The S2B Ratio MUST be Perfect


It’s been a BUSY week!  I’ll admit that most of my meals were similar.

Most days, breakfast was a cup of coffee, and then a glass of fresh green juice.  I’d munch on fruit throughout the morning, bringing containers of watermelon, cantaloupe, and blueberries to the office, as well as bananas and oranges. 

Thursday was a special day.  D and I have spent every year for our anniversary taking a solo trip to Busch Garden’s without our kids (since we moved to VA 7 1/2 yrs ago).  Our anniversary is actually today (Saturday), but we did our annual trip on Thursday.  We started out going to the Broken Egg for breakfast.  They have my favorite oatmeal – a big bowl of Irish steel cut oats with bananas and raisins.  I got that and a bowl of fruit.  D got some huge meat lovers omelet, and we took R before taking her to daycare, and she got her standard smiley faced pancakes.

I’ll admit that I didn’t eat much at all.  I think I’m getting so used to having just fresh juice and fruit in the morning, that my stomach really didn’t want anything else.  I finished off the fruit, had a few bites of the oatmeal, but that was it.

Lunch most days was packed, and I had several awesome salads each day.  I also had one dish of spiralized zucchini with a raw tomato marinara that I love too.  On Tuesday, I did hit up Quenna’s Raw and Vegan for a nice lunch.  I had some time between meetings, and stopped for their amazing avocado stuffed tomatoes and a tofu pocket sandwich.  I wish I lived in a region that had more restaurants like this one.

Yesterday lunch was a falafel with a salad and a hummus appetizer.  YUM. 

Dinner on Monday and Tuesday was reheated vegan pizza from Sunday for me.  Wednesday I had dinner with S at Carrabbas, where we split a dish.  On Thursday (after our BG adventure) we met up with our friends AC and JC for dinner.  I had a yummy veggie pasta dish.

Today has been low key.  I had a banana for breakfast, and am waiting for D to get back from Moe’s with my favorite salad!  I’m not sure what dinner will be – if D and I will go out, or just make something here.


I did a swim workout earlier in the week, and that felt good.  I love the pool!  I went on a run most days, except Thursday, when A and I met up with S for a Zumba class.

A few months ago, A and I were at the gym (she was working on a writing project by observing and documenting all activity for an hour), and she saw a zumba class going on.  She immediately wanted to try it, so when the opportunity came up, I must say I was more than a little surprised when she jumped at the chance to go.

We had to get our names on the list – which S took care of.  It’s a good thing she did, because we got the last 3 spots (and there are 90!).  So we probably looked silly shaking it in the gym, but we all had a good time.  The fact that A wants to go back is very encouraging.


This has been a busy, but productive week.  My meeting load was very light, so I got to spend a ton of time in my office getting things done.  I’m very much enjoying the more relaxed mornings now that it’s summer break.  Apparently so is R, because I came upon this Monday morning…

Monday and Tuesday we had nice and quiet evenings at home.  I had pretty bad headaches in the evenings, and went to bed early both nights.  It’s funny that one of the girls who’s blog I follow daily, Heather from Where’s the Beach? posted the other day a fun post about quirks.  We all have some, and I certainly have a couple.  One of them is the sheet to blanket ratio on the bed, or the S2B.  If it’s not even, I have a hard time sleeping.  On Tuesday as I’m getting ready to go to bed early, I noticed that they were WAY off.  D is a blanket hog, so I usually have only sheet on my side by the time I get up in the morning, but if I try straightening it out too much, I end up with too much sheet on my side.  So anyway, just before bed, D pretty much stripped and remade the bed to fix the S2B so I could sleep well.  He’s so cute, feeding into my silly little quirks. 

That was the plan for Wednesday too, but I had a friend who had a rough day, so we got together to “wine” about it. 

Right after work on Wednesday, I went to get a manicure.  I usually get a pedicure too, but I have two nasty blisters from some strapy black sandals right on the tops of my toes – so I didn’t want to get one.  Instead, I got home, took a shower, decided to blow dry and straighten my hair….and saw my old foot soaker!  What the heck, I was apparently feeling decidedly girly, so I gave myself my own pedicure!  I didn’t do a great job (no polish change), but it’ll get me through for the next couple weeks.

Thursday was an absolutely perfect day.  D and I were up early, and at breakfast by 8.  We dropped off R, and were on the road just after 9.  We arrived at Busch Gardens right before the park opened at 10, parked, and went in. 

D by the entrance

We strolled around, went on a few rides, had a couple beers, and just giggled, held hands, and had a really great time.  The nice thing about getting there so early was not only the lack of crowds, but it wasn’t crazy hot out yet either.  All in all –  a really amazing time.

1030am snack time!  We even bring our own beer cozys….

Bald Eagles.  I can’t even express how majestic they are

The Griffon.  First ride we went on.  I never opened my eyes…

just curious where those stairs are supposed to go…

we snuck into an area where they’re clearing space for a new ride!

he talked!  D and I spent about 10 minutes conversing with him.  He laughed, said hello.  Pretty cool.

We left right around 130, was home by 230, and while D took a nap, I ran out to the store and then to pick R up.  Then it was time to shower and change to meet our friends at their yacht club for dinner.  We sat around for a while before eating just talking and catching up, and then walked around the boats afterwards.  It was a very lovely evening.  We got home around 9 or so, and hung out on the back porch for awhile before going to bed.  It really was a perfect day.

Friday was work, and then taking M to get his new transition lenses put into his glasses frames.  Then more work before meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen in about 6 months to have a couple beers and catch up.  We sat on the outside deck of a local place and had a lot of fun.  D came and picked me up and brought me home.

Today has been pretty quiet.  We’re not sure exactly what we’re going to do.  We know it’s our anniversary technically, but we really celebrated on Thursday.  We also pretty much approach each day like it’s an anniversary, so we don’t get this crazy need to do a “date night”.

Tomorrow my plan is to go to Richmond, so the bike and run course for my Tri next month, then hit up Whole Foods and REI.  I’m excited about it.

But until then, I’m going to go veg with my hubby and enjoy our day.  Happy Anniversary Honey!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

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