Super Brief Post Until Tomorrow…

Okay, been too heartbroken to post this week.  I’ve been flat (literally) on my back since Sunday morning.  I even spent yesterday on my back in my office conducting meetings.  Pretty sad.  After 6 days of it not getting any better, I went to the doctor.

My back is screwed, not sure why, and I can’t do my Tri next weekend.

Other things have happened this week, but since it’s 1134 pm and I really need to get to bed, I promise a detailed post tomorrow with pictures as usual.  And it will be while I’m lying in bed with my heating pad and feeling sorry for myself while I do it I’m sure.

Sorry – I’m upset I can’t race next weekend.  Life will go on, I will race another day, but for now, I’m pouting.

2 responses to “Super Brief Post Until Tomorrow…

  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry about your back! It’s so disappointing when you have to pull out of a race (been there, done that x a zillion) Lots of future races for you but yes, for now, pout. It’s understandable!

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