Green Juice and Mean Mittens


I soaked a batch of soybeans before bed so I could make some fresh homemade soymilk this morning.  It’s been a long time since I’ve made any.  I have a second double batch soaking now so I can attempt to make some homemade yogurt this week!  Seriously….I couldn’t get this urge when I had the time off from work to play around.  No…not me.  I have to wait until life gets busy again.

Today started with a surprisingly refreshing green juice.  One head of romaine lettuce, half of a fresh pineapple, and half a bulb of fennel made for a light and slightly sweet juice.  Still amazes me the number of servings of fresh fruits and veggies you can get so quickly via juicing and smoothies.  Anyway, it’s a keeper.

001 (Small) (2)

Lunch was a BAS of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and red bell peppers with a dressing made from spicy tomato juice, Italian seasoning, silken tofu, and garlic.  Not the best dressing I’ve ever made, but not bad.  I also had a serving of brown rice pasta with some spicy arrabbiata sauce and a little vegan mozz on top.

004 (Small) (2)


006 (Small) (2)

Dinner, though.  That was fun.  I am in serious need of grocery shopping (all I’ve bought recently are things for juices!).  So, digging in the cupboards I ended up making a mashed potato enchilada!  I made a batch of mashed potatoes (using Earth Balance and some homemade soymilk from this morning) and then mixed in some roasted veggies (mushrooms, carrots, onion, and broccoli).  That’s it.  Wrapped inside corn tortillas, topped with a can of enchilada sauce, and bake for 30 minutes.  I served them with a side salad and quesadillas, and everyone was happy!

009 (Small) (2) 008 (Small) (2)


Today was a run day.  It was cold, but I think I more or less managed to dress OK.  I had a long sleeve technical mock turtleneck, a t-shirt over it, and long running pants.  I’m glad I wore my hat and gloves, though my hands got almost too warm on the last mile.  I left them on because I had no pockets and really didn’t want to carry them, but it was starting to get uncomfortable.

If you grew up in cold weather as a kid, they had these fun things that allowed you to attach your gloves to your jacket.  Sometimes they were clips, other times the gloves were actually attached by a long string that went through your sleeves.  It helped so kids didn’t lose their mittens. I think I need those.

sadly, if you were only wearing one mitten and a mean kid came up and pulled on the dangling'd end up smacking yourself in the face.  Probably why they don't make these for adults...
sadly, if you were only wearing one mitten and a mean kid came up and pulled on the dangling one…you’d end up smacking yourself in the face. Probably why they don’t make these for adults…


Today was totally back to normal.  Getting up early, making lunches, shuffling everyone out the door, working, working out, cooking, and R’s swim team practice.  It’s nice that back to work after a long break is mid-week.  It’ll feel less stressful by the time the weekend rolls around!

I leave you with a picture a friend posted on Facebook today.  I absolutely love it!  A good reminder the next time a swing through a fast food joint seems like a good idea….



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