A Hectic Week with No Signs of Slowing Anytime Soon!


It’s been a pretty healthy week, though I did eat out a bit due to my work trip.  Tuesday, L and I met up at Quenna’s for a nice lunch.  Can’t resist Tofu Tuesday!  I (again) had the tofu pocket sandwich with avocado tomato.  SO good!  Ate half, and saved half.

avocado tomato with black sesame seeds
tofu pita pocket sandwich
the sunbeam salad

Dinner Tuesday night was some take-out from Kabuto’s in Morehead City, NC.  It was funny, I was out for a run, ran past this place, decided that’s what I wanted for dinner, went in, ordered, but of course had no wallet, etc, so I had to sprint back to my hotel to get my wallet and keys and drive back to pick up dinner!  I had miso soup, a salad, and some veggie sushi.

Wednesday morning was my leftover pocket sandwich and some coffee in the room.  Lunch was subway.  Dinner was Olive Garden.  I don’t have pictures of any of that, but it’s not hard to imagine what a sub or cheese-less eggplant parm looks like!

Thursday was off for me since I had to get back home and work nights.  I ate the leftover tempeh stir fry around 7pm, and then had a veggie wrap just after midnight.

I first ate on Friday around 330pm.  I had an Amy’s bean burrito because I needed something quick and I was starving!

Friday night was very nice though.  AC, L and I got together at AC’s house for dinner.  L brought the apps – pita chips, hummus, and a medley of olives.  I made two salads – tabbouleh and a garden salad (spinach, romaine, tomato, green onion, broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, and corn) and a homemade dijon dressing.  AC made the main course of roasted veggies, toasted edamame, and whole wheat pasta.  She also had a bowl of sliced strawberries.  It was all very yummy, and we had a nice time.

This morning I made a fresh juice of romaine lettuce, apple, and grapefruit.  It was tart, but energizing too, and with the little sleep I’ve had this week, it felt very good.

My brunch around 11 was the leftover salad, mixed in some tabbouleh, and even tossed in a few of the olives.  It was delicious, and I’m stuffed.


Tuesday evening after I got down to Morehead and checked into my hotel, I took off for a 5 mile run.  There was that brief stop to order dinner, but the run was still awesome.

Wednesday morning I did my strength training workout in the hotel gym, and used their treadmill before getting ready for work.

Wednesday evening, I ended up doing about 20 minutes of yoga in my room.  My back was sore from sitting all day, and I wanted to stretch it out.

Thursday and Friday I rested.  Not because I really wanted to, but I really didn’t know how to fit anything in.  I got home around 2pm on Thursday, tried sleeping (managed about an hour), and finally rolled out of bed around 445pm.  I was exhausted, and the idea of working out was not appealing – especially knowing I had to work all night.  Friday just didn’t work logistically.  I woke at 2pm, picked up R from daycare, went to the grocery so I could pick up everything to make my salads, and then went home.  I had just enough time to make the salads, take a shower, pack a small overnight bag, and head out to AC’s house.  No time for a workout.

Guess I’ll be making up for it today!  I have strength training and running planned, and am thinking a yoga class (in my living room) sounds really appealing too.


For the most part, this week has been quiet.  2 1/2 days in Morehead working, and then coming home and going on nights to support the new hospital opening on Thursday.  I love working nights for these – I get so much work done!  I felt pretty well caught up, and still managed to stay awake the entire time without too much difficulty.

Friday I slept from 8am-2pm.  It wasn’t the deepest sleep, and I had some very disturbing dreams, but it was better than nothing.  I slept very poorly both nights in NC, so I was hoping my daytime sleep would be deep.  Alas….

Most of yesterday I just felt tired and had a hard time shaking it off.  Eventually I did though, and had a great time at girls night in at AC’s house.  I spent the night (as planned) so I could take her to the airport at 430 this morning.  It worked out well for everyone, and I was back home today by 520.  I crawled in bed next to D and slept until 830.

M is at Busch Garden’s with a friend of his and his friend’s Dad, A is heading to the movies in a bit and then the mall with a couple of her friends, and my husband is still in bed, admittedly hung over from a fun night of drinking at a Reddit meet up.  My original plan was to go to Williamsburg to the outlet malls and go school shopping.  This weekend is our Tax Free weekend for clothes and school supplies.  Unfortunately, I can’t really go unless D gets his butt up, and I’m reluctant to wake him if he’s feeling this terrible.

I’m off tonight, but back on nights starting tomorrow for pretty much the entire week.  Hopefully I’ll get to at least get school supplies today or tomorrow while there are no taxes.  Probably won’t have time to get clothes though.  Oh well.

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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