Snakes…Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?!?!

bonus to you if you caught the Indiana Jones reference


For lunch Thursday I made a salad I loved so much, that I ate one today too.  It was simple, but filling and cleansing.  I made a huge batch of lemon/ginger dressing, so I have been putting it on just about everything.  The salad was mixed baby greens, red onion, tomato, cucumber, fresh cut corn from the cob (I’m loving raw corn….), and avocado.

why is it all fun salad ingredients sink to the bottom of the bowl, and you don’t find them until the lettuce is gone?  It’s sort of like finding the treasure treat at the bottom of a cereal box for me….

Thursday afternoon two new cookbooks I ordered from Amazon came, and I spent most of the day reading those, marking them with my sticky notes, and then making a few.  One was Ani’s Raw Food Asia, and I made a couple of things from them.  I made two namul’s which is basically a fun Korean word for seasoned vegetables.  One was made with cucumbers and one with zucchini’s.  Both gifts of AT’s garden!

For dinner, I made my own little bi bim bap, which is another fun Korean word for mixed veggies, rice, and hot sauce.  While I don’t have the Korean hot sauce, I do have siracha and used that instead.  Yum, yum, though I went a little wacko on the siracha and lit my mouth on fire.

Friday morning was another awesome green juice.  I swear – this stuff is rocket fuel.  I had a half of a cup of coffee, and then just really wanted the juice.  It’s the same as the day before; romaine lettuce, kale, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and apple.  Ridiculous really how simple and tasty, and yet a fun bright green!

Mid morning, I ate a big bowl of blueberries, and then it was off to lunch with AC for Thai.  I really, really planned to eat something other than green curry.  I fancied a nice big salad, some fresh spring rolls, or something light like that.  Yeah.  So didn’t happen.  So I had the tofu green curry, and loved every bit of it. 

I wish I could say I had dinner on Friday.  Alas….I met a couple girls out for drinks, and while we munched on some fries and some guacamole, we really didn’t eat.  We did, however, have beer and jaeger bombs.  Whoever decided to mix red bull with jaeger should be both kissed and possibly shot.  Just saying.  My detox was temporarily derailed, but it was a lot of fun catching up with two of my friends!

Today was spent mostly hydrating.  And napping.  I did make another of my super salads for lunch, but probably got most excited about dinner.  I marinated some kale in the lemon/ginger dressing for about 10 minutes while I shredded up some cabbage, julienned some bell peppers, sliced some red onion, sliced some avocado, and pulled out the rest of the marinated namul cucumbers.  Then I used my rice paper, soaked them to soften, and made some fresh salad wraps.  Oh wow…so tasty.  


Yesterday I went for a great run at the park.  My garmin has been acting strange, so I wanted to run where there were some mile post markers.  After my rocket fuel/green juice, my run felt absolutely awesome.  It was muggy, but not yet hot at that time of morning.  I did 4 miles around the lake before heading back to the van.

As I’m walking down the trail from the lake loop to the parking area, I get met by an enormous snake.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t technically enormous, but it was bit enough for me to notice.  And to squeal.

I really need to get back in the pool and on the bike.  I have a tri in a month, and the past two weeks have been just running.  I was hoping to take a Saturday or Sunday and drive up to Richmond to at least ride the bike and run the course, but I don’t think I’ll get the chance (next weekend is my anniversary, then it’s the 4th of July, then it’s pretty much Tri time!).  D downloaded the race maps for me so I can look at them on google maps to get a better idea of what I’m in for.  I’m nervous because Richmond has hills – and we don’t down here.  If I can see what the elevation looks like, maybe I’ll be less nervous.


The past few days have been relaxing.  The house is clean, the wash is done, the fridge and cupboards are full again, and I’ve gotten to catch up with several of my friends.  

As a thank you to S and N for taking such good care of my dog, cat, and turtle while I was away, I ordered and had shipped a selection of frozen custards from Kopp’s, which was a childhood favorite.  There are a few things that are quite unique to WI where I grew up.  One of those is frozen custard.  While I don’t eat it anymore since becoming vegan, I do remember how very tasty it is.  It’s also a crime to call it “ice cream”.  I wanted to bring a bit of home to my friends, especially since it’s something that can’t be bought here.  As I had hoped, it was a big hit with them.

I also brought home some Sprecher soda from Milwaukee for AC and JC.  It’s another thing you can’t buy here, and when AC and I were out a few weeks ago, she had a Sprecher Ginger Ale that she liked.  I mentioned that they made the most awesome root beer too, and she mentioned her husband JC is a fan.  So we brought back some ginger ale, root beer, cream soda, and orange dream for them as well. 

The school year is now finally over, though A has to go to summer school (to keep academic honors at her primary high school and still be able to attend her art high school, she has to take summer classes every year – she only takes 2 academic classes a day, and then is at the university for art all afternoon).  R does daycare full time, so I picked her up a new Japanese bento box for lunches.  It’s a fun little ninja panda.  The least I can do is make lunch fun!

I’m declaring my container garden a pseudo success.  Things are definitely growing, and that’s awesome – just not as much as I had thought.  Here are some pics of what I have.  Enough for a dish or two total, but certainly not enough to sustain my family!  R had fun picking what was ready to go.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future the past couple of weeks.  I think attending a funeral will do that though.  I really need to start doing some more solid planning.  I have one daughter starting college in two years, and my son following two years after that.  And then before I know it, my little one will be heading that way as the older two are finishing.  I want to be able to retire at a good age, and even be able to work part time in the last 5-10 years or so.  I want to be prepared for any possibilities that my family may face and make sure that we have the savings and everything else in line that we need to make sure that regardless of what the future holds, that we’re ready.  It’s time to brush off and update legal documents, take a hard look at the investment accounts, and have those difficult – but necessary – conversations about long term healthcare, powers of attorney, end of life wishes, etc.  I want to work harder at being totally debt free too – that’s certainly not something I want hanging over mine or my children’s heads.  That was a new year’s goal, and while I’ve made some minor progress, I’m no where near what I want to be.  I’ve spent much of my adult life thinking I was still young enough to really do detailed planning “later”, but you know what?  It’s later.  And it’s time.  I have NO clue what that road map is going to look like yet, but I sure as heck am going to spend the next several months doing some detailed research and planning, talking to the lawyers, and financial planners.  Sorry to get so introspective.  But I think this is a good thing.  Tomorrow doesn’t always just take care of itself.


So tomorrow is Father’s Day!  So far the only thing D wants to do is go out to breakfast.  He wanted to do some geocaching this weekend, but aside from it being ridiculously hot, it’s also been forecasted to storm every day (though you all know my thoughts on meteorology….how can you say there’s a 70% chance of major storms, it NOT drizzle at all, and still be considered correct???), so he didn’t actually go.  Maybe tomorrow if the weather holds, but I somehow doubt it.  If he ever gets around to telling me what he wants for dinner, I’ll make that, and probably a cake or cupcakes.  I’m guessing it’ll be a nice low-key Sunday with my family.  Here’s hoping!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

2 thoughts on “Snakes…Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?!?!

  1. Great to read you this morning and get caught up.

    Your salads are looking fantastic! I hear you about training — I have a triathlon in 3 weeks and I have not been training as I should. It's a sprint so I'm not too worried about the bike or run (I'll be slow) but the swim. Eek. I need to get into some open water, STAT!

    I enjoyed reading your reflection on the future. Too often it really does creep up on us. Believe me, at 45 (husband is 41) we're thinking a lot about the next several phases of life. Much to consider!

  2. I love corn off the cob on salads. And my salad fixings tend to hit the bottom too I try to keep mixing along the way. What fun and thoughtful gifts to give by the way. Love that. I wish my veggies were coming along like yours.

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