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A Lazier Than Normal Weekend


I was right to be totally excited about the kale salad from Oh She Glows.  I made it in the morning, and by evening, it was wonderful.  I did add twice the amount of kale only because I skipped the walnuts (we’re a nut free house), hemp seeds (didn’t have any), and carrot.  I put it onto a Lavash bread, wrapped it up, and it was just amazing.

Saturday morning was a cup of coffee and a banana on the way out the door.  After getting home, I made another kale wrap.  According to Angela’s site, the salad will keep for about a day in the fridge.  I didn’t want to run the risk of not getting to eat it all, so it made for a nice and quick lunch as well.

Saturday afternoon was mostly snacky food at our friend’s house.  And by snacky food, I really mean beer.  And maybe a few tortilla chips too, but mainly beer.  Saturday night was mainly leftovers, and I had a bowl of split pea soup that I canned last winter over some leftover grains I had in the fridge.  Good stuff!

I finally have apples, and Sunday morning was coffee and my green juice again.  Woo hoo, I’ve missed that!.  Since the older kids were out and about doing things with friends, D picked up take out for R, himself, and me.  I had Thai food, which I’d been craving for days.  Fresh spring rolls and tofu green curry.  It’s the first time I’ve brought Thai food into the house.  I’m always so worried about cross contamination with nuts, but after talking to the kitchen when I called in the order, they assured me that my food would be made away from any nuts.  After eating (in a different room than R was in), I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower.  Paranoia at it’s finest I suppose.

My friend AT has an awesome garden going this year.  She’s out of town, but left a huge bag of goodies for me on her front porch (she lives just up the street).  So yesterday morning M walked Sammie and went and picked it up.  I was so excited!  There were monster zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, and pickling cucumbers.  I knew I had to get busy.

First the cucs.  I sliced them thin on the mandolin along with some onion, and then put them into several mason jars.  I followed this recipe pretty closely, just skipping the cloves and using celery salt instead of celery seed since it’s what I had.  I ate one this morning, and they came out great!  I’m so excited.

I also made a batch of slow cooker ratatouille from Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker.  Frankly, it’s the addition of the pesto right before serving that makes this ratatouille special in my opinion.  I used my own version rather than the one in the book so I could make it nut free, but it still made the meal.

R really wanted to help make dinner, so she did a lot of the work.  She sautéed the eggplant, and then the onion and garlic, as well as opening the cans of diced tomatoes.  We had a great time together in the kitchen.  I also believe that it will help with her extreme pickiness if she has a hand in making the foods I’d like her to eat.

I still have a ton of veggies left, and I’m toying around with different ideas.  There are a few Mediterranean dishes I love with zucchini and eggplant, so I’ll likely make one of those.  Plus spiralizing the squash always makes me happy too.  I’m also thinking of dehydrating whatever I don’t cook up to store for later.  There’s so many possibilities with using dehydrated vegetables in soups, stews, and things like that, that there’s no reason to let anything go to waste.

Breakfast this morning was coffee initially.  Then I made up a batch of quinoa in vegetable broth, and served leftover ratatouille over it.  Even D liked it.

We’re going to Busch Gardens this evening to celebrate the 4th and see fireworks, so I imagine my dinner will be a salad from there and a Clif bar in my purse!


Friday night I went for a long run.  That kale salad wrap was turbo charged I think!  I almost didn’t go for a run because my Garmin battery was dead (it’s totally acting up), and my back up is to use the Nike+ on my iPhone, but since I think I left my running belt in Richmond last weekend and none of my running shorts had pockets, that wasn’t an option either.

I have become totally addicted to the data with running – I like knowing exactly how far I went, how fast, the elevation, etc – broken down by minute on my monitor so I can see every single shred of information.  When I don’t have that, I start to feel like going for a run is a waste if I can’t know that info.  I was almost aghast when D suggested I just go run wearing my regular Timex.  WHAT?!?!  How am I supposed to know my distance??  Sure, I’ll know how long I was pounding pavement, but it’s important to me to know how far too.  His answer to me was that if I wanted to know THAT badly, to go drive the route when I got home.  Huh.  Guess I was out of excuses.

Out the door I went.  I timed my warm up, and then started to run.  It was great!  I just kept going, and about an hour later ended up back home.  The kale wrap gave me perfect energy so I felt powerful the whole time, and the lack of GPS captured data gave me a sense of freedom that my run wasn’t about a distance or speed goal, but just because I love to run.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making a habit of running gadget free….but it seemed less important on this run.  I know I probably went about 6 miles, but I think the big thing for me was that I enjoyed myself.

Saturday didn’t leave much time to workout.  I did a quick 20 minute yoga routine at home, and that was it!  D went on a 6 mile geocaching hike though, so I’m totally proud of him for getting out there!

Sunday was terrible.  I woke up with the worst back pain I think I’ve ever had.  Sitting hurt, lying down hurt, standing up hurt, and walking hurt.  Unfortunately, D pushed it a bit too hard on his hike, and his back was hurting too.  At least he has a reason – I can’t figure out what the heck caused mine.  I didn’t pull anything doing yoga, I don’t recall getting a twinge picking anything up, and I certainly wasn’t moving heavy furniture.  It sort of came out of nowhere, and that’s not like me.  I don’t have back or knee problems, so this has got me boggled.

My back is still a little sore, but not nearly like yesterday.  I’m going to attempt a Zumba DVD here in a little bit.  I’ll take it easy if I need to!


Friday evening was pretty low-key.  D was tired, so he went to bed the earliest.  I have to say that it was strange – he’s not supposed to fall asleep before me.  Sort of screws up the natural order of things.  Alas, I had gone on my run so late, that there was no way I’d be in bed as early as he wanted to be.

So, I stayed up a bit, caught up on my blog reading, had a glass of wine, and went to bed around 11.

M had a friend over, so when I went to bed, the boys were still up playing games.  Not sure what time they went to bed!

M’s friend was picked up at 10am, D left to go hiking (and he took my blogging business cards with him to leave in the caches!), and I left with R to her gymnastics class.  We went to the pet store after and then the grocery, and then home.  D got home around 1pm, and A went waterskiing with friends around 3. 

D had a pretty cool experience while at the state park.  He had just found a cache and was walking along the trail and crossed into a playground area.  There was a man there with his twin 7 year old daughters who asked D if he was using a compass (his GPS unit has a lanyard to wear around his neck).  So D explained what he was doing, and took this man and his girls to the cache.  He let the girls drive the GPS unit and took them to the “buried treasure” and had them sign and date the log book.  D gave him one of my cards, and a short time later, I received an email from this family.  Apparently the kids had so much fun, that when they got home they were telling their mom, and now the family wants to try it.  So yeah D for sharing a fun an active activity with another family!

D, M, R, and I went swimming down the street at our friends’ house, which was really nice.  We brought a cooler of beer and some snacks (yeah for walking distance – they live 2 blocks away), D had mango margaritas, and we all spent several hours in the pool and relaxing.

We had a really great time, and spent the rest of the night at home relaxing. 

Sunday we had a lot of intentions of things to do.  We were supposed to go to a friend’s pool party, but both D and I were too sore to move.  Instead, M spent then night at a friends house, A went to her boyfriends’ house for a bit, and D and I watched 2 movies on Netflix.  I then spent most of the day lying in bed catching up on TV shows from the past 3 months.  Talk about a lazy day. 

D picked M up at 10 this morning, we’re all being fairly lazy, and then will head up to Busch Gardens around 5.  Neither D nor I want to spend the day walking around in the crazy heat (not to mention the back things going on), so we’ll likely be in the park by 630 or so, which still gives the kids a good 3 hours to walk around and ride the rides before fireworks.

So hopefully you are all having a great 4th of July holiday weekend!  While I’m used to being busier than I have been, it’s still been wonderful to have 3 days off!

I’m Glowing, It’s NOT a Skin Disorder


Wednesday morning was pretty standard…coffee and juice. I munched on an ear of raw corn (can’t express how much I’m loving raw corn), and then fruit the rest of the morning in my various meetings. One of the VP’s I work with always gets curious about my food when I’m eating. It’s kind of funny.

For lunch, I made a batch of avocado soup, and had a bowl with some onion and broccoli sprinkled in. I really, really love this soup.

My dinner was started in the morning in my dehydrator. They were corn fritters from Ani’s Raw Food Asia. I honestly didn’t love them. They were okay, but it could have been my fault. I totally forgot the onion and a couple of the spices. They did LOOK cool though. The dipping sauce was fabulous. I made a double batch, and am glad I did.

I cut the kernels off 3 ears for the fritters and ate the other one.

My big container of flax meal – which I am now buying in major bulk because of all the raw fooding going on in my house

Finished meal! The sauce totally made this

Breakfast Thursday was coffee. And leftover risotto. Okay, the REST of the risotto. It was good, I was hungry, and out of apples and lemons, so no green juice. I was improvising.

For lunch, I met up with L at a Vietnamese place close between our offices. We both had the fried tofu with stir fry veggies and a steamed spring roll. I skipped the soup since there wasn’t a vegan option. The food was pretty good, but the company was better! We got to catch up, talk about our kids and jobs and husbands (always a fun girly activity).

Dinner was a banana and a bloody mary. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but that’s pretty much what I had available easily for me. I tried taking R out to dinner after her gymnastics, but when we showed up, the place was shut down with a large notice on the door instructing everyone to keep out. Bummer. Since it was already 815pm by this point, I wasn’t going to take her out that late to a different place, so it was something quick for her. There usually is no such thing as something quick for me, and I don’t like eating after 830 ish anyway (I never sleep well when I do), so after some serious pouting after I got home, I ate a banana to quell the complaints coming from my empty belly.

Breakfast this morning was coffee and leftover avocado soup. No juice – I’m out of apples. Lunch for me was a big salad. I took R out for lunch on the way to the doctor.

I’m pretty excited about dinner tonight. Before work, I made a kale salad from Oh She Glow’s. I’m going to put it into rice paper wraps and dip in the rest of the sauce from the other night. Yum!


I’m sore. My lower back and sides are really, really sore from the Zumba class. Sore in a good way though – in the “wow, I really got a good workout” way, and not the “got the crap beat out of me” way. I’m now hooked and want to do more! D’s got me a few DVD’s so I can do this at home too (no equipment required), but there’s no shortage of classes around town. The Y has them almost every night (and there are 5 Y’s in pretty close proximity to me), as well as many other places in the community. I started looking around, and now I want to check out The Mambo Room, which is a local dance studio that mostly has Latin dancing, but also Zumba and other fitness dance classes. I’m seriously thinking of taking the Salsa workshop in a few weeks.

Wednesday I went for a mid-day run. It was only in the mid 80’s, so it wasn’t going to be painful. I do, however, turn bright red and stay that way for HOURS. It’s always fun going to afternoon meetings on the rare days that I run in the middle of the day and explaining when looked at funny that I don’t either have a strange skin disorder (unless you count my pale skin refusing to return to normal in a timely manner) or a wicked sunburn – of just the face. One friend told me to think of it as a glow. That’s better than skin disorder.

A, S, and I were going to Zumba last night, but S’ husband was finally back to normal work shifts (he’d been on nights for a few), and they wanted some quality time, which I can’t argue with. D wasn’t feeling up to taking R to gymnastics, so I did. Which meant no Zumba. I felt badly disappointing A who’s really getting into this too.

Tonight I’m going to run, and possibly do some ab work and maybe even a Zumba DVD. No promises on anything other than the run. I’m hoping to do the group ride tomorrow morning at Fat Frogs. If not tomorrow, then possibly the Sunday afternoon ride.


It’s been a nice and quiet and productive week. I had a few early morning meetings, but that just meant more productive time during the day. I got tons done on budgets, project organization, and things like that. Really – some of the fun stuff J (you can decide my level of sarcasm on that).

A’s summer school is in full swing. Nothing like taking biology for 5 hrs a day, 4 days per week. I can’t say I’m sad that she’s in summer school – keeps her busy and out of trouble! M, on the other hand, has been one lazy bum. He rarely gets out of his pajamas nor wakes before 11am. D had a chat with him in the middle of the week, telling him it would be okay to be a total lazy bum for the first 2 weeks of summer break, but starting next week, he can’t be a total flake. I threatened to stick his butt in summer school too if he didn’t shower regularly and get dressed. 14 year old boys can be gross.

Most evenings have been quiet too, and I can’t complain. I’ve gotten a lot of reading done while D’s goofs off with his Xbox stuff. I’m trying to read Game of Thrones. Everyone keeps talking about it being the best show on cable, and S wants me to read it while she does. I think I’ll like it eventually, but the writing style is bugging me a bit. I’m also reading a fun vampire seriesabout a soccer mom who gets turned into a vampire and has to quit her job as a federal agent and become a private investigator who can work at night. Yep, totally fun and mindless to read.

I also cleaned out and organized the gym/play room and D put together a new addition to the shoe rack (or now, really, it’s a shoe tower) in our closet. I cleaned out the file cabinet in the green room, and started purging things I’ve held on to that I don’t need (like learning to read books that were R’s 2-3 years ago, and we’re giving to a friend’s 4 year old, who can get better use out of it than my book shelf does). I suppose my downsizing efforts have begun!

I also revisited my 2011 budget to see how we’re doing and where we need to pay better attention. That’s going to take a few days to finish though.

R had a doctor’s appointment today. Nothing wrong, just her yearly checkup. She passed with flying colors! She’s short like me (in the 18th percentile for height), skinny like D (12th percentile for weight), and the doc called her “perfect gymnast sized”. She’s smart, sweet, and pocket sized! We did talk about her nut allergies, and the Dr was very proud at how aware R is about them and what to do if she ever accidentally ate anything, started feeling funny, and basically how to avoid situations that could cause that. I’m very proud of R myself at how aware she is of her allergy, and knows that accepting treats from friends, switching lunch box items, and things like that can be very dangerous for her. I did ask about air travel and my concerns with that and the research I’ve done. Best we can hope for now is to do periodic testing to see if the severity of her allergy goes down over the years. In the mean time, she gave me the info for the best food allergy specialist in the region so I can make an appt with him.

I’m looking forward to the long holiday weekend. We have some loose plans – kids’ having friends over, pool party at a friend’s house, cooking, geocaching for D, and working out for me. At some point, we’ll probably even figure out what we’re doing on the 4th!

So with that – have a GREAT long weekend!