Trying to Convince My Eye Dr I Don’t Age

sorry this post is delayed.  The blogger site was down for the past day….

Wednesday morning was coffee and a banana at 5am before one of those insane early meetings. I just can’t manage to eat much more than that at such a ridiculous hour. I also didn’t want to risk getting sick during that meeting if I had any lingering stomach issues.

Before I went to work I started soaking some mixed beans to put into my sprout trays (chickpeas, adzuki beans, lentils, and peas mostly). In a few days I’ll have several cups of the crunchy sprouts, which I tend to favor over the seed sprouts like alfalfa.

I had a mid-morning snack of yet another banana, and then my leftover raw zucchini pasta with marinara for lunch. It was just as good the second day, which made me really happy. I wasn’t sure how well it would hold up. I’ve noticed with all the raw recipes, Ani does a great job of explaining that something is good for 1 day, or 2 days, etc, and the servings for each recipe are typically 4 or less since you really can’t do leftovers much beyond 2 days.

For dinner, I met up with a friend of mine for some wine and food. I had a hummus/avocado bruchetta and their “wine country” salad (sans cheese), which was greens, apples, and strawberries in a raspberry vinaigrette. We had a nice time and the food was great.

This morning’s breakfast was the rest of the “untuna” salad in lettuce cups and topped with some sweet pickle relish and some of the marinated onions I made the other day. I also made a 24 ounce juice to take with me in the morning of apple, carrot, pineapple, and orange.

After my eye dr appt today, I was only a little hungry, and munched on some Mary’s Gone Crackers while working and had a banana and a cup of tea. It wasn’t a real meal, but I wasn’t sure where I’d be for lunch (office, on the road, hospital, etc), so I didn’t really pack anything.

Dinner was another lettuce cup wrap/taco thing. I’m really digging those the past few months. They’re such a convenient way to make pretty much every meal portable, and by using lettuce instead of bread, pita’s, or tortillas, it’s keeping the calorie count down and the nutrient count up. Can’t really beat that!

So tonight’s wrap was with a quinoa salad. This is another one of those flexible dishes that is quite forgiving with ingredients. Here’s tonight’s version…

Spicy Quinoa Salad

1 cup quinoa (or brown rice or couscous)
¼ cup lime juice (I juiced 3 small limes)
1 tbsp olive oil
1 can drained and rinsed black beans
¼ cup (about 1/3 bunch) cilantro leaves, minced or chopped fine
¼ cup diced red onion
¾ tsp chili powder (I used a Hot chili powder from my WI spice kit)
1 hot pepper (optional. I usually go for it because I love spice)
½ diced bell pepper (I use red, yellow, or orange. I’m not a big fan of the green ones)

*Rinse the quinoa very well before cooking to remove the dust that causes it to otherwise taste bitter. It makes a HUGE difference in how it tastes if you rinse it.
*bring the quinoa to boil with 2 cups of water, cover, and simmer for 25 minutes. OR – throw it into a rice cooker and cook on the white rice setting.
*add everything else.

THAT’S IT! I used to add corn, but with D’s Crohn’s, that’s on his banned foods list.

I’ve made variations with no chili powder, or swapping out chickpeas for the black beans and adding mandarin orange slices. The possible combinations are limitless.


It seems that D is coming down with what I just had, so my workout plans for today were slightly abbreviated. I was planning to hit the gym to lift and then run 4 miles. Unfortunately, that would have meant D had to take R to gymnastics, and with him feeling icky, that just wasn’t going to happen. So…no time for the gym after work. I did make it out for my run though.

The run was a mixed bag today. I haven’t run since Sunday, and it was getting on my nerves (and I’m sure that I was getting on the nerves of everyone around me!). I was pressed for time and went running not long after eating, and running on a full stomach sucks. I felt pretty good for most of the run, but slightly uncomfortable with my fuller belly.  I’m just glad my dinner was light – had it been a big pasta meal or Thai, there’s no way I’d have even tried.

I had just enough time to take a quick shower, throw my PJ’s on, and get R to gymnastics (yes….I wore my PJ’s to her class).

I do have to do a quick product plug. I use something called a Road ID. It’s a simple $15 bracelet that has emergency contact information so if you’re out running, biking, etc (and we typically don’t have room to carry our ID in our running bras) and get hurt, EMS can identify you and contact your family. It’s the world’s cheapest insurance policy and a must for anyone who works out alone outside. My new one arrived on Monday, and I am really excited. I bought the slim one that is similar to a blend between a Livestrong bracelet and an allergy bracelet (and I do have a latex allergy – which is reflected on my Road ID – critical for an ambulance worker who finds me and needs to treat me should I get hit by a car or pass out or something else crazy). I can wear it running, biking, OR swimming – which is pretty cool. As I get more involved with Tri’s and start doing open water swimming, it’ll be even more critical that I have some type of identification on me. Again – not like my bathing suit or wetsuit will have pockets for my driver’s license! I can’t stress it enough – if you don’t have one – GET ONE. It could save your life someday.


Yesterday was busy. And any day that begins with a 0445 alarm is NOT a happy start to the morning. I had meetings that started at 7am and went until 12. Then I had to pick each of the kids up (3 of them…from 3 different schools) and cart them off to the eye doctor. All three are great. M just started wearing glasses a year ago, and his prescription didn’t change. A’s been wearing glasses since she was 6, and for years her prescription got stronger and stronger. This year though, her prescription didn’t change, so that was a relief to everyone. R’s vision is great and she doesn’t need glasses. A is going to have to start wearing contacts again though – or get prescription sunglasses. With her now driving and being short like her mother (read….sun visors don’t work for us!), I’m not comfortable with her driving without sunglasses.

We got home around 5, made their dinner really quickly, and then was off to meet AC for our evening out.

Today was the normal alarm time of 0545. A much more respectable hour, though I didn’t sleep well last night (had a nice 130am resurgence of my belly issues), but was back asleep by 230. I had two meetings early this morning, and then it was off to my eye dr appt.

So I’m sitting in the chair talking to my doctor (who – with his wife who is the pediatric eye dr my kids see – is the most amazing eye dr ever), and he starts telling me that, since I’m getting close to being 40, I’m going to start noticing changes in my vision with reading things up-close. Blah blah blah…he’s telling me to buckle up – in the next few years, I’ll need bifocals. My response… “I don’t age”. He laughs and tells me that of course I age, and he’s not wrong – and I’ll need to let him know when I have to stretch my arm out all the way and hold my reading materials and still can’t see – that that will be the key that it’s time to get bifocals. I repeated myself. I don’t age.

To digress a bit…I’m from a pretty fortunate gene pool. The women in my family simply don’t look their age. There were certainly times when it got on my nerves (especially if I was trying to get into a bar and there was NO WAY I looked even 16, much less 21….), but looking younger than my years is kinda cool now. More often than not, I get carded, and the look people give me when they find out how old I am makes me giggle. There’s the occasional idiot who calls me “ma’am”, but I forgive them as apparently needing glasses.

So Dr. G and I go through our little argument about my eyes, and he proceeds to do my exam. At the end he tells me “good news – your prescription is exactly the same still ”. My response? Told ya…I Don’t Age.

After that triumphant moment, it was time to head back to work. D and I were going to try and get lunch together, but he started to not feel well, and ended up heading home and to bed sometime around 1. I didn’t have any afternoon meetings, so I plowed through a ton of emails, set up some appointments, and basically got some great productive office time that I usually don’t get during normal work hours.

Tomorrow is a busy day, but hopefully will be just as pleasant as today was. G’Night!

Maybe I Just Don’t Like Blonde Men with Long Hair….


I didn’t do much cooking for a few days, but boy did I make up for it today!  Buckle up that most of it was courtesy of Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen.  I have a feeling that – aside from the recipes that contain nuts (which isn’t as many as I worried about) – I’m going to work my way through this entire book.  I’ve long been fascinated with Raw Veganism (which I’ve blogged about in the past), but it’s not always seemed so accessible to me.  Well – this book changes everything.  Not only are her recipes really easy – they’re REALLY good (and don’t leave you feeling unsatisfied at all).  So here I am – practically doing a bloody book review.  But in all seriousness – if you have any interest in raw food, this is a phenomenal book.  She also discusses ideas for being more environmentally friendly and her journey to being a raw foodist.  Good tips and interesting to read to boot!

Saturday night I started soaking some buckwheat for one of her recipes.  Basically, you soak the buckwheat and then put in in the dehydrator to make a “rice krispie” sort of thing.  I haven’t used it yet – but the intent I think is to sprinkle it in puddings, parfaits, etc.

I made a sunflower seed based pate from Ani’s book for dinner.  I put it into salad cups, added some spicy sunflower seeds, and made wraps.

For dessert Saturday night, I decided to chop up some bananas, apples, and pineapples, and then sprinkle some agave nectar and cinnamon on it.  I don’t get a sweet tooth often, but that worked!

Sunday I woke up early and had a smoothie and the last of the watermelon (I’m so excited it’s watermelon season again!).  Then we all headed to the mall for a movie, but had lunch first.  I got to have my veggie Pho noodle bowl, which always makes me happy!

I started to feel off Sunday evening, so I didn’t end up having dinner.  Monday was sort of a blur, and while I did try to eat, nothing stayed put for long.  I had some tea and water, and that’s pretty much it.  Ugh.  Every time I ate or drank anything, I got stomach cramps and then sick.  I must have picked up some stomach bug over the weekend.

Tuesday morning I decided to brave a smoothie.  Even though my stomach objected, it stayed put, and for that I was grateful.  I also really craved the nutrients in it.  Later in the morning I made a big batch of carrot/apple juice, and that not only stayed put, but filled me up as well as started to give me some energy back.

vanilla soy milk, spinach, blueberries, and flax seed

funny that it’s called a green smoothie….it was a purple/black!

simple…day glow apple/carrot juice

Then the kitchen bug set in.  After a few days of feeling lousy and totally not hungry, I decided to get some food prepped for the rest of the week and get organized.  That’s when my Vitamix started getting one heck of a workout.

First – I made the “Save The Tuna Pate” from the raw book – which is basically an “untuna” salad.  The recipe called for the pulp left over after juicing one pound of carrots.  So….I juiced a pound of carrots, put the pulp into a bowl, and then juiced 6 green apples into the carrot juice to get the vat I made earlier.  Hence why it filled me up most of the day….a POUND of carrots and six apples.  Even juiced, that’s a lot!

yes….I bought a 10 lb bag of carrots….

one pound! Measured and ready to juice…

the pulp left over from the juiced carrots

I used the vitamix to make the sunflower-seed based “cream” for the pate, added the rest of the ingredients, and again made salad wraps with romaine lettuce leaves, some cilantro from my container garden, and diced avocado.  Oh.  My.  Very good.  I have to say, that this is the first time I’ve used the leftover pulp when juicing.  I don’t have a big garden, so I don’t compost (though it’s been on my mind), and I found it very satisfying to use the remaining parts I normally would have discarded.

got to use my smaller dry-container today!  Made flour out of 2 cups of sunflower seeds, then a creamy paste to mix into the untuna salad

Then I made a mustard-seed based salad dressing for a spinach salad, and THEN a raw marinara (yes…also from Ani’s book as well as the fresh basil and oregano from my container gardens).  I spiralized two zucchini, and let the marinade sit on it for a while to soften the noodles.  While that happened, I marinated some onion in apple cider vinegar, pepper, and Bragg’s Amino’s (which is basically soy sauce) to throw on my salad.  All told, a very yummy dinner.  I loved that I was pretty much all raw today, and the fact that everything stayed in my stomach where it belonged.  I also love that there were no preservatives or processed foods.  I think that made a big difference in how I felt too.

my spiralized zucchini “pasta”

with the highly flavorful marinara (letting it sit softens the zucc so it’s more like pasta than raw veggies)

dinner!  Come on…if I didn’t tell you it was raw…could you tell??  Nope.  I think not!

I also made a few other things for the family – including a batch of Mocha Cappuccino chocolate chip cookies from the vegan cookie book my parents got me for Christmas.  I ate one (didn’t want to push my luck), and they really do taste like a cafe mocha in a cookie!

Fortunately, I have plenty of leftovers to fuel my raw obsession for tomorrow.


I went for a 5 mile run Sunday morning (before everyone else got up), but otherwise.  Nada.  It’s been killing me to walk past my training calendar and miss a workout.  I’m going stir crazy.  But I will listen to my Aunt M who told me to keep walking past that calendar until I felt normal again.  So yes ma’am….I didn’t run, or swim, or bike, or lift weights.  But I will tomorrow 😉


Saturday my husband took our son to a baseball game.  The girls were playing, so I got to do some wash, organize the kitchen, and watch part of one of my favorite movies, The Fifth Element.  My perfect movie???  Bruce Willis.  With a gun.  Can’t go wrong (Die Hard anyone???).

Sunday, of course, was Mother’s Day!  I got some beautiful homemade cards (no pics because it shows their names, and I don’t publish those), lovely flowers, and D ordered me the dehydrator I’ve been wanting!  (Raw breads and cookies, here I come!  Not to mention preserving my container harvest – and any leftover harvest my friends have from their real gardens).

The day’s activities were my choice, and we went to the movies!  We’re big movie junkies, and I picked Thor.  So maybe it’s me…and trust me…I LOVE movies where things are blowing up constantly….but I didn’t love it.  In fact, for the first third of the movie, I thought it was ridiculous.  Bad plot, bad acting….sure, fun effects, but otherwise nada.  And perhaps it’s as my blog title suggests…but I think the very best parts of this movie were 1) Natalie Portman – she’s adorable.  And 2) it set things up nicely for the forthcoming Avenger movies.  Otherwise – it was only so-so for me. 

There were some awesome previews though (for both movies and TV), and I’m looking forward to Franklin and Bash (which looks hilarious), Captain America, Falling Skies, and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (which I worry is going to suck because #3 did).  There had to be more, but those were the ones that stuck out.

Unfortunately, Sunday night the ickiness hit, and I was pretty flattened for two days.  Monday I spent lying in bed (close to a bathroom) and reading.  Tuesday was pretty much more of the same, but I started feeling better around 3.  I talked to my friend in Seattle for a bit (which was nice).  I also went to the grocery store, which I really needed to do.  Not that you can tell by the picture since the bags are several deep…but we were out of EVERYTHING.

So as I look at the clock, it’s 9pm and I have a 7am meeting.  So…time to go to bed.  Good night 🙂

Excessive Fun Friday Nights Leads to Lazy Saturdays!


Breakfast on Friday was coffee, watermelon, and banana.  I wasn’t starving, and didn’t want to fill up too much before working out.  For my mid-morning snack I had pasta.  I finally got to use the cilantro pesto I made a few days ago.  It was a simple dish – just some whole grain rotini pasta with the pesto tossed in.  There’s some cayenne pepper in the pesto, so it has a light bit of heat to it, and didn’t need any other seasonings.

I was really excited about lunch, though.  I made a raw lunch from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen that was just amazing.  I made the Thai Spicy Cucumber Salad and the Avocado Kream Soup.  Both were incredible, and I can’t wait to make more from her book.  The food was hearty and filling (tons of fresh broccoli and tomatoes as a garnish for the soup certainly helped with that!).  I ate lunch really late since I had plans for the evening that didn’t necessarily involve food.

The evening was a girls night, and we munched on some snacks; my favorite Dr. Kracker crackers, hummus, kale chips, broccoli, fruit, and then once we were out, I had half of a vegan veggie spicy wrap.  I feel sort of like an idiot for bringing healthy foods to a girls night of debauchery, but just can’t seem to help myself. 

Today breakfast was a toasted plain bagel and coffee at the hotel.  I was craving something greasy, but didn’t give in!  Really…the only reason I didn’t give in is because I didn’t know where to find onion rings at 8 in the morning.

For lunch, I had more of the avocado soup to finish it off.  I again loaded it was broccoli and tomatoes, and this time, also topped it with some spicy seeds.  SO yummy and filling!  Since I ate that lunch so late (about 4pm!), I’ve mostly just snacked this afternoon.  I had some seed crackers, and then made a plate of apple, banana, and pineapple, all sprinkled with some agave and cinnamon.  I was craving something sweet.


As planned, I hit the gym to do the strength training routine from the new ActiveTrax system, and then I went running.  It’s going to take some getting used to the new system.  I like that it’s dynamic (it generates workouts based on your preferences, and when you’re done, you enter how you did, and it builds off of it over time).  I don’t like it involves having to carry around a piece of paper (Fitlinxx was much simpler), and it has me using pieces of equipment with which I’m not familiar nor comfortable.  I got through it though, and will keep at it.

The run was nice – it was a pleasant morning, though a bit windy.  I ran through an area I never have been before (on the lookout for safe passage via back streets to the gym), and that always makes me happy.

Today was supposed to be a swim and a run.  Sorry – skipped it.  I stayed up WAY too late last night, got up too early this morning, and napped away a good 3 hrs from 1130-230.  I feel guilty about it, and am thinking of upping the workouts tomorrow to make up for it.  We’ll see.


Yesterday/last night was an absolute blast.  It’s my friend K’s bday on Saturday, and the girls wanted to show her a good time.  To this end, I booked two hotel rooms at a new and trendy hotel in the area.  My husband had a lot to do with making it a great time too though.  He called the hotel several times to make sure we’d have a shuttle to take us to our outing, that our rooms were nice, and he even stopped by (unbeknownst to me) and left two bottles of wine in each room with a happy birthday note for K!  He wanted to help make sure everything was perfect (and we were carted around safely), and I love him to death for that.

S brought pretzels, and alcohol (to make mojitos), and K even brought some Captain Morgan’s and soda.  We were definitely set.

We were all there by 530, sat around, talked, goofed off, and had several drinks.  The shuttle picked us up at 815 to take us to the restaurant/bar where we were grabbing dinner and seeing a local band play.  We ate, danced, drank (why exactly is it traditional to do shots on birthdays???  ugh…), mingled, and did whatever we could to be sure K had a great time. 

That’s the birthday girl in the middle!

We took a cab back to the hotel around 1230am, stopped at the bar in the hotel for one more drink, and then went to our rooms to lie around, chat some more, and eventually go to sleep.  Not sure when that was, but I’m guessing it was somewhere around 230 or so.

I was home by 1030 this morning, and asleep again by 1130!  I suppose I could have been more productive, but that’s okay.  I’m not exactly 21 anymore, and in order to feel solidly human again, I really needed that nap.  And water 🙂

This evening has been mostly meal planning, grocery shopping, and catching up on the Vampire Diaries.  I can’t help it – I absolutely LOVE that show.  Season finale is next week, and it’s making me sad to think about.

D and M are at a baseball game tonight, so it’s just me and my daughters.  I did send D to Sears on their way though to look a lawn mowers.  Ours has been dead since last fall, and I’m starting to get really annoyed.  We’ve talked for weeks, and I’m finally to the point where if he doesn’t pick one out, I will, and he’ll just have to live with it.  It did that a year ago with the weed whacker, and he complained I didn’t get the one he would have.  Oh well…..don’t really care at this point!

I have an update about D’s Crohn’s.  We were both pretty upset by the letter that came on Wednesday from the NP (he usually sees the MD, but this last appt the office booked him with the Nurse Practitioner).  Thursday during his lunch hour, D went to the Dr’s office asking for someone to talk to him and explain the letter he got indicating his Crohn’s is getting worse and he may need to start taking a very invasive medication – as well as the new dietary restrictions.  After being ignored for MUCH too long, the practice manager finally came to see him.  Turns out – this NP sends this letter to ALL of her patients.  It’s a form letter, and means nothing.  After pulling up D’s old results and the new ones – he’s actually doing better.  There is no need to further restrict his diet or change his meds.  He made sure to express his displeasure and disappointment while there…which is good because I’d have been showing up there if he hadn’t!

The rest of the evening will be very laid back!  I’m going to hang out with the girls, maybe watch a movie, and try to get them to agree to go to bed fairly early 🙂

No, I Don’t Have a Strange Vegan Form of Tourrette’s


This morning was an all-staff meeting from 8-11 held at one of the local hotel/conference centers.  They’re really nice and a chance to see people I otherwise don’t get to (we have a really big department).  8-9 is a catered breakfast, and 9-11 is presentations and Q&A about things.  Unfortunately, I know that there is really never going to be anything to eat for me.  I’m certainly not complaining – I choose to eat the way I do, and I don’t get all indignant when large events don’t cater to me – but I’m not silly enough to be unprepared either.

I really wish I had taken a picture of my smoothie this morning.  It was probably my favorite in a long time…and so unbelievably simple!  Alas, I was in a hurry this morning to get out of the house (my husband spent a really long time dilly dallying around, and wasn’t overly helpful with the morning routine).  So I literally blended, poured into my large 24 oz pirate tervis, and ran out the door.

It was a simple smoothie.  A cup of water, an 8oz container of fresh blueberries, 1 frozen banana, a handful of frozen strawberries, and a scoop of Chocolate Vega Powder.  While I’m not the biggest chocolate eater, this is rapidly becoming my very favorite flavor of this stuff.  I don’t use supplements often, but when I know I’m going to be in a situation where I am in a rush or won’t have the ability to eat for awhile, this is always great.

Lunch ended up being Thai.  I know…shocker, right?  It wasn’t planned – I had to go out to one of our hospitals that happens to have some great Thai food nearby, and right next to a Border’s book store.  I picked up a raw foods “uncook” book that I’m absolutely loving, and then got some fresh tofu spring rolls and my every favorite – Tofu Green Curry. 

Early evening I made a fresh juice of mango, strawberry, carrot, orange, and pineapple.  It was amazing – D and A both really liked it too.  Funny story – I posted the picture on Facebook, and just titled it, Mango, pineapple, carrot, strawberry, orange juice!  My friends husband replied with probably the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time….”It sounds like you have Tourrette’s, but based on shouting out fruit rather than swear words”. 

Dinner was a bit hectic, and I ended up having my favorite cracker and some hummus.  Yes, one cracker.  They’re huge and a single one is very filling.  Later in the evening I had some edamame and then some freshly made kale chips (simple – just olive oil, minced garlic, and sea salt).  I was too hungry to take pictures!

marinating before baking…


I swear, I tried.  I really, really did.  Before I went to bed last night, I packed up a bag with everything I needed to bike and then run.  And then Mother Nature derailed my plans by doing this….

this was noon….

So I spent the entire day waiting for a break in the weather that would co-inside for when I wasn’t actually working so I could do my brick workout.  It didn’t happen.  Eventually – in the early evening – the sky cleared mostly, and I did go for a run.  I didn’t have time for a brick (I had a 715 appt at the gym).  So I ran, came home, started dinner for D and the kids, and then decided that I was going to bike to the gym.  It wasn’t a brick for sure, but it at least got a ride in.

I packed up a bag with gym shoes (since I was clipped in on the ride), money, ID, towel, lock – all the things I needed.  D put the lights on the bike (front and tail), I had my reflector belt L bought me a few years ago too.  Even had a grocery bag because I was planning on stopping on the way home to pick up some produce.

Yeah.  SUCH A BAD IDEA.  I could not find a “safe” route to the gym, and thought I was going to die riding down one particular uber-busy street (with no side walks or even a shoulder).  I ended up getting off the bike and walking a good 1/2 mile just to stay in peoples yards, but not in the ditch.  It sucked.  D had to come to the gym when I was done and bring me home.  But…I am bound and determined to find whatever side streets and neighborhoods I can ride through to get me there safely some day.  Today just wasn’t that day.

The strength training session was good.  The trainer was awesome, and we had some really good chats.  He set me up on the new ActiveTrax system, and now I’m good to go.


Life was pretty status-quo today at work.  No major drama or fires to put out, so that was good.  I did have to go to multiple locations today, and that stinks.  With gas prices what they are, I may just have to start documenting and submitting my mileage for reimbursement!

On a different note – D’s test results from last week came back.  Good news is that the bone density and Prometheus tests came back well.  The bad news is that the small bowel series (where he had to drink the barium) did not.  It showed evidence of strong Crohn’s activity in his lower intestine, and a possible recommendation for a stronger medication (the strongest actually before they do surgery).  He’s back on a totally low residual diet (absolutely no fruits or veggies or fiber – and as always, no nuts or seeds or popcorn or corn).  He’s really bummed about it.  The good news is he’s not experiencing any pain or flare up issues, but he has to be really careful.  And I need to do some research on what can be done from a dietary perspective (he sucks at things like that – or taking the time to care or do much about it).

During lunch I stopped at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports and picked D up a new day pack for his geocaching/hikes.  He loved it (yeah), and is looking forward to using it this weekend if it doesn’t storm.  I’m just glad he’s finding a physical activity that he enjoys and looks forward to and actually plans.  It’s nice 🙂

So today has certainly been a busy, busy day.  Tomorrow I have a few meetings, but if all goes well, I’ll do a brick tomorrow (I’m not scheduled to ride, but I’d like to), and then I have the boot camp class at 6pm!  It’s going to be hard…but I’m looking forward to it.  Sort of….

Good, Good, Good…Good Vibrations (GONE)


Today was totally a mixed bag on the food front.  On the one hand, breakfast was awesome.  Lunch was healthy, but not what I would have chosen had I been given better options, and dinner was just a joke…..

I was out of the house much earlier today than I had anticipated.  My first meeting wasn’t until 930, but I left home at 730 because I was up and ready.  Since I had a bit of time to kill, I went to Yorgo’s for another awesome vegan bagel sandwich, but this time I stayed at the deli to eat.  I was still at the hospital by 830, so got to get some work done prior to my meeting.

bagel sandwich and hot tea!

My first and last meetings of the day were at the main hospital, so I co-opted an office there and worked all day.  Typically, I would have gone out somewhere fun for lunch, like Thai, Indian, or Greek.  Unfortunately, I had a LOT come up between meetings, and just didn’t have the time.  That meant….HOSPITAL FOOD.  Ugh.  Not much vegan friendly there.  So I ended up with cereal, soy milk, a banana (which I never did eat), and….Diet Pepsi.  Lunch of champions (or the desperate).

nothing like soy milk.  and a cola.  mmmmmm…..

Dinner was a team building event at Abuelo’s.  While the happy hour specials were good – the only vegan friendly thing they have is chips, salsa, and guac.  So that’s what I had.  And a beer.  Of course I’m feeling it too…when I don’t eat cleanly, I tend to feel less than stellar.

Not my drink, but it was pretty


I DID IT!!!  I dragged my butt out of bed at 420 am to workout!  Like a good little soldier, I laid out my workout clothes and shoes before bed last night, and D set the coffee pot for 4am so I’d be good to go on all fronts.

I got dressed, had a cup of java, and left at 445.  I got to the gym at 453am, waited with the small, dedicated, and slightly goofy crowd for the doors to open at 5, and proceeded to head to the Fitlinxx computer to start my workout machines!

One small problem.  Stupid computer system wasn’t working and no one there at that unholy hour could help me.  They informed me that my beloved Fitlinxx machines have been dying a slow death, and that they’ve purchased a new system (called ActiveTrax) that I have to be set up on.  I went to make an appt, and the one employee/personal trainer was exceptionally rude when I tried asking for help.  I found someone else, set up an appt for 715pm Wednesday, and left.  I don’t know how to workout with free weights (and I was in a bad mood by that point), so I went home.

I did, however, go running.  My feet hit the pavement by 520am, and I was back home at 6.  I jumped in the shower, was out by 610 (I’m not usually the type to linger in the shower…get clean…get out.  Unless I’m sick and freezing or something).  Anyway, I woke D up, he had ironed my clothes, so I made breakfasts, lunches, and then was bored by 730.  Hence my earlier than planned departure.

So on the one hand, I’m proud that I actually got up at that ridiculous time to workout.  Focus.  Dedication.  Slightly insane.  I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to strength train – especially since I made an effort to do so and considering how much I hate it.  And I’m really peeved that I could have slept an extra hour and accomplished the same thing.  So on one hand failure, and the other success.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled for a brick.  It’s supposed to rain, but since our meteorologists tend to be completely wrong (I still think weather predication is a wee bit of voodoo science!), I’m not convinced.  I mean really….if there’s a 10% chance of rain….and it rains….should they get credit for thinking they were 90% wrong?  Anyway…I digress.  My plan is to pack my bag, toss my bike in the van, and workout immediately after my last meeting.  That should give me enough time to make it to the Y for my weight lifting.  Focus.  Dedication.  Woo hoo.


So the post-vacation feel good vibes are now gone.  I spent 10 minutes today trying to figure out when my next day off is (Memorial Day – May 30).

I love my work.  I really do (not just saying that to convince anyone else), but there are days where things are tough.  I feel like that’s been the norm for the past 7 months or so!  I get so much work loaded on, too few resources, and each time I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s really just an oncoming train.  It’s nothing about where I work or who for (I happen to believe VERY strongly that I work for a great company and have the worlds best boss.  ever).  But I swear…I have projects that just won’t go smoothly no matter what we do.  It’s being dependent on others who don’t even work at my company (so I therefore have no control over) that is the biggest problem.  Ugh.  One day that light really WILL be the end of the tunnel.  Then again – I may not know what to do with myself when that happens!

Sorry to whine and get all depressing and stuff. 

On the way to work today, the idiot light came on in the van.  I spent MANY times running out of gas in an old car because it didn’t tell me when it was almost empty.  Anyway, I knew I could make it to the hospital, but I likely wouldn’t make it back home without filling up.

So after leaving my last meeting at 530, I pulled into the gas station on my way out.  I pull up to the pump…and NO WALLET.  Ugh.  I’m freaking out, D’s not home to check to see if I left in by the computer, and I’m pretty worried my wallet was stolen at the hospital sometime.  Thankfully, I had some cash in the van, so I put $20 in, and headed to the team building.  One the positive side – I had cash.  Yeah!  On the negative side – I wasn’t carded when I bought my beer which scares me that I’m starting to look old!

On that note…I’m off to get some beauty sleep!

Planting Things I Don’t Know What To Do With, Boob Soreness, and Pesto!!!

Food was really good today.  Not that I don’t try to always eat yummy fun things, but sometimes it just isn’t possible to have something amazing, so when I have days that I do, it makes me really happy.
First thing this morning I had a cup of black coffee and half a banana.  Can you tell this was in attempt to workout in the morning??
After my shower and before work, I made a quesadilla.  Refried beans made with green chilies and onion in the tortilla, and leftover Spanish rice, lettuce, vegan sour cream, and hot sauce on top.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  I can’t believe it took me this long to get a stupid $15 quesadilla maker thingy. 
a nice wholesome breakfast!
Lunch was a quick “greek salad” wrap.  I put a little hummus, romaine lettuce, tomato, big chunks of cucumber, kalmata olives, and some lemon juice on a whole wheat wrap.  It was like a little portable salad.  No pictures…didn’t think of it until it was half eaten (what can I say….I was hungry).
Because my quesadilla was so filling, I didn’t eat lunch until after 3pm.  As such, I wasn’t really hungry for a real dinner.  Instead, I had a small salad, some white wine, and made some cilantro pesto – which I plan to eat on pasta sometime tomorrow.
Cilantro Pesto
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup pepitas (raw pumpkin seeds)

1 bunch of cilantro (my single little plant I planted 3 weeks ago is now HUGE)

1 tbsp rice wine vinegar (I imagine almost any white vinegar would do)
1/2 ish tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 cup vegan parm topping (though I can see not adding this at all)
6-7 cloves garlic
5-6 tbsp water
salt to taste
Put it all in the Vita Mix and blend until creamy!
container plant with 2 bell pepper plants and cilantro

I can’t get over how sore I am from lifting weights yesterday.  I know it’s been far too long when every muscle my body does and doesn’t have screams all night long every time I move.  Sleep last night was quite elusive…I have a tendency to move around a lot (probably where my ninja-sleeping 7 year old gets it from; she has a tendency to beat me up when I let her sleep in the same bed as me), but each time I rolled over or twitched just a little bit, I woke up with angry muscle pains.  Honestly – I wasn’t mad since it was a “good pain” and not an injury, but it was still annoying.
Still though, I set my alarm for earlier than last week, and managed to get my butt out of bed and go for a 3 mile run before work today.  It wasn’t bad – especially since I had almost an hour to digest my coffee and 1/2 banana first.  Baby steps, honey.  Baby steps.
It took almost a half mile to work out the stiffness and get past the pain and annoyance of my muscle aches (ever try running when your chest muscles hurt…with larger than normal boobs?  It sucks.  That probably woke me up more than the coffee did).
It helped that D ironed my clothes for me (in my defense…I made breakfast and lunches while he did so), but still.  I would have either worn something wrinkly or from Chico’s travel collection that requires no ironing (though it was too warm for those).
After work I hit the gym for a 1200 meter swim workout.  This is the same workout I got off of, and I’ve decided it’s gotten too easy.  The first time I did it, it took me almost 45 minutes.  Today, it took 34, and I didn’t feel like I was pushed too hard.  So….my next swim is Saturday, and I’ve already gone on the site, indicated I needed something harder, and will see how that goes.
I have to say that my body has hurt all day – except while I swam.  It’s either the miracle of swimming…or the Ibuprofen I took around lunch.  I’d like to think it was the swim….
I also finished my summer/fall training schedule!  Here it is!!!  Feel free to follow along and see if I actually stick to it…..
I have the Tri in July and the Rock N Roll 1/2 in Sept (so far).  I figure that’s quite enough for now.
So…tomorrow I’m scheduled to punish my muscles some more and then run.  Today was nice because I did one workout in the morning, and one in the afternoon.  I did the run in the AM since it’s more familiar to me than swimming is.  I’m a little nervous about tomorrow.  I HAVE to do both workouts before work – since my team has a planned drinking/team building event at 6 with one of the technical guys who’s been saving our collective butts on hardware.  We all want to take him out for a few to show him how much we appreciate him.  However – that means getting up at 415am to be at the gym when they open at 5 to lift – which takes about an hour – and then get my 4 mile run in and STILL get ready for work.  Me thinks D will be ironing for me again….
Today didn’t suck so bad for a Monday.  I had meetings most of the day, but not all of it, and I was still able to get quite a bit done.
I stopped at the grocery and loaded up on pineapple, mango, oranges, and strawberries.  I started running out of things to juice and was afraid of the concotions I’d start making if I didn’t hit a produce stand quickly.
When I went outside to my container gardens to pick my cilantro, I took pictures of the progress of my other plants.  They’re all doing quite well, and I’m really excited (nervously though, since I have a black thumb).
Greek Oregano, Stevia, and Sweet Basil.  Don’t exactly know what to do with Stevia leaves yet, but I’ll figure it out.  If nothing else, boiling it with my tea would work great!

flowers blooming all over my topsy-turvey tomato plant.  They’re going to be tomatoes when they grow up!!!!

my hot pepper topsy turvey.  See the little buds in the middle?  Those are going to be spicy goodness when they grow up!
On a fun note, D was on his geocaching website to look at the status of his buried treasure.  It really is crazy what an entire universe is out there.  One of the coins he buried yesterday was already picked up and is enroute “somewhere else”.  Apparently he put one into a cache in late March down in North Carolina when he was there for work, and it has now made it’s way – via two stops in Florida – to Switzerland!  This link shows it’s progress.  It’s pretty cool.  He’s planning to go out on Sunday again, which I think is awesome. 
So I need to sign off and get to bed if I have any hope of getting up again tomorrow to work out….wish me luck (it should be pretty comical).