South Carolina Has the Nicest People…VA Has the Worst Drivers!

Last post of the rambling sort!  Going in a bit of reverse chronological order (because it’s easier for my brain that way).

We’re home!  We arrived in our driveway at around 3pm.  We left Orlando yesterday around 130pm or so, stopped for the night in Florence, SC (a town full of the nicest people I’ve ever met in one place), and then got home to VA this afternoon.  All told, our drive home was pleasant and uneventful.  I will say I could tell when we crossed the state line from NC to VA.  All the drivers became worse….just saying.  I used to think WI had the worst drivers….until I moved here.  The left lane is for going slow, and a blinker means “get the hell out of my way, I’m coming, like it or not!”…more often I encounter rude drivers than friendly ones.

But that said….I’m happy to be home.  I love VA and missed her….

dinner tonight! A simply spiced lentils and rice dish (garlic, cinnamon, and cumin) with a bit of siracha for some fun. Felt great to cook and eat my food. Will feel even cooler to pick up my CSA and some fresh produce this weekend.
happy to pick up Sammie a day early. She’s beat from a week playing with younger pups!
geocaching at Mile Marker 1 in GA (rest stop). They found the cache, signed the log, and left a trackable (a dragonfly my Dad got D). Got an email this afternoon that someone else found the cache and picked up the dragonfly to bury somewhere else in the country. So cool.
our last dinner out at a Chili’s in Florence, SC. I had a custom vegan salad. They were really nice and accomodating…especially since they closed before we got there. Everywhere we went in Florence, everyone was super nice. Good town…

Yesterday we woke up and checked out of our villa.  We went out to breakfast and then hit up Downtown Disney for some planned shopping (we didn’t buy much while at the parks) and then hitting the road.  We spent a lot of time at the monster Lego store (R is working on Diagon Alley for Hogwarts as we speak, and I picked up some fun things for my nephew’s birthday next month), and the Disney World Store (new antenna balls, things for the kids, an outfit for my Godson, etc).

Wednesday we went to the main Universal Studio’s theme park.  We rode all the rides, and had a really great time.  It was strange not going to a Disney Park or Seaworld, but we’ve never really done Universal, so it was really cool.  D had the brilliant idea of bringing my Camelbak to the park (it’s the small 1 liter one I use for long runs), and R wore it while we were out all day.  We filled it 3 times, so she drank 4 liters of water that day.  Didn’t wear out in the heat once!  Forgive all the pics that show her sucking down water, but in the July FL heat, it was absolutely brilliant.

taking a break in an air-conditioned shop and drinking some water (and looking cool in her sunglasses)
as R puts it….getting “misified”. finding a fan blowing in the park with water to cool her off.
my vegan theme park lunch. Rice, boiled corn, and steamed asian veggies. Not bad really (oh…and 3 beers too….no pics of those as I drank them all…)
me as we’re heading in!

After we got back to the villa, D took R to swim while I did laundry and ran out for dinner.  I got to pick, so I went to a Mediterranean place and picked up a Gyro for him, and a Vegan platter for me with hummus, rice and spice wrapped in grape leaves, babaganouj and tabouleh.  It was fantastic!

So…it was a quick trip (only 2 full days in FL), but a totally awesome one.

I’m going to end this post by answering a questionnaire from Heather at Where’s The Beach!  She gave me a Sunshine Award, and here are the rules 🙂  Thanks Heather!!

  • Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
  • Answer the questions below.
  • Pass on the award to some fabulous bloggers

Favorite Color? Purple.
Favorite Animal? Penguin.  Always as been.  My Dad actually “adopted” a penguin in my name at the Milwaukee County Zoo when I was a kid.  And if you don’t love Penguins now…watch Surf’s Up.  Hilarious.
Favorite Number? I’ve vacillated about this over the years.  I won’t give a number, but will say that odd numbers are my favorite.  All the best things in my life (except one) happened in an odd year.  That one would be the birth of my husband.  Otherswise…odd rocks.
Name 3 places to visit from your bucket list: China, Greece, and Toronto, Canada.  I’ve always wanted to go.  I hear it’s like NY.  But clean…
Favorite workout move: Pigeon (yoga move.  kills me, but is wonderful).
Name 2 shows on TV you love: Blue Bloods (because I would love to be from an Irish Catholic Cop Family in NY) and Castle.  Don’t get me wrong.  Love being from my family too 😉
What is your passion? Healthcare – and making it safer and accessible to everyone (should be a right and not a privilege) and my family.
Giving or giving presents? Well hell.  I love both.  I love seeing someone (or talking in the case of my family who is far away) get something I pick out (hint hint Dad….watch the movies so we can talk about them!), and I love getting them too.
Name a talent you’d love to have: construction skills.  I’d love to build things – a table, a cabinet, a house.  Doesn’t matter.  I wish I could do that.

Here are the bloggers that I nominate for the Sunshine Award and I’d like to see fill out this questionnaire on their own blogs!!!

CW at Crystal Can Do It! who has been going through an inspiring journey.  I’ve known her for a long time, and her story is one that would move anyone to be a healthier and happier person!

JL from JL Goes Vegan.  Her’s was the first Vegan blog I had ever read.  She probably doesn’t know this…but she was the first to inspire me to incorporate more raw foods in my diet.  I also met her at last year’s VVC, and she’s the life of the party…everywhere she goes.

Susan at FatFreeVegan.  I was making her recipes over 10 years ago before I even became a vegan!  She is the reason why I don’t use names in my blog…..I followed her example when she talks about her daughter E.  I also got to meet her (and eat with her!) at VVC last summer.  She’s very sweet and smart…and she’s really the inspiration on how I’ve modeled my own blog.

Carrie at CarrieOnVegan.  I love her healthy, whole food recipes.  If you’re sensing a theme here, you’re right.  I met her briefly at VVC last year also (I belive I was driving a group back to the dorms after the gala!), and I remember wishing I had talked to her more.  We’re both a little shy in groups….at first 😉



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