Maybe I Just Don’t Like Blonde Men with Long Hair….


I didn’t do much cooking for a few days, but boy did I make up for it today!  Buckle up that most of it was courtesy of Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen.  I have a feeling that – aside from the recipes that contain nuts (which isn’t as many as I worried about) – I’m going to work my way through this entire book.  I’ve long been fascinated with Raw Veganism (which I’ve blogged about in the past), but it’s not always seemed so accessible to me.  Well – this book changes everything.  Not only are her recipes really easy – they’re REALLY good (and don’t leave you feeling unsatisfied at all).  So here I am – practically doing a bloody book review.  But in all seriousness – if you have any interest in raw food, this is a phenomenal book.  She also discusses ideas for being more environmentally friendly and her journey to being a raw foodist.  Good tips and interesting to read to boot!

Saturday night I started soaking some buckwheat for one of her recipes.  Basically, you soak the buckwheat and then put in in the dehydrator to make a “rice krispie” sort of thing.  I haven’t used it yet – but the intent I think is to sprinkle it in puddings, parfaits, etc.

I made a sunflower seed based pate from Ani’s book for dinner.  I put it into salad cups, added some spicy sunflower seeds, and made wraps.

For dessert Saturday night, I decided to chop up some bananas, apples, and pineapples, and then sprinkle some agave nectar and cinnamon on it.  I don’t get a sweet tooth often, but that worked!

Sunday I woke up early and had a smoothie and the last of the watermelon (I’m so excited it’s watermelon season again!).  Then we all headed to the mall for a movie, but had lunch first.  I got to have my veggie Pho noodle bowl, which always makes me happy!

I started to feel off Sunday evening, so I didn’t end up having dinner.  Monday was sort of a blur, and while I did try to eat, nothing stayed put for long.  I had some tea and water, and that’s pretty much it.  Ugh.  Every time I ate or drank anything, I got stomach cramps and then sick.  I must have picked up some stomach bug over the weekend.

Tuesday morning I decided to brave a smoothie.  Even though my stomach objected, it stayed put, and for that I was grateful.  I also really craved the nutrients in it.  Later in the morning I made a big batch of carrot/apple juice, and that not only stayed put, but filled me up as well as started to give me some energy back.

vanilla soy milk, spinach, blueberries, and flax seed

funny that it’s called a green smoothie….it was a purple/black!

simple…day glow apple/carrot juice

Then the kitchen bug set in.  After a few days of feeling lousy and totally not hungry, I decided to get some food prepped for the rest of the week and get organized.  That’s when my Vitamix started getting one heck of a workout.

First – I made the “Save The Tuna Pate” from the raw book – which is basically an “untuna” salad.  The recipe called for the pulp left over after juicing one pound of carrots.  So….I juiced a pound of carrots, put the pulp into a bowl, and then juiced 6 green apples into the carrot juice to get the vat I made earlier.  Hence why it filled me up most of the day….a POUND of carrots and six apples.  Even juiced, that’s a lot!

yes….I bought a 10 lb bag of carrots….

one pound! Measured and ready to juice…

the pulp left over from the juiced carrots

I used the vitamix to make the sunflower-seed based “cream” for the pate, added the rest of the ingredients, and again made salad wraps with romaine lettuce leaves, some cilantro from my container garden, and diced avocado.  Oh.  My.  Very good.  I have to say, that this is the first time I’ve used the leftover pulp when juicing.  I don’t have a big garden, so I don’t compost (though it’s been on my mind), and I found it very satisfying to use the remaining parts I normally would have discarded.

got to use my smaller dry-container today!  Made flour out of 2 cups of sunflower seeds, then a creamy paste to mix into the untuna salad

Then I made a mustard-seed based salad dressing for a spinach salad, and THEN a raw marinara (yes…also from Ani’s book as well as the fresh basil and oregano from my container gardens).  I spiralized two zucchini, and let the marinade sit on it for a while to soften the noodles.  While that happened, I marinated some onion in apple cider vinegar, pepper, and Bragg’s Amino’s (which is basically soy sauce) to throw on my salad.  All told, a very yummy dinner.  I loved that I was pretty much all raw today, and the fact that everything stayed in my stomach where it belonged.  I also love that there were no preservatives or processed foods.  I think that made a big difference in how I felt too.

my spiralized zucchini “pasta”

with the highly flavorful marinara (letting it sit softens the zucc so it’s more like pasta than raw veggies)

dinner!  Come on…if I didn’t tell you it was raw…could you tell??  Nope.  I think not!

I also made a few other things for the family – including a batch of Mocha Cappuccino chocolate chip cookies from the vegan cookie book my parents got me for Christmas.  I ate one (didn’t want to push my luck), and they really do taste like a cafe mocha in a cookie!

Fortunately, I have plenty of leftovers to fuel my raw obsession for tomorrow.


I went for a 5 mile run Sunday morning (before everyone else got up), but otherwise.  Nada.  It’s been killing me to walk past my training calendar and miss a workout.  I’m going stir crazy.  But I will listen to my Aunt M who told me to keep walking past that calendar until I felt normal again.  So yes ma’am….I didn’t run, or swim, or bike, or lift weights.  But I will tomorrow 😉


Saturday my husband took our son to a baseball game.  The girls were playing, so I got to do some wash, organize the kitchen, and watch part of one of my favorite movies, The Fifth Element.  My perfect movie???  Bruce Willis.  With a gun.  Can’t go wrong (Die Hard anyone???).

Sunday, of course, was Mother’s Day!  I got some beautiful homemade cards (no pics because it shows their names, and I don’t publish those), lovely flowers, and D ordered me the dehydrator I’ve been wanting!  (Raw breads and cookies, here I come!  Not to mention preserving my container harvest – and any leftover harvest my friends have from their real gardens).

The day’s activities were my choice, and we went to the movies!  We’re big movie junkies, and I picked Thor.  So maybe it’s me…and trust me…I LOVE movies where things are blowing up constantly….but I didn’t love it.  In fact, for the first third of the movie, I thought it was ridiculous.  Bad plot, bad acting….sure, fun effects, but otherwise nada.  And perhaps it’s as my blog title suggests…but I think the very best parts of this movie were 1) Natalie Portman – she’s adorable.  And 2) it set things up nicely for the forthcoming Avenger movies.  Otherwise – it was only so-so for me. 

There were some awesome previews though (for both movies and TV), and I’m looking forward to Franklin and Bash (which looks hilarious), Captain America, Falling Skies, and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (which I worry is going to suck because #3 did).  There had to be more, but those were the ones that stuck out.

Unfortunately, Sunday night the ickiness hit, and I was pretty flattened for two days.  Monday I spent lying in bed (close to a bathroom) and reading.  Tuesday was pretty much more of the same, but I started feeling better around 3.  I talked to my friend in Seattle for a bit (which was nice).  I also went to the grocery store, which I really needed to do.  Not that you can tell by the picture since the bags are several deep…but we were out of EVERYTHING.

So as I look at the clock, it’s 9pm and I have a 7am meeting.  So…time to go to bed.  Good night 🙂

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

2 thoughts on “Maybe I Just Don’t Like Blonde Men with Long Hair….

  1. I've really wanted to check that cookbook out. Sounds like it's a winner. The only thing is that I almost feel like you MUST have a vitamix for so many raw recipes. My poor little blender just doesn't cut it for making nice creamy cashew cream no matter how long I soak them. Sounds like a nice Mother's Day – until getting sick of course.

  2. She actually talks about the vitamix thing in the book. She indicates that you can get by with a normal blender for many of the recipes – but for a “raw lifestyle”, a vita is the way to go. I can honestly say it's the single most used applicance in my kitchen. It's hard to spend that much $, but it's SO worth it.

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