Despite What English Soccer (Football) Fans Think, Pink is NOT an Appropriate Substitution for Blue

So here I am….9 days between posts.  I cannot express how absolutely horrible I feel about that!  I will say that life has gotten so busy lately, that I haven’t had time to read any blogs in the past 9 days either.  Both of which make me very sad.  I will do my best to not write a novel, and to still give you a good idea of my Food, Fitness, and Life in last week and a half.


Theme of the week?  Grilled vegetables are awesome.  My friend H at Where’s the Beach blogs about grilled veggies all the time.  I will admit…I don’t know how to grill.  Oh sure, I have an indoor grill, but that’s just not the same.  We had a gas grill.  In fact, we’ve had a couple of them over the years…and nothing (and I mean nothing) ever came out on it.  After our cabin camping weekend for my birthday last October, and D’s intense fun at cooking over coal, I went out and bought him a weber charcoal grill.  We’ve used it a ton, and he’s never screwed up a thing.

So after MUCH reading at H’s site, I finally bought a grill basket.  Not really knowing what I was doing, I put some quartered red potatoes, asparagus, and broccoli in a bowl, and coated everything in olive oil and garlic powder.  D grilled them…ate so many while he was grilling…that I had to make up a second batch.  All I can say is YUM.  Served with a side of very spicy grilled tofu steaks (pressed tofu topped with Vulcan Fire Salts, Chipotle Chili Powder, and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce), and a gluten-free warm pasta salad (really….pasta with a homemade Italian dressing tossed in), and dinner was ready.  I will say, the tofu was really spicy…too spicy for R…but otherwise amazing.

this is the second batch…


Monday nights dinner. Notice the very small portion of veggies…that was all I could get from the first batch due to my husband picking them off the grill and then running into the house to tell me how awesome they were.

The only other highlights this week are on the smoothie front.  In an effort to deny my stupid cold any more entrance into my body, I’ve been loading up on the superfruit smoothies.  If that fails, I’ll kill the virus with wine.  Either one has equal odds of working at this point.

Option 1….


Option 2.


Crossfit!  Crossfit!  Crossfit!!!

Oh my, this is fun.  It’s hard and pretty much everything hurts the next day, but it’s awesome.

M and I went Tuesday for our final Element’s class.  I started coming down with my cold that day, but went anyway.  I am proud to say I didn’t barf on anyone, nor did I pass out.  We ran, we lifted weights, and we did a team challenge.  And I’m so very glad I went.


Where to begin!?!  Despite the cold I’ve alluded to earlier, it’s been a very good week and a half.  Let’s see….

It started on Sunday with me becoming a Godmother to my friend AC’s little boy.  He’s such a snuggly baby, and here’s a pic of the two of us at the party after the baptism.

E just ate and I was burping him. This picture looks staged, but it wasn’t!

Life wise, it’s been mellow.  Last weekend was all about the baptism.  AC’s family came in from TN and we had a BBQ on Saturday where I got to meet them all.  They were great, and her Mom gave me a list of authors to read (we found we liked many of the same).  I’m always looking for new books, so that was cool.  Her Dad is just a hoot, and we chatted about quite a few things, and her brother is in the same field as D and I are, so that was cool too.

Sunday was the church and the yacht club to celebrate the day, with JC’s family coming in from different areas of VA, as well as friends of theirs too.  It was a busy, but very nice weekend for everyone I think.

Happy News!!!!  My very favorite soccer team, Chelsea FC, beat Barcelona to get into the FA Cup Finals!  It’s the first time EVER for Chelsea (and they were founded in 1905), and they will be playing Bayern Munich on May 19th.  I’ve been frantically trying to find a local pub or sports bar that’s going to play the game.  In the mean time, I ordered a hat and new t-shirt!!!  The hat is blue (they are called The Blues after all), but due to stupid girly stereotypes, the women’s t’s only come in pink.  Even so…I’m ready (even if few others in the US near me even knows who they are).

Go Chelsea!!!!

Here is a random pic.  Every day, D takes a pic of him and R as he’s dropping her off at school and texts it to me.  It started when I was in WI last Jan, but he’s done it every day since.  It’s the favorite part of my morning, and I loved this one, so I thought I’d share.

R kissing D just before school. How can this NOT be a great start to my day??

I have to talk work for a brief second, since it’s those crazy hours that have kept me away from blogging.  I’m not complaining though – it’s been a lot of work lately, but it’s been great.  The project I’m working on successfully made it through Phase 1, and I’m on track to finish Phase 2 (aka – FUNDING), by the end of this month.  While totally wiped out on some days, it’s been intensely rewarding, so I’m totally not complaining.  But be patient with me if I’m a bit vacant now and again…

And here’s my final picture to you.  It’s funny, and if you’re reading this Friday night, it’ll be even funnier.  So yes…may the 4th be with you…




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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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