Traffic Laws (and Critical Thinking Skills) Don’t Apply in Parking Lots


My first meal of the day (coffee not withstanding) was a raw sandwich.  I made up a batch of mostly successful raw bread over the weekend, and finally got around to having some.  It had a ton of onion, flax, and sesame seeds, but I think it’s missing just a hint of sweetness.  Once I get it down, I’ll post the recipe.

lettuce, avocado, tomato, onion, and pickle. Breakfast of champions.

Late morning I made what my sister-in-law B called grappeleryot juice.  It was a grapefruit, apple, celery, carrot juice.  It was tart and a bright and vibrant color, which I loved.

I wasn’t really hungry for a lunch-type meal, so I noshed on an apple, and that was enough.  I more than made up for it during dinner, though.  I made two of the dishes from my weekly list – a yummy salad…with pineapple in it (brilliant really) and a bowl of slightly overly spicy avocado soup.  My eldest really dug the salad too…and I imagine the rest of the family would have had they actually eaten any.

amazingly tasty with a simple apple cider vinegar/olive oil/agave dressing
too much cayenne, but I like it spicy!


I was hoping to get outside to workout today, but no such luck.  The Great Dismal Swamp is burning (smoldering really…literally…been battling swamp fires in North Carolina for months now, the latest one consuming 3200 acres in the past 5 days), and when the wind shifts, we get really bad air quality days up here.  Today was one of the worst I’ve seen.

"fun" satellite view of today's smoke drama

So…my dream of exercising outside was shot.  On my “injury recovery” plan, today was a 40 minute walk.  Not a run.  Not a run/walk..but a walk.  Only.  I figured I wouldn’t be pushing it, no matter the temp, if I were just speed walking.  Unfortunately, the smoke had other plans, and I ended up doing my walk on the treadmill.  I bumped the incline way up to make it challenging, and that worked well.

I also watched an episode of Game of Thrones on my iPhone while doing it!  I have to say, that as much as I can’t stand the treadmill most of the time, that was a treat.  I just started watching it (in the 3rd episode now), and I have to say it’s really good.  I started reading the book with S in early July, but haven’t had the energy to stick to it.  It’s a good book, don’t get me wrong…but sort of feels like reading Lord of the Rings.  Dreary and drawn out.  The show seems to follow the book very closely…and it has Sean Bean!  Sorry…he’s been a favorite actor of mine since I fell in love with James Bond and he played 006 in Golden Eye.  Oh….and he’s in Lord of the Rings too!    One of those six-degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of things.

Sean Bean!!!


Today was spent awake.  All day.  I’m sure I was a babbling idiot at several points, but I have to start flipping myself back to normal sleep habits.  Best way to do that???  Stay awake for about 40 hrs.

I had a few meetings…in the comfort of my jammies…and managed to focus and get quite a bit of work done today.  I will say that at one point Bumble very much got in the way of the WebEx I was on…

she ALWAYS steals my fresh cups of water. Doesn't really matter where I put them..she finds it and sticks her head in it.

I went to TJ Maxx in the late afternoon/early evening.  I haven’t been in one in years, and one of the ladies on nights this past week was telling me what good deals I could get (if willing to spend time there shopping), and then I read a post just this week from Heather at Where’s the Beach about her success at a TJ Maxx in the shoe dept…and I so very much love shoes.  So off I went in search of fabulous finds!

I found some, but more on that in a minute.  What I did notice…is that people lose their brain cells in parking lots.  I think I had no less than six near-disaster experiences in parking lots this evening.  I realize that regular traffic laws (like stopping for a stop sign) in a parking lot don’t actually apply.  I learned that the hard way a few years ago when I got smacked, the police came out, and I was told it’s really just for looks that stop signs are there, and that traffic laws don’t apply on private property.  Anyway, I’m babbling…

I stopped first at the Goodwill drop off station to deposit some donations as we’ve been cleaning the house the past few weeks.  The drop off station is in a huge Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club/Kohl’s/Garden Ridge parking lot.  It’s one of the worst designed traffic areas I’ve ever seen, and narrowly avoided a few incidents in my 2 minute pit stop there.

Then it was off to the TJ Maxx/Marshall’s/Office Max/DSW/many other smaller shops and restaurants parking lot and shopping area.  This time, my near-misses weren’t only when I was behind the wheel.  Some guy playing with his phone nearly ran me over when I was walking.  Ugh.

Anyway….I picked up a couple of tank tops and a shell in the clothes area.  I was hoping to find jammies for R (she’s outgrown them all and is now wearing her older brothers old t-shirts to bed), but had no luck.  I did find new sheets for her though.  No more Dora sheets….time for big girl colors (black and white pinstripe…my girls don’t exactly like anything pink and girly…wonder where they get THAT form!?!).

I did have much more fun in the home goods area than I did in the clothes.  You have to have a LOT of patience (which I don’t by nature) to filter through all that to find those couple of gems.  I had intentions of hitting up the other stores there, but was too annoyed at the amount of time I was in one store.  Maybe next time I go when better rested!  And showered…

I picked up a new fruit bowl for the kitchen.  It’s green glass (R’s favorite color), and nice and big.  And was $8.  I also got a neat frame for my Girls.  I showed it to D and I won’t mention in polite company what “girls” he thought should be displayed.  Let’s just say it’s a nice frame for pictures of my girlfriends!  I certainly have plenty to choose from.

new pretty fruit bowl!
picture frame! For $6!

Well, after many…many…hours of being vertical, I’m going to hit the hay.  Or the closest horizontal surface I can find.  Good night 🙂

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

2 thoughts on “Traffic Laws (and Critical Thinking Skills) Don’t Apply in Parking Lots

  1. I totally agree about parking lot danger zones! What is wrong with people when they pull into a parking lot? Suddenly all road rules fly out the window and people can be downright mean. Glad I could inspire you to do some shoe shopping LOL! Sounds like you don’t need much of a push though. Love that you hit both TJ Maxx AND DSW. We could so shop together.

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