Real Workouts, Flat Tires, and Feeling Crafty!


I’m so excited to be back to regularly scheduled programming! MoFo was a blast, but I’ve missed my general ramblings.

I had a banana yesterday morning for breakfast with some coffee before starting my day. Lunch, I’m sad to say, was just an iced soy latte from Starbucks on my way to an appt. I wasn’t hungry around lunch time, so I just skipped it. Not good, I know, but I just wasn’t feeling stellar…probably a result of flipping my days and nights all week.

For dinner, I met up with S and C at an Italian place in Lorton. I ordered the GF eggplant dish, and it was amazing! The grilled eggplant had a smokey flavor, their homemade marinara sauce was killer, and the house red wine wasn’t too shabby either!

Breakfast this morning was a banana and coffee, with intentions of having something heartier. Life though, got in the way (grey cloud issue), and it ended up being several hours before I could eat, and that ended up being lunch. I had a big salad from Wegman’s and some Indian chickpeas.

After my pre-work nap, I had a big glass of Silk Chocolate Mint soymilk. I had a veggie wrap at work around 9pm. I imagine before the night is over, I’ll be snacking on some hummus or sunflower seeds!


Yesterday morning I hit up a spinning class at Bally’s. It felt great to have the time and energy for a real workout.

Today was gorgeous, and a run was just what I needed. Just putting on my running clothes made me feel good 🙂


Yesterday was a great day! After my spin class and a shower, it was back up to DC for….get this…a SEWING class! My eldest child sews a lot. She’s self taught and creative as hell. I really wanted to find a funky or specialty sewing and fabric shop in the city to get her things for Christmas that I just can’t get where we live. During my search, I found a place called Bits of Thread that does classes, and since I was here and I was off, I took their 101 class. It was tons of fun, and I made an awesome drawstring bag. I am now hell bent on making a billion of these as gift bags for Christmas!

Oh, and on my way back, I saw protestors! Of course I had to take a picture…

I also finished Christmas shopping for my sister’s kids and my sister. That’s 4 people total I’m done with! I actually created a Google Docs spreadsheet to track who we need to buy for, our budget vs actual, and what the gift is. I’m on a hyper organization kick lately!

After dinner, we had a little pajama party in S’s hotel room (my company is up here en mass to support this project, so a few of my friends are here too). We had some wine, I knitted (almost done with D’s hat!), and were just goofy girls.

Today was not such a good day. In fact, it kinda sucked and I’d like to request a do over.

I went outside to find a fully flat tire on my van. Thank goodness for free roadside assistance. Anyway, 45 minutes later, tow driver was there to fix it. And lecture me that I need all new tires. Oh, and because of the type of van I have, it’s impossible to have a full sized spare, so I’m driving on a doughnut. Which means…I may have to buy 2 new tires before I can go home Thursday. Bite me. It’ll be Wed before I have a chance to even get to a tire shop, which sucks.

I took a quick nap, took a shower, and then picked up some food for my night shift. I did a brief Skype with my family back home, and got to work. Here’s hoping my night is better than my day!






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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

4 thoughts on “Real Workouts, Flat Tires, and Feeling Crafty!

    1. That’s funny. I don’t think this group were Occupy protestors though. The signs were all about a pipeline. It was interesting to see, and nice that it was peaceful.
      Spin was great. I still feel intimidated when I walk in, and the first 10 min are the worst, but I otherwise really like it.

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