Syrup and Cottonballs


Tuesday was Taco Tuesday, but quesadilla style. Quick and easy Daiya cheese and leftover pintos from the pressure cooker. That was for the kids, I just wasn’t feeling it. I opted for a monster green smoothie instead. So Delicious Vanilla Coconut milk, a frozen fruit blend if peaches, mangoes, and bananas, and as many handfuls of spinach I could fit in the container. It was really yummy. A hint of sweetness from the fruit and the vanilla, but not that cloying sweetness you get from smoothie chain places.

Wednesday morning I had some coffee and then some oatmeal, that I mixed in some soya granules, dried cherries, and raw sunflower seeds. It was remarkably hearty and I was full for hours.

I took the day off to spend with D, and we went out to lunch at a little pizza place in Ghent. I was sold when they had a sign advertising their vegan menu. HEAVEN. I got the veggie calzone which was marinated veggies cooked with vegan ricotta and Daiya mozzarella cheese and baked into a light and flakey crust. Definitely making this place a regular habit.

Wednesday evening meant D was grilling (YAY, he’s home). And when anyone else makes dinner, they NEVER EVER think of me…so I end up going without…or having to make my own dinner anyway. In this case, I made a baked potato. That D accidentally sent crashing to the floor for Sammie to eat when he bumped my arm. I did make a 2nd one because D felt so horrible. I personally was willing to just not have dinner.

Today has been low key also. Toast with sunflower butter for breakfast, a vegan stromboli for lunch, and stir fry veggies and tofu for dinner.


Getting excited for the NTTP schedule to be published tomorrow. With the weather warming up,the outdoor workouts are going to be awesome.

This past couple weeks, it’s been mostly about the running though. I still think running is my weakest sport. I’m a solid swimmer, and can make up quite a bit of time on a bike. I lose that momentum going into the run, and it frankly pisses me off. I’ve decided that after this Tri season is over, I’m going to focus only on running, and aim for a spring full marathon – maybe the Flying Pirate in the Outerbanks.

So speaking of running, that’s what I did. While D was napping off his jet lag, I went for a run to enjoy the sunshine. It was magnificent.


I have had one of those weeks where I feel like the dumbest person on the planet. Where there’s no way of talking yourself out of knowing that you did something that was such a brain fart, the entire state was wondering what the smell was.
Here is my submission for the dumbass of the year award….

I woke Monday morning with my eyes feeling all sticky and nasty. Sort of like someone poured syrup in my eyes. I took a shower, washed the gunk out as best I could, took some sudafed, and decided that this was really going to be a day where I wear my glasses. Something I almost never do. As the day goes by, that syrupy feeling gets crustier, and now it feels like I’ve had cottonballs rubbed over them, making them stringy, gritty, itchy, and like I just went on a 3 day drug bender (NOT that I know what this is like…it’s just an analogy people). Tuesday was worse, with my eyes getting very blury and painful. Same for Wednesday. D and I spent the day together, and had to hit up Home Depot for some hippie light bulbs for my bathroom. While sitting in the van wondering if I should even drive with my blury and nasty eyes, I took a look at them. A hard look. You know what I saw? Contact lenses. I had been wearing a pair of contacts for about 5 days straight and never realized it. I felt so incredibly stupid. Especially since I was technically wearing contacts AND wearing glasses the entire time. Dumb. Ass.

We’re having more car drama with my daughter’s Bug. This time we thought it was just the battery,which we replaced (not a cheap thing for a diesel bug). And learned that the alternator is shot, and that’s causing the drains on the battery. $4-600 to get that fixed. Oh well. That’s why we work hard I suppose.

R started her intense private swim lessons today. She’s a very strong and fast swimmer, and the next step is competitive swim team. She’s worried she’s not quite good enough, so she’s going to get some really in depth one-on-one instruction over the next 2 months to increase her confidence and skill levels. She certainly had a blast today.

And I got a pedicure to make my feet cute, spring ready, and with Irish green nails.
I’m very much looking forward to this weekend. I will be hitting up the Shamrock Marathon Expo tomorrow (if you’ve read my blog awhile, you know that I just LOVE expo’s), Busch Gardens on Saturday morning (pending weather), and then dinner and a symphony Saturday night with AC and JC. D and I have the sneaking suspicion that we have something we’re supposed to do Sunday, but are forgetting. Oh well….

Here are a few pics!





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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

2 thoughts on “Syrup and Cottonballs

    1. I just can’t believe it didn’t dawn on me that I still had them in. For FIVE days. Such a moron 🙂

      I haven’t had a pedicure since October. Now that it’s warm out, I had to get cute feet. The nail tech had his work cut out for him too!

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