bends, hip openers, and deep breathing did the trick. I feel much better than I had earlier in the day.

Bumble the Zen Kitty joining me for practice today


It's been a weekend filled with ups and downs. Friday evening the girls spent together. A took R back to school clothes shopping (nothing like the fashion student helping the 10 year old pick out clothes!) and then they went to dinner and a movie. M was at a birthday party, so D and I were on our own!

We had talked about going out to dinner, but he came up with a better plan. I pick the meal, and we cook together! He was open for anything but chickpeas (he's getting more open to my way of eating), and then we'd watch a movie. So, he picked up a couple bottles of wine on his way home, and we played music, danced, cooked, talked, and had an overall perfect evening. We watched a movie, then hung out with all the kids when they started getting home around 10 pm, then went off to bed. It was absolutely wonderful.

Saturday everyone was up early to take A up to college and move her to to start her own life adventures. Check in to her dorm was smooth and easy, and she's a pretty minimalist kid, so aside from a laptop, clothes, and toiletries, the only items she brought was her sewing machine and a small blender for morning smoothies! When we left, she had plans to meet up with some friends (she knows several people going to school there), and texted regularly as she was out playing pool, and then going rock climbing at the universities gym. This week is Freshman orientation week, so plenty of activities. We met her roommate, and so far the two girls are getting along great. She seems nice – and it should be interesting – she's a chemistry/nursing major with my art school daughter.

We all managed to say goodbye without too many tears, and the 4 of us headed home while A stayed at her new “home”. Sigh.

Today has been pretty relaxing. The weather has been horrible, so it's been cleaning, TV/movies, and getting ready to make a big Latin feast for dinner. Oh, and kitties. Lots and lots of kitties!

So all told, it's been a great weekend. Hope yours has too!



Zen Cat


All my mornings have started with a green smoothie. In one I put my Vega supplement, but otherwise just straight up, just how I like it!

I also whipped up a batch of acorn squash alfredo! This has got to be one of my favorites of all time. I had a batch made when my parents were visiting last year, and I remember my dad liking it. Wish he could share in this batch too!

Last night I baked up some lemon-pepper tofu steaks. With a side of cucumber/red onion/bell pepper salad, it was a light and crisp meal.


I took one night off as a rest night, but otherwise have been loading up on yoga classes every day! I'm totally in heaven. It's been fun building up my home yoga practice too. I already have a mat, blankets, blocks, and a strap. I did splurge on a bolster that just arrived today! Can't wait to use it. My little studio is pretty much fully equipped!

I've signed up for a 5K on Memorial Day! And what's even cooler is doing it with my youngest. It's called Sparkle Me Wild, and you basically get dusted with paint and glitter all through the run. Too cool for her first race experience! I want her to find them fun rather than competitive (she gets enough of that with swim team).

Speaking of runs (nice segue, right??), I had a killer run last night. It was in the mid-70's, low humidity, and beautiful. Just shy of 4 miles, but it was blissful. I've missed this.


It's been a pretty good week. Hectic, but good. Most nights I've stayed home making dinner while D took R to swim team practice. A is trying to see everyone before heading off to university on Saturday. M, I think, is just looking forward to school starting back up and having his boring summer end.

Sleep has been a bit more elusive, and none more so than last night. I managed a whopping 2 hrs of sleep. I was afraid I'd be a hot mess today, but have done much better than anticipated. My morning picture today helped πŸ™‚

Last night I did what was supposed to be an uber relaxing yoga class at 10pm so I could be nice and chill before bed. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. Something fairly major bubbled up at work yesterday, and I was working well into the late evening about it. As a result, my head was spinning – which is more or less my normal state anyway – and I couldn't shut it off. Also the beasties (all 3) were trying to get in the room to play – and they were distracting me. At one point I finally let Bumble in (she's MY cat afterall…), and while I was in my lying pose, she curled up in my hair and started to purr. My racing brain immediately calmed down and all I could do is smile, pet her gently, and finally find the zen I was looking for. She's my zen cat! Then, of course, she wanted to leave and all my zen went with her. Brat cat….


Hell Hath Frozen Over


Breakfast was my favorite green smoothie. Water, banana, tons of mixed frozen fruits, and as much spinach as I can stuff in it. I know there are tons of websites and recipes for fancy green smoothies filled with exotic fruits and veggies and supplements – but I find myself going to this one most of the time.

For lunch D and I met up and went out for sushi! Since our new austerity program kicked in last month, going out to eat was the first sacrifice to the budget gods. It's actually been fun and it's been like a competition to see how far under the budget we can get. So it was pretty special to go out with just the two of us. We went to my favorite place, and I enjoyed the same thing I always get – the Vegetarian Set. Avocado rolls, broccoli rolls, and sweet potato rolls. YUM.

For dinner, I made sweet and sour tofu. I made the tofu separately (normally I'd just make it in the same pan as everything else), but D has this irrational fear of soy products (milk, tofu, etc….if he actually read ingredient labels, he'd realize it's in the majority of foods). I put the cooked tofu cubes aside, then prepped the rest of the meal, filled with pineapple, red bell peps, red onion, and broccoli in an awesome sauce. I layered the rice, the tofu, and the sauce and veggies for the kids and I, and omitted the tofu for D. He was so moved by the gesture, that he volunteered to try a bite of my little tofu cube. Then he added a handful of tofu to his dish – and ate it. Yes, I can confirm that hell hath frozen over. My husband ate tofu. This should be a national holiday.


When I signed up for YogaGlo the other day (it really has only been since Saturday, but I've used it daily – in some cases multiple times), I indicated that some of my initial goals with yoga is stress reduction and anything that can help with insomnia. The site recommended a few classes, and I did the first one of them tonight.

The class is simply called Deep Relaxation Practice. I can tell you that I got so relaxed, that I fell asleep just halfway through it! I know that I'm going to do this class several times, just to learn everything so I can put it into practice on those nights I have trouble sleeping.


Last night was relatively peaceful. We watched a cartoon movie – Epic – and enjoyed it very much. D and the kids wound down for bed around 10ish, and after saying our good nights, I went back downstairs. Part of this insomnia thing is being sure I don't go to bed too early, and to be sure I get up at the same time every day. The thought process (this comes from my sleep doc), is that we don't need as much sleep as we think we do, and we should not be in bed unless we intend to sleep. If I plan to wake at 6am every day, and I know I only need about 7 hours of sleep to function well, I shouldn't be going to bed before 11pm. I think part of my insomnia issue is that I try to go to bed really early with the hopes that between 9-6ish, I can squeeze that 7 hours in. For me personally, I actually seem to function well around 6-6.5 hours of sleep, so I've been making myself stay up until 1130. It seems to be working!

That meant I had an hour and a half to myself last night. I read some, chatted online with AC who's on vacation, and watched 3 meditation videos on YogaGlo. I'm so serious about beating these sleep issues once and for all! I've always wanted to learn meditation, but didn't really know how. It's not like the local community college offers classes! I've googled over the years to look for places in my area that may teach it, but rarely have found anything. So, I'm glad for these videos and hope I learn something from them. The symptom of my insomnia is mainly in the inability to shut my brain off long enough to relax. I'm hoping that meditation and relaxation techniques in general will help with that.

Today was work and a vet appointment for the fuzz-buckets. They have a clean bill of health, their first round of shots and treatments, and a pet hospital that completely fell in love with them. Can't say as I blame them…they're pretty darn cute.