1 Out of 3???


So I’d like to say I’ve remained strong in my Lenten resolve.  But I’d be lying.  I had a glass of wine last night.  And coffee this morning.  The good news is I’m totally groovy (so far) on the junky/processed foods part.  So…hopefully I’m still okay with 1 out of 3.  Though I do feel pretty guilty….I’m assuming that’s the Catholic in me.

For breakfast today I had some coffee, and then some of the Red Thai Curry rice I made on Monday.  Lunch was some whole grain pasta and mixed veggies, tossed with some flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Yum.

Pre run snack was Ezekiel toast with sunflower butter.  I miss that.  I haven’t had dinner yet, but I have some tofu pressed, and may do a quick stir fry.  Haven’t decided yet.


I give up.  5am is inhuman, and I can’t be at the gym that early.  I tried – I even made it the majority of 7 weeks.  But ugh.  It never got easier.  Mornings are hectic enough!  So…it’s back to making plans to hit the gym in the evenings for weight training.  In an effort to assist, D is taking over dinner responsibilities a few days a week to make life easier for me.

I love how my new Nike+ GPS Sportwatch flashes little hints at me on the face of the watch like “Hey you, we running today or what?”.  I decided to respond with a Hell Yes, and took off around 645pm.

I was worried about the weather all day.  I had a bug in me to run, but it had stormed pretty badly.  By 3, it was just a barely there drizzle, so I thought I’d be able to run in that no problem.  Happily, at about 630, it was muggy, but not raining, and still had some light, which is one of my favorite parts of exiting winter months…the longer daylight hours!

The wait was worth it.  After a few downer runs the last two, it was nice to have one where I felt strong.  I did a 3 minute warm up, and then just ran for about 25 minutes out, then turned around and head home.  I was a bit faster on the way home


I’m feeling decidedly feisty today.  I got a really good nights sleep last night (once I fell asleep anyway…which took 3 hrs…good thing I tried to go to bed really early), which was awesome, and it turned me into a highly productive machine today.  I bet coffee helped.  I also got some pretty hard and aggressive deadlines handed down to me from on-high on Monday and Tuesday, so it’s time to cut through the red tape and get things done.  I love that.  Cut the BS, make some hard decisions, and let the fun begin.

Yesterday, something pretty cool happened for my husband.  After waiting 21 years, he finally received the ashes and personal effects of his father.  It was a pretty emotional (but happy) evening for D as he went through the few things he received.

In honor of my slip back into wine drinking, my friend S sent me this song.  While I do not like country music AT ALL, the lyrics are totally hilarious (and nicely printed on the screen).  Have a listen and a giggle…

Benefits of Crappy Coffee


I’ve been home for 3 days now, and all I can say is I’m totally happy to be able to eat like me again!  All weekend was raw, and I immediately felt better.  Lots of smoothies, juices, salads, and snacking on tomatoes and celery.

My hotel in Vegas had really crappy in-room coffee.  I think they do that so you’d order the $8 pot of coffee from room service.  They tout that their coffee (room service coffee) is Starbucks – of which I’m not a fan (too bitter).  So, it happens that I was slowly weaning myself off caffeine last week, so this week has been a breeze.    I haven’t had any coffee (or caffeine) since Friday morning, and haven’t had any of those annoying side effects.

The no caffeine/no alcohol/no processed foods/mostly raw has been incredibly easy this past few days.  I know I was craving it, but it’s just felt so good too.

Monday was a very hectic day, and found all I had time for was a cup of herbal tea and munching on dried fruit I had in my desk drawer at work (yes…the fruit was dried when I put it in there).  As a result, I was quite hungry when I got home.  On his way home, D stopped and got me some veggie sushi, which was sweet.  I ate half of it – the other half I didn’t like (sorry honey), but that’s okay.

I also made my rice cooker favorite of brown rice, coconut milk, mixed veggies, and Red Thai Curry, just in case I ended up getting hungry again, and to have as leftovers this week.

Chocolate/Banana/Strawberry smoothie using my vega powder.
green juice
Pineapple/Blueberry/Strawberry/Spinach/Banana/Vanilla/Pumpkin Pie Spice Smoothie
a very BAS
cookies for the rest of the family (not me)
homemade vegan ranch-ish dip to eat with celery sticks
sushi! Sweet potato sushi = yummy. Seaweed sushi = icky.


Oh the joy of running outside!  I should have biked or swam this weekend, but it was sunny and pretty out, and I had to take advantage of that.

This week the lifting gets back on course, so that should be fun (insert sarcasm here).

This weekend is a Treasure Hunt run at the state park, and I’m looking forward to that.  Followed by a Tri club clinic to kick off the spring training season.


Just trying to get back into the groove of things has been a lot of work!  I ended up missing the girls weekend in the Outer Banks for S’s bday celebration.  I just couldn’t leave after seeing the kids, and thankfully, S was more than understanding.  I’ll be making it up to her on Saturday with some Tacos!

I spent Saturday doing laundry (9 loads), cleaning the house, and grocery shopping.  Sunday was much of the same – finishing up the wash, more cleaning and organizing, and trying to get my body back on East Coast time (funny how I want to stay up until 2 am and sleep until noon!).

Monday was back to work, and it was a busy day.  Not a bad one, just busy, and the rest of the week looks to be much of the same.

And on that note….it’s time for me to head to the office.  Have a great day!

Bumble curled up on my sweatshirt Sunday. Awww...she missed me!

A Belated Lent Post


Vegan food does not necessarily equate to healthy food. Processed foods, most alcohols, are Vegan. And while I ate some yummy food this week, I also ate heavy food.

After my dinner last night (a vegan risotto and wild mushroom cake and a salad), I got back to my room feeling heavy and weighed down. With the exception of my morning juices, it seems that most of my meals were fairly heavy feeling.

As a result…I sort of feel like hell. Don’t get me wrong, my clothes fit and everything, but I have this feeling that my insides aren’t happy and optimal. So when I got back to my room last night, I was doing some reading and have made a decision. It’s cleanse time.

What better time to cleanse my body than during Lent? And while I know that Lent started two days ago, I think I’m still ok to start a few days late. I don’t think God will mind 🙂

I re watched part of the juicing movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (really…if you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s free on Netflix for crying out loud!). It dawned on me that this is what I need. I’m not saying I’m going to do 40 days of juice, but what I am going to do is all juice and fresh foods. That could mean smoothies, salads, seeds, etc. It will also mean no processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, and junk. I’m sure it won’t be easy – especially at first. But nothing worth fighting for ever is, and feeling well and healthy is definitely worth fighting for.


Almost embarrassed to leave this section blank. But other than walking up and down the Vegas strip a million times, I’ve got nothin.


Everyone who reads this knows I’ve been in Vegas since last Saturday. I’m on my way home now (woo hoo inflight Internet), and am very happy. It’ll be a short lived stay at home, as I’m missing the annual girls weekend in North Carolina (long story…was supposed to be next weekend), so I’ll land around midnight, go home, sleep for a few hours, then drive down to Nags Head to join the girls for the final night. It’s S’s bday celebration, and I can’t very well miss it.

Of the 6 nights in Vegas, I went out for 3. Saturday and Sunday and Wednesday (Wednesday was quite the doozy tho). Otherwise it was work, a lot of window shopping, very little gambling, and lots of walking around and checking stuff out.

I intended to hit up Fremont street and ‘old Vegas’ but never got around to it. Oh well, maybe next time!

For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my trip home.











Still So Much Vegas to See!!


Vegas is a pretty cool place if you like to eat. And I love to eat! Fortunately, most of my experiences have been good. Here’s a rundown….

Mornings start with coffee and grass. I’m so glad I brought the Amazing Grass along. It certainly helps! I order either OJ or cranberry juice and mix them up.

I had a Szechuan tofu and spring rolls from the Monte Carlo one day. An incredible vegan ‘crab cake’ dish from Wynn (note….since he’s a vegan, all his restaurants have vegan menus….that rock), and a vegan breakfast of buckwheat pancakes and tofu scramble, also from Wynn.

Then there’s a local place called Red Velvet where I have had (twice) a vegan Chick’n and veggie dish.

The most disappointing was a meal at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant at Palazzo called Cut. It was a vendor sponsored dinner, so the vendor picked the place (I certainly wouldn’t have opted for a steakhouse), but as my friend S pointed out, Puck is a big advocate of catering to the dietary needs and preferences of his customers. Clearly, someone at Cut forgot that.

Monday evening, my husband called Cut for me while I was at my conference and asked them if they could accommodate my veganism. He was assured that it wouldn’t be a problem, and that the chef would come out to talk to me about what a like. The person on the phone even suggested I ask for them to do a wine pairing. When I got there, I asked the hostess who also said it wouldn’t be a problem. As it happens, the vendor even left a note for the staff about me when he was there the night before. So what happened? I was told I could pick from the side dishes (but not all), and they’d give me 4 of them as a meal. I started with a beet and orange salad (which was good), and my meal consisted of some brussel sprouts, roasted cauliflower, creamed spinach, and snow peas. While all were tasty enough, it didn’t feel like a meal. No grains, no beans, etc. I had a few bites of some veggies and that was it. So when a different vendor was springing for dinner there the next day, I declined.


I wish I had more to report than a couple treadmill runs, yoga, and some basic calisthenics. But I don’t.


My spa experience after I landed and checked into my hotel was amazing. The most fantastic I’ve ever had, actually. It was decadent and relaxing and energizing all in one.

I anticipated a quick walk through parts of the strip and then an early night. Until….my boss texted me that she was in town. It’s amazing how long I can stay awake when having a good time…and we had a good time.

On Sunday I walked around, shopped, and then went to a show! I saw La Reve at the Wynn. While I did enjoy it, I didn’t like it as much as the Cirque du Soleil shows I’ve seen. The athleticism was amazing, but the production wasn’t quite as good. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it – I did. But O is better.

After my show, I met up with several of my collegues and we went out. Out late, playing blackjack, drinking too much, and basically having a lot of fun!

I took it pretty easy the last two nights (especially since I’ve been at the conference all day…which has been great) but I’m ready for some more fun tonight! I have my eye on a $1000 pair of shoes, and if I can’t win the money, I go home without!

And since I’m using my iPad, all my pics are below:










Is It OK (Morally) for an Art Thief to be a Godmother?


Yesterday, I had already packed my blender ball shaker and grass, so I actually had a normal breakfast. Fresh green juice, and then about an hour later, the leftover couscous with peas, mint, and lettuce I made earlier in the week.

I had a great lunch with AC and the baby at Kincaid’s. I had a large maple salad and a side of roasted cauliflower. Both very good. And some Malbec!

For dinner, we went out to Costa Azul for a quick Mexican meal. It was insanely crowded, but not bad. Not the best Mexican place in the area, but it’s very close, and that was the goal.


I went for a run around 9am. I knew I had to go…that it would be my last opportunity until Sunday…but I really didn’t want to.

I convinced myself that if I just headed out, I’d be fine. I’d find my mojo and enjoy it. Besides, I didn’t have to do the full 5 mi. I could do half, or go for time instead. Anything just to get out the door.

I wish I could say I enjoyed it, or that I found my groove. I didn’t. I had zero energy, and it pretty much sucked. I squeezed out a 40 minute jog (can’t even call it a run), and will honestly say that I was highly disappointed. With being in Vegas all week and being relegated to the treadmill, I really wanted an amazing outdoor adventure, ugh.


As stressed out and negative as Thursday was, Friday was the opposite.

I picked up a couple new tops at the mall that I needed (okay….wanted).

During lunch with AC, she asked me to be baby E’s Godmother. I’m pretty sure I squealed and got teary. Of course I said yes! He’s going to be such a spoiled little boy! I’m pretty sure I get to steal him and his older brother and sister for Memorial Day weekend when AC and her hubby go to a wedding out of state.

I also became an art thief (which my husband thinks is pretty hot). My daughter’s big art show ended today, and all the students had to have their pieces out of the gallery this morning. In order to have her’s and her friend’s pieces up the entire time, I agreed to pick them up Friday in the late afternoon. Problem is, A forgot to give me their claim tickets, proving the work was theirs. I ended up going into the gallery, taking the two pieces off the wall, and then pretty much sprinting out the door before anyone can stop me. So if you see me on America’s Most Wanted, now you’ll know why.

My husband has surprised me by scheduling some spa time at my resort this afternoon. I’ll be getting an hour long massage at 2 in Vegas, just a few hours after I land. He actually asked the spa staff if the hottest guy there could do it! Silly man…he’d have to fly out with me to do it himself if he wanted that! He’s so absolutely amazing.

Well, there are 3 1/2 hrs left of this flight. I’m going to FaceTime with my family, watch a movie, and try to enjoy it as much as possible. My next post will be from Vegas baby!

I Finally Have a Circle On My Calendar!


I wish I could say I made a ton of exciting dishes this week.  I’ve made a few (spontaneous BBQ Tofu was fun), but frankly….I’m trying to make my family eat the leftovers piling up.  I leave Saturday morning (at the obscene hour of 5am), and if the leftovers aren’t eaten or pitched…they’ll still be there when I get home a week later.  Eww.  So, I’ve been mostly making everyone eat what we already have.

I’ve been having my grass all week, mixed with fresh green juices.  Even though my plan was to only use the grass in Vegas, I’m pretty excited about it.  I definitely see this as a regular addition to my diet.


Everyone knows that Valentine’s day was Tuesday.  D and I usually get each other something simple, but no big deal.  In our world, pretty much every day is Valentine’s day anyway.

This year though, I think it’s funny that we got each other gifts that are designed to make sure we’re both around for a long time.  He bought me the Nike+ Sportwatch with GPS.  I’ve killed two Garmin’s over the past 6ish years, and I’ve been missing the intense data they provide (pace, distance, elevation, HR, etc).  So this was the perfect gift for me, and after playing with it all Tuesday night, I took it out for my Wednesday run.  Which was fantastic.  I did about 5 miles and when I uploaded the data, I just sat and smiled. It doesn’t just track my runs (indoors on a dreadmill if I need it too!), but it fuels a goofy game as well, where I earn medals and can run in famous cities, etc.  I still have to learn my way around all the fun stuff it can do, like update Facebook and Twitter, and things like that.

my new sport watch. It fits my tiny wrists very nicely, is easy to read, and easy to use.

For D, I got him his own groovy (and extra long) yoga mat and a gift certificate for 10 classes at the studio we went to last week.  So we got each other fun healthy things designed to make sure we’re both around for each other as long as possible.  Perfect Valentine’s day.

got D the orange one, his favorite color. And extra long - he can lay out flat on it and it fits! (he's tall)

As soon as D spread out his new yoga mat, R went and grabbed hers too.  She did some poses, and then grabbed a Yoga Jr video off the shelf, took her mat, and went up to her room for some private Zen time.  That’s my girl!

This morning I did a 45 minute biking session on my trainer while watching another episode of Bones.  I’m now about 3 shows into season 2 (skipped season 1 accidentally).  Yay for Netflix!

Oh, and I finally signed up for a Tri!  I was reluctant because the couple I really want to do are open water swims…and I’m NOT signing up for an open water swim until I’ve actually trained IN open water.  My Tri club doesn’t start our bay swims until May, so I won’t know until then if I can handle it.

That said…I hate not having an event to train for.  Training for the sake of training only gets me so far.  I need a goal.  A circle on my calendar with a countdown to readiness.  So I bit the bullet and signed up for a Tri in Richmond on May 20th.  A few hours after I signed up for it, I realized that it’s the weekend of our big local festival that my kids spend all their time at.  So instead of dragging my family to Richmond for a couple of days, it’s going to be a girls weekend.  Woo hoo!  I figure D and the kids will have ample opportunity to see me race this summer.


This has been a very hectic and at moments tense and stressful week.  Our psychotic weather has been wreaking havoc on my sinuses, and I’ve spent most of the week not breathing all that well.  Which sucks, because breathing is one of those things I’m usually pretty good at.

I’ve been pushing a lot at work since I’ll be out next week, plus major housework and mid-week laundry so I can have everything I need to pack.

Speaking of packing….my luggage set is fairly beat up.  We bought one of the discount sets on Overstock.com about 8 yrs ago, and while the smaller two still work OK, the big one’s wheels don’t work anymore.  When I was in Seattle, I had to buy a second suitcase, so I have one nice one, but it’s fairly small…certainly not big enough for a week’s worth of clothes.  So I bought a new suitcase.  I did some research, ordered one, and it arrived today.  It’s crazy to be totally into a piece of luggage, but this is just too cool.  And my cat digs it too.  She has a strange obsession with luggage, and as soon as I opened it, she jumped in it, and then rubbed herself all over it.  And then slept on the top.  Strange kitty.  We’re going to start our own support group “Luggage Lovers Anonymous”.

I realize you probably don't want to see a picture of my new luggage bag...but it's really THAT cool

I’m mostly packed now, and will be by tomorrow when the rest of my air-dry clothes are dried.  I took the day off to be sure everything that needed doing was done, and am excited to see my friend AC and the new baby E for lunch.

The rest of the evening will be relaxing with my family, and not thinking too hard about how much I’m going to miss them for a week.