Days of the Week Beginning with Q….


I had a wonderful green smoothie for breakfast yesterday.  Tons of coconut milk, spinach, and frozen fruit.  It really hit the spot, and I love it when the weather is warmer, because smoothies are just perfect for that.

Lunch was with D at Cutting Edge.  I had the blacked vegan chickn flatbread sandwhich with a side of couscous.  I love that place.

their vegan aioli totally makes this dish...

Dinner was some tofu parmesan!  Thinking back though, I should have had a salad too…..

love something this simple and quick to make

I’m going to whine for a minute though.  I have a tendency (okay, it’s way more than a tendency) to post picutres of food on Facebook all the time.  Very often, I have a particular uncle who weighs in on how gross he thinks my food is.  He can if he wants, but I would just like to say I DON’T EAT BAD FOOD.  Life is too short.

This morning, my breakfast was leftover tofu parm with some quinoa noodles.  Nice and hearty on a wet morning.

Lunch was a big salad, and tonight will be tacos.  And here’s why.  I will recite for you the conversation I had with my 8 year old this afternoon….

me – what do you want for dinner?

R – mexican food

me – like what?

R- is it Tuesday?

me – no, it’s Friday

R – what mexican food rhymes with Friday?

me – Fajita?  Want to do Fajita friday?

R – sure!!!  But can it be quesadillas instead?

Upon which we nearly started talking about which day of the week to rename that begins with a Q so it could sound as cool as Taco Tuesday.  But my phone rang, and that madness ended.


Despite my legs being utterly trashed from the strength training routine on Wednesday, I still hopped on my bike in the morning.  This routine was more about drills, and lasted for 42 minutes.


5 min easy pace, with cadence about 90 rpm.

5 min – alternating sitting and standing for 30 min each (this is HARD on a trainer.  I have to bump it to the highest gears, and it’s still a struggle)

6 min – alternating the workload between right and left legs for 1 min each.

Main Set:

7 x 3 min – alternating 1 min on left leg, 1 min both legs, 1 min right leg.  Repeat 7 times.


5 min – steady pace

I can tell ya that my legs were burning or wobbly most of the day!


Work has been good this week – light on the meetings and heavy on the tasks getting done.  I love January’s for this!  Only one thing got to me yesterday, and it was late in the evening when it happened anyway.

The evening was very relaxing, and I spent most of it knitting while whatching TV with the family.  I’m as far along with my hat as I can be before my next class on Monday, and the scarf is nearly finished.  I’m so excited!

There was a period last night where D and I were making dinner in the kitchen making dinner together.  This was right after getting annoyed by something work related.  I’m pacing in the kitchen, getting angrier and angrier while I’m telling him what happened, and he stopped, grabbed me, kissed me, and started twirling me around and dancing.  There’s no way I can stay in a bad mood when that happens!  He’s so cool.

We all went to bed pretty early (too many of the family still recovering from sinus crap), and it was nice to have a peaceful and non-hectic evening.

The kids had a half day yesterday, and they’re off today and Monday.  D is taking the older kids and their friends to another over night laser tag tonight, so it’ll just be R and me, a movie, and some snuggles.

Just because I clearly can’t resist taking pictures of my cat…here’s one of Bumble this morning on my bed.

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

4 thoughts on “Days of the Week Beginning with Q….

  1. LOL – sounds like a conversation Jason and I would totally have. So glad D was able to cheer you up! Oh and I have a similar uncle who likes to berate my food as well – of course, same person who would suggest I get fat in order to not be cold all the time. Yes, that makes perfect rational sense.

    1. If nothing else, I’ll keep D around for his comic relief. And because he’s fully sweet and cute!
      Yeah – my Uncle is totally overweight and had a brain tumor recently. Not the picture of healthy, but he dogs me constantly. Can’t exactly take his opinions seriously….

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