Building Traditions and Tossing Wrapping Paper


Dinner last night was a BAS with a Raw Lemon Dressing from The Raw Project that was absolutely amazing.  I bought a package of hemp seeds several months ago and haven’t used it (since I really didn’t know how).  I was surprised at how thick it was, and tasted almost like tahini.  Either way, I’m totally making and eating this often.

my BAS
my BAS

I also made a sweet potato, red lentil, and spinach soup based on a recipe from Everyday Happy Herbivore.  Yummy dinner!

003 (Small)

I met up with D for lunch today at Haru sushi and had the best cucumber avocado rolls ever.  And edamame of course!


I wasn’t in the mood for a run today, and couldn’t find a yoga studio open past noon so I downloaded a yoga video online and did that and a workout DVD.


D had to work half of today so when his alarm went off I naturally woke up.  I decided that Bumble was way too snugly, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and crawled back in bed with her to read for a little while.

After a green smoothie and working out, the kids started to wake up, have breakfast, and then proceed to do as little as possible.  Can’t say that I blame them!

After lunch was a trip to the grocery and then watching TV in my room while wrapping gifts.

I’ve mentioned before that D and I don’t live near family, so we have a mish mash of traditions from growing up.  For example, my sister and I always opened a pair of jammies and a game on Xmas eve.  D and I do that with our family too, and have built on it a bit.  We all exchange jammies and a family game.  Then we play the game (in our new jammies of course) and the winner gets to pick what’s for breakfast on Christmas morning.  We shall see who the victor is tonight and what awaits us for food in the morning.  I won’t know for a while though, as the Settlers of Catan takes a long time to play.  Though truthfully, if I win, I still have to do the cooking, so they may just get cereal depending on how I’m feeling!

two eldest elves
two eldest elves
wearing last year's Xmas eve jammies...waiting to open THIS year's Xmas eve jammies!
wearing last year’s Xmas eve jammies…waiting to open THIS year’s Xmas eve jammies!
perfect shot of the ball of wrapping paper A is throwing at R as it passes right in front of M's head!
perfect shot of the ball of wrapping paper A is throwing at R as it passes right in front of M’s head!

014 (Small) 013 (Small) 012 (Small) 011 (Small) 010 (Small) 009 (Small) 008 (Small) 007 (Small)

Christmas day is usually spent cleaning up the post-wrapping carnage, lots of cooking, and then a trip to the movies.  This year we’re planning on either seeing The Hobbit or The Rise of the Guardians.  I guess we’ll see!

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