Crissie’s A Bad Blogger

Okay, true confessions time. Don’t worry…it’s nothing seedy like the old TV show!

I have thought about blogging in the past two weeks since my last post. I thought about it nearly every day. I had every intention of doing it too. It’s just that my execution has been somewhat lacking.

No good excuse, but it’s just been incredibly busy. Back to school for the kids, trying to find our groove again with that, and then a nearly week-long work trip (I’m on the flight heading back home as I write this).

So….no good excuse other than my time management skills are apparently not as awesome as I think they are!

Here’s some recaps….


Mostly great here, even with all the traveling. We’re getting back into the habit of meal planning and shopping in advance to make weekday dinner times easier. I’m planning a lot of crock pot and pressure cooker meals when the temps start to drop. D’s still the consummate grill master, and is taking a lot of the heavy lifting of cooking during the week off my shoulders.

I’m used to doing Sunday bulk cooking for MY foods, but I’m going to start experimenting doing that for the family. Can I prep a lasagna, stick it in the freezer, and then just good and go? Dunno…but I plan to find out!

This week I’ve been in WI. I brought my Tribest personal blender with me, some Vega packets, and breakfast has been whipped up easy in my hotel room. I picked up some bananas, and my cousin gave me a huge bag of fresh watermelon when I saw her on Sunday.

The conference I was at caters to all dietary concerns, so I had no problems eating there. Veggie chili and pumpkin hummus wraps were high on my list of fun meals.

Dinners out were always checked, but stayed safe with lots of salads. All in all, navigated well without resorting to the less than healthier fare.


Running and hot yoga are still reigning supreme in my life at the moment. The was a nice hot yoga studio near my hotel that had early classes (5am), and I did that two days, as well as running three days on the hotel treadmill.

I’m looking forward to being back home (at least for a couple weeks) and hitting the weights again. I also hope we have more family runs on the horizon.


I really touched on things earlier, but it’s just been incredibly busy. The kids are all back in school, which is both great and challenging. My oldest A has an internship in the costume making department of a theater group. It’s great for her, and she goes twice a week.

I now have 3 nights per week that are tied up until 10 pm, so my weeks are now more hectic than they have been in a long time.

Oh, and I have 4 trips coming before mid-November. One to Vegas (HELLO GIRLS WEEK), and three to WI for software training. Based on some conversations I had earlier this week, I may also be heading to CA for more training in Dec. I’m nervous about the disruption all this travel and long nights will have, which is why it’s so critical that I hit that groove with getting everything I have to do balanced with everything I want to do!

I’ll figure it out, and Crissie will go from Bad Blogger to hyper-organized super woman!