It’s Fun Getting a Frantic “Are You Okay??!?!?” Call from a 16 Yr Old….Role Reversal!


Saturday was….whole wheat bagel, hummus, grapefruit with stevia, and chocolate soymilk.  Shocking, I know.  Apparently when I find something I like, I tend to stick to it!

Lunch was a tomato and onion quesadilla made with Diaya cheddar cheeze.  Very tasty!

Dinner really wasn’t.  I ate popcorn at the movie with R, and wasn’t very hungry that evening.  I had a Dr. Kracker snack, which ended up being enough before heading to bed around 1030.

I had a cup of coffee and half of a Clif bar early this morning around 9, and than brunch with AC at the Water Grill in Richmond.  I had two spicy Bloody Mary’s, we shared the duo of hummus (one regular, one edamame), and I had the black bean burger with avocado and fruit.  I didn’t come close to finishing anything (other than the Bloody Mary’s), but it was fantastic all around.

2 different hummus, pita, olives, and peppercinis
black bean burger with cilantro and mustard, avocado and fruit

I made up a box of Whole Foods buffet bar goodness to eat tomorrow for lunch at work.  I was just too full to eat it today!

Dinner was Carrabba’s, where I had a veggie pasta and a salad.


I did a yoga routine from Yoga Today around 8am while everyone was sleeping.  It was nice and felt really good.

I hit the YMCA at about 2pm on Saturday.  I was tired and didn’t really feel like going, but made myself anyway.  I had wanted to go on Friday, but my spa nail appointment took way longer than I anticipated, so if I didn’t go Saturday, I’d have thrown off my newly re-established workout routine.

I’m glad I went (D even told me he was proud of me for going, though all I wanted to do was nap…he’s so cute).  I did the WH strength training routine again and ran on the treadmill.  While I’m totally excited to workout again pain-free, I was reminded just how much the treadmill annoys me.  I was only a mile in and I was bored to tears.  I finished out the 3 miles anyway, but I really can’t wait to get back outside.


D and the gaggle of teenagers that had gone to laser tag came stumbling in around 715am on Saturday.  R was asleep in my bed (we fell asleep watching Alpha and Omega.  D carried her off into her own bed, but by then, he’d woken me up – and once I’m up, I tend to stay that way.

After coffee and yoga, I woke R up around 930.  She had to eat and get cleaned up before gymnastics at 11.  After gymnastics and lunch and my workout, I took her to see the new Smurfs movie.  Let’s just say the company was much better than the movie!

working on her back handsprings and walk overs!

Sometime while we were gone, the crowd awoke at my house, and around 230, D hit Dunkin Donuts for a mid-day breakfast for them all.  With extras for Sunday morning.

Afterwards, we went home and made spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner, and then went to bed fairly early (for a weekend – D and the kids were exhausted, even after sleeping most of the day away).

This morning I woke up early (on purpose).  I needed to pick AC up by 930am for our day trip to Richmond, and needed to make coffee, shower, dry my hair, etc.  As I was getting dressed, D woke up, poured himself a coffee, and grabbed a donut.

As always, he walked me out to my car to kiss me goodbye.  When I started it up, the low air pressure light went on.  It was early, the kids were all asleep (and rarely wake before 10), so he said he’d follow me to 7-11 (just a few blocks away) and put air in my tires.

We get there, he puts the air in while I go into the store to buy a bottle of water.  D then offers to stay to fill up my gas tank (so cute), and he did that while washing the windshield.  Pretty much in his jammies.  Have I mentioned how cute he is?

Anyway, I’m about to drive off and A (my 16-year-old) calls me.  I answer, and she’s frantically asking if everything is okay?  She and M woke up MUCH earlier than normal, came downstairs to find both cars gone, a full cup of hot coffee, and a half eaten donut.  They start imagining the worst possible scenarios.  They then proceed to look in the cupboards to see if R’s epi pens were there, worried something happened and we had to take her to the hospital.  By the way…R was asleep in her room.  How funny the older kids are looking for her meds to determine if something bad happened rather than look in her room for her.  But anyway, it was sweet.  I explained what happened, and that Dad would be home in less than 5 minutes, and not to panic.  Apparently as soon as D pulled into the driveway, the 16-year-old ran out of the house, hugged him, and yelled UGH really loudly.  I feel badly that we worried them, but it was pretty funny.  My how the tables have turned!

AC and I had a nice drive to Richmond, chatting the whole way (we have a tendency to start 80 conversations, but only finish about 3).  We hit some rain and some traffic snags, but nothing terrible.

We got there around 11-1130, and it was pouring.  By the time we finished brunch though, it had stopped.  We were in the area of Richmond called Cary Town, which is a lot of boutique shops and trendy restaurants.  We did some clothes shopping, and then hit up Penzy’s spices.  This was started up in my hometown and is a breakaway store (started as catalogue only, but now has retail outlets) from the Spice House, which is where my Dad got me that big spice kit for Christmas.  It’s so much fun just walking around and smelling things.  I picked up a bunch of spices (black sesame seed for a raw bread recipe, apple pie spice, pumpkin pie spice, lemon peel, salt-free spice blends, vegetable soup base, and a few other things), and while checking out, tell the sales clerk that I’m from Milwaukee.  She got very excited that I “knew all about Penzy’s and the Spice House”.  It was really neat talking with her.

After that, we hit up REI.  I immediately showed AC the new kayak I want.  It has cup holders.  SO cool.  The biggest reason for my visit though was to get D the backpack he was ogling when we were there a couple of weeks ago.  He’s planning his first big overnight backpacking/camping adventure for Sept, and I told him I’d rather buy things slowly than drop a fortune the weekend beforehand!  When I brought it home, he was so excited, which was (again) cute.

After REI was a brief trip to Whole Foods for some essentials (3 containers of sun-dried tomato and basil hummus qualifies), and then we hit the road back to Norfolk.  I was home by 6.  A great day.

All in all, it was a great weekend.  This week is going to be insanely busy, so I’ll post when I can.  I learned late last week that I have to go to Morehead City, NC Tuesday afternoon for some meetings, so I’ll be down there for work.  Thursday I have to work nights for a go-live, then Friday it’s a girls night dinner at AC’s house, and then taking her to the airport Saturday at some un-holy hour (like 4am).

Now, it’s off to steal my Kindle from M (he’s reading To Kill a Mockingbird…summer reading for school) and read until I fall asleep!

Drinking Wine from a Straw is a Skill EVERY Woman Should Have


Another couple of good food days, which always makes me happy!

Wednesday morning I had a whole wheat bagel with some hummus.  It’s sort of becoming a favorite of mine lately.

Lunch was just some hummus and crackers in a meeting.  I wanted something more substantial – had even marinated some tofu cubes – but didn’t have time to eat it.

Dinner was a take out salad from an Italian place up the street.  I was a little surprised by the sliced pickles, but it was still good and filling.

Thursday morning was again coffee and a bagel with hummus.  This time I threw in some grapes just for a change of pace 🙂

Lunch was Thai Tofu Green Curry during a lunch meeting with one of the consulting groups we work with.  I have a new project where I need some contracted labor.  I ordered a fresh spring roll with tofu, but they brought one with chicken.  I skipped the spring roll thing (which is sad).  I also skipped the picture.  It’s not like I haven’t posted pictures of tofu green curry before…plus…I was in a meeting…would have been a bit strange to explain why I was taking pictures of my food!

Dinner was the most fun though.  AT and I had plans to go out, and of course since she’s only lived here since January, it was my pick.  I decided I can’t get enough of Quenna’s Raw and Vegan restaurant in Norfolk.

I think AT was dubious at first when I explained where we were going, but she’s very open-minded about food – and knows I LOVE good food and wouldn’t steer her wrong.  Thankfully, she absolutely loved it!

We both got fresh juices first.  Mine was pineapple and apple.  We got the “tofu” ryce paper rolls, which were incredible.  I got the “tofu pocket sandwich, which is my favorite.  I ate about half and brought the rest home.  AT got an apple and cucumber salad pita and some take out avocado sandwich for her husband (who loved his food too).  I want to go back on a Friday – they have Avocado Friday’s, which just sounds amazing.

our "tofu" appetizer. I could have had these for a meal

so big and stuffed full of veggies, it's tough to eat without a fork!
AT's pocket. Apples and cucumbers (and other fun) in a creamy sesame sauce. I think she was moaning with delight when eating it.
the salad on my plate...which is making me a beet convert!

Breakfast was the rest of my pita, and lunch was another work meeting (this time I ate fajita veggies and salad).

Dinner was the tofu and broccoli I made on Wednesday.  All told…good and wholesome couple of days!

tofu marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce, agave, and olive oil, plus lots of crushed red pepper and green onion over broccoli


I WENT TO THE GYM WEDNESDAY.  Okay, can you tell I’m excited!?!  After D got home from work, we all went.  He took the kids swimming while I worked out.  My workout lasted just over an hour.  I did 30 minutes of an easy strength training workout from Women’s Health.  It was challenging enough, but didn’t kill me (except maybe the plank…).  Then I ran on the treadmill.  Just 2 miles, but I felt awesome after.

Yeah to my chiropractor and yoga!!!


It’s been a crazy busy week, but a few of our really big projects (which all happened at the same time) are coming together nicely.  All told a good week on the work front.

I’ve been doing some really awesome and exciting research on universal healthcare too.  Did you know that 62% of personal bankruptcies are due to medical debt?  No one should live in a society where they can experience impoverishment or financial ruin in the pursuit of health.  But don’t get me going – I could go for hours.

The highlight of Wednesday was going to the gym.  It felt SO good to move again, it was awesome.  I really do attribute my recovery to both the visits to the chiropractor (which really only took 2 to make me feel better) and the yoga.  I’ve been pain-free since Monday, and only minor and brief twinges since.

It’s funny because my mom – as a nurse – completely discounts that the chiropractor helped.  Many, many medical professionals that I know feel that way about non-medical treatments.  So my Dad is letting her believe that the yoga cured me.  Funny how something like yoga is OK, but not a chiropractor.  She’s funny like that.

But really – he was great.  Explained what was happening to me, and how to keep myself aligned without needing to see him all the time.  I see him again in a month and then only if I feel out of whack.  Can’t really beat that!

Thursday was lighter on the meetings and I got a lot done.  Then it was a chiro visit and a great dinner with AT.  I went to bed ridiculously early (about 845pm).  I was up until 1am the night before, so I wanted a good night’s sleep.  It sort of backfired, and I should expect that by now if I try to go to bed too early.  I slept great…until about 330 am.  Ugh….

I did, however, get phenomenal news yesterday.  Whole Foods is coming to Virginia Beach!!  Granted…not until 2013…but it’s still awesome.  I think 8 people have either emailed or texted me since the news broke.  I guess they all know I’m a junkie.  Only one and a half more years of me taking the occasional weekend trip to Richmond JUST to grocery shop!

Today was another jam-packed day of meetings, but then off to a spa appointment for a 45 minute pedicure (best ever…at one point my legs were wrapped in saran wrap!) and a manicure.  Now my nails are all pretty again.

During my salon visit, I had a couple of glasses of red wine.  At one point, my nails were wet and under the dryer, and I could obviously not drink it.  So…my manicurist went and got a straw!  It’s much harder to drink wine from a straw that it would outwardly appear – especially when you can’t use your hands at all.  Clearly, I need to practice.

Tonight D is taking the older two to overnight laser tag with their friends.  That means snuggling in bed with R, watching silly movies until we fall asleep.  Tomorrow, we’re going to the gym, gymnastics, and then to see the Smurf movie while D, the kids, and their friends, sleep at my house.  Sunday is a trip to Richmond with AC to go shopping.  All in all, it’s going to be a great weekend!

A Cautionary Tale About Squats


After my juice Sunday evening, I made an awesome stir fry.  I just threw in things I had lying around – cubed tofu, red onion, orange bell pepper, bamboo shoots, chickpeas, brown rice, and some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (soy sauce would work too).

orange, apple, carrot, celery, ginger juice. Talk about energy in a cup! Refreshing and spicy from the ginger.
tofu and veggie stir fry

Monday morning I made some french toast!  I blended soft tofu, vanilla, cinnamon, and soymilk – soaked two slices of whole grain bread – and baked them up!  Along with some grapefruit and chocolate soymilk, I had one heck of an awesome breakfast.  I don’t tend to spend much time on myself in the mornings.  Since my family is generally adverse to hippie foods, I tend to make their breakfast and run out of time for myself before I head out the door.  Luckily, I thrive on quick smoothies, juices, and even the occasional bowl of cereal, but it felt good to make a hearty breakfast for myself.  I’m also not complaining since I have no problems eating leftover dinner or salads for breakfast either!  But still…I felt a little pampered Monday morning!

For lunch on Monday, I had a tofu curry and veggie soup (awesome) and some strawberries.  Late afternoon between meetings I munched on a whole wheat pita and hummus.

sorry it's not a prettier picture...I was in my's interesting enough to explain to people why I'm taking pictures of my lunch!

Dinner was a grilled Mediterranean tofu sandwich (recipe courtesy of Candle Cafe) with avocado, tomato, and onion on a pita with a simple arugula and spinach salad.

the tofu was an awesome combo of cumin and mint. SO amazing!

Breakfast today was cereal with half a banana and soymilk, and a slice of whole wheat toast with a piece of vegan pepperjack cheese.  Not a typical combo – a toasty cheezy sandwich and cereal – but it was yummy and my breakfasts are rarely standard fare anyway.  It works for me 🙂

Lunch was the highlight of my day!  I didn’t have time this morning (after making everyone’s breakfasts and lunches) to make myself anything.  So…I treated myself to a favorite.  Quenna’s Raw and Vegan restaurant in Norfolk, VA is absolutely wonderful.  If you find yourself in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area, I can’t recommend it enough.

I was between meetings, and decided to come with my Kindle for a nice, quiet, and healthy lunch.  I was debating on stopping for Thai or Moe’s, but in the end – I wanted to be sure I ate a wonderful and healthy lunch.  There really was no debate in my mind!  It’s Tofu Tuesday, so I was able to get a Tuesday special.  I had the Tofu Pita Pocket sandwich with sun beam salad and the most amazing avocado-tomato dish I have ever eaten.  Friday’s are Avocado Friday’s, so I hope to have a reason to find myself out that way on a Friday soon!

I don't care what your dietary preferences are...this is ridiculously good

Dinner was just a veggie burger.  The fun part was me getting to use my very own bread and butter pickles I made a few weeks ago.  It was simple – whole wheat bun, mustard, vegan pepperjack cheeze, onion, tomato, and pickle!

So…I’m totally happy with my food the past several days.  I’ve taken more time in the kitchen (which makes me happier than almost anything), and had a lot of wholesome and tasty food.  Can’t really go wrong!


Mostly my workouts have been about yoga.  However….on Sunday, I decided to do some strength training.  I found a Woman’s Health workout, did the warm up and the routine in the upstairs gym at home – no weights required, which was good.  It was hard, but felt good to workout without pain.  Little did I realize, that I did the equivalent of 60 squats plus 40 walking lunges (plus planks, push ups, etc – but that’s beside the point).  That’s ONE HUNDRED squat like moves.  Today is Wednesday…and I still hurt.  Walking upstairs…walking downstairs….doesn’t matter.  I’m waddling like a 90-year-old who needs a cane.  My thighs burn in ways I couldn’t even imagine from the world’s best torture experts.  Clearly…..I need to strength train more (and MUCH more slowly).

Really the most amazing news is that I’ve been cleared to start running tomorrow!  Between the yoga and the chiropractor, I’m a new person.  I feel great, and since Sunday evening, haven’t had any pain at all (thighs not withstanding).  So, I’m going to run tomorrow (on the treadmill…too hot for outside) and then I have an appt on Thursday with Dr. S again.  It’s my last one unless I’m hurting from my run.  Woo hoo!!!

I don’t think I’ll be ready to run the Rock N Roll 1/2 in Sept, but I can at least manage a run-walk.  I should be totally good for the OBX race in November though!

On another fateful note…remember how I said there’s no close non-hot yoga studios?  That’s still true…BUT….for a good deal, I’ll drive the 10-15 miles to a studio.  As it happens…the Deal of the Day (similar to Groupon), had a deal yesterday….$20 for 20 classes (normally about $200!) at Namaste yoga.  Too cool.


Life is good.  Monday and today were both productive and good days.

We had crazy storms last night, and while the heat itself didn’t break – the humidity did, so I’m happy.  D and the kids sat in the back yard watching the lightening and electrical storms until I freaked out that it was too dangerous.

While cleaning up the kitchen, somehow my oldest two kids (16 & 14) devolved into some wrestling on the kitchen floor.  I was in the green room working, and since I heard nothing but giggling and reassurances from my husband that they were goofing off, I didn’t intervene.  D took some pictures and it looks like A is schooling M…but they all claim it was funny.  It looks like butt kicking to me, but what do I know?  I wasn’t there….

Today I had a one on one with my VP which only confirms over and over again that I have the BBE (best boss ever).  While the job can sometimes be stressful, all it takes is an hour with her to make me realize it’s all worth it.  I’m lucky.

The rest of my week looks promising from all fronts.  Work looks good (light on the meetings, heavy on the productivity!), I get to workout at normal capacity (assuming my body is willing after 3 weeks of inactivity),  D is taking the older kids and their friends to overnight laser tag on Friday (which leaves me and R to have a fun girls night renting movies), and Sunday I’m going to Richmond with AC to go shopping and goof off.  Life is good!

Yoga, Yummy Food, and….Country Music?!?!?


My focus this week has definitely been on food.  With my ability to exercise significantly reduced, I can’t really afford to slip up much on the food front.  I feel lousy enough not exercising.  All this really means is focusing on whole foods, unprocessed grains, and limited alcohol.  As a result, I don’t feel weighed down…just antsy to move!

I made a LOT of veggie juices this week.  With all the veggies that AT gifted me, I certainly couldn’t let them go to waste!

Breakfast most days was a smoothie of some type.  One quick one I made a few days was simply 1 cup of vanilla hemp milk, 1 cup of blueberries, and ice.

vanilla blueberry smoothie!

I packed up cucumbers with dill for mid morning snacks, lots of salads with tofu for lunches, and simple dinners of veggies and either tofu or tempeh.

dill, cider vinegar, and cucumbers

tomatoes, onions, and brussel sprouts heading into the toaster oven to be roasted
tempeh, cabbage, green bean stir fry. Very simple...but amazingly tasty
eggplant, tempeh, artichoke, tomato dish on brown rice pasta with some Diaya mozz flavored cheeze

This morning was a bowl of high fiber cereal with sliced banana and soymilk, lunch was a whole wheat bagel with hummus, grapes, and a cup of chocolate soymilk!

I just finished off a fresh orange/apple/carrot/celery/ginger juice which was so good, I want to make another one (alas…out of oranges and carrots now).


I’m still not able to do much aerobically, but I have started doing some at-home yoga.  I started with this video I found online.  I watched it and followed along, then watched it again so I could write the poses down, and then have been doing that workout.

Today, D found for me on iTunes a video blog series called YOGAmazing.  He got me the one for back issues (actually – it was for people with scoliosis), and I did that routine as well today.  It was more challenging, but not painful.  He also found for me a site called Yoga Today that has free and subscription yoga classes.  I was really excited about that and the YOGAmazing site because I love yoga, but where I live, almost all the studios are hot ones.  I don’t mind hot yoga now and then, but it’s not my preference.  The closest non-hot studio to me is quite a hike, and I’m not good enough to create my own routines at home, so this was really exciting to find.

I went dancing last night, and while I’m a little sore today, it’s not really that bad.  I’m pretty encouraged that I’m on the mend, and plan on doing a light and easy strength training workout this evening yet.

I missed the swim with AT earlier this week.  I had a meeting that ran over, and bad storms had blown power in our area.  I guess the Y was affected, and the pools were temporarily closed.  Not enough for me to not be able to make it, but by the time I got out of my meeting and home, it was getting pretty late.  I’m hoping to at least be able to swim this week.  With any luck, Dr. S will let me run too!


It’s been a pretty good week.  The worst thing has been the weather.  It’s been over 100 degrees every day this week, super high humidity, and just miserable.  We’ve had a few intense storms, but none of them broke the heat.  It’s not only been uncomfortable, it’s also dangerous.  And it doesn’t look to be letting up in this coming week either.

I went to the chiropractor again on Thursday.  Same adjustments, and then icing at home.  I go back again on Tuesday.  Hopefully between this and the yoga, I’ll be running (literally) in no time!

Saturday afternoon we all went to our friend’s house to swim and cool off.  It was really nice…though D didn’t use sunscreen and he’s paying for it today.

Friday morning I get a text from S that says “please tell me you’re free tomorrow night”.  I tell her I should be, ask her why, and she replies “baptism”.  So here I am thinking that she wants me to come with her to a baby baptism Saturday night.  Okay, I suppose that would be fine.

Later that afternoon, D calls me at work and asks if I’d seen Facebook that day.  I say no…and he proceeds to tell me that S posted something about “baptizing” Crissie, and gathering the girls for something Saturday night.  Now…I’m a little nervous and figuring this has nothing to do with babies.

As it happens, I do not like country music.  I was 19 before I learned that there was such a thing as  “modern country artist”…I thought all country music was made before the 1950’s (Patsy Cline, etc).  Many of my friends like country, and try as they might, have not been able to get me into it.  A local country cover band was playing at our very own Wild Wing cafe, so R rallied some of our girls to take me out and “baptize me” to country music.

We get there, and of course S and her husband know the band.  S introduces me as “this is Crissie…she hates country music”.  Lovely.  The band now feels like they’ve been issued a personal challenge to make me like the music.

I will be honest, it wasn’t that bad.  I even danced some (though honestly, it was to songs I knew, like covers of U2 and the Cult).  It’s weird going to a show and not knowing a most of the songs being played.  They kept pointing to me and asking if I was having a good time.  It was kind of cute.  And at least none of them were wearing overalls…something I thanked them for between sets.

Another friend of ours’ husband is a rockin local guitarist.  Of course HE knew the band too (small world I guess), and got up on stage to play.  It was really amazing.

Regardless of the music (which really wasn’t awful), I had a great time.  I got home about 1am (and D had waited up for me), talked for a few minutes, and then went to bed.

that's my friend's hubby!

Today has been pretty low-key.  I went grocery shopping, and D and M went to see Captain America with a friend of ours (the pool friend).  A spent a good portion of the day painting R’s finger and toenails and giving her a henna tattoo.

My plans for the rest of the night involve dinner, a bath, and reading.  Not a bad end to a nice weekend.

I Don’t WANT to be a Muggle


Today was a pretty fun day.  For breakfast, I made another whole food veggie juice.  This one had tomato, red bell pepper, one jalapeno, two handfuls of kale, half of a cucumber, 2 carrots, a slice of onion, and ice.  Apparently another V7.  This time it was more green – probably because of the amount of kale I put in it – but it was awesome.  I loved the addition of the hot pepper (vs the hot sauce). 

For lunch, I made a quesadilla.  This one was Daiya cheddar cheeze, leftover pintos, onions, and red bell peppers slices (that was actually from my container garden!).  Along with a salad, that was my lunch, and it rocked.  I love my quesadilla maker.  In a pinch, it makes some great meals.  Not bad for $15.

For dinner, I made a Lavash Pizza.  Nothing earth shattering (aside from its taste), but again…wanted simple and tasty.  I took a lavash bread from Whole Foods, topped it with Daiya mozzarella, sliced garden tomatoes, and onion.  I popped it into the toaster oven at 350 for 10 minutes.  Couldn’t be simpler.

And I have to mention the popcorn at the movies.  I love that our theater doesn’t use butter or butter flavor.  They actually got me the oil box (coconut) so I could verify there wasn’t any actual butter. 

Late this evening I took the Monster Zucchini that AT gave me and grated the thing in my Kitchen Aid.  It made what looked like a never-ending bowl of grated zucc.  I made a batch of vegan zucchini bread and muffins.  I froze a ton, and put the rest in the fridge.  I already told AT that this single zucchini would make about 400 muffins and she had to eat at least half of them.

Monster Zucchini
over FOUR pounds....Monster Zucc
cut up and ready for the grater on the Kitchen Aid
grated zucc
headed to the freezer....

I made a big batch of muffins and a loaf of bread.  They’re in the oven now and smell awesome!

on the way into the oven


NONE.  It sucks.  I want to run really badly and was told today it’ll be at least another week.  I was cleared to swim (though I already had…ooops), so I have a gym swim date with AT tomorrow after work.  I can’t wait.


Last night was a little difficult.  My 7 (almost 8) year old pretty much went into hysterics last night.  R is a very sweet and happy little girl, but when she’s tired, she gets hyper emotional.  As D and I were putting her in bed last night, she started crying about her daycare…saying she has no friends and none of the other kids play with her.  I think there are three things going on here.  1-she was moved into a new class in mid June because she’s a rising 3rd grader, and doesn’t really know many of the kids, 2 – she likes to dictate the rules of play, and if other kids want to change them, she’s likely to walk away and isolate herself, and 3-she was crazy tired.  Anyway, it was heartbreaking, so after a half hour, we offered to let her snuggle with us, and she slept in our bed.  Which meant she’s the only one who slept, because even though she’s 43 lbs, she’s a bloody ninja in her sleep and took up the entire bed.  D slept fitfully, and me barely at all.  I wasn’t looking forward to today.

However, for a Tuesday, it didn’t suck.  I had a few morning meetings, and then had time to get some project work done.  My afternoon meeting was great, and then it was time to head out.

I had my very first ever chiropractor appointment today!  I was really nervous, but it was great.  I had to drive through the worst part of town to get there, but it was worth it.

I walked in and they had no record of me.  Turns out that when my PCP’s office made the appt a couple of things happened.  1 – the chiro had answered the phone and forgot to write me down, and 2 – the chiro thought I was going to call to confirm, but what my Dr told me was to call if I couldn’t make the appt.  No matter though.  I filled out the paperwork and was seen on time.

So…speaking of the paperwork.  I can’t help myself.  So I’m filling it out, and they ask for my husband’s employment information.  I go up to the desk and ask them why they care where he works.  I’m told I don’t have to fill it out.  Good, because it’s really none of their business since I’m the patient and everything.  I get to the bottom and it asks for my social security number.  Of course, I have to go back up and ask why they need to know.  They have my insurance card and information, so why do they need my SSN?  I’m told it’s not really necessary, but they put it in the computer.  I sort of freak out and tell them it’s illegal to require that information (it’s sort of my job to know that).  Anyway, they’re really nice and tell me I don’t have to fill that out either.  So I stayed.

After a brief discussion, I was lying on a table, and he knew within a couple of minutes what was wrong with me.  Apparently my pelvis is out of line, making my right leg shorter than my right (and since I’m already short…that’s saying something), and my hip was trying to compensate.  Basically – this happens with use and time and will likely pop up from time to time.  That didn’t make me happy…especially since my sister told me just yesterday that my back pain was a result of me getting older.  Then again, she’s 3 1/2 years older than me, and I told her that if I’m old…she’s ancient.  She didn’t reply 😉

He did some very awesome adjustments, which just felt good, but made sure to explain to me what he was doing all along the way.  I don’t like people touching me…especially if I don’t know them, so each time I had to move for an adjustment I’d totally tense up my whole body.  It took a bit, but I eventually got there.

After that, it was some table that had automatic rollers, and then a table with heat that was supposed to reduce the inflammation.  I was told to ice for 20 minutes every hour after getting home if I was sore (which I was told to expect after the adjustments). 

I left with an appointment for Thursday after work, and need to see him 2x per week for a couple.  I’m cautiously optimistic that he can help me.  Since this has been plaguing me for just over 2 weeks now, it’s worth doing since nothing else has worked.  If it will get me back hitting the pavement, it’ll be worth it.  I’m going batty being sedentary.  And I imagine I’m increasingly difficult to live with as a result!

Of course (by my title if you’re not clear), we saw the latest Harry Potter movie tonight.  Holy.  Cow.  It was amazing and intense, and I loved it.  I loved the books since my sister bought me the first one for my birthday when it came out, and my entire family has been junkies ever since.  This movie was SO good…it made me want to re-read all the books, and then take a week off so I can watch them all…and then go to Orlando to the Harry Potter theme park at Universal.  Seems silly, but it was just incredible.  It made me regret being a muggle (if you don’t know…you should REALLY read the books).

I spent the rest of the night icing my back as directed, listening to music on YouTube, baking anything I could think of with zucchini, and reading the news.  (Sorry, the headline that indicated Bachman is the 2nd in the race for the GOP nomination should have said something like “evidence US IQ is dropping” or something like that instead….though it’s good for dems….if Michelle Bachman gets nominated, Obama is a shoe-in for re-election).

So that has been my evening.  It’s now nearly 11, and if I don’t get to bed, I’ll never make my 8am meeting!