Grateful for a Small Melon


Saturday was dinner out with AC at our usual Turkish spot. I tend to get one of a few things when I’m there, depending on how I’m feeling. Since I had a huge salad for lunch, I decided to forgo my typical kale/beet salad and lentil soup for their Maiden Cake – a baked red lentil cake topped with vegan aioli, tomato slices, and served on a plate of kale. And wine. A bit too much wine as it happens…

Pasha's Maiden Cake.  Absolutely amazing...
Pasha’s Maiden Cake. Absolutely amazing…

Sunday I did as little as possible for the entire day. Lunch was a veggie burrito on a whole grain tortilla and I don’t remember dinner. I really was just trying to keep my head from pounding the day away.

It was on Sunday that I decided I would do a couple of days of just juicing. Only I would think it’s a good idea to start a juice fast on New Year’s Eve!

So, I had a ton of juices on Monday and today. By far my favorite was one of carrot, tomato, celery, and lime. Holy cow – it was SO good.  I also had a great Go Green juice at a local juice bar (well, local for me being a 20 min drive to where all the fun hippie grocery stores are) called Fruitive.  The juice was fantastic, and I only remembered to take a pic with my phone after it was mostly gone.

can't remember everything in it, but there was lots of green stuff!
can’t remember everything in it, but there was lots of green stuff!

I will say my plan of 3 days of juicing was derailed today though. I went on a hike today, thinking it would be a simple 2.5 mile easy-going trail, and it ended up being a heck of a lot harder, I felt off, so I ate dinner. It was healthy and what I needed, though I’m sad I didn’t get 3 days of juicing in. Of course, that’s not to say I still can’t make fresh juice whenever the heck I feel like it!

Crissie’s Break-The-Juice Fast Lentils and Rice


*1 1/2 cups brown rice, rinsed
*3/4 cup lentils, rinsed
*4 cups water
*3 TBSP Rogan Josh spice blend (any spice combo will work, I used this Indian blend I picked up at Penzy’s during my Richmond weekend)
*1 tsp. sea salt


*put it all in your rice cooker, and cook (if you have a fuzzy logic machine, use the brown rice setting
*alternatively, you could cook it in a stock pot. Just bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat to low, and cook for about 50 minutes, until the rice and lentils are tender.

I served it with a slice of squeezed lemon and some green beans.

019 (Small)


I woke Saturday to another rainy day, so I asked R if she wanted to hit the pool for a workout with me. And since her alter ego is a fish, she jumped at the chance.

my swim workout.  R had her own she did which involved many strokes I don't know how to do....
my swim workout. R had her own she did which involved many strokes I don’t know how to do….

It took us awhile to stake out lanes to swim (thanks to a really cranky and rude old guy), so we ended up swimming in neighboring lanes for the first half hour. The second half hour we were able to share a lane, which was nice.

When we got to the pool, I hopped it – and my goggles snapped as soon as I tried putting them on. Crap. R pulls out her back up goggles to lend me, which is cute – but she’s 9. She wears itty bitty sized goggles, because even at 9, she’s itty bitty. They fit. I was grateful to be able to do my workout – but sort of freaked out that I have a melon small enough to wear her goggles.

I went home and ordered new ones.  Grown up ones.

Monday I did an online gentle yoga class. If I do a juice day, I don’t do anything more strenuous than easy yoga (despite my complaining about it last Thursday….) or walking. Sammie loves it when I have juicing days!

Today I went on a guided hike with R at York River State Park. I found it as part of a meetup group a few weeks ago. It was billed as a 2 1/2 mile hike, and I figured hiking is pretty much just walking – but with more nature around you.

Keep in mind that I live in a region that’s incredibly flat. We have no hills this close to the ocean at all, so I wasn’t anticipating that driving a little over an hour north of here would mean hills. I mean – I hear Richmond has them and I was only 50 miles south, but still. Hills!

So – I had my wish of cross-country hobbit hiking totally fulfilled. There were many times where we were going up on narrow snaking trails with sharp drop offs at pretty steep angles. (if you couldn’t tell by the sheer volume of adjectives in that sentence – this was nothing like a leisurely walk I thought it was going to be!) It took the group of 30 hikers two hours to complete the hike. We did stop at a few overlooks and even got to see a bald eagle, which was totally cool! R was happy to use her new hiking pack with water reservoir (she drank all 60 ounces), new hiking shoes, and pants.

I really enjoyed having a park ranger do the guided hike. He pointed out things I never in a million years would have noticed – like how vegetation changes closer to the water, how the creeks and rivers got wider in certain areas, and how high tree areas usually have thick canopy and that totally changes what’s on the ground. It was really cool – though the last 30 minutes R and I both were running out of steam. Next time – no fasting and more snacks. R did have some crackers during the hike, but we were both starving when it was over. No way was juice was going to satisfy that!

strange gnarly tree we saw
strange gnarly tree we saw

018 (Small) 017 (Small)

it was about 45 degrees - started out feeling chilly, but we warmed up quickly.
it was about 45 degrees – started out feeling chilly, but we warmed up quickly.

015 (Small) 014 (Small)


Saturday was spent at the Y and running some errands and cleaning up before going out. Sunday, as I mentioned before, was spent in bed 🙂

While R and I were at the gym on Saturday, D had a bit of an adventure doing the laundry.  We have a laundry chute from our bathroom upstairs down to the wash room downstairs.  Somehow, a flying squirrel got in there, and popped out when D went to start a load!  He safely caught him and we let him go in a tree in the backyard.

yes, D put the poor bugger in my French Press!
yes, D put the poor bugger in my French Press!

Monday morning I went grocery shopping after making my first juice so I could restock since it’s back to work/school time for everyone. Also the new bedroom furniture sets for M and R arrived and much of the day was spent rearranging those rooms.

New Year’s Eve hasn’t been a big deal for a long time. I don’t like the idea of going out to crowded bars/parades/concerts and then worry about stupid drivers. D and I hadn’t gone out for New Years in the last 10 years, opting to stay home with the kids and chill out here.

This year was a little different. R and I still stayed home, but D and the older two didn’t. He took them to the all-night laser tag lock in with friends. We Face Timed at midnight (the three of us) and then R and I went to bed at 1210. After laser tag ended around 7am, he took the kids out to breakfast and then they all came here and crashed – and R and I went hiking.

So – not our normal NYE, but still very nice. It was weird not spending it with D, but he was out doing awesome Dad things, so I can’t complain!

I hope you all had a nice and safe New Year’s Eve and achieve wonderful and happy things in 2013!

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