Eggplant Bacon. Really…Doesn’t Get Cooler Than That


It’s been a really great weekend of food.

Friday I didn’t eat very much.  I went to bed Thursday night feeling a bit off, and Friday had a headache most of the day.  Whatever I started coming down with though left.  I seriously think it’s from my hyper intake of juices and smoothies.  I’ve watched people around me (and in my family) drop like flies with winter colds/flu/nasty viruses.  I had a day and a half of feeling a less than great, and then was back to myself.

Saturday morning I started by a total “empty the fridge” juice.  I needed carrot pulp for a different recipe (called Save the Tuna Pate), so after juicing a pound of carrots, I put that pulp in a separate bowl, and then added a head of romaine lettuce, a peeled lemon, an inch or so of raw ginger root, and half of a long English cucumber.  It made a ton…and I drank it all.  Amazingly tasty and refreshing.  What I love about my juicer is the only food I need to peel is citrus (nothing can my pith taste good), and it has a really wide chute so it can take whole fruits/veggies too.

not too pretty...but really tasty!
not too pretty…but really tasty!

For lunch I met up with AC and my godson for some Pasha’s fun.  I had the kale and beet salad (surprise, surprise) and the organic quinoa tabbouleh.  Both fantastic!

photo 1

Dinner was a meetup with the Vegan group!  It’s amazing to me how much this group has grown in just the past 5 months since I started going.  The food was amazing and all the people of course.  I only took a few pictures.  The rest I think were taken by Greg who blogs over here!

600_197441142 600_197399992 600_197384482 600_197384422 600_197384382 600_197384292   007 (Small) 006 (Small)

My contribution was a BAS and four homemade dressings (lemon hemp, raw carrot/ginger/miso, Italian, and Green Goddess made with my homemade soy yogurt).  Lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber, red onion, tomato, and beet.

005 (Small) 004 (Small)

Today was a really, really big green smoothie.  Water, banana, pineapple, strawberry, and spinach.

008 (Small)

Lunch was from the Whole Foods salad bar.  Apparently they took to heart my Facebook plea that they add more vegan friendly items to their food bar!  I was happy to find (for the first time) grilled tofu, more vegan salad mixes, and the like.  Still very limited on the salad dressings (only 1 was vegan), but it’s a start.

photo 2

Dinner was a BAS of mixed baby greens, orange scented beets I made in my pressure cooker today (and used the cooking liquid as my dressing), red onions, tomatoes, and roasted balsamic portabella mushrooms.

012 (Small)

I also had a lot of fun with my dehydrator this weekend.  Yesterday I whipped up a batch of the best kale chips yet (hyper spicy…and A has already eaten most of them), and right now I have eggplant “bacon” going.  Yes…it’s going to be epic.

thinly sliced eggplant, waiting to be dehydrated into vegan bacon!
thinly sliced eggplant, waiting to be dehydrated into vegan bacon!


Today was one of those runs that makes you just love running.  It was high 50’s/low 60’s where a t-shirt and shorts are all you need.  After a slow warm up, I felt like I was flying.  I had a bit of running into the wind on the loop back home, but overall I was thrilled with it.  According to Nike+, I ran my fasted kilometer since I started using Nike almost a year ago.  Woo hoo!

CT has convinced me (not that it was hard, mind you…all she had to do was ask!), do run in another race in May.  It’s called the Miller Lite Filthy 5K.  Based on the pictures, I’ll be covered in mud after a obstacle-ish run IN (yes in) and around the James river in Richmond.  It should be absolutely hilarious.

clearly Bumble isn't the only one in the family who loves yoga...
clearly Bumble isn’t the only one in the family who loves yoga…


Friday was quiet and meant me in bed early.  D didn’t really give me much choice on that!  On a side note, R is clearly feeling better.  She ate nearly an entire pizza that night.  While it’s not my meal of choice for her, I’m happy to see her appetite coming back.

Saturday was busy.  I was up early and working (lots to do in the next few months), and managed to get quite a bit done before the masses of the family started waking up.

Lunch with AC and E was really nice.  We got to catch up, and I got to spend time with E.  He’s such a silly and snuggly little man.  Love bread too!  It was fun watching him try to figure out how to hold his cup and food in both hands.  And play hide and seek with the table.  And put his socks on our heads.


Saturday night was the vegan meetup party.  I was gone about 4 hours and had a really nice time!

Today was dedicated to food fun and grocery shopping as usual.  Typical Sunday, and I love it.

D and Bumble on Friday night playing video games
D and Bumble on Friday night playing video games

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

6 thoughts on “Eggplant Bacon. Really…Doesn’t Get Cooler Than That

  1. Love the juice ideas and wondered if you’ve written about buying your Vitamix? My wife and I are testing the waters on a juicer purchase and would love some pointers! : )

    1. absolutely! Just keep in mind that a Vitamix isn’t a juicer. If you want juice vs. smoothie, look at the Breville or Omega juicers, or even the Jack LaLane power juicer (that’s what I started with before moving to Breville). That said – my Vitamix is absolutely my most used appliance. I probably use it 1-5 times per day, and it cleans itself, which is just amazing. I know a lot of Blendtec users too…and most fall into one of those two camps. I’m firmly in the Vitamix camp myself! I bought mine at a Sam’s Club road show 5 years ago. They just had one at Whole Foods last month too, and can get be a way to get a great deal. Williams Sonoma carries them now too, so if you can get a store coupon, you can save a little that way. I think that blender cost more than my first car 🙂

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