I Now Have the Bedtime of a Pre-Schooler


I think I’m back down to one cup of coffee per day instead of two.  Not because I’m trying to reduce caffeine – but I keep running out of time to down my coffee, let my stomach settle, and do my scheduled morning workout.

So today started with one cup.  I actually tried drinking a second cup after my shower (after my workout), but I just didn’t want it.  I was planning on a green smoothie this morning, but with 3/5 of my family sick and in bed, I didn’t want to worry about my Vitamix noise waking them up.  And I was hungry!  So…my intended lunch of leftover tofu/broccoli teriyaki from last night (not the meal I planned, but just as yummy) ended up being my breakfast.

Since I ate my lunch for breakfast, I ended up stopping for a smoothie and wrap for lunch.

And since today is Taco Tuesday, I made some spicy TVP tacos from Happy Herbivore, and served on corn tortillas and topped with avocado, lettuce, onion, tomato, and vegan sour cream.  So incredibly yummy, it was hard eating only the 2.

Ohhh…and I have an apple update.  In an effort to prove to myself (and my husband) that I’m not crazy, I did some research last night on adult onset food allergies.  As it happens, there’s something called Oral Allergy Syndrome that hits adult hay fever sufferers.  And I’m telling you – my seasonal allergies this past year have been the worst they’ve been in the 8 yrs I’ve lived in VA.  Here’s a link to the article, but it describes me to a T when it comes to apples!


Today was another two-fer workout.  Totally not used to this early wake up thing, but I’m doing it anyway.  My alarm went off at 425am, and while I really wanted to get up, my husband’s stuffy-nosed snores convinced me I wasn’t going to fall back asleep anyway.

I had my java and after giving myself about 15 minutes for the belly to settle, I put on my iPod and hopped onto my bike for a scheduled Endurance workout.  This one mimicked rolling hills.  Here’s how those 63 minutes broke down:

5 min – steady, but easy pace warm-up.

5 min – alternate 30 seconds standing, 30 sitting

6 min – alternate focusing workload every 1 minute on each leg.  So 1 min using just your right leg, then 1 min using just left.  Repeat for 6 minutes.

6 x 2:00 – pedal at an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) of 6-10 for 2 minutes, then recover with an easy resistance for 1.  Repeat 6 times.

3 minute recovery interval.  Keeping about a 90-100 rpm

6 x 3:00 – pedal at an RPE of 10-12 for 3 minutes, then recover for 1.  Repeat 6 times.

3 minute recovery interval

5 min cool down, staying in the seat

It was awesome.  My butt hurt the last 15 minutes and it was a struggle to not stand up.

my bike on the trainer in the green room, all set for my morning sweat-fest!

After work it was off to the Y for a swim workout.  This one wasn’t long, so it was easy to talk myself into.  10-20 minute warm up (I did 13), and then a 300 yd timed test to get a baseline.  Then another 10 minute cool down.


There’s not a lot to say about today.  I woke up early (again), and was painfully tired between 9-10am.  I resisted the diet Pepsi I was eyeing, and was fine after 10 or so.  I had several meetings that took up most of my day, but they were all just fine.

D, R, and A were all home sick today.  D has to go back to work tomorrow, A has an exam so she has to go back to school, so I guess it’s iffy if I’ll be in the office or working from home with R.  Hopefully she’ll be better, but this bug going around has been annoyingly persistent – and 7-10 days long.

On a positive note, it was sunny and in the 60’s today.  It was hard to not go run outside, but I figured 2 workouts in one day was plenty.  It’s supposed to cool off tomorrow, which is a total bummer because THAT’S a run day (and a strength training day).

D and I made dinner together this evening, which is rare, but cute.  And it’s time to shuffle the sick kids off to bed – and the tired mom who still isn’t used to getting up by 430 in the stinking morning.

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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