Driving to Run Feels Dumb


Today has been a good food day.  I ate well, and definitely feel great.  I’ve nearly purged myself from the on-the-road eating from vacation, and feel back to normal again!

Breakfast was Kashi whole grain cereal with lots of cinnamon and some vanilla soy milk.  I forgot to take a picture 😦  Of course I had my standard cup of black coffee as well.

Speaking of coffee – a friend of mine posted on facebook today that coffee drinkers should beware – prices are going to go up.  Makes me glad I gave up my snobby coffee bean habit for Foldgers!

For lunch I made the same wrap I did the other day – hummus, cabbage, onion, cucumber, and this time I added some sweet pickle relish too for something different. 

Snack was some celery and hummus.  It’s funny – when R and I were on our FL trip, I had picked up some pre-cut celery to munch on in the van.  She had gone into the cooler to grab some water and look for other snacks when she asked if I wanted “those green stick things” to eat.

I had another snack after my workout – a fresh juice of apple, orange, and carrot.  Time to go produce shopping….

Dinner was a brown rice and veggie combo served on top of some homemade tomato and veggie soup.  Oh – and with some fresh cilantro to serve it with FROM MY CONTAINER GARDEN!!!!  Woo hoo!

For the rice dish, it was simply adding some peas and chopped orange bell pepper to some toasted brown rice while it was cooking.  The soup was tomatoes, onion, peppers, celery, and garlic simmered in a veggie broth with spices, simmered, added soy milk that had been mixed with a bit of flour, simmered, then lemon juice and some sweetener.  Top with fresh cilantro, and serve!  I certainly made enough to last a few meals, which is always good.  Of course I had a glass of red wine with it too!

My sprouts are also done.  I started them on Thursday, and they were in the sun today.  Yeah – something else to put on my wraps, in my salads, and anywhere else I can think of!


Today I did some running hill repeats.  The workout was to run a mile to warm up, run up and down a hill 5 times, and then run another mile.  Okay, cool.  Only problem, NO HILLS.  I live in an area that literally has almost no hills at all.  I know of two – one in Virginia Beach that is near the shop where I trained for the Shamrock last year (Final Kick Sports), and one in Norfolk.  So what did I do?  Drove 17 miles from work to Virginia Beach to run up their hill.  The crappy part is the hill is almost a half a mile up, so my hill repeats turned into one heck of a bigger workout than I anticipated – and it was really warm out.  I felt kind of like a moron driving somewhere just to find a hill to run up.  As much as I don’t like the dreadmill – I may have to use it more often to simulate the hills that just don’t exist here.

I also did a very short series of exercises when I got home – chair lifts, dead lifts, hip adductions and abductions.  Nothing big, but I have to start getting into the habit of some type of strength training. 

Tomorrow I’m swimming and, if it’s not raining, running with my friend AC after work.  I hope it’s not raining!


Today was life back to routine, and it ended up being a good day.  I still have the post vacation feel-good vibes going on, and even a day back at the office didn’t ruin that!

I originally had a day jam packed with meetings, but by a happy twist of fate, three of them were canceled!  I ended up having several hours to play catch up, and while I’m not totally there, I feel good about what I was able to accomplish. 

I even got to spend a good 20 minutes doing my weekly plan (it’s a Franklin Covey thing), and have at least one goal in each category for the week.  It’s actually something I’ve tried to do for several years now (not always successfully), but the objective is to take on one big goal per week for each role you have.  So for work – my goal is to clean up emails.  As a mom, it’s to schedule the eye dr and dentist appts for the kids, as an athlete, to get my 6 days of scheduled workouts completed (on time – and to schedule them if needed).  Things like that.

I went from 950 unread emails to just under 200!  Granted – it was mostly deleting garbage emails, but still.  It felt good to watch the number go down!  My team brought me up to speed on the past two weeks, and feel like things are moving along well.  So yeah for that!  They’re an awesome bunch, which is the only reason I really was “off” when I was on vacation.

I only have meetings in the first half of the day tomorrow, so I get to have a good 4 hrs of office blocked time to keep working towards getting all caught up.

On an unrelated note – I picked up a Groupon that I’m totally excited about!  I paid $50 for 3 hrs of housekeeping, so Spring Cleaning…here (someone else) comes!  I’m totally excited, and that’s another goal of mine for this week to get it scheduled.  D and I have decided to finally bite the bullet and get regular housekeeping services.  It’s pretty much the only thing we argue about, and it gets to be so overwhelming sometimes, that it’s just not worth the stress.  Granted – we’ve been talking about this for 2 years, but now that I have that Groupon and really am going to have someone come in, I think it’s more likely to become a regularly scheduled activity.

D has a big series of radiology tests tomorrow that will take pretty much all day.  It’s not because of a current flare up or anything, so that’s good.  It’s been 3 years since he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, so his doctor ordered this small bowel series to see how his insides are doing.  It’s a highly unpleasant test (drinking barium, and spending 5 hrs or so in a radiology room getting xrays taken), and extremely boring.  One good thing – he’s taking my Kindle and will finally start catching up on the book series we’ve been reading (I’ve read all 5, he’s read one).  It’s one of my typical vampire, werewolf, farie books.  Nice twist though – the main character is a Native American coyote shapeshifter who happens to be a mechanic and gets into all sorts of trouble.  Fun and quick reads with absolutely no basis at all in reality.  Just what I love!

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I am a 45 yo busy career single mom and doctoral student attempting to find her inner athlete, be a gluten-free(ish) vegan, and find a way to balance it all without going crazy! I love to cook, read, run, box, do yoga, dance, travel, and learn as many new things as I can - which often gets me in trouble.... I am passionate about life in general, and if I didn't write about it, I'd probably implode.

2 thoughts on “Driving to Run Feels Dumb

  1. Yowzers on those hills. Though, I kind of like hill repeats. I typically drive to the river trails to do my runs because I don't have to worry about traffic. Thankfully it's only about 5 or 6 miles though. I hope D's tests go well tomorrow.

  2. You know, I'll drive to a run if it means it's scenic or someplace I've never been before. But for some reason, traveling just to find a hill seemed so ridiculous!
    And thanks. It's been a long day for him – but he's a trooper 🙂

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