Funky Yoga, Great Food, and a Flat Tire from Hell


I really can’t complain about food this weekend.  I was lucky enough to have two nights with dinner plans with friends – both great friends who are always concerned about picking vegan friendly restaurants just for me.

Friday night I met up with L at Pasha Mezze, a Turkish restaurant in Norfolk.  We started out with a bottle of Red Zinfandel and the hummus appetizer.  For my meal, I had a cup of their red lentil soup (which I’m addicted to – have to have it every time I’m there – and have tried several times to recreate, and just haven’t yet managed it).  I also had the Weekend V Cuisine special, which was a piece of grilled bread topped with mushroom, eggplant, and tomato, plus a vegan sauce and yummy spices.  I managed to eat a little less than half of that!

hummus bowl

this is SO good. A little spicy, but just wonderful...
it was huge. Very tasty, but a little difficult to eat.

Saturday morning was coffee and another eggplant on Udi bread sandwich.  Lunch was a veggie wrap and a smoothie.

Dinner was the best though.  AC and I went to La Bella’s for dinner, and they actually have a separate vegan menu.  Nice!  I started with a salad, and then had the Gardein chicken parmesan.  Gardein Chick’n  breasts in a spicy marinara sauce with vegan cheese.  YUM.

sorry, but I had to use the flash. There was NO lighting otherwise.

I ate the leftover italian food for breakfast this morning 🙂


A few weeks back, I had picked up a Groupon for a local-ish non-hot yoga studio.  We don’t have many non-hot places, and I know I’ve said it before, but there are days where I just want a peaceful class – not one where I feel I’m getting a huge workout.

The Groupon was only $20 for 20 class.  Normally $200, so I really can’t complain that I have to drive 15 miles to get there.

There was an 1130am class I wanted to go to check out.  The studio location surprised me a little – it’s on the top floor of an office building in Virginia Beach – on a very busy road.  During most of the class we could hear various sirens flying by, which was a little distracting.  I also found the music choice odd.  Now don’t get me wrong – it doesn’t always have to be mild Tibetan chanting type music – I like to rub a little funk on it now and again myself – but blasting very loud Black Eyed Peas during what was supposed to be a Yoga 101/Beginners/Gentle class seemed odd.  Pump it up for a power class, but dial it down for something like this.

Aside from being annoyed by the music and sirens, it was a good glass. The pace of the class was good, and her instruction was decent.  She corrected postures, but didn’t explain any modifications.  For me – there are certain poses I can’t do as long as my back hurts (hello intense backbends).  Thankfully I’ve been doing yoga long enough to know what the right modifications are, so I just did them and ignored her at points.

My plan is to go for a light jog later today (maybe 2 miles).  Or possibly swim now that my tattoo is healed.


I had my yearly physical on Friday.  My doctor is extremely happy with my health, and that makes me feel good.  I was a very different person 5 years ago.  We spent a long time talking about my veganism – which she completely supports – and the progress I have made from a health perspective.

I mentioned to her that my back is still hurting, though not as bad as when I saw her in early July.  The chiropractor helped some – but I think I’ve gotten out of it everything I can.

She’s very adamant that we continue to work on making it better (which will make my Dad happy to hear).  We’re trying a one week regiment of Aleve.  She knows I’m not a fan of taking pills, but she’s worried there’s an inflammation component that hasn’t gone away, and a 7 day program of that will help – if inflammation is the problem.  If not, it’s a consult to ortho and rehab.  I loved her statement that “you will not live with chronic back pain – we need to get you back to doing what you love”.

I did have a very disappointing moment Friday afternoon though.  A few weeks ago, I purchased a Groupon for a 3 hr house cleaning.  D and I have been talking a long time about getting a cleaning person in, and I have a few referrals from friends, but I wanted a top to bottom deep clean done first – preferably by someone else.  So when I got this deal, I thought it was perfect!  They even had online scheduling, so several weeks ago, I booked it for tomorrow (the 12th) afternoon.  Woo hoo, right?  Wrong.  Friday, I got this email:

Subject: Appointment with Pristine Pixies Cleaning Services 


I apologize but we cannot meet on Monday, September 12th at 2 pm. We are closing the business due to personal circumstances beyond our control. Please contact Groupon (via the Contact Us link on their website) for a full refund. Please accept our apologizies for any inconvenience.

Thank you,

I’m so completely bummed out!

R is sick at the moment.  She came home from school on Thursday complaining of a sore neck.  We figure she just slept wrong and gave her some motrin and kept her home from Thursday night gymnastics.  When she woke Friday with it hurting still, I stayed home with her.  Around 2pm, I went upstairs (she was playing a computer game) to see how she was doing.  She mentioned it still hurt, and then pointed to where it hurts.  A light bulb went on, and I asked her if her neck hurt….or if her THROAT hurt.  Ah…it hurts when she swallows.  Ugh.  Sure enough, an hour later she was running a fever.  I think the motrin we were giving her for what we thought was muscle pain, was masking the fever.

D took her to urgent care yesterday – not so much because we felt that she was urgently sick – but because she gets strep and/or a sinus infection this time every year.  Unfortunately, the urgent care doc was a jerk, said he didn’t know why she had a fever, but refused to prescribe anything for her.  So tomorrow I will be calling to get her into HER doctor and get this taken care of.

I feel terrible for D too, because he got stranded in VB for 3 hours Friday afternoon.  He was on his way to a meeting, when he blew a tire.  Unfortunately, the locking lug nut was stripped, and he had no way to remove the tire to change it.  He called our insurance company to arrange a tow….and it took them 3 hrs to show up.  He tried getting a new locking lug nut yesterday, but no one had them – so he’s off to the dealership today to try to get one.  And to buy a new spare tire.

But aside from all this, the past few days have been pretty good.  I got a manicure on Friday and then had a nice dinner and drinks with L, got to do a yoga class and then take a nap on Saturday before going out to dinner and catching up with AC, and today is going to be about cleaning, cooking, and relaxing.  All in all, a very nice weekend.

L at dinner Friday night. She's so adorable!

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