Ups and Downs (and I’m NOT just talking about squats!)


Sunday started out well!  I had some tofu and green beans for breakfast after my coffee, and lunch was an awesome vegan pulled pork wrap from Yorgo’s that D picked up for me after Yoga.

Dinner was going to be a big Italian feasty thing, but I ended up meeting up for a long overdue girls evening with S, and I ended up having pickles for dinner.  Don’t ask.

Monday I had a green and berry smoothie for breakfast, and lunch was a Tofurky Kielbasa with veggies.  Dinner was a BBQ tempeh burger I made with some homemade chipotle BBQ sauce.  Sorry – no pictures, but it was yummy!

Today has been pretty minimal on food.  I can’t taste anything, so I sort of lose my appetite.  I had coffee and a banana for breakfast.  Popcorn for lunch, and dinner was a bowl of butternut squash soup and a salad.


Sunday was great.  I slept well, and felt good (for most of the day).  I went for a great run around 1130am.  The weather has been amazing (low 80’s and sunny) for the past week, and it’s just screaming to be outside.

The run was great for a few reasons.  First, it just felt good to move.  I also felt better than I had in almost a week, and the first thing I could think of to do was to have a nice run.  I get stir crazy when I don’t workout, and I imagine I start to get difficult to live with!

A little later in the afternoon, M and I did our first at-home crossfit WOD.  We couldn’t make it to the gym, so (following a workout in my WOD book) we did something called a Travel WOD.  They’re designed for when you can’t get to the gym, but can still bust out a good CF workout.  We picked the first in the list – the Room Service WOD.  It consisted of 20 rounds of: 5 push-ups, 5 squats, and 5 sit-ups.  For time.  It took M 5:11 to complete, and it took me 9:56.  And two days later, my legs are still burning from doing 100 squats.


It’s been a few ups and downs the past few days.  On the up side, I started feeling better Sunday morning.  On the down side, I started feeling like hell Sunday evening.

On the up side, I slept fairly decently Saturday evening, and even better on Sunday evening.  On the down side, I slept like total poo last night.  (though I think that’s from being sick and nothing to do with my new sleep rules – which seem to be helping me).

On the down side, my plans with S on Saturday got canceled, but on the up side, we managed to find time to hang out on Sunday!

On the down side, I started feeling worse Sunday evening than I had the week previously.  On the up side, I got into the Dr today, was told I have a sinus infection and bronchitis, but did get put on medications that will make me better soon (by the weekend and M’s birthday for sure!).

So I think between the ups and the downs, I’m running pretty solidly in the middle 🙂

2 responses to “Ups and Downs (and I’m NOT just talking about squats!)

  1. I need to make BBQ sauce again. I’ve only done it once before. So sorry about the sinus infection and bronchitis. That really sucks and bronchitis seems to always linger for ages.

    • It’s the bronchitis I’m worried about. If D makes me giggle too much, I start wheezing and hacking. I can’t imagine a workout more strenuous than yoga not setting me off.

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