I Don’t WANT to be a Muggle


Today was a pretty fun day.  For breakfast, I made another whole food veggie juice.  This one had tomato, red bell pepper, one jalapeno, two handfuls of kale, half of a cucumber, 2 carrots, a slice of onion, and ice.  Apparently another V7.  This time it was more green – probably because of the amount of kale I put in it – but it was awesome.  I loved the addition of the hot pepper (vs the hot sauce). 

For lunch, I made a quesadilla.  This one was Daiya cheddar cheeze, leftover pintos, onions, and red bell peppers slices (that was actually from my container garden!).  Along with a salad, that was my lunch, and it rocked.  I love my quesadilla maker.  In a pinch, it makes some great meals.  Not bad for $15.

For dinner, I made a Lavash Pizza.  Nothing earth shattering (aside from its taste), but again…wanted simple and tasty.  I took a lavash bread from Whole Foods, topped it with Daiya mozzarella, sliced garden tomatoes, and onion.  I popped it into the toaster oven at 350 for 10 minutes.  Couldn’t be simpler.

And I have to mention the popcorn at the movies.  I love that our theater doesn’t use butter or butter flavor.  They actually got me the oil box (coconut) so I could verify there wasn’t any actual butter. 

Late this evening I took the Monster Zucchini that AT gave me and grated the thing in my Kitchen Aid.  It made what looked like a never-ending bowl of grated zucc.  I made a batch of vegan zucchini bread and muffins.  I froze a ton, and put the rest in the fridge.  I already told AT that this single zucchini would make about 400 muffins and she had to eat at least half of them.

Monster Zucchini
over FOUR pounds....Monster Zucc
cut up and ready for the grater on the Kitchen Aid
grated zucc
headed to the freezer....

I made a big batch of muffins and a loaf of bread.  They’re in the oven now and smell awesome!

on the way into the oven


NONE.  It sucks.  I want to run really badly and was told today it’ll be at least another week.  I was cleared to swim (though I already had…ooops), so I have a gym swim date with AT tomorrow after work.  I can’t wait.


Last night was a little difficult.  My 7 (almost 8) year old pretty much went into hysterics last night.  R is a very sweet and happy little girl, but when she’s tired, she gets hyper emotional.  As D and I were putting her in bed last night, she started crying about her daycare…saying she has no friends and none of the other kids play with her.  I think there are three things going on here.  1-she was moved into a new class in mid June because she’s a rising 3rd grader, and doesn’t really know many of the kids, 2 – she likes to dictate the rules of play, and if other kids want to change them, she’s likely to walk away and isolate herself, and 3-she was crazy tired.  Anyway, it was heartbreaking, so after a half hour, we offered to let her snuggle with us, and she slept in our bed.  Which meant she’s the only one who slept, because even though she’s 43 lbs, she’s a bloody ninja in her sleep and took up the entire bed.  D slept fitfully, and me barely at all.  I wasn’t looking forward to today.

However, for a Tuesday, it didn’t suck.  I had a few morning meetings, and then had time to get some project work done.  My afternoon meeting was great, and then it was time to head out.

I had my very first ever chiropractor appointment today!  I was really nervous, but it was great.  I had to drive through the worst part of town to get there, but it was worth it.

I walked in and they had no record of me.  Turns out that when my PCP’s office made the appt a couple of things happened.  1 – the chiro had answered the phone and forgot to write me down, and 2 – the chiro thought I was going to call to confirm, but what my Dr told me was to call if I couldn’t make the appt.  No matter though.  I filled out the paperwork and was seen on time.

So…speaking of the paperwork.  I can’t help myself.  So I’m filling it out, and they ask for my husband’s employment information.  I go up to the desk and ask them why they care where he works.  I’m told I don’t have to fill it out.  Good, because it’s really none of their business since I’m the patient and everything.  I get to the bottom and it asks for my social security number.  Of course, I have to go back up and ask why they need to know.  They have my insurance card and information, so why do they need my SSN?  I’m told it’s not really necessary, but they put it in the computer.  I sort of freak out and tell them it’s illegal to require that information (it’s sort of my job to know that).  Anyway, they’re really nice and tell me I don’t have to fill that out either.  So I stayed.

After a brief discussion, I was lying on a table, and he knew within a couple of minutes what was wrong with me.  Apparently my pelvis is out of line, making my right leg shorter than my right (and since I’m already short…that’s saying something), and my hip was trying to compensate.  Basically – this happens with use and time and will likely pop up from time to time.  That didn’t make me happy…especially since my sister told me just yesterday that my back pain was a result of me getting older.  Then again, she’s 3 1/2 years older than me, and I told her that if I’m old…she’s ancient.  She didn’t reply 😉

He did some very awesome adjustments, which just felt good, but made sure to explain to me what he was doing all along the way.  I don’t like people touching me…especially if I don’t know them, so each time I had to move for an adjustment I’d totally tense up my whole body.  It took a bit, but I eventually got there.

After that, it was some table that had automatic rollers, and then a table with heat that was supposed to reduce the inflammation.  I was told to ice for 20 minutes every hour after getting home if I was sore (which I was told to expect after the adjustments). 

I left with an appointment for Thursday after work, and need to see him 2x per week for a couple.  I’m cautiously optimistic that he can help me.  Since this has been plaguing me for just over 2 weeks now, it’s worth doing since nothing else has worked.  If it will get me back hitting the pavement, it’ll be worth it.  I’m going batty being sedentary.  And I imagine I’m increasingly difficult to live with as a result!

Of course (by my title if you’re not clear), we saw the latest Harry Potter movie tonight.  Holy.  Cow.  It was amazing and intense, and I loved it.  I loved the books since my sister bought me the first one for my birthday when it came out, and my entire family has been junkies ever since.  This movie was SO good…it made me want to re-read all the books, and then take a week off so I can watch them all…and then go to Orlando to the Harry Potter theme park at Universal.  Seems silly, but it was just incredible.  It made me regret being a muggle (if you don’t know…you should REALLY read the books).

I spent the rest of the night icing my back as directed, listening to music on YouTube, baking anything I could think of with zucchini, and reading the news.  (Sorry, the headline that indicated Bachman is the 2nd in the race for the GOP nomination should have said something like “evidence US IQ is dropping” or something like that instead….though it’s good for dems….if Michelle Bachman gets nominated, Obama is a shoe-in for re-election).

So that has been my evening.  It’s now nearly 11, and if I don’t get to bed, I’ll never make my 8am meeting!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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