MoFo is BACK! And You’re Gonna Love It :)


Okay party people, it’s October.  The best month of the year!  Why???  Well there are a lot of reasons (my birthday, Halloween, cooler temps)…but what I’m talking about here is the kick off of Vegan MoFo 2012!!!

This is my second year participating, and I’m totally excited.  If you’re a new reader….get your head out of the gutter.  Mo Fo stands for MOnth of FOod.  So buckle up and get ready for 30 days of MoFo food fun.

This year, I’ve decided to go with a theme.  All my MoFo related posts (at least 20 in the month of October) will be snacks!  Yes, you heard that right.  Because I love snacks and eating with my hands.  Nothing is more fun than portable food.

Your first snack of the month is an Indian-inspired potato pot pie.  You’re welcome.

Crissie’s Samosa Snack Pie


*2 pre-made

*4-5 sm-med russet potatoes, peeled and chunked

*1 tbsp veggie or canola oil

*1/2 yellow onion

*1 tsp fresh ginger root (ground, minced, etc – I put it pureed already in a jar)

*1/2 tsp brown mustard seeds

*1/2 tsp ground fenugreek seeds

*1 tsp turmeric

*1 tsp Baharat spice

*1 tsp Vadouvan spice

*1 tsp hot curry powder

*1/2 c silken lite tofu (the tofu is really optional, but I like the nutritional kick it gives.  If you skip the tofu, you’ll need to add a bit of soymilk, broth, or water for added moisture)

*1 cup peas

*1 tsp salt

Directions for Filling

*boil potatoes in water for about 20 minutes until soft.  Drain

*(using the same pot) heat the oil over medium.  Add onions and begin to stir fry

*add the mustard seeds and stir until the seeds start to pop.  Add the garlic, and continue to stir fry for 2-3 minutes, until soft, translucent, and maybe starting to brown a little.

*add the fenugreek seed, turmeric, baharat spice, vadouvan spice, and hot curry powder.  Mix well, and stir fry for one more minute.

*remove from heat, add potatoes back to the pot, the salt, and the tofu.  Mash the hell out of it (I use a kitchen mixer)

*Stir in the peas.  Try not to eat all the filling at this point.

Directions for Pies

*you can certainly make your own pie crusts if that type of thing amuses you.  Me?  Not so much.  I buy in bulk at Sam’s Club, and they’re vegan and easy.  You can cheat on this and still feel good about yourself.

*open the crust and spread it out.  Cut into circles to either fit in a muffin or (my personal favorite) a Babycakes muffin maker.

*put the bottom into the muffin tin.  Scoop filling until level.  Add another circle of crust and seal the top.

*if using Babycakes like I did…plug it in for 8 minutes and you’re done.

*if cooking in a muffin tin, bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 20 min, until golden brown.

You will use about half of the filling to make 8 pies.  I put the rest of the filling in the fridge to make wraps or really just eat with a spoon when the urge hits.

But seriously…splurge the $45 on the Babycakes because it’s the coolest, and I can just bet many of this month’s snacktastic recipes will be made in a Babycakes!

Do not be overwhelmed by the steps.  It looks like a lot, but it’s not.  You’re basically making mashed potatoes and sticking it in pie dough.

Also don’t be discouraged by the type of spices.  You can use whatever Indian-inspired spices you may have.  Everything I used is available online (or store front if you’re lucky enough to live in Milwaukee) at The Spice House.  Check it out and become a spice snob like me.

Babycakes mini-muffin maker. Makes more than desserts, as today’s recipe clearly shows. Get one…they’re fun and easy to clean.
cheater pie crusts
Penzy’s has some of these too (but not all), and is a store more widely available across that US.
final mashed filling
pie crusts! Oh, and the babycakes maker comes with a little form thingy, so there’s really no effort here.
put one circle down, and fill it with potato fun….
add the top circle
all 8 ready to go in no time!
golden cakes in 8 minutes FLAT


I’m seriously going to try to keep this short since the food section was so gloriously long.  And admit it…it made you just a little bit hungry, right?

We left Vegas yesterday.  The airport was shut down a bit for Pres Obama’s arrival, so we took off about an hour late.  Still made it to Baltimore in plenty of time to catch out connector.  So we thought….we had “tons” of time, stopped for some Mexican food and a beer, and was suddenly being paged overhead to hustle our you-know-what’s to the gate or miss our plane.  At least we ran off the guacamole.

Got home around 1130ish, and while I wanted to go to bed, in my head it was only 830 pm Vegas time, and I should be putting on make up and getting ready to go out with the girls!  Alas…I slept eventually and was highly grateful today was a work from home 1/2 day.



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    1. Thanks! I was trying to come up with something I love besides eating…snacks were all I could think about (apparently I was hungry when the theme inspiration struck and I had a lack of snacks with me).

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