Tears, Traffic…..and Video Games!


I have to say my favorite meal since Saturday afternoon was dinner Saturday night.  I had 4 poblano chili’s from my CSA on Friday, and since I was heading out-of-town, wanted to do something fun with them.  So – in addition to a pesto ratatouille, I made chili rellenos!  Super simple, nicely spicy, and I wish I had more than 4….

Crissie’s Vegan Chili Relleno


*4 poblano peppers, tops cut off and seeds scooped out

*1 cup dry basmati rice (cook according to package directions)

*1-2 jalapeno’s (fresh or pickled…whatever you have on hand)

*1 pkg vegan cheese (I used Dayia Pepper Jack shreds)

*1/2 small diced onion

*1 pureed tomato (I actually used about 10 cherry tomatoes)


Extremely simple.  I mixed the jalapeno’s (I used pickled because I had it), onions, tomato, and cheese into the rice.  Stuff the peppers with the mixture.  Put on tray, and cover with foil.  Bake for 20 minutes at 350 (I used my toaster oven).  Seriously – that’s it.  SO yummy.

I had to slice them one down the center to get more stuffing in them!

I also had 4 green tomatoes.  Not being from the South originally, all a green tomato is to me is one that isn’t finished yet.  What the heck am I supposed to do with them?  I don’t fry food, so that was out of the question.  I decided to grill them!  So – I sliced them thickly and let them marinade all afternoon in a mixture of cranberry/pear white balsamic vinegar, blood orange olive oil, and a small amount of brown sugar.  Then grilled them.  Well  – I put them ON the grill…then D took over (he’s getting anal retentive about the grill).  They were very unusual.  I loved them – but have nothing to compare them to since I’ve never eaten them before.  They were still firm, and the marinade complimented them nicely.  I can imagine they’d be really yummy on a sammich.

hitting the grill!
grilled green tomatoes!
my dinner

Sunday, Monday, and this morning were green smoothies.  Sunday and today at home, and yesterday in my hotel room.  Yep – took my blender with me, even though it was only an overnighter!


Sunday morning (even before having coffee!), I did a workout video.  Don’t read too much into that….I overslept and needed to get my workout in before hitting the highway.

Monday was a rest day – unless you count walking around DC for 2 hrs – but I didn’t.

Today I did two workout DVD’s, for a total of an hour.  It’s been raining all day, so I had to keep my workout indoors.


Sunday around 1130, the whole family packed up to take A off to her 3 week pre-college program.  She’s away from home.  For 3 weeks.  Living in a dorm!  WITHOUT PARENT’S.

on the drive up. Such a big, grown up young lady (with her stuffed bunny….)
I only cried a little….
R saying her goodbye’s to her big sister
Dad and daughter. The Dad who…by the way…wanted to stop BACK at her college the next day to see her. We didn’t want to humiliate her by only being able to be away for 36 hrs…
in front of the dorms
with her model pose

From there, the remaining family (D, M, R, and I) went to DC.  The drive was totally brutal…hail…falling trees….3 hrs to go what should have taken just over 1….

We grabbed a quick dinner, played in the pool, and then went to bed around 11.

R going airborne as D tosses her in the pool

Monday morning I took D, M, and R to the metro station on my way into work, and they  hit up the American Art Museum’s Art of Video Game exhibit (can’t tell you how intensely appropriate that is for all three of them).  When my meetings were over, I went into the city, met up with them at the National Zoo, walked around for a bit (but it was 111 degrees, and I was still wearing my linen pant suit – sans jacket of course), then hit the road for a hellish drive home

waiting for the museum to open
and still waiting

just because he’s a cutie 🙂
sleepy girl

Still….it was a great weekend.  Tears, traffic, and all.

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

4 thoughts on “Tears, Traffic…..and Video Games!

  1. What a wonderful experience for her. Good job both of you!!!

    Those tomatoes looked so good. I’ve never had Chili Relleno before. It looks great!

    We had a ton of beets and tomatoes from our CSA. So we roasted the beets with several heads of garlic in the toaster oven. We got some fresh baked crusty rolls and popped them in the broiler of the toaster oven when everything else was done. I chopped the tomatoes with a pinch of salt. We topped the rolls with the tomatoes and the roasted garlic and ate the beets with some local made goat cheese. I swear I heard the angels sing LOL. I LOVE the CSA.

    1. Thanks about the tomatoes! I swear…I totally made it up as I went. I wasn’t a chili relleno fan when I was a meat/dairy eater and lived in S. California. I loved this dish though….I think my tastes have definitely expanded since going veg – I experiment more with foods I never ate as a midwestern kid.

      I’m totally loving beets! Last November was the first time I tried them cooked – and fell for them. The beet and tomato sammich sounds really tasty! I bet a little fresh basil on that would be awesome too…

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