Another One to File Under “You Can’t Make Stuff Like This Up”


Today was a simple day on the food front. Nothing overly fancy, which ended up being a good thing because it was one heck of a rough day.

For breakfast I made a monster smoothie full of banana, orange, strawberry, kale, and some frozen watermelon (I've taken to freezing fruit just before it's about to turn and using it in smoothies). It was big, and cold, and filling, and awesome. I'm out of spinach and have been using kale in my smoothies. It definitely has longer staying power, though a stronger taste.

Lunch was the last of the garlicky beans served up on a bed of romaine lettuce.

For dinner I decided on soup. My uber spicy tofu soup, to be exact. Why would I do this? It's hot as hades outside and a BAS or raw soup sounds better, right? It's because it's so hot (and my AC broke), that I decided to take a page from super hot dessert and tropical climates. Eat spicy food – heat up on the inside and you'll cool off on the outside. I have no idea if it worked, but it was tasty.



Prior to AC drama, I did hit up a killer spin class today. I'd never had this instructor before, and she was awesome. I loved her teaching style, and she pushed us very hard. When the guy in front of me got off his bike, his shorts were dripping and leaving puddles on the floor. Gross, yes, but I don't think anyone left that studio dry.


Well, what can I say? Today sucked a bit.

First, I slept poorly. D is stuffy and has been snoring badly the past week or so. Not his fault, but I'm a crazy light sleeper, so he was waking me up every 20 minutes or so (he doesn't normally snore). It got so bad, that I curled up on the floor in the corner hoping the distance and the fan would drown it out.

Thankfully it was already scheduled as a work from home day, so I didn't have to worry about being overly presentable. D took R to daycamp, and I got busy working.


It was a work from home day for two reasons. The first is the movers were moving my office and I had no where to physically work. Most of us worked at home today who were being moved. The second was because I had my annual pest inspection scheduled for this afternoon (between 3-5pm). Just the normal stuff – checking for critters, termites, verifying the moisture barrier under the house was doing it's job. Stuff like that.

Anyway, A woke up not feeling well. Her boyfriend had been sick, and sure enough, she woke with a sore throat and general crappiness. Even though she's 18, I was glad to be home today so she wasn't home alone and sick.

Around noon or so, the AC unit started making this horrific noise. I actually recorded it to play for the maintenance guy (whenever he may show up). Also, the unit fan wasn't running, but the inside blower is fine. I have google-diagnosed it as a busted fan motor. Sadly, I need the expert to confirm and fix it….especially before the vegan meet up party I'm hosting this Saturday. And because it's hot, I'm spoiled, and I want air conditioning.

So, in our 90's+ heat with high humidity and rain in the forcast, our AC is off and busted.

Oh, and part of a tree fell in our back yard and is stuck in another tree. On the sunny side, it didn't hit the fence or anything.

And the pest inspector showed up two hours early, I had to miss a pretty important meeting, to find out the moisture barrier isn't exactly doing it's job. No critters or termites – but definite pooling of water under the house. Which needs to be fixed and also requires a preventative fungal treatment.

As of right now, I'm sitting outside because it's cooler than inside. And I'm seriously considering sleeping out here….if I can find a way to make the bugs go away.

Tomorrow is a new day, with new possibilities. Let's hope they're more favorable!

With that, good night. I really and truly have nothing more to say!


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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

2 thoughts on “Another One to File Under “You Can’t Make Stuff Like This Up”

  1. Ugh – when it rains it pours. When we bought our first place together (a townhouse) in the first few days we had a water heater bottom drop out (oh and it was walled in upstairs), the fridge died and the AC went out – it was 113 degrees. We slept in front of fans blowing on bowls of ice in the living room. Yep. Good times LOL. I hope all this means that your weekend is going to be amazing!

    1. thanks! I feel guilty for sounding so whiny. None of this is the end of the world, and it will all be ok. It was just a lot to happen all at once! I suppose life has to keep things interesting for us, right?!

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