Insomniacs of the World Unite


Dinner last night was really good.  I marinated some portabella mushroom caps in some homemade veggie broth, minced garlic, and balsamic vinegar for about a half hour.  The D threw them on the grill for me!

I served them up in a big collard leaf (instead of a burger bun) and topped with cabbage, red onion, sliced tomato, and sauerkraut.  I was going to make a quinoa salad for a side dish, but was too lazy and just ate two of my shroom burger wraps instead.

shroom burger wrap
shroom burger wrap

001 (Small)

I had absolutely no appetite today.  I had very little sleep, and I find that I’m either starving the next day or completely disinterested in food.  I was the latter.

I didn’t have anything for breakfast, but lunch was some reheated lentils and rice from dinner Friday night.  I don’t think I blogged about it, but it was my usual.  2 cups lentils, 1 cup brown rice, 2 tbsp. of spice (I usually go with something Middle Eastern, and this was no change – I used a Baharat spice blend).  Pop it in the rice cooker and that’s all she wrote.

005 (Small)

I heated up a bowl and topped it with some shredded cabbage and hot sauce.

Late afternoon I had a plain baked potato with pepper.  Boring, but I wasn’t in the mood for anything fancier.

For dinner, I ended up making a savory green smoothie.  4-5 Roma tomatoes, 1/4 yellow bell pepper, a chunk of red onion (I’d guess about 1-2 tbsp.), a celery stalk, a large carrot, and a few big handfuls of spinach.  Into the Vitamix and then into my belly.

before blending!  Can you imagine sitting down to a bowl of this?  Sometimes I can...but today, I blended that BAS and drank it instead!  Took much less effort...
before blending! Can you imagine sitting down to a bowl of this? Sometimes I can…but today, I blended that BAS and drank it instead! Took much less effort…

007 (Small)


I knew when I woke up this morning that it’d be a rough day.  I had about 2 hours of sleep and needed to focus.  So….I went to a spinning class at the Y.  I figured I needed to get my blood pumping to wake my #$% up, and it worked.  I can’t get over how many people workout that early in the morning.  Crazy.

good burn in that class this morning!
good burn in that class this morning!

Anyway, my bum is still sore from Saturday’s class with AZ, but I threw on some padded bike shorts and muscled through it.


I was up late working last night (until 1 am or so), and since my brain was spinning, I had no hope of actually falling asleep.  As it happens, a very good friend of mine was also unable to sleep, so we chatted for a bit in the middle of the night, which was actually really nice.  I finally dozed off sometime around 330.  I’m surprisingly awake today, so that’s good at least!

It’s a typical Monday evening, though I’m home earlier than usual (as in 7pm instead of 8 pm!).  We’re all starting to wind down and for me personally – I’m really looking forward to going to bed as soon as possible!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

2 thoughts on “Insomniacs of the World Unite

    1. My too! Heading that way in a few minutes hoping to make up for the last few nights.
      I’m totally new to mushrooms, and have no idea how to grill. D does the grilling part, but I do want to learn one of these days.

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