Chlorine is More Powerful than Soap


Not that I need much of a reason to cook, but holiday cooking is always so much fun.  Yesterday was mostly me in the kitchen (once the carnage of gift opening was done).

I made a few things for breakfast.  The first was an orange marmalade snack cake from My Sweet Vegan that came out very yummy.  Then I took the leftover rice and beans from Saturday night’s meal, mixed it with some tofu scramble, veggies, and vegan cheese and made breakfast burritos.

cake for breakfast!
it's very gooey and sticky

We don’t really eat lunch on holiday’s.  I generally put out a ton of snacks, and we graze all day until a big dinner around 730-8pm.  It’s funny; growing up, my parents always tried to do holiday dinners around 2pm, and then we’d graze all evening.

Anyway, I spent the majority of the day whipping up an Italian feast.  The vegan items included lentil and rice balls in a homemade tomato pomodoro sauce, fresh pasta, 3 loaves of Italian bread (which was 2 loaves too many), salad, and socca.  And red wine.  I will say – it rocked 🙂

rolling and cutting the pasta was a two person job! Even with the KitchenAid, it was really long. Here we are improvising where to hang them as we finished prepping the rest! Was also a convenient place to hang them while I pulled the rest of dinner together
lentil and rice balls! What my daughter affectionately calls LICE balls


Today for breakfast I had my leftover tofu parmesan on toasted Ezekiel bread for a yummy sandwich.  Lunch was some lentil soup and wheat thins, and for dinner, I made a chickpea pasta salad.  One of my favorite dishes when I was a kid was my mom’s tuna noodle salad.  I haven’t thought of it in years, but decided to make a chickpea version.

I made up a sauce of veganaise, sweetener, salt, and, dijon mustard, then added mashed chickpeas, sweet pickle relish, and some onion.  Then mixed in a box of cooked quinoa gluten-free pasta shells.  Overall, not too bad.  I wish I had some dulse, to give it that fishy taste.  So essentially – not a lot like tuna noodle salad, but still pretty darned good.

chickpea pasta salad



Yeah, yesterday was a rest day…unless bouncing around the kitchen all day counts 🙂

Today I went swimming!  I’ve been missing the pool a lot lately.  I’ve been happy that running is again pain-free, but it’s time to pick up the cross training again.  I plan to have quite a busy Tri season in 2012!

I did stop at Aquawear today.  I am on the lookout for a lap counter because I always lose track of how far I swim.  The only one they had was a big one that suction cups to the pool wall, and you hit it when you finish a lap.  I was looking more for the little tiny ones you wear on your pointer finger and hit with your thumb!

But that said, I did count my laps today since I was doing a specific workout, and I swam 1300 yds before hanging in the hot tub for 10 minutes.  Getting to listen to my new audio book while swimming was totally cool too.

Random thought…ever notice that despite a hot shower with plenty of soap, you still smell like pool?  Drives me crazy.


Well, life has been pretty chill the past couple of days!  Yesterday involved getting up ridiculously early though.  We are NOT a family that wakes up early on purpose.  Ever.  Except my oldest child (who is 16), gets extremely excited for Christmas morning.  So what did she do?  Woke up at 530 AM, then woke her little sister, and sent R into my room to wake D and I up.  It was horrible!

After breakfast, I actually took a nap, which is something I rarely do.  It was the only way I was going to get through the marathon dinner cooking!

R has been funny though.  We got her an iPod touch – which does everything an iPhone does except make calls.  Anyway, she’s been texting D and I from every room in the house, using FaceTime to ask for a glass of milk, and watching Netflix (SpongeBob).  Not to mention tons of music.  She did a fairly awesome and funky rendition of Paint it Black from the Rolling Stones last night.

I also got her a headlamp for when we go camping this spring.  She’s been wearing it all day, and is currently in her room with it on, her light’s off, and playing a game.  Goofy, goofy child.

Movies, Jammies, and Santa’s with Parachutes

Not going to do my typical layout, just because it’s been a few days and everyone has better things to do this holiday weekend than ready my blog post 🙂

Food has mostly been leftovers, a dinner out with D last night, and a rice cooker dish that was totally inspired by JLGoesVegan’s Black-Eye’d Peas in the Rice Cooker.  I put in 1 cup of pinto beans, 1 cup of brown rice, 5 cups of water, 2 garlic cloves, a big squirt of siracha, and 2 tbsp of Earth Balance and set it for 6 hrs.  What came out was a very creamy and mildly spicy rice and bean dish; perfect for a quick Christmas Eve meal.

I’ve gone to two movies in the past 3 days.  On Friday I took M to see Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  It was a totally ass-kicking adrenaline rush.  Loved it.  Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but the man can make some great movies.  Last night, D took me to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I left with very mixed feelings about it.  First of all, I get it that they can’t replicate a book 100%.  The movie would be 20 hrs long if they tried, so things have to be omitted and/or glazed over.  I don’t mind that at all.  I do dislike it when fundamental portions of the story are changed though, and that happened twice, though I even understand why they had to do it that way.  What made me not love it is that if you hadn’t read the books (like my husband hadn’t), it could be hard to follow.  That said – Daniel Craig was great as the main male character and Rooney Mara totally embodied Lisbeth Salander exactly like I imagined her to be in the books.  I bet that when I watch it a year from now (more distanced from listening to the books), I’ll love it.

I’ve run the past 3 days and have been really happy about that!  My knee feels fine (thank goodness).  I did oversleep the group run today, but not sure many would have shown up for holiday weekend anyway.

I found out Friday morning that I’m going to a conference for work in Las Vegas in February!  After working out some details, we planned to have D come for the weekend, and we’d have a chance to get away together for the first time in almost forever.  However, by Friday night, the plans sort of changed, and due to a newly found out family trip he needs to take in March, we can’t swing Vegas in Feb and Utah in March, so he’s just doing the March trip.  It’s much more important, and we can always plan a getaway in a few years.

We have a very specific Christmas Eve tradition at my house (carried over from when I was a kid).  Two gifts are opened – everyone gets a new set of jammies (that they’re expected to wear that night, so everyone opens gifts in the morning in new jammies), and a family game.  Last year was bingo, this year is game called Table Topics.  They make several versions, and I picked up the Family version on Amazon.  We played it tonight, and I totally recommend it.  It’s not a game, per se, but a cube full of questions that everyone has to answer.  It really gets everyone talking – and laughing.  A couple of examples of the questions the 5 of us all had to answer…

1-what’s the funniest lunch room scene you remember?

2-what’s your earliest school memory?

3-if you could have one wild animal as a pet, which would it be?  (R said tiger, M said 30 ft cobra, A answered elephant, D was chimpanzee or gorilla, and mine was a penguin)

We spent about 45 minutes answering questions, but more importantly, telling each other stories about our lives.  There was a lot of laughing (like me mimicking a chimp doing sign language and flinging poo at D), and basically a good time.  I think I’m going to bring this out at dinner time….and girls night’s out!

As to not babble too much, I’ll just leave you with some pictures!

jammies and games (and gifts from family)
R's tray of goodies for Santa
her note
a Santa she created for him - think of the GI Joe dolls with parachutes you used to throw up in the air and watch glide down. It's like that, but made of paper.
R, D, and Bumble snuggling up on the couch

Now it’s time to shuffle everyone off to bed, so D and I can fill up the tree and get to bed ourselves!



Peppers of Pain


Okay, first the fun news.  My eldest daughter has decided this week that she wants to be a vegetarian!  She’s always been the most prone to eat like I do, but apparently a movie at school this week was the final straw.  When you see baby animals being born, I guess the last thing you want to think about is the “life” they lead before they end up on your dinner plate.

So food I actually ate…

On Monday I made a Gardein Chickn Scallopini sandwich.  I pan-fried the chickn and put it on some toasted Ezekiel bread with the marinated kale salad from Sunday.  Super filling, quick, and yummy.

Yesterday was Taco Tuesday.  It was a simple fare of refried beans, veggies, and vegan sour cream.  I still had hard shells leftover from last week, so that was the clear choice.

Taco Tuesday!

About the veggies.  I was aiming for a basic fajita-style stir fry, so chopped up the veggies I had.  I was excited about a bag of peppers I found at the grocery on the discount cart.  They weren’t labeled as to the type of peppers they were, but based on how big they were and how much they resembled mild peppers I’ve picked up at the farmer’s market in the summer, I figured they were bell pepper-ish.

I was oh, so very wrong.  After chopping up the onion, I grabbed one of these peppers and started in.  When I finished, I popped a rather large chunk into my mouth, thinking it was a mild pepper.  One bite, and I spit it out without chewing or swallowing.  My entire mouth and nose immediately lit up like someone was hitting me with a blow torch.  D came into the kitchen to see what the yelling was about, and I grabbed his beer in an attempt to douse the flames.  After the pain ebbed, half my face (the lower half) was totally numb.

I scrubbed my hands multiple times, and tried not to touch anyone.  Two hours later, I went to take my contacts out and just about blinded myself.  I couldn’t open my eyes for 5 minutes, and tears were just streaming.  I was SO pissed.  Again, D game running into the upstairs bedroom to see what happened.  He grabbed eye drops, and as soon as I could open my eyes, we put them in (since beer would have been dumb).  It really just spread the fire around and was an incredibly BAD idea.  I immediately went to bed.

evil peppers of pain

Today was better, at least from the food-trying-to-kill-me perspective.  Breakfast was some simple rolled oats cooked in vanilla So Delicious coconut milk and topped with blueberries.  For lunch I met up with D at a restaurant at the mall.  I had the roasted veggie pizza without cheese.  It wasn’t great, but not horrible.  I also had a couple of onion rings 🙂

flatbread pizza that was only so-so. Yeah, and a beer too
basket of o-rings

Dinner was baked tofu parmesan from the Happy Herbivore cookbook.  Incredibly easy and amazingly tasty.  Served on some pasta with a yummy marinara sauce, and it was a delicious dinner.  D even braved a bite and liked it.

tofu cutlets, heading into the oven


Just yoga this week after the knee debacle on Sunday.  It’s feeling tons better though, so I’m planning a run tomorrow if it stops raining.  If not, spin or swim.


The nice thing about the week before the holiday’s is that it’s pretty light on the meeting front.  That’s a good thing, because I didn’t feel well for a good portion of this week, and most of my meetings I could do online.

All the Christmas shopping is done (really, I was mostly done a few weeks ago, but had some last-minute little things to get).

Sadly, there isn’t much else to report beyond that!  I’ve gotten a lot done this week in preparations of being off next week.  The kids’ last day of school was today, so they’re off until after the holiday’s too.  We were originally planning to go to FL next week, but decided to wait.  Both my older kids want to do fairly insanely expensive things this summer (Art university summer program for A and away camp for M), so D and I decided to forgo the December vacation to at least partially fund those adventures.  D’s going to save his vacation days, and I imagine my week will be filled with local discoveries and lots of cooking!

I did get a lovely holiday flower arrangement from my CIO today.  The kids are tickled because it lights up.

with flash...
and without to show the little village light up!

Oh, and D is taking me to the movies Friday night to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I’m totally excited because I’ve loved the books.  I’m about halfway through the third one, and with the reviews being so good on the movie too, I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m sure I’ll give a mini movie review on Saturday 😉


Actually, it’s my 300th blog post.  And if you’ve seen the movie 300, you’ll get my title.  If not…well….watch the movie!


I love weekends devoted to cooking.  Yesterday was all about baking (and gifting tins of baked fun), and today was down and dirty cooking.

For lunch, I made the totally awesome Happy Herbivore Tortilla Soup (from her cookbook).  I crushed some tortilla chips and sprinkled those and some diced avocado on it.  I loved it so much, I’m actually gifting a mason jar full to a friend at work who eats gluten-free veggie, since this will be perfect for her.

this had a really nice mild heat to it since I used a hot chili powder (yes...the Xmas spice kit strikes again!) instead of normal chili powder.

I also made a kale, cabbage, red bell pepper, spring onion, cucumber salad topped with Oh She Glow’s Lightened Up Lemon Tahini Dressing.  It’s been marinating all day, so I  know it’ll be awesome for dinner tonight and leftovers tomorrow.  I’m making a big batch of brown basmati rice right now, and I can see adding some to the salad to make it a little more hearty for lunch tomorrow.

my hearty salad, good for a few days. One of the best things about kale is it gets better when it sits in a dressing for a while. So sturdy, it's good for a couple of days!

We’re about out of bread, so I baked up a loaf of wheat agave bread (veganizing a wheat honey loaf recipe in the recipe book that came with my bread machine).  We go through a loaf of bread every 2 days or so between lunches and breakfast, so I’m anticipating another loaf on Tuesday.  I love making lunches for my family with food that I’ve made myself.  While buying a loaf may be easier (and I think my husband prefers), it still makes me happy to give them things I’ve made.

I know I used a flash, good lighting in that part of the kitchen

I also made a recipe from my Indian cookbook for a vindaloo.  It’s cooking now on the stove, along with a double batch of rice in the rice cooker.

I also decided another soup was in order (I love soups….probably the only thing I like about winter is my soup consumption going up).  I whipped up a batch of red curry soup from the Post Punk Kitchen’s site.  I LOVE this soup…probably my favorite.  Only sub was using green kale, not purple.

ready to pack into mason jars to grab and go throughout the week!

I’ve also spent an hour or so dicing and slicing up veggies for snacks and lunches for the week.  A prepared veggie is a happy veggie.


Today’s fitness report is about when a great idea goes badly.  Horribly, horribly badly.

I’ve really wanted to watch the Librarian movie series (with Noah Wyle) for some time.  It was on earlier in the year on TV, and I forgot to record them, so I put them in my queue in Netflix.  D doesn’t have any interest in watching them, so his plan was to burn them and put them on my iPad to watch at my discretion, and to ship them back as quickly as possible in order for him to obtain movies he DOES want to watch.

So my plan today was to put my bike and trainer in the green room, pop the movie into my computer as loud as I could (since my trainer makes some noise), and spend the duration of the movie (92 minutes) doing an interval cycling workout.  At first, I was going to use a yoga timer to trigger me to switch between a high intensity spin to a recovery spin, but decided a much less scientific approach was best; switch between the two at each scene change.  Bloody Brilliant.

That is, until I twisted my knee.  Yep.  Only I can twist my knee on a stationary bike.  I had done a 10 minute warm up at a steady speed, but not much resistance.  Then I pumped it up through the first scene, and went back and forth like that for 20 minutes.  I was in a recovery scene, when I sat up straight, reached my right hand around my body to grip my seat and pop my back….and ended up with a shooting pain in my right knee.


Last night, D and I went to AC and JC’s house for some board game fun.  They introduced us to a game called The Settlers of Catan when we were on a weekend vacation a little over a year ago, but we never played.

After some snacks/appetizers and a couple of drinks, we set to playing.  I immediately wanted the rule book so I could read it and try to understand (I do better learning by reading than someone explaining something to me).  Anyway….after being mocked that my educational background would mean that I would produce a color coded project and implementation plan in the very near future – we got to playing.

The first game (which was abbreviated so D and I could learn the rules) was fun.  The second full-fledged game…wasn’t as much.  It’s not that it wasn’t fun, it was that the placement of my settlements in concert with the dice that were being rolled meant, I couldn’t do squat.  My goal went from learning and trying to win, to trying to keep JC from winning.  Then trying to keep my husband from winning.  In the end (nearly 2 hrs later), I think AC threw the game to allow JC to win just to make it stop.  Meanwhile, I played (and won) a game of solitaire on my phone.

We left just before 1am, and had a really fun time.

D let me sleep in until I woke up this morning, which was just after 10am.  After meal planning for the week, I got busy in the kitchen, so all in all, it’s been a fantastic day (not counting the knee).

Also, the kids got around to building their gingerbread house today (from St. Nick’s on the 6th).  They spent a good portion of the afternoon putting it together and decorating.

a front view. They cut out the door so you can see inside
this is the second year where they removed part of the roof in order to decorate and model the inside. What you can't see is a tree, people, and gifts they made out of the gingerbread house stuff

Oh, and I took pictures of Kiko in his new aquarium.  It’s huge!

floating log, lily pad, heater, and grass. He's been swimming around and climbing on everything like crazy since moving in yesterday
sitting on top of his water heater. Can't say that I blame him!



More People Should Roast Radishes


Wow, so it’s been a few days since my last post, so I’m not going to narrate every little thing I ate (like I normally do).  Let’s just say it involved a LOT of tofu/potato taco leftovers 🙂

taco leftovers in soft corn tortillas this time

I think the highlight of my culinary conquests this week was discovering that roasted radishes rock.  My minimal exposure to radishes was isolated to the twice yearly veggie trays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) where it sat along other things I disliked, like raw mushrooms and raw carrots.  I stuck to the cherry tomatoes, spring onions, and celery sticks 🙂

Anyway, I figure that radishes are starchy things like potatoes, and since they’ve been one of my project foods this year, finding a way to enjoy them was on my list.  It didn’t hurt that the Asian market had them ridiculously cheap this past weekend.

So I sliced off the ends, quartered them, tossed them in olive oil and sea salt, and roasted them for about 25 minutes.  The results?  Fantastic!  They were sort of sweet, but also similar to a roasted potato.  The 25 minutes wasn’t long enough, though, and only the smaller pieces seemed cooked through.  Next time I’ll roast them for 30-40 minutes.  But there WILL be a next time.  They were really good.


righteous roasted radishes (say THAT three times fast)


Today has been pretty boring on the food front.  Ezekiel toast with sunflower seed butter for breakfast, a hummus and veggie trader joe wrap after my run, and a baked potato and a Gardein Chickn Scallopini for a very late lunch (around 3pm).  I’m planning a light salad for dinner since D and I are going to our friends’ house (AC and JC) for appetizers, board games, and catching up.

pre run meal this morning!

This afternoon has also been spent baking my little head off.  I’ve been waiting for the baking groove to hit, and apparently today was the day.  I made a batch of the root beer float cupcakes, a lemon bundt cake, and tons of chocolate chip cookies.

root beer float cupcakes, waiting for the chocolate ganache to cool so I can top with frosting
lemon bundt cake cooling before I can pop it out and top with the lemon sauce
and of course the universally pleasing chocolate chip cookies!


I ran Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon in my neighborhood.  This morning I went for a group run at First Landing State Park.  There were quite a lot of people, and it was a nice crisp morning.

I did right about 5 1/2 miles, and it all felt really good.  Until I got into the warmth at the store for post run coffee, bananas, and bagels…and started coughing.  I felt pretty lousy earlier this week (which is a big reason I hadn’t blogged), and thought I was finally feeling normal.  The coughing caught me by surprise, and hope it isn’t a sign of something coming.

I will say that I’m totally stoked about Tri training ramping up.  I’m part of a new tri club now (new to me anyway), and am very excited.


It’s been a busy week, but a lot of it has been me being at home.  I mentioned not feeling well, and have been trying to deal with that.

Aside from all that, I did manage to get my work done and attend a few social events:

Wine Wednesday with the girls.  D dropped me off and picked me up, which he usually does, so I can enjoy a couple of glasses and not worry about driving.

Thursday was two events.  The first was our team’s holiday party at Wild Wing Cafe, and then it was off to the T3 (Thirsty Third Thursday) Tri Club social down at the beach.

Yesterday I needed rest, and was asleep by 830!  But today was the group run, which I consider social – especially since I haven’t run with a group in nearly a year.  I forgot how nice it can be to be running with 50 other people!  You know at least someone is your pace!  There was also a 50k race going on down there this morning, and seeing the racers was fun too.

Over the past few days, we’ve been building Kiko (our turtle) a new habitat.  We’ve gone from a 10 gallon tank to a 40 gallon one designed especially for turtles.  And a new filter, grass, floating logs, and even a lily pad.  He’s gotten so big, that he’s definitely outgrown what we had for him.  To be frank; I wanted to release him back to the lagoon that D “rescued” him from last year (he had been washed ashore during a Nor’Easter in November 2010), but I’ve been outvoted.  Apparently turtles hibernate, and he’d likely not survive the winter, so in my house he stays.  In a new and improved habitat.

R is totally coming down with something.  She started getting snuffly yesterday at school, and today she’s a drippy mess.  We busted out the neti pot, but I think it’ll take several days for that to work.  Hopefully it will before anything nasty takes hold in her sinuses.

So that’s it.  Going to finish up my baking frenzy, and then get dressed for later!

Booze and Blenders


Today is Tuesday, so that means Taco Tuesday (or some variant on Mexican food).  In preparation for that, I pressed some tofu over the weekend, and cubed it up last night.  I whipped up a marinade of beer (yum!), 1-2 tsp of every Mexican spice I had (thanks to AC and my awesome Mexican spice kit for my bday!), some chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, jalapenos, and minced garlic, and popped the tofu cubes in it to soak overnight.

After work tonight, I peeled and cubed up some Yukon gold potatoes, and started stir frying them in a nonstick pan.  When they were about halfway cooked, I tossed the tofu and marinade in the skillet and let it cook until everything was done, about 15 more minutes.

I went with hard taco shells tonight.  Not typical, but wanted something crunchy for a change!  I layered up the tacos with the filling, diced onion, diced tomato, hot sauce, lettuce, and cilantro.  Served with a rice cooker batch of brown spanish rice (brown rice, canned tomatoes, and canned chilis), it was a total Taco Tuesday success!

to die for tacos!


Another killer at-home spin class yesterday and some yoga!  I dreamed of hitting the pool though….

Today was getting so pissed off that only a really hard run would do.  So that’s what I did.  Worked out all my angst on the pavement instead of someone’s face.

I found that my Y has a Women-On-Weights class starting in Jan.  It’s designed to get women into free weights.  It’s my biggest weakness, and maybe if I do a class, I’ll actually feel like I need to go.  There are a few options – two that are evening classes, and two that are morning.  Like 5am type morning.  Not my favorite, but maybe it’ll accomplish two of my goals; 1- strength training.  Will just make me a better triathlete I know…but still.  BORING.  and 2 – becoming a morning person.  If I actually pay and sign up…I may be more likely to go.

I haven’t committed…but I’m seriously thinking about it.


The past few days have been mostly good.  Work, cooking, working out, finishing Xmas shopping…things like that.  I’ve also been getting a ton of sleep, which is very cool.  This whole week is very busy, but that’s not a bad thing.  A last-minute push before the holiday’s start!

So on Sunday I was thinking about planning a spring family camping trip.  For those who know me, that’s a really big deal.  I’m not really a big fan of getting nature on me, and my idea of roughing it is a hotel without a bar.  But still…I made a big move and rented a rustic cabin the weekend before my birthday, and D, the kids, and I had a blast.  I also slept in a tent in my backyard with my girls (the morning I learned that birds get noisy obscenely early).  That counts right?  Now I’m convinced I can pee in the woods, not have a TV (or bar), and still have fun for a few days.

So…I post on FB that I’m thinking of going camping, but have no clue what to do.  What do my friends suggest??  Vodka.  Beer.  Ice to keep the beer cold.  And an extension cord for my blender (I have a tendency to travel with my Vitamix so I don’t have to be forced to live without smoothies.  Or margaritas).  No mention of pillows, blankets, board games, or food!  Booze.  And Blenders.  I LOVE my friends 🙂